feel free to delete the txt if you want to reblog

Regarding a previous post about Alfred, thank you to all the replies and messages I got. This blog is free to follow/unfollow/block, but to anyone who likes the silly content that I’ve created so far, I hope you won’t mind that I’ll continue to draw in the way that I enjoy. Thanks once again!   。゚(゚´ω`゚) ゞ

(Feel free to delete this caption if you want to reblog the image for some reason.)

what not to do as a new studyblr (or any other blog)

please don’t take these as hard and fast guidelines or a personal attack! these are just things i’ve seen during my time in this community that irk me. 

do not delete captions.

if it’s an advice post, obviously don’t delete it. you’ll lose all the text, which is what matters. 

on aesthetic posts, the caption is sometimes the only way you can find the source via dashboard. bloggers will also often credit their source of inspiration or any images they’ve used. i’ve heard that captions can ruin blog’s ~*aesthetic~* but please, just keep them. 

do not add unnecessary captions.

please don’t reblog with things like your url or a dot or some random unnecessary filler. i’m aware that you’re just doing it so that people will notice your blog. it’s annoying when you’re piggybacking on the hard work i’ve done to make my original posts. 

do not tag with incorrect tags.

i encourage you to tag things with relevant tags to gain popularity, it’s a completely legitimate way to promote your original content. but please don’t tag a picture of your notes with “bujo.” when i’m scanning those tags i want to see related things.

do not message people about their follower count, academic statistics, etc.

it’s rude and annoying. don’t do it. especially not on anon.

if you’ve talked to me and we’re friends, feel free to ask. it doesn’t feel like you’re intruding or judging. 

do not message blogs asking for a promo or follow. 

this is also rude and annoying.

if you want me to promote your content, tag me! i track my tag often and love seeing new content show up, and will often follow people who post to my tag regularly. similarly, if you strike up a conversation with me i’ll usually follow you.

do not repost. 

does anyone even do this anymore? just…no. 

reblogging is clicking that little icon in the corner of a post to share it on your blog, but keep the sourcing intact. reposting is downloading content and posting it again.

it’s disrespectful to the original poster. even if you source them, it’s still rude. they made that content and you’re stealing it. 

do not send hate. 

it’s mean. it’s bullying. don’t do it. 
if you’ve got constructive criticism, say it in a constructive way and preferably off anon.

do not send asks without reading any faqs. 

please. they’re there for a reason. most of the time you won’t get a response anyways. you’re wasting your time and the blogger’s.

and that’s my rant for today…if you’ve got any more feel free to add them!