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Hogwarts!AU Mini Series | One · Two

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Genre: Smut - Hogwarts!AU

Words: 10.8K+

Author: Admin Kaycie

Summary: This was, without a doubt, the craziest thing you had ever done. Roughly inspired by the Goblet of Fire.

Tags: Grinding, oral sex, fingering, etc. 

Note: To clarify any confusion, I am reposting my old fics from BGS/theofficialrapmom here on HOBI since I previously removed them from Tumblr. Please do not attempt to send in plagiarism claims, as I assure you, I am the original content creator. For any questions, please feel free to contact me privately off of anon. Anonymous messages in regards to the reposting may be deleted if deemed rude/hateful.

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hey friends! i’ve been thinking about this for a little while and it’s been … two and a half months since my requests have been open? some of the prompts in my askbox are honestly just stressing me out because nothing will come to me, especially for scenario prompts (headcanons are always easier!). i’m probably going to delete some asks from my box just to stop myself being so overwhelmed, if i end up deleting one of yours, i promise it’s nothing to do with me hating the idea or hating you or anything! sometimes inspiration just doesn’t strike, and it sucks, but i guess that’s just the way of things. feel free to request something similar when asks do open again!

eta: this totally doesnt apply to any prompts sent for fs/gangbang/etc series! those are on the backburner partly because i cant write LOTS OF THE SAME THING OVER AND OVER AGAIN without it getting predictable, but they’ll be gotten to!

anonymous asked:

hey bud, just wanted some advice on how to post art/be consistent with posting? thanks and i love your art :))

  • Be determined to be active: This means, take your blog seriously. Tell yourself that you must keep up with your own blog no matter the shit that gets on the way. Don’t want to draw or answers asks, at least answer one.

  • Be smart, tag your art: By tags is one of the main reasons people get to find your blog, mostly in places like Tumblr and Instagram. Be smart about it and tag your art accordingly but DO NOT over do it. Don’t be those guys that put 32 tags under their art. 

  • Post/draw at least once a day: I cannot stress enough how imPORTANT is to be consistent on your blog, it can be a master piece or a shitty doodle but ALWAYS draw at least once a day. Not everyone has great art days all the time, believe me.

  • Do not spam, do not lack posts: There is always a nice amount of posts you can do per day that will not overwhelm your follower’s dashboard. No one wants someone that spams your dash nor someone that shows up once every blue moon. It can also harm the way your followers keep up with your blog, i used to post so often people started getting lost on whats going on!

  • Every ask can wait: Something i took time on learning is that every ask can wait, you don’t need to stress yourself to the point of trying to answer everything because that apart from bounding you to the blog too strictly the quality of what you do will go down terribly due to stress. 
    Blogging is a hobby there is no need to stress your brain out on asks. I have 60 asks sitting on my inbox and i’ll get to them eventually, with time. 

  • Know how to prioritize asks: Every artist has a way to prioritize their asks. I put users first and interesting questions first. Anons can ALWAYS wait and heck, sometimes some asks are three word messages that make no sense, always feel free to delete those. No one is gonna die because you did not answer a “Hi” or a “Wabba labba dub dub” type of message.

  • Draw for yourself, not others: Though it is nice to have your followers in mind, you are your own person and this hobby of yours if for yourelf to enjoy not others. 
    So if you wanna draw your OC and not the fanart people expect you to draw, go ahead! 
    I love to keep my interest in drawing by drawing various things and not just one thing all the time. 

  • Engage your followers on what you do: Followers always help inspire the artist behind the screen and blogging has always been a two way interaction. Always be open to communicating and exchanging ideas with your followers. This blog, for example, it is not just mine, but of everyone that has helped build it. 
    The results of this blog it is not all me, just the drawing part, maybe, but most of the fun was made due to collaborations i have recieved. 
    These always help me stay determined on what i do, it inspires me to try my best.

    Never take your followers for granted, they are the sweethearts that keep up with you after all. 

  • Remember you do this for fun, don’t turn it into a job: Many people have turned their hobbies into a stressing job just because they forget to have fun in what they do, never lose your path on this. It can make disasters. 

  • DO NOT blog for fame, if you do, then stop blogging: In other words don’t be an attention seeker with your art/posts, this is not a race to see who becomes more famous, this is a hobby for interaction and to share what you love doing.
    It is a place for enjoyment not for grabbing a big red sign that says “PAY ATTENTION TO ME I DO SOMETHING” 

    Attention seeking type of blogs are very dishonest and fall off in a short amount of time, not to mention it is very unhealthy for the user/artist themselves.

    So in other words, stop paying attention at the followers number and pay attention on what you are posting and drawing.

  • Do what you love, love what you do.
    It is as simple as that.

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Not sure if you're still doing honesty hour, (if not, feel free to delete this) but what made you want to start a simblr and how did you find your style and what worked for you?

I honestly got inspired by all the sims 3 lookbook simblrs, I made this simblr back in 2012 and only posted like, 4 posts until earlier last year. as to how i found “my” style I kinda just took inspo from my favorite sims 3 blogs, experimented with things in ps and went with what I liked most! 

Rules and Guidelines

As of June 6th, 2017, the rules have been revised to suit everyone’s needs. Please be sure to read these before submitting a request, otherwise there’s a chance it may not be written. 

  1.  Requests will only be accepted when the ask box is open. If there are any asks sent in after the opening time slot, they will not be accepted. This is to make sure that everyone has a fair chance of having their ask answered.
  2. There is a character limit of three for scenarios and headcanons alike. But please realise that the more characters you ask for a scenario, the shorter they will be (most likely).
  3. I feel uncomfortable with writing anything related to abuse seeing as how it directly relates to an issue in my past so it would be greatly appreciated if none of these types of requests would be sent in.
  4.  I do accept NSFW, but I will not write non-con or incest. I personally find it disturbing and don’t want it on my blog. 
  5.  When sending in a request, I ask that you are specific in what you want because it’s hard to write when I’m not sure what you want. If you are not, the ask will most likely be deleted.
  6.  Please be respectful of me and everyone else. I want everyone to get along on my blog and feel welcome. 
  7. Lastly, this blog was created as a hobby and I write according to motivation inspiration. Sometimes requests don’t done simply because I find it difficult to write or have no inspiration to write.

Also, I do have other things to do besides running this blog, but I will try to get requests out in a timely manner. Thank you for taking the time to read the rules! Please feel free to send in a request! :)


KYUNGSOO X i don’t even know what to make out of this EYEMAKEUP MOODBOARD (◉Θ◉)  (insp)

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Hi everyone! I’m Nara and I’m a freshman at college studying a BSc in biological sciences in the UK! My previous studyblr was studybeehs, but I accidentally deleted it so I decided to make a new studyblr! I was planning on starting a new studyblr for university anyway as a fresh start :) I’ll be posting a variety of things ranging from notes to masterposts and tips. 

I’m an IB alumna, and in my previous blog I posted and answered asks related to the IB with tips and resources, but because the account got deleted I will remake my previous posts and update them! If you guys have specific requests for masterposts or anything feel free to message me :)

Some of my inspirations are:

@intellectys, @elkstudies, @mvths, @studyrelief​, @sprouht-studies​, @stvdybuddies​, @studyinginstyle​ and many more!

-Nara xx


Brian has been posting some pictures about art on Instagram lately (as he always does). But after seeing the painting featuring two young ladies kissing on a boat, especially with his caption “THIS IS HAPPENING NOW”, I’ve been thinking: what is that about? What is the implication? Yes, I don’t know a thing about art. (Found that a nice painting though.) But Brian’s understanding of art is inspiring in a way. Sorry, I’m talking bullshit. Please feel free to delete my caption if you would like to reblog the gif set. ;-)


Psychology/Sociology Notes, Lecture 4, MCAT Prep (7/9/2015).

I’m actually ridiculously proud of these notes–I find them very aesthetically pleasing, and this lecture was, for some reason or another hard for me to make it through, so I’m rather proud that I finally did. I also turned down an invite to go watch a movie with a bunch of people from my gym to finish these, so points to me for choosing not to procrastinate. 

Sidenote: apologies for the occasional USWNT reblog that shows up on this blog. I’m trying to keep track of what I put on my personal blog and what I put on here, but sometimes things fall through the cracks. I do make an effort to delete those posts immediately though, so let me know if they’re a bother. I’m also tagging anything that’s not notes as “not notes,” so if these posts annoy you feel free to blacklist them. And welcome to my new followers!


Happy 20th Birthday Yuzuru Hanyu!
Congratulations on reaching another milestone! I hope you have the happiest birthday ever and may your future be filled with happiness, love and many many more triumphs. I hope you remember to love and look after yourself. Thank you for inspiring me to become better and to always work hard and for introducing me to a sport which is so beautiful.
Congratulations for all the things you’ve done while you were 19 and I look forward to what you will do as a 20 year old!

I’m totally expecting to get some level of hate for this.

But I’m having the best night I’ve had in weeks, with scented candles and this beautiful theme playing while writing Rickyl fic. For no other purpose than my own enjoyment. Because I love them, and I love this show, and right now this brings me such happiness.

It’s been years since I wrote fic without the intention of posting it online. I had practically forgotten this was a thing; to write simply because you want to. Because you got feels and ideas and you need to make them come to life. Purely for yourself. Because you love the process.

Don’t worry: I’ve still written a lot of Sterek this week, and I should be able to wrap up the next chapter to my fic any day now. But after being so busy with school and real life, I also wanted to spend my week off doing whatever the hell I felt like, which apparently was having a Rickyl relapse and break my old promise to not fall that deep with yet another ship.

Which is funny, because that’s how it was for me with Sterek at first, back in 2012 when I joined the online forces. And because of pressure I had received over fics from other fandoms in the past, I told myself that I’d be happy just watching, reading, and shipping along with everyone else. Which resulted in me holding back the urge to grab a pen and scribble down notes for fic ideas. Literally.

Naturally, one day I exploded and BAM! writing Sterek fics became my number one passion. For three years, that didn’t change.

But I realized the other day – when rewatching TWD from the very beginning and remembering of how I fell in love with the Rickyl ship many months ago – that I hold myself back from writing for other ships than Sterek, because I feel like I should write only Sterek.

Which is exactly where I told myself I’d never end up; where shipping feels like a duty rather than a hobby. This, my friends, is a bad sign.

Those past fandom experiences I mentioned before? It got so bad that I had to delete my tumblr and take down all my fics in order to feel free of the pressure. Just run away. Escape.

The last thing I want is to reach the point where I’ll want to escape Sterek, or our fandom. Which is exactly why I gave in to my craving to write Rickyl the other night, because I do believe that by allowing myself to just have fun with other ships whenever inspiration hits, I’ll be able to keep my love for Sterek.

Yes, it’s been three months since the last chapter, but I’ve had very many and very valid reasons for not being able to update since, and none of them have been me losing interest or wanting to abandon it.

So, this grew into a really long post, and I’m sorry for that. I just needed to get this off my chest instead of feeling like I was cheating on someone for writing Rickyl in secret. If you have any questions, concerns, or general comments about my upcoming Sterek projects, please feel free to ask.

And if you’re like me and wants to see two middle-aged men (one a cop, one an abused redneck) kick ass in the apocalypse and protect their Rick’s kids and fall in love in the most beautiful way, then you’re more than welcome into my askbox to share those feels.

I’ll be here for both <3