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Huedhaut - Star Crossed Myth Playlist 

001 - Same Dream - Sharon Van Etten

002 - I’m Not Yours - Angus & Julia Stone

003 - Count The Saints - Foxes

004 - I Don’t Want To Change You - Damien Rice

005 - Take Me Away - Gabrielle Aplin

006 - Sinners - Lauren Aquilina

007 - Space They Cannot Touch - Kate Millder-Heidke

008 - You Picked Me - A Fine Frenzy


Okay so this is my first character based playlist so I really hope at least one person likes it! I decided to have the lyrics follow the thoughts and emotions of the characters rather than the musical element, so I hope you understand where its going?? Anyway any feedback would be much appreciated! (Feel free to delete this comment when you reblog, I’m being a goofball)