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okay so i know its probably a little weird of me to be obsessing over this but don’t you think it’s cool? like, i’m sure that if these games wren’t mocapped that little habits/mannerisms like this wouldn’t make it into the games because why would anyone think to animate this? it’s not really a movement that people do but richard mcgonagale does it so sully does too. animators and writers aren’t gonna be like, ‘hey, let’s have this character tuck his hand there when he smokes’ because it’s not really anything, it’s just a little habit. i know it’s only a little insignificant thing but i love it.


Re-uploading because i might as well post it along with the other doodle ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@ MAMI FUCK ME UP!!!!!! I’ve been screamin for an entire week!!!!

Bonus badly painted version  + artist rambles under the cut (feel free to cut this entire commentary tbh)

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My friends say I should lock you down
Before you figure me out and you run away
But you don’t and you won’t as you kiss me
And you tell me that you’re here to stay 
(cr 5sos)

 I’m so tired god help me. Have some chibi sterek because I’m sorry for all these low koala-tea doodles, but I really am very sleep deprived. I promise to do better after exams. (feel free to delete this comment, it’s just my rambles)

I’m just not really feeling it anymore. Roleplaying I mean. I feel like I used to have an abundance of amazing partners who all actually enjoyed writing with me with not only my Dean muse but my other muses too. And now, it just… idk. Feels kinda blah. I’m starting to feel like roleplaying here is like a second job or a chore instead of something I love to do in my free time. I’m hoping that maybe later tonight I’ll feel better about it.. but if not, then I’ll seriously be considering deleting.

currently saving all the bts and bonus and interview videos and trailers I downloaded for s4 to my external hdd where I’ll probably never look at them again so I can finally delete them from my internal hdd

feels good feels organic

gimme all that free space



(feel free to delete this part of the caption) This gifset probably didn’t need 6 gifs, but there were close to 200 frames in total and I was so struck by the look on his face that I couldn’t bear to cut any of the frames. I mean just look at him –– this is the moment Noctis and gang find out that Niflheim has taken over Insomnia. It looks like Gladio is reading the article out loud, and Noct is just struggling to comprehend the information. He had left his kingdom behind with hopes that peace would be achieved after so many years of warring with Niflheim, but now he’s finding out that the peace treaty was too good to be true. His capital city has fallen, his father is dead, his girl is dead. There’s disbelief in his expression, and assuming the article states that he is dead as well, maybe there’s some denial there too. After all, he knows with certainty that he’s definitely not dead, so maybe, just maybe, they’re wrong about other things as well. He looks so utterly lost, and it’s heartbreaking.


Keenler Week [Day 2] - Favorite Partnership Moment

This isn’t the way!

It’s so hard to choose a favorite moment, because their whole story is based on this beautiful relationship of trust and believing in each other, even in their darkest moments. And that’s probably why I love this scene in Mako Tanida so much. It’s the first time we see Ressler completely out of control, and it’s beautiful to see how Liz is there for him and slowly brings him back to reality. And it’s been like that ever since. They always speak their minds when the other is going down the wrong path, and that makes their bond stronger and more solid with every obstacle.

[My art style fluctuates a lot but I did the thing- ᕙ( * •̀ ᗜ •́ * )ᕗ ❤ ]

okay so

i think it’s time to say goodbye to tumblr for me. 

i’m going to miss all of you, i was here for 3 years and you guys helped me to beat my depression (mostly), start loving myself and the most important thing - you tought me to love my art. i love you all so so much but i need to move on

i’m not deleting my blog or anything i just won’t be active here anymore, you still can message me (if you want), feel free to unfollow me and please remember me as alie who loves frank iero a little bit too much c:

if you want to stay in contact with me i have twitter and i’m going to post my daily ramble and frank drawings there

one more time - i love you all, see you at frank’s show! 

xo alie


i rewatched pride this evening with my parents, and i was struck by the intimacy of so many of these small moments; sharing a cigarette, slow dancing, a tight hug, holding hands or sharing a bed. so much media about lgbt+ people is Dramatic and bold and Important, which i don’t condemn, far from it – but this. this is important too. quiet moments, full of life.


First of all, thaanks to mariel, liz and lani for contributing with their awesome ideas! As for the meme, do whichever you want from these (as ‘sparrabeth +’ style) and whenever you wish to! You may also hover over any of these for additional info (or more rambling) but basically they are open to interpretation!

[+] my compass works fine
[+] you thought i loved him
[+] peas in a pod
[+] you will come over to my side
[+] persuade me
[+] you’re not subtle
[+] lords of sass
[+] a pirate’s life for me
[+] it would have never worked between us
[+] ashore or afloat
[+] my soul i do swear for a.. kiss
[+] hide the rum
[+] keep telling yourself that, darling

As for more traditional ones:

[+] AUs
[+] deleted scenes
[+] tropes
[+] favorite scene from cotbp
[+] favorite scene from dmc
[+] favorite scene from awe
[+] favorite quote
[+] a song that fits them
[+] a quote that fits them
[+] a fic that you really liked
[+] favorite vid
[+] screencap meme

So Here’s What’s Up...

I’ve struggled with this decision for a really long time because I’m an overly sentimental shit who grows too attached to inanimate objects and ideas but I’ve finally decided to make the decision final…

I will be leaving this blog.

Summary for those who don’t want to read my ramblings below: It’s time for me to move on from this blog. If you would still like to keep in contact with me/follow me then you can do so with my new blog (it’s not so new…I’ve had it for 2 years). It’s been a fun ride loves but it’s time for a new chapter in my life. Feel free to follow me at my NEW BLOG though and we can be anime trash together!

My nerdybuns blog will NOT be deleted because it contains so many memories. And, who knows, I may want to return one day. 

~Ciao for now c:

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Does anyone else feel like if Simmy and Vicky hadn’t ambushed her here that she would have actually gone up to Finn and kissed him. Because part of me thinks she would have, or at least gotten close enough to him that he would have noticed her. Then if she walked away after that he would of followed her and asked what was wrong and they might have actually have had to talk about things. That might be being a bit to optimistic but this has just been on my mind.