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— Elizabeth (Liz)

Can’t Fight This Feeling

IMAGINE: (Y/N) and Steve are in a secret relationship. They don’t want to publicise their relationship in fear of their friends reactions and questions. But what happens when someone can’t fight their feelings anymore? 

[gif is not mine. creds to the owner. this is a bit wordy but made up for it in fluffy goodness. this story is part of the poetry series, this time based on ‘you’ by land leav.]

warnings: none

word count: 2.3 k+

‘There are people I will never know

And their lives will still ensue;

Those that could have loved me so

And I’ll never wonder who…’

The sound of the New York traffic was heard from below, (Y/N) turned over on her stomach still reading the book in her hand. She flipped the page once and looked at the time, 2:53 am. Like clockwork her door opened and Steve popped his head in, he gave her a smile and closed the door softly.

 “Hey you,” she greeted as she sat up, placing her book on the nightstand.

He didn’t respond to her, all he did was walk faster to her bed and plopped himself on it being careful as to not hit her. Steve grabbed her, and wrapped his hands around her waist, he leant down and gave her a soft kiss.

 (Y/N) laughed against his lips, Steve pulled back and gave her a large smile. “I missed you,” he said, pecking her lips again.

“You saw me a couple of hours ago.”

“Yeah,” he pouted. “But I couldn’t do this.” He pulled her in for a kiss again, this time more longer and more passionate.

After kissing Steve, (Y/N) leant back on her bed, pulling the blankets up. “I hate this,” she started. “I don’t like it when I can’t be with you.”

Steve smirked at her, “Who knew that the great (Y/N) who said that she will never be cliched, become a cliche?”

She smacked him half-heartedly, “Shut it, Rogers.”

Steve wrapped his right arm around her shoulders, and he too leaned back. “I know what you’re saying. I miss you too. I don’t like Peter’s friend looking at you.”

She laughed, “He’s 16. He’s a kid, Steve.”

He pouted, “Still.” Steve looked over to (Y/N), who was now moving closer to him. “Why don’t we tell them?”

“Because we both know that we’re going to be questioned by multiple people, they’re going to question what I’m doing to you, which I might add is mean.”  She pointed a finger at him and harrumphed.

“Well, you do have a track record,” he teased.

“A track record that indefinitely stopped when I started taking a fancy to you,” she pointed out. “It’s just, they’re not ready and I don’t want to put our relationship to our friends that we practically see everyday, who aren’t ready.”

Steve nodded, agreeing with her. “Hopefully they’ll be ready soon.”

“Our group has Tony Stark, that’s practically a never to being ready.” 

Steve watched as the clock changed its numbers from 3:40, to 3:41. He looked over to the woman who was snuggled next to him, she grasped the blanket tighter, leaving him to basically nothing. If anyone told him that he’d be sharing a bed with (Y/N), being in a relationship with him six months ago he would have laughed and kindly asked the person if they needed to be checked.

Their relationship was rocky at best. Their personalities differed way too much in order for them to be friends. They had conflicting views. She was reckless, she was snobbish, she was everything he thought he hated. But as he got to know her, the little moments that they shared when they were doing a mission together, or the late night talks, he realised that they more alike than he thought.

Steve pulled (Y/N) closer to him. At this moment, he knew that she was the person that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. 

 “I don’t get how you managed to break your arm, and then get sick,” Tony complained as he passed a cup of coffee to Steve. 

The other man shrugged, “Maybe I’m getting old like you.”

Tony flipped him off, “But I’ve had these reservations for months.” He complained.

“Tony, I’d rather not get the elitist of the elite sick.”

“Who’s getting who sick?” (Y/N) asked as she and Jane walked into the kitchen. Both women holding various notebooks with post-its sticking out.

“Capsicle is icksicle and he can’t come to the dinner.”

“Disgusting Rogers,” (Y/N) scrunched her nose. When she was certain that Jane and Tony weren’t looking she gave him a wink, watching as a smile light up on his face 

“I guess that you have to stay here then,” Tony sighed. “Will you be okay on your own?”

Steve thought for a moment, “I guess.” Steve discreetly looked at (Y/N), trying to get her to remember their plan. He coughed for extra effect, catching Tony, Jane’s and (Y/N)’s attention. They all looked at him disgustedly -Jane being nicer than the other two.

“No, I think that someone has to look after you,” Tony mused. “I can probably try and get Vision and Wanda to stay, they didn’t seem too keen to go anyway.”

“NO!” Steve yelled out, he quickly placed a hand on his mouth, then he coughed again. “No,” he said softly this time. “It’s good to get those two out of the house.”

 Tony narrowed his eyes and pouted. “I think I can get Fury to stay.” He fished out his phone and Steve looked at (Y/N). He gave her a warning look.

 She rolled her eyes, “Tony, if there’s anyone that needs a night out and have fancy drinks, it’s our fearless leader.” (Y/N) grabbed his phone and started deleting his text.

 “Well then princess, if you have a better idea then feel free to say it.”

 “I can stay,” she spoke nonchalantly, shrugging after.

 Tony once again narrowed his eyes, “You hate Steve. Is this some kind of plan?”

 “Me? Planning? Scheming? I’m outraged that you would think that.” She flicked his arm and Tony flicked her with his fingers in return. “I’ve already been there and it wasn’t my cup of tea, also I hate half of the people that usually go there.”

 “(Y/N), they’re your friends.”

 “Friends that I hate,” she spoke, smiling. “Look, I’ll look after Rogers, and I swear on my fortunes and my clothes that I will not lay a hand on him.” (Y/N) raised her arms in surrender and looked at her best friend who still had a dubious look on his face. “Come on, Tony. Who else would you get? Nat and Clint want to go, Thor and Jane want to go, everyone wants to go!”

 “I mean, I don’t really want to go,” Jane started. “I have this thing that I have to finish for my work.”

 “See,” Tony clicked his fingers towards Jane, a bright look on his face. “Jane will stay! And so will Thor!”

 Jane gave him a meek smile, “I don’t really trust Thor in fancy places, I mean he did smash half of the plates at a drive-in one time.”

 “Great!” Tony spoke out, a bright and happy tone lacing his voice. He wrapped his arms around (Y/N), oblivious to the glare that she was giving him. “Now, let’s get ready.” (Y/N) sent a helpless look to a now dumbfounded Steve.

(Y/N) huffed and folded her arms across her chest, she leaned back into her seat and watched as Tony make another joke with the waiter.

 “Okay, what’s wrong? This is your usual forte, so why aren’t you your normal self?” Sam whispered to her.

 She looked at her friend, “I’m just knackered Sam, and I particularly don’t want to be here.”

 “Is it because of a certain super soldier?”

 (Y/N) sat up straighter in her seat, fearing that her facial expression would throw away something. She took a deep breath and looked at Sam with an arched brow, “Yes Sam. I’m totally down in the dumps right now because I secretly love Steve and wisht that I was with him right at this moment.”

 Sam looked at (Y/N) who had an indifferent look on her face, he sat back into his seat and grinned. “I never said you loved him.”

 “You’re going to be the death of me Wilson.”

 “Don’t die, Steve would never forgive me.” Sam joked. She knew that he was joking but the way he said it made her feel things inside that she’s never felt before.

The night went on and all (Y/N) did was groan mentally, wishing that she was back at the compound watching some stupid Netflix show that Steve became obsessed about, rather than being at one of New York’s best restaurants. She started tapping on the table, then drumming watching as her friends attention turned to her, knowing she wouldn’t stop anytime soon they focused back on their attention.

She watched as Pepper clasped her hand over Tony’s, she watched as her best friend gave the woman he loved a smile so big that it looked idiotic. She couldn’t even make fun of Tony because she knew how he felt. (Y/N) turned her attention to Clint and Nat who were quietly whispering in each other’s ears, no doubt talking about other people, or Nat comforting Clint.  Feeling a sudden rush of multiple emotions, she stood up, her chair scraping gathering everyone’s attention. She threw her napkin on the table.

 “I have to go.”

 “Wait, (Y/N), where are you going?” She heard Tony asked.

 (Y/N) turned around, “I have to get back to the compound. I have to get back to my boyfriend.”

 “I KNEW IT!” Sam yelled as he too stood up and pointed a finger at (Y/N).

 “What?” Tony asked.

 “Steve and I have been in a relationship and we’ve been postponing telling you guys because we knew, well I knew, that you were going to be immature about. But seeing you guys here, it’s making me miss him and I realised that I don’t care if you’re immature about it, I just care about him being with me.” She finished, she took in all of her friends faces. Half of them were confused, and the other half was just amused.

 “Oh my god, you love him!” Tony yelled as well. (Y/N) looked around at the restaurant, everyone was now staring at their table including the waiters. Most of the patrons having glare etched on their faces.

 (Y/N) just shrugged and waved goodbye to her friends, she hailed a taxi as soon as she was outside. She gave them the address, and waited as the taxi driver took what seemed to be the longest route to the compound.

‘Of all the things to come and go,

There is no one else like you.’

 (Y/N) gave him the money as they reached the compound, tipping him an extra amount for dealing with her incessant chattering and fidgeting. As she rushed up the stairs to greet Steve, (Y/N) realised that she just probably blurted out the biggest secret she’s ever had to her best friends without thinking of the consequences. Not only that, she also made a huge spectacle in one of New York’s finest restaurants. The overwhelming feeling came over her, this wasn’t her. This wasn’t what she did.

 (Y/N) thought everything through, no words came out of her mouth without going over it three times in her head. What the hell was Steve doing to her? As she opened the door, she was met with Thor laughing and Jane shaking her head.

 “Thor, that’s not how you play it!”

 She looked around for Steve, as soon as she saw him coming into the room she ran over and engulfed him in a hug. Both Jane and Thor stopped what they were doing and looked at the spectacle in front of them.

 “Uhh, (Y/N)?”

 (Y/N) pulled back and looked at Steve. “I may or may not have told our friends that we were dating, and I may or may have not done it in front of the restaurant.”

 “Wait, what?”

 “I love you Steve Rogers, and when I was sitting there by myself watching Pepper and Tony, Clint and Nat together, made me realise that I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Or what anyone else questions. I want you with me, beside me, always. I want to be able to turn to you when I make a stupid joke, or hold your hand in public.” She rambled, not realising that she was gesturing wildly with her hands until she hit Steve accidentally in the face. “Fuck, I’m so sorry.”

 (Y/N) cradled his face, and softly rubbed where she hit him. Steve grasped her hand, and pulled it down gently. “You love me?” He asked with a grin.  

 Panic set in her eyes and she looked around everywhere but him. “I really hope that you do because otherwise I would look really stupid saying I love you to you.”


 Steve shrugged, “I mean how can I not love you. You practically told everyone we knew that you love me, told New York that you love me, came up running to hug me.”

 “I did not run,” (Y/N) scoffed.

 Steve laughed as he pulled her closer, pecking her lips he embraced her as tight as he could. They were brought out of their moment as they heard clapping from Thor.

 “This is great news! Lady (Y/N) and Captain are together!” Jane tried to quieten him down as she gave them both a thumbs up and an apologetic look.

 “How did telling them go anyway?” Steve asked as he looked at her.


 She looked sheepishly at Steve, “To be fair, Tony seemed to accept it when we were at the restaurant.”

 “ROGERS!” That particular yell was accompanied with a ‘Tony, shut up,’ courtesy of Pepper. “I DON’T CARE PEPPER, HE’S DOING MY BEST FRIEND!” 

 ‘The things I never think about -

And the only thing I do.’

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Hello there cutiepies! We’re Julie @guardehn and Julie @fauhne and we’re definitely cocktail fans, so why not making cocktail awards!

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- A W A R D S - 

every award will contain 4 members!

Best Url - Strawberry Time
1. Absolut Basil
2. Cupid’s Kiss
3. Strawberry Daiquiri
4. Lava Flow

Best Colourscheme - As blue as the sky
1. Blue Hawaii  
2. Blue Lagoon
3. Hypnotizer
4. Blue Cosmo

Best Theme - Gin-a-ling
1. Gin Fizz
2. Hanky-Panky
3. Tom Collins
4. Dirty Martini

Best Posts - Why is the Rum gone?
1. Cuba Libre
2. Copacabana
3. Hurricane
4. Rum Sunrise

Best New Discovery - Vodka Time
1. Volcane Bowl
2. Cosmopolitan
3. Screwdriver
4. Black Russian

Best Icon - Jello shot please
1. Champagne Strawberry Jello
2. Watermelon Mojito Jello
3. Pink Lemonade Jello
4. Amaretto Sour Jello 

Best Overall - Sprankly Prosecco
1. Love Potion
2. Grapefruit Mimosa
3. Rossini
4. Cotton Candy Champagne

Best add-ons - Merry Berry
1. Raspberry Blush
2. Black Swan
3. Berry Limoncello Sangria
4. Triple Berry Margarita

Nicest Blogger - Sweet Pineapple
1. Pina Colada  
2. Sex on the Beach
3. Mai Tai
4. Zombie

Julie’s Fave - Shake that Mojito
1. Mojito
2. Strawberry Mojito
3. Mojito Royal
4. Virgin Mojito

Jules’ Fave - Tequila Party
1. Tequila Sunrise
2. Paloma
3. Margarita
4. Shot of Tequila

- O T H E R S -

  • Winners will be announced around the beginning of the month July or earlier if we’re happy with the notes
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask us
  • Banner created by my lovely partner in crime @fauhne
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Happy reblogging and always enjoy a good cocktail, okay?

Love, the Julie’s xx

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Hi guys!! I’ve been coming across so many beautiful blogs so I thought this would be the perfect time to host my first ever favourites! 


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about bngtnhmu, inc:

how do you make your texts
i use my iphone ! i text myself via imessage & then delete the duplicate texts ! i made a post abt it here !

who is the girl you use in your texts

  • seokjin: red velvet irene
  • yoongi: gfriend eunha
  • hoseok: red velvet wendy
  • namjoon: apink naeun
  • jimin: gfriend yerin
  • taehyung: red velvet seulgi
  • jeongguk: red velvet joy

where can i find (x) texts
the masterlist or the navigation on the desktop theme ! and if u can’t find it there feel free to msg me n i’ll be more than happy to help ! 

what are your display settings
i have it set in the middle :p

where do you get the (non-bangtan) photos you use in your texts
photos of y/n are from the idols instagrams ! other photos are from kor accounts i follow on insta + some are my own :p

who are all the side characters/ocs

  • yoongi texts: custard bread lady. y/n’s best friend sooyoung who has a very straightforward and ~jeongguk like personality.
  • namjoon texts: y/n’s sister who hates namjoon. y/n’s best friend seungwan.
  • jeongguk texts: wonwoo from seventeen. uyoo the dog. y/n’s best friend yerin.

what are the reoccurring themes

  • jeongguk: kermit memes / frogs, RIPPED (as in everything he raises [kids…….or puppies] will be ripped like him), jeon jeongguk vs jeon wonwoo, getting banned from places, chokeslams
  • yoongi: custard bread, stop saving his fansite pics, demonic possession lmfao, RILAKKUMA VS KUMAMON, this face ;( 
  • namjoon: selfie wars, when will y/n’s sister stop hating him?, ryan, mildly suggestive texts. 
  • jimin: snow app thirst traps, secret shinee thing, apeach, tiny………..park jimin………tears………..
  • hoseok: my mom told ur mom to tell me to tell you / family events  (basically all stuff implying that they were childhood bffs turned Best Couple), lee taemin
  • taehyung: uses dog pics to represent himself, this couple doodles a lot, tae uses bullet points / report style when he’s trying to make a point without being too serious (ex: missing person report when ur sad, recipe when he’s jealous), emojis, boyfriend daesang, soft memes

+ reoccurring nicknames

  • jeongguk: frog girl (he calls y/n this) babe (usually it’s hot babe lmfao and he never calls y/n this directly only when he’s talking abt her……..to her?) 
  • yoongi: brat (he calls y/n this usually followed by ;( ) demon (they call each other this lmfao) yoongz (y/n calls him this) mim moomgi (y/n calls him this)
  • namjoon: baby (he calls y/n this)
  • taehyung: wifey (he calls y/n this) 
  • jimin: mini (y/n calls him this)

who is guk
국/꾹/guk is short for 정국/jeongguk (jungkook)

what does mim moomgi, uyoong, etc. mean
nicknames i use for yoongi ! they’re just cute ways to pronounce his name + 우융/uyoong sounds like 우유/uyoo which is the korean word for milk :p

thank u for reading this !!!!!!! i love u & feel free to ask me anything that’s on here or not on here ! this is just 2 save u guys some time !!❤️

I love the dressing room. Now, here’s some things that can be improved on it:

1. Let us upload images of scryed dragons. Sometimes I wanna preview on a dragon that hasn’t grown up yet or doesn’t have the right genes yet, or straight up doesn’t exist [yet]. Yes, we can marva it up, but we shouldn’t have to go through all these extra steps when the dressing room was made for previewing purposes.

2. Let us select multiple items at once. Typing in ‘buttercup’ several times over just so I can get the full [or even half] set of frilly lace is tedious. Please FR, I’m already doing physical therapy for my hand.

3. Let us select bundles. Same as number 2, but, well. The entire thing. Just drop it onto a dragon, already layered.

4. Give us a better search system. Listen, I don’t actually remember the name of every single piece of apparel on the site. If the search were more like the one on the usual dress up page it’d make life loads simpler.

Hello guys,

I’m back and better than ever. I deleted my original blog a little over a week ago and even though I’m still lacking motivation I thought I could restart my blog as a pose creator for the simming community until I’m ready to post story related content. It’ll be nice starting over with a fresh blog and enjoy my tiny corner on tumblr without feeling the pressure I did with my old blog. 

Anywho, feel free to follow or send pose requests as I’m off for summer break and have loads of free time. 

Happy simming



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You have come to the right place if you wish to receive messages on your birthday. Here, too, you can wish to congratulate the birthday of the day and also meet new blogs. I’ve decided to make a post so that it can spread and everyone can share and join. The rules are simple and easy:

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After you have done this, I’ll place you here on the birthday list, and I’ll do my best to send messages of congratulations in your birthday. I hope you have an amazing day/night xx.

Hey everyone! So my birthday is coming up in about a month (June 8) & I decided to celebrate it with you guys by doing a birthday awards! If you’re interested in joining, please, read the rules below :)


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Anyone is welcome to join!

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best overall (1) 
my personal favorite (1)

Queues, surprise promos, possible follower gain, help with anything, & a new friend! + featured on a cute page.

Banner by @flhuent // @flhuentdesigns
Winners announced on the 10th or 11th of June.
If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

Good luck babes!  ヾ(^▽^)ノ

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Hello there lovely palmtrees! We’re team Bora Bora of The Island Unity @islandunity and together we present to you The Bora Bora Awards! The awards are things you can do/visit as tourist at Bora Bora! 

- R U L E S -

- A W A R D S -

every award will contain 2 winners!

🌴 Best Posts: Leopard Rays Trench

🌴 Best URL: Mount Otemanu

🌴 Best Add-ons/features: Matira Beach

🌴 Best Theme: spotting whales and dolphins

🌴 Best Colourscheme: diving with sharks

🌴 Best Icon: Tupitipiti Point 

🌴 Best New Discovery: Mount Pahia

🌴 Sweetest personality:  Scuba diving

🌴 Best Overall: Bora Bora Lagoonarium

- P  E R K S -

  • Winners will be displayed on a beautiful page (under construction)
  • The page will be on every blog of us (= 6 blogs)! That means lots of viewers!
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  • Tons of new followers!
  • A follow from all of us

- O T H E R S -

  • Winners will be announced around the end of the month June or when we’re happy with the notes
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Happy reblogging and enjoy your short trip to Bora Bora with us! ♥

Love, Bora Bora Team! xx

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flourisant favourites page

Hello everyone, I decided to do my favourites page and I hope you like it :$


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  • I’ll queued 30 of each one who win

Other informations:

  • Feel free to check out my dark vintage blog (vintalge)
  • I’ll choose 12 blogs :D
  • At the end of April the winners will be announced
  • banner is from Tumblr

So that’s it, since you already know how to participate, feel free to ask your questions. :D



Just gonna wave Tumblr goodbye a bit with these. I’ll be on the road and thus will have to stall my crack supplying duties for a while. All for a great cause :) Gonna see the lads !!!

You all post away and hopefully catch up soon!  (please feel free to reblog and delete this text)

excuse me for not having drawn anything i promised; i am moving and though i probably overestimated my time management skills in general, a lot of other both awesome and horrible things happened alongside it all… oh well ^^; sharing my quick domestic ereri kiss to sate my needs

not heated at all, because they are both beautifully (and self-indulgently) asexual ♡ and they touch lips to pass the time sometimes


If any of you have any fanart or something than feel free to submit it! Whenever I get enough fanart, I’m gonna put them together and post it on my blog! So feel free to send me stuff (if you want I am not forcing you) Ok thanks

(I might delete this later)