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Oh great and powerful Nyehehe, how does one become a master of evil and darkness like yourself? How can one devote themselves to your nefarious cause? (Always too shy to just walk up to you, is that okay or do you prefer whispers?)

Oh, you naive little nuisance!! No mortal could even come close to pretending to being even a nyehehllionth as evil as The Great Nyehehe!! Obviously!! 

Devotion and cause, you say, nyeh? Well, Bah!! The Great Nyehehe needs no mortal fool to do his villainy when he could do it himself!! He has no needs for dratted minions!! 

If you truly wish to appease The Great Nyehehe, then merely allow your thrones and leadership positions be swiftly and sinisterly conquered by The Great Nyehehe on his conquest of the Universe!! 

((To answer your question, I love walk-ups! If you’d prefer to whisper ahead, that’s completely fine too. Feel absolutely free to interrupt his nefarious nap in his Evil Lair in Stormwind’s Cathedral District, right next to Righteous Plates!))

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Bit of a rare pair, so feel completely free to ignore this if it's too weird! Cor and Prompto for the FFXV ask thing (because they were so cute for the chapter that Cor turns up in XD)

Ok, so I decided to make this one a father and son and not a romantic pairing in a Papa Cor and adopted son Prompto AU. There’s a very very slight Promptio at the very end. If you squint. Like, really squint. There’s also a little bit of dialogue lifted from the FFXV ‘novel’ Prologue - Parting Ways in the last question. 

Who is a night owl: Prompto, although Cor and Prompto can both be found burning the midnight oil, if for different reasons. Cor is dedicated in his role as marshal sometimes this requires late nights, but he’d far rather have a simple dinner with his adopted son and head to bed. He doesn’t like movies very much. Everyone assumes he’ll like action movies, but he hates the choppy fight sequences and implausible combat sequences. He’d rather read. When he first adopted Prompto, he used to read to him (see below) and he was delighted when it became something he could share with the strange, damaged child from Niflheim.

Who is a morning person: Again, Prompto. Cor is a heavy sleeper, and on weekends, has been known to lie in bed until 10am sleeping. His role is mentally and physically demanding, and this manifests itself in his sleeping habits. Staying up late to ensure things are sorted out, palnning military operations, liaising with Drautos (whom he low-key hates) and the Glaives, managing operations across borders, he is often found awake at 3am, so he likes to sleep in. Prompto will someteims bring him breakfast in bed. This consists of orange juice which Prompto has squeezed himself (and made a terrible mess in the kitchen which he’ll clean up on returning from Cor’s room), and, perhaps surprisingly, pancakes. Prompto doesn’t have a very wide repertoire of recipehs (sorrynotsorry), not like Ignis, but there are a few things he can do really well. Pancakes is one of them. Cor doesn’t like sweet things, so Prompto makes them with bacon and just the teeniest drizzle of maple syrup, just enough to offset the salt of the bacon, but not too much to make Cor feel sick. He loves doing this kind of thing for Cor, and is so grateful that Cor adopted him on sight at the checkpoint into Insomnia all those years ago.

Are they cuddlers: Cor is outwardly a cold and gruff figure, but he has a heart of golden caramel. Seriously, he cannot say no to Prompto. Like, the letters ‘n’ and ‘o’ cannot be placed next to each other to form the word when Prompto is concerned. Unless its something dangerous, like Prompto going outside the walls alone because he wanted to photograph some of the amazing wildlife. Unbeknownst to Cor, the reason for that particular trip was to get a print made for Cor’s birthday…

At the end of a long day, when Ignis has picked Noctis and Prompto up from school, Cor lives for that moment when he opens the door, kicks off his (stupidly high-heeled) boots, and is met with the golden cannonball that is Prompto coming to give him a hug.

At first, when he was adopted, Prompto wouldn’t let anyone touch him, and he never volunteered affection, but when Cor had taken the time with him to let him know he was safe and loved and that nothing would ever hurt him again, he began to open up. It began with a very small Prompto reaching out and grabbing his arm one day as he passed him on the sofa. Prompto didn’t look up at him as he passed, just stared at his knees, his little fingers clamped around Cor’s solid wrist. “Prompto?” he asked, reversing a step and kneeling down beside the arm of the sofa. “Prompto, what is it, what’s wrong?”
“Thank you,” he mumbled, enormous blue eyes boring a hole in his trousers. “Thank you for looking after me.”
“Oh Prompto,” Cor had chuckled. “You don’t need to thank me for that. But you’re more than welcome.”

After that, Prompto learned that it was ok to be more affectionate, and within a year, Cor was regularly being ambushed from doorways and having his hand yanked into a tiny, loving grip. He gets fondly mocked for it by Clarus, whose own son is bullishly affectionate with him in a way that tiny, clingy, gentle Prompto never is. Cor laughs and lifts his arm up to reveal Prompto half-hiding behind him. He ruffles Prompto’s hair and stares from his wide-eyed blond boy over to Clarus’ ever-growing behemoth of a child, standing with his legs set and his hands on his hips, grinning down at Prompto with what can only be described as a wolfish grin. Prompto is terrified of Gladio for a very, very long time.

Occasionally, when Prompto does manage to convince Cor to watch TV or a movie with him, Cor will fall asleep on the sofa. He snores like a garula with a headcold, but Prompto doesn’t mind. He’s just happy for the company. He’ll nuzzle up into Cor, sometimes resting his head on Cor’s lap, and Cor will sleepily put a protective arm around Prompto. If he’s not sleeping the sleep of the dead already, he might be awake enough to stroke Prompto’s blond hair, but it doesn’t last long because he will inevitably doze off. Once he dozed off with his hand on Prompto’s forehead, and it slipped over Prompto’s eyes and covered his entire face. Prompto just lifted it off and Cor snorted softly in his sleep. Being the marshal and the father of an energizer-powered golden chocobo is exhausting.

Who is the big spoon and who is the little spoon: Sometimes when Prompto wakes in the middle of the night after a nightmare, he toddles into Cor’s room and sneaks into bed beside him. Cor likes to sleep on his side, facing the outside of the bed, which doesn’t leave much room for Prompto, so he cuddles up against Cor’s back and wraps his arms around him, burying his face in Cor’s back. He does this less and less as he gets older, but sometimes, even when he’s thirteen or fourteen, Cor will still wake up with a patch of drool on his shoulder and a very warm body beside him.

What is their favourite sleeping position: Cor sleeps on his side, and does not move for the whole night. Prompto varies. Once he falls asleep, which sometimes takes forever, he can be curled up into a tight ball, or splayed out like a starfish, either on his front or his back. He fidgets. A lot.

Who steals all the blankets: Not such an issue, as on the rare occasion Prompto does sneak in for some comfort from Cor, he stays latched onto him like a limpet.

What they wear to bed: As in all the other answers involving Prompto, it’s still those chocobo pyjamas. Cor bought them for him when he took him to see Wiz’ chocobos for his seventh birthday. Instant. Chocobo. Obsession. Chocobo everything. Chocobo school bag. Chocobo pencils. Chocobo erasers. Chocobo notepad. Chocobo t-shirts. Chocobo underwear. And therefore, also chocobo pjs. Cor sleeps in a black t-shirt and grey and black tartan pyjama bottoms.

Who likes seeing the other wearing their t-shirt: Again, not really the same as the other relationships I’ve done for this meme, but there’s a cute story… When Prompto had been in the Crownsguard recruits for a year (prior to leaving for The Roadtrip), he was due for a training session with Noctis in the arena. It had been overcast when he’d left Cor’s house for the citadel, but it began absolutely pouring with rain before he was more than five minutes into his walk. He’d forgotten to bring his wallet with him, so he couldn’t pay for a taxi, and so he ran. He was soaked when he got there, and Cor ran into him when he arrived at the centre, shivering. His father made him come to the changing rooms and gave him his spare t-shirt, and while he warmed up, he also insisted that Prompto wear his Crownsguard jacket. Crownsguard recruits are not allowed to wear full uniforms until the passing out ceremony (military term for graduating from a course), but Cor had little choice between: bend the rules or let his son get hypothermia. Prompto hurried out of the changing room so as not to keep Noct waiting for him, and was scuttling along the corridor towards the training room when Drautos yelled at him. “Recruit!”
Prompto froze like the proverbial rabbit in headlights. “S-Sir?” he squeaked, leaping out of his skin and turning around.
“What the hell makes you think you have the right to wear Crownsguard uniform?”
“I… it… I… um… it isn’t mine…” he stammered. “I got wet…”
“It’s not yours? Well!” Drautos scoffed. “That much is obvious. I should have you dragged in front of Lord Amicitia for breaking dress code rules!”
“The kid nearly died of hypothermia, Drautos,” came Cor’s steady voice from behind Prompto. “And it’s my jacket.” Cor turns his searing blue eyes on Prompto. “Run along. Don’t keep the prince waiting.”
Drautos couldn’t argue with that, but it did little to develop their already strained relationship.

Who wakes up in the middle of the night with nightmares: Prompto. He’s haunted by his past, and terrified of the future. Cor knows about his barcode and what the empire did to him, and he promised Prompto he’d never tell anyone, except Regis, but only if the king asked, or something ‘happened’. When Prompto had quizzed him about what he meant, Cor had replied with the sad voice of an experienced soldier. “We don’t fully know what the empire did to you, son,” he said. “We don’t know if… if there’s any lasting effects. I don’t think there are, but I’m not about to make a promise to you that I can’t keep, so I’ll make you this promise: I won’t tell a soul, except the king, and only if he asks.” Prompto nodded, but the look in his adoptive father’s face haunted him. As a younger child, he often woke with visions of needles and glowing red eyes, but as time went by, he settled down.

Who accidentally punched the other in their sleep: Since Cor literally does not move a muscle when he’s out cold asleep, it’s Prompto. He’s a fidgety as anything, and just once, flailed so much he caught Cor on the shoulder. The marshal didn’t even stir.

Who can’t keep their hands to themselves: not really appropriate for this relationship, but Cor cannot resist giving Prompto a cuddle if Prompto turns his big ol’ blue puppydog eyes on him. Prompto loves cuddles, so he will often come up behind the marshal and give him a hug round the middle, cheek on his back. He doesn’t linger, but Cor is always sporting a smile when Prompto lets go. When Prompto went to get his Crownsguard uniform with Cor, Clarus said, “I appreciate your time today. I assume you have some preparations to take care of, so you may be on your way.”

“Yes, sir!” Prompto squeaked.

“I better get ready, too,” Gladio rumbled, stepping out from beside his father and heading to the door.

“Understood,” Clarus nodded. “I’ll see you soon.”

Prompto turned to look up at Cor, who was still holding the chit that would allow Prompto to receive his uniform from the Crownsguard Quartermaster. Cor held it out to him, but instead of taking it, Prompto beamed him a huge, sunshine smile, freckles on his cheeks almost stretching under the movement, and flung himself at Cor, squealing, “I did it!”

Chuckling fondly at him, Cor ruffled his hair and said, “Yeah, kiddo, you did. Now go on.”

Clarus and Gladio were still laughing softly, almost as fondly as Cor, as Prompto left the office, a scarlet blush stinging his cheeks now. “I can’t believe you’re twenty years old, and still get away with hugging the marshal like that,” Gladio snorted.

“What can I say?” Prompto goofed. “I’m irresistible!”

“Yeah,” Gladio grinned, shoving him playfully in the shoulder. “You can say that again.”

 I’m not doing these particular asks any more, but remember, I’m only 4 followers away from reaching 100. When I reach 100, I’ll open up requests for 100 word drabbles. When that happens, you send me a pairing or a character plus a word, or even an opening sentence, and I’ll write you a 100 word drabble! I’ll let you know when I reach 100… 

what i’ve learned is that if you’re gonna engage in a romantic relationship during your young adult years, it damn well better be with someone who makes your insides explode with nothing but positive emotion. someone who takes the time to be kind, patient and understanding, more often than not, and who is as warm with their words as they are with their touch. life is too short to be focused on people who do not have your growth and best interest in mind. the right person will love you in a way that makes you feel completely free and accepted within your own skin. they won’t attempt to hinder your development out of fear or insecurity that your new experiences might lead you into the arms of someone else. good lovers will desire to see your personal success just as much as you do, and they will support and respect your decisions. stay away from people who make you feel guilty about desiring the best for yourself. they don’t love you for you, they love you for what you can provide for them. and that is not love.

a list of 3oh!3 lyrics that r better than anything twenty one pilots will ever write:

  • tell ur boyfriend if he says hes got beef that im a vegetarian and i aint fucking scared of him
  • i dont go ham i go corned beef
  • i got ocd when it comes to that pussy
  • shes on her knees over there but it aint a religion
  • im gonna have a house party in my house im gonna pour booze down my mouth 
  • i wanna touch ya in a parka in russia 
  • it aint over til the fat lady sings and adele aint on this track
  • if our shits so bad why’s ur sister tryna fuck us
  • we can do an album or we can do it viral spread it like an std u got back in high school
  • reading braille off her garter strap
  • i could be your dad. actually i probably am 
  • bitches on the dick give em 3oh!3 poppin motherfuckers like you know me
  • i used to have two girlfriends now i got none bc my number two girl found out about one
  • she said she heard of me from that album Want she used to bump it in the target parking lot in a ‘97 dodge well that’s hot if her friends get together maybe i can watch
  • lips like licorice tongue like candy, excuse me miss but can i get u out ur panties 

i want to know everything about you. tell me everything about your darkest secrets, your dreams, your trauma, your favorite episode of your favorite tv series, your morning coffee, your fears, your hopes and your life. i will always listen to you, it doesn’t matter if i have no clue about the topic you are talking about, because i want to understand you, i want to feel your pain and happiness. i want you to be completely free and comfortable, because you are who you are: art. 


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eefa pettyveres hot guide 2 makin a gil
  • do not even craft dont FUCKIGn touch a CRAFTIUNG WEAPON it s bad… if u even think of a crafting wepon = disband… dont do that… halone will smite u
  • rouletets………………gil…………..nice…..
  • u get weird little red rectangles from ur roulettes that people like for u to exchange for goods and buy from u (but u would be supplying those dAMN hEAThen crafters!!!! so halone might smite u be careful)
  • chellenge  log?? ?? sweet i live for a Challenge
  • desynthing gives u a cool thing sometimes wao
  • but desynthing is almost like crafting sort of except you break it so its like low key sinning, halone might still smite you, proceed with caution
  • aqua police!!! weeoo weeoo more like the gilpolis am i rite gamers???? be sure to like comment a nd subscribe for more hot memes
  • sell erp
  • maybe if youre lucky you can win gil from wondrous tails but you must make a sacrifice
  • potd giv u a gil
  • and u can also get fun bags from the stinky dead dungeon with stuff u can sell for gil thats pretty cool
  • if u do ur weekly 24 man raids u get a weird rock that u can buy a weird orb with and sell for gil….
  • and like i guess if you have a ridiculous amount of time u can gather like weird sticks and rocks and fish which is like 100% profit but then u are gonna be covered in dirt and fishy smell so idk thats cool if ur into that kinda  thing
  • this one time when ninja came out, somebody gave me 300k to give them an instaqueue on my tank so like that was shady but it paid the bills…………..
  • if u giv ur retainer a silver cookie they might come back with a cool thing. or a fish. or a roof. but i mean its still gil so it applies
  • the beast friends like ur help and u like gil right??? help them
  • GRANDCOMPANY SEALS…. are pretty grand…. for making gil………

  • who am i kidding
  • you cant actually make gil in this game its impossible ive never even seen a gil or touched a gil before… help me my paissa is starving
The Friendly Wager (Part 1)

Summary: AU. Reader and Bucky Barnes are neighbors and best friends. After yet another bad date, reader comes home to find Bucky with his typical weekend target. They decide to make a wager about dating, but is there more on the line than reader cares to admit?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Word Count: 2,528

Warnings: language, fluff, sarcasm, bad date, implied sexual situations (no smut)

A/N: This is my submission for the lovely Kait’s ( @bionic-buckyb) 5k AU Challenge. Congrats on the followers, friend! My prompt was “Can you please come over so I don’t feel so alone?” I think this will have at least seven parts, so Kait, please feel free to disregard it till it’s completed :)

Part 1 - 2

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10 Abusive Men’s conversational tactics every woman should be aware of:

1. Domination of conversation - at any cost

It simply doesn’t matter what it takes - making up a story, repeating the same issue over and over again, increasing the volume of his voice, calling you out on unrelated-unreal issues, taking on a threatening pose to get your attention, getting angry if you don’t carefully listen to what he has to say, throwing a tantrum, accusing you of talking too much, beating down your words, I have even seen abusive men cause fights because they wanted to dominate a conversation with a woman. Last time I tried to talk to a woman, while abusive man was standing next to her, he actually physically dragged her away, just so she wouldn’t be able to get my attention, because I refused to give it to him instead. In their minds, this is reasonable, because they feel we owe them that much, and if we refuse to make them the center of attention, it’s aggression on our part, and any action to beat us down to submission is acceptable and “nothing else should be expected of him”.

2. “What I have to say is important at the moment - every moment.”

You were trying to tell a story? He immediately comes up with a vaguely related story that happened to someone he knew that is somehow suddenly more relevant than what you wanted to say. You were trying to prove a point? He’s going to prove a different point. You have a problem that bothers you? His much smaller problem is bothering him much more, to the point where you have to feel bad for bringing your problem up in the first place. You have an achivement you’re proud of? Wait until you hear what he has done at some point in time that right now feels more relevant to him. In his mind, what you have to say simply doesn’t matter and it’s on him to figure out how to slowly bring that down to you, so you’d finally shut up and accept that his confidence is to be worshipped, yours beaten down.

3. Personal attack

Focus will be on you only if it makes you look bad. If you dared to insist that you’re heard and given a basic bit of attention, or, heavens forbid, said something that goes against his opinions and actions, you will immediately find yourself under a personal attack. You’ll be called out on things that have nothing to do with the subject. You will be deemed unfit to even speak about issues that matter to you. Suddenly, even the issues that you have personal experience and endless statistical data and proof, are not yours to speak of because “he knows better”. You’ll be called slurs, humiliated, discredited, all your knowledge of the subject will be perceived as “silly” and “wrong”, not to mention you’re a horrible person for daring to speak your mind on the subject. The point of personal attack is to make you look bad, but you’re not supposed to notice how it makes him look way worse, you’re supposed to feel rightfully called out and humbled, and fail to notice how your basic human right of speech is being trampled on, how you’re being silenced and hurt by emotional and psychological abuse by a man who found himself threatened by truth you pointed out.

4. Double Standards

“I’m a man” is an excuse not to listen, not to sympathize, not to offer compassion, not to take responsibility for his actions, not to bother with “woman logic”, not to question the consequences of his actions, not to feel guilty for indulging in primarily male behaviour that harms women but is excusable because “all men do it”. “You’re a woman” is an excuse to hold you responsible for men’s actions, and obliged to please men, to maintain your social value and appearance up to certain standards, to fulfill all male expectations and fantasies and ideas about what you should be, otherwise what good you are for? And even if you do all that, you’ll end up reduced to a slur and disposed of whenever it pleases a man to do just that. And don’t be surprised, what did you expect? They’re men.

5. Social Truth

Logic, statistics, experiences, facts, consequences and practical knowledge all have zero value before men’s social perception of what’s going on. Men have already decided that it’s them who’s suffering the worst. They’ve already decided they’re the one who need better treatment and more privileges and liberation from oppression. Men have affirmed this with each other, they’ve agreed amongst themselves that women are oppressive, bother them too much, ask for too much, don’t give them enough, don’t do enough for them. How could women expect for their issues to be taken seriously when men don’t feel like they’ve done enough for them? Men will offer you countless examples where he was expecting something from a woman and she didn’t fulfil it, so how dare she imply she could be the one who’s oppressed? How dare any woman claim anything about her life, her body, her experiences, her problems? Men have already agreed they know better, they feel confident about it because his friends and male relatives and co-workers and bosses and acquaintances will all confirm to him he’s exactly right, he’s telling the truth, how could some miser woman now claim differently? She must be stupid. Truth commonly accepted among men will ignore all evidence, all male privilege, all objective truth, all statistics, all proof. They don’t examine it critically more than “is this going in our favour” and that’s all they need to yell it from rooftops, to violently shut down every woman’s voice claiming differently, speaking from different perspective. They have support. They have backup. Countless men will agree with them. It’s all they need. Truth doesn’t matter.

6. What they don’t consider lying

Nothing is lying. If a lie needs to be told in order for a man to get something out of a woman he otherwise wouldn’t get - it’s considered fair play, in his mind. How could you blame him? After all, if he didn’t lie, he wouldn’t get what he wanted? Isn’t this how all people do things? Isn’t it a way of life? How could you expect him to tell the truth when it wasn’t going in his favour? He won’t even feel guilty. But instead, if you don’t react to his lie the way you should have - in his mind - then you are the bad one. How could you not believe his word, give him your full trust and obedience and perfect reactions he so deeply deserves? How could you even consider that he would lie to you? You don’t know what’s real, you can’t act like he’s lying when you don’t even know if he is. He is excused in saying any lie at all, but you aren’t allowed to doubt it, otherwise how will he get what he wanted and feel completely free of guilt while doing it? You should enable that much to a man, to lie and get away with it, get all he wants, and to feel like a genius for tricking everyone in such a cunning way. Oh, and you shouldn’t feel cheated and lied to because, you know, it wasn’t personal, it was just so he could get what he wants, you weren’t a person to him in this entire scheme, just a prop, you should feel stupid for falling for it, but you know, it’s his win.

7. “I’m reasonable” voice tone

All your passion and emotions that get out of you while you speak that would normally be a proof of how important and valuable talking about this issue is to you, yet he decides to perceive as you obviously spouting nonsense from being too emotional. Does he know you’re telling the truth? Of course he does. Does he know how being invalidated and accused of being “too emotional” and “hysterical” hurts you? Of course he does. Does he care? No. All he wants from you in that moment is to adapt to perspective that benefits him, rather than the one you’re presenting - you know, the one that actually expresses what’s going on and leads to acknowledgment and resolving of your problems. He isn’t interested in you being in less pain or you speaking out the truth, or you struggling less or you bringing to light how much you’re struggling with. Be reasonable. Adapt male perspective. See yourself how men see you. Quit having your own perspective, you know that’s not reasonable. Quit showing emotions about an issue that is of a big personal value to you. Look at me. I’m reasonable. You mean nothing to me. Your struggles mean nothing to me. Be like that. Don’t mean anything to yourself. Be only a benefit to me. Then you too can pretend all your issues are made up. After all your pain means nothing in comparison to benefits we get from it. It’s easy to speak with “I’m reasonable” voice and straight, emotionless face while talking about an issue that doesn’t affect you whatsoever, and you don’t care about the one who is affected, and benefit from what they’re suffering from.

8. “How can you call me out when there’s worse men”

You should be grateful he isn’t worse. He could do worse. He knows he could. He saw other men doing much worse, and thought to himself “damn, I’m nice, this is how things are done when women don’t listen” instead of, you know, intervening and saving someone from abuse like a decent person would do. He saw how cruel men are in other parts of the world. He made sure to remember it and inform women what they could expect from worse men, to remind them to be grateful that he, a nice man, isn’t like that. Now, if you’re going to call anyone out, you should first make sure to call out every guy who is worse, otherwise how is this fair towards him? If a guy who did worse isn’t called out, but he, the “nice” guy is, that is the greatest injustice ever done to mankind, and he will feel hurt and things will be unfair for him. What about you, you ask? What about him hurting you that caused you to call him out in the first place? Oh what’s fair to you doesn’t matter, you are the one who needs to make the world fair for him, or, you know, he might get worse, and it will be entirely your fault, since you didn’t arrange the world to be absolutely and completely fair towards him.

9. “I decide how you should react/your reaction is a provocation.”

Your behaviour is decided by his rules, and every single emotion, thought and action you make should only be made in his convenience. It lies on the premise that only he gets to be a human being and show his emotions freely and react the way he wants, you unfortunately, do not get the human privileges, if you react the humane way - get upset when you’re hurt, get angry when things are unfair and infuriating, point out double standards, argue and demand that your word matters too, want to have your feeling acknowledged or even argue that you have a say in how you should be treated - you’ve overstepped, and suddenly you are all wrong and whatever he does to you in return is what you deserved by provoking him. That’s, right, you being a human being is a provocation, it’s a dangerous straying from the object you’re supposed to be - that you are in his eyes, and you have to be “shown your place”, because after all, his convenience is more important than your life, and you’re only there to obey him and make him feel good about himself. Even while he’s hurting you. Even while he’s using you. Even while you’re reduced to a less than a human being.  

10. “You haven’t considered this issue from my perspective enough”

After all, you should look at things from his perspective. But you do. There’s never been a moment you didn’t consider his perspective. Just as there’s never been a moment he has considered yours. And the mere idea of taking a moment to consider your perspective - if he’s even aware that you can have one, and that your words aren’t just there to be crushed until he gets his way - is offensive and crazy to him. Instead, you get called out for not seeing things his way enough. As if you’re the one who is inconsiderate and refusing to acknowledge that he is just a human and that you can’t expect that much from him. But you’ve never forgotten that he’s a human. And you never expected that much, just to not be continually hurt and used by him, and to be treated like a valued human being. But suddenly this is too much? Too much to expect from a fellow human being? Isn’t it a lot like he’s forgotten you’re a human being, and calling you out on something that he actually did? Cruel hypocrisy that he doesn’t even seem to notice because it’s so natural and normal to him to call you out for his own wrongdoings, and to attack you if you’re not willing to obediently take blame.

@women: If a man is talking in this fashion he will get worse, not better. Ditch him at any cost.

@men: this was a list of abusive behaviour, if you don’t do any of these, there’s no reason for you to feel called out, if you do feel called out, I have bad news for you.

MLM Books by Male Authors

This isn’t a very long list; these are just the ones on my to-read list. Also, there are some works from the included authors that I have not listed because I haven’t looked too closely into their other books, or they aren’t up my alley genre-wise. If you don’t mind female authors or authors of any other genders, feel free to check out this list.

If you have more to add, feel COMPLETELY free to reblog and do so. 

  1. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz
  2. Ash and Echoes; Ice and Embers; Iron and Ether; Cairn and Covenant; Calling and Cull; Wine and Roses (I don’t know exactly where this one fits in or if it does) by August Li
  3. At Swim, Two Boys by Jamie O’Neill
  4. The Beauty’s Brother by Leon Hart (read; ☆☆☆)
  5. Call Me by Your Name by André Aciman
  6. Captured Shadows by Richard Rider
  7. The Cat in the Cradle; From Darkness to Darkness by Jay Bell
  8. The Chosen; The Standing Dead; The Third God by Ricardo Pinto
  9. Dangerous Moonlight by Mel Keegan
  10. The Devil in the Dust; Tower of the King’s Daughter; A Dark Way to Glory (doesn’t say LGBT on Goodreads; unsure if it actually is); Feast of the King’s Shadow (doesn’t say LGBT on Goodreads; unsure if it actually is); Hand of the King’s Evil; The End of All Roads (doesn’t say LGBT on Goodreads; unsure if it actually is) by Chaz Brenchley
  11. Dreamer by Steven Harper
  12. An East Wind Blowing by Mel Keegan
  13. Fortunes of War by Mel Keegan
  14. The God Eaters by Jesse Hajicek (enjoying this one so far; not super far into it)
  15. Haffling by Caleb James
  16. The Lightning-Struck Heart by T.J. Klune
  17. The Lonely War by Alan Chin
  18. Lord Mouse by Mason Thomas
  19. Maurice by E.M. Forster
  20. Mordred, Bastard Son by Douglas Clegg
  21. One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva
  22. A Royal Affair; Aleksey’s Kingdom by John Wiltshire
  23. The Sallee Rovers; Men of Honor; Iron Men; Heart of Oak; Man in the Crescent Moon; The Sea Leopard by M. Kei
  24. Seidman by James Erich
  25. Shadowdance by Robin Wayne Bailey
  26. The Sheltered City by John Tristan
  27. The Steel Remains; The Cold Commands; The Dark Defiles by Richard K. Morgan
  28. The Still; The King by David Feintuch
  29. Thunderbolt: Torn Enemy of Rome by Roger Kean
  30. Two Boys Kissing by David Levithan
  31. Wingmen by Ensan Case

anonymous asked:

I absolutely love the way you color!! Both choice and the way you use them!! I was wondering how you decide on what colors to use, and where to use them in a drawing? (Also have you ever done a coloring tutorial or speed paint?? Would love to see one!)

Thank you so much anon! I’ll try and explain how I like to use other artist’s work as inspiration of my choice of colors if that’ll help ?? That’s really the only way I can explain how I can decide what and how to use colors ><;;;;

Ok so when I first draw something, I actually have no idea how to go about it - so it’s a good idea to gather insp/artists you like as a starting point just to try and get and wheel moving along

For the rei//gen one I used mainly this artist’s work to help me because I liked

  • their thick lineart
  • the way they used warm colours which in turn helped white stick out as a contrast if they use it to outline their characters
  • the way they highlighted hair with (almost) white 

For the teru//mob one I used a all these artists because I mainly liked

I basically do whatever I can and then incorporate what I specifically liked about their style with mine to try and get the results I want - it didn’t really work for both submissions BUT IT’S OK SINCE YOU ALWAYS LEARN SOMETHING NEW!

(I’ll also admit that I did use my old art to help too..coloring hair is hard _(:’’3)

I often end up getting carried away with doing my own thing in the end lol but it’s okay because I generally use insp to try and get me thinking !

I have a tutorial and step-by-step tag (here are progress gifs too) you can look through! Here’s my YouTube channel although they’re all p cringey and have the ugliest music 

Hope that helped T_T


💚Day One: Barn Mates💙  

May 26th, 2016 - “We’re the same, except… you don’t have to be alone!”

I cannot believe it has been about a year since I became completely obsessed with this lovely pair. Feel free to use these icons as a way to celebrate @lapidot-anniversary-week . I look forward to the upcoming prompts!


jongyu / seaside au / 860 words
Jonghyun moves to a quiet seaside town, looking for a fresh start and maybe even a new muse for his next novel. He finds one in Jinki, his lonely and handsome next door neighbor who, just like Jonghyun, carries a past he can’t seem to let go. 

i’ve had this idea ever since i saw the teasers for jonghyun’s lonely mv and jinki’s lullaby mv because they seemed to match so nicely. this is just a small part of a very long au. thank you to @shitfics​ for reading this over for me! 

Jinki regards him carefully, eyes dark and reflecting the pale moonlight that rises over the waves behind them. “So why did you decide to leave Seoul to come out here, Jonghyun?” he asks.

There’s so many things Jonghyun could say. Family issues. Heartbreak. Loneliness. Betrayal.  He decides to go with the simplest one. “Writer’s block,” he replies. “My editor thought a change of scenery might help me get out of my funk.”

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This was requested a long long time ago, a little over a year ago to be exact and I never got round to doing, I already let this person down by not completing this request but then I told her I would do another request for her and I still didn’t do it, so I’m very very sorry. But here is this, I hope you all enjoy and I am once again sorry for any requests I have missed, if you sent me a request that I didn’t complete, feel free to send me it once again.

Word count: 2395

Requested: Yes

Warnings: smut (obviously), sex in front of a crowd(just BTS), swear words, sexual content, it’s exactly what you expect it to be from the request.

Members: Taehyung, Jungkook, Namjoon, Hoseok with mention of Jin, Yoongi and Jimin

“Y/N, it’s your turn,” Jungkook smiled, you stared at him, blinking your eyes, trying not to scream over the fact that Jungkook had just kissed Taehyung, right in front of you. 

“Y/N, truth or dare?” Jungkook shouted, snapping you out of your dirty thoughts.

 "Huh? Oh, dare please,“ you blushed, looking down into your lap, Jungkook smirked. 

 The boys had persuaded you to play truth or dare and at the start of the game you had all shook hands, agreeing to do whatever you were asked to. However, you hadn’t known it would end up like this, Jimin was sat in only his underwear and had been kissed by Jungkook, Yoongi was wearing bright red lipstick and had on some fishnet stocking, much to your amusement. You’d been aloud to decorate Rap monsters hair with pretty pink bows and the game was going great, until the boys suddenly changed the game. 

 "Okay, I dare you to come suck me off,” Jungkook spoke proudly, no hint of embarrassment or hesitation in his voice, your cheeks felt warm, extremely warm. Your eyes scanned the circle, looking for someone to disagree with Jungkook, to tell him no, but everyone was smirking at you, seemingly pleased with Jungkook’s dare. 

 "R-right now?“ You stuttered, sitting on your heels, Jungkook nodded and beckoned you towards him, you gulped, getting up and dusting off your skirt, pulling it back down to its normal length. You slowly approached him, sure you had done this before, not to Jungkook and certainly not in front of his members but who’s to say this was any different? Apparently your brain, because you couldn’t seem to lower yourself back onto the floor in order to reach Jungkook. 

“Come on Y/N, we know you’ve done this before, just do it,” Hoseok grinned, you pushed yourself onto your knees in front of Jungkook, his smirk widened as you placed your hand on top of his growing bulge. Apparently the thought of you sucking him off alone was enough to get his member semi-hard, but as you touched him, you could feel his length getting harder in your hand. His eyes were glued to yours as you unbuttoned his pants, slowly pulling the zip down. Your hands were shaking, your cheeks red with embarrassment, however, you had agreed to do anything your were dared. The thought of sucking Jungkook off made your insides flip with excitement, causing you to squeeze your thighs shut due to the arousal that was building in your underwear. But the thing that was making you alarmingly hot and bothered was the fact that all of his members were watching you, watching your every little move. 

“can you sit up, so i can pull your pants down please?” You asked him, looking up at him, his eyes were completely focused on you, his lip between his teeth. He quickly lifted himself off of the floor, his trousers and boxers being pulled down his thighs in a swift motion. He smirked down at you as your hand wrapped around his length. A small gasp left his lips when you tightened your grip and slowly licked the tip. You could feel yourself getting wet as 7 pairs of eyes focused on you. 

“Y/N, we don’t have all day,” Yoongi groaned from behind you, you quickly took the tip of Jungkook’s dick into your mouth, his hand instantly gripping your hair. You knew he was going to take control and you just had to obey and then it would be over.

You took him further into your mouth, gripping onto his thighs as he pulled on your hair slightly, “Fuck Y/N,” he cursed, his voice had dropped an octave lower and it made your insides heat up. So now you wanted to get a reaction out of him, you hollowed out your cheeks and bobbed up and down on his dick, stroking his thighs with your hands. He was panting, his eyes watching your every move. You pulled away from him and licked from base to tip and once again took him in your mouth.

“Shit, this is so fucking hot,” Namjoon whispered, you knew there was now 6 other horny boys in the room and this game surely wasn’t going to end soon. Jungkook’s grip on your hair tightened as he pushed your head further down onto his dick, causing you to gag. His chest vibrated as he let out a long drawn out breathy moan of your name.

Your pace was picking up and you could feel his dick twitching in your mouth. You pulled up and began to suck on only the tip, using your hand to pump the rest of him. As you looked up at him, you could see his head was thrown back and his chest was rising and falling at a quick pace, a loud moan falling from his mouth as his dick twitched once again, cumming into your mouth, you quickly swallowed around him as you continued to pump his length with your hand.

“Fuck, your such a good girl,” Jungkook mumbled as he pulled you up by your hair to kiss your lips, and then he let go off your hair. You quickly stood up and wiped your mouth, completely embarrassed by the whole situation. Jungkook was busy pulling his boxers back up, followed by his pants, his hands to shaky to do his buttons up. You say back down on the floor where you had previously been.

“I’m changing the rules of the game, let’s all give Y/N a dare each, she’s allowed to give one dare to one person and that’s it,” Namjoon smirked, your head instantly snapped in his direction, your face heating up.

“Any objections Y/N?” Jin asked, you shook your head, placing your hands in your lap, Namjoon looked at you, smirking,

“Okay, I remember you telling me you never saw the point to grinding, so come here, I dare you to let me grind on you for 5 minutes,”

Your face was instantly heating up, no, you didn’t see the point to grinding because you were fully clothed and it would cause you to become extremely aggravated, but he was suggesting, he was actually daring it, so, you had to do it, you couldn’t even stand up, the heat in your downstairs being too much for you. So you awkwardly shuffled towards Namjoon.

“No, stand up, go lay down on the sofa,” he smirked, you did as you were told, roughly throwing yourself onto the sofa, your skirt hiking up, your underwear on full show. At this point you didn’t care and neither did any of the boys, who were all staring at you intently. Namjoon pulled you by your ankles, dragging you so he was directly in between your legs, your head in the middle of the sofa. He slowly leaned over you, pressing his hard on into your clothed heat, causing you to squirm away from him. His hands came down to your hips, holding you in place as he once again brushed his member onto you. You quickly bucked your hips, desperate for some kind of friction, a release of some sort.

“No, we’re doing this my way,” Namjoon smirked, you threw your head back and groaned as he pushed your hips further into the couch, pushing his body further into you. A loud moan escaped your lips as his rubbed himself against you. His lips came down onto yours as his lower half continued to cause friction, your skirt was already way over your hips as he rubbed his jeans over your panties. His lips met your ear,

“Is this why you hate it? Because you’re so helpless in this situation? Because you can’t get a release?” He was smirking against your ear, kissing your neck, his fingers digging into your hips, holding you down as he began to circle his hips into yours. A gasp left your lips followed by a whine as his clothed member made contact with your clit over your panties. You tried desperately to buck your hips, to get more of him, but his grip was too tight.

“P-please,” you moaned loudly, one hand gripping his shoulder, the other gripping the edge of the sofa. He pushed his clothed member into you again, grinding onto you, finally giving you the friction you needed, a loud moan echoed throughout the room as you panted. You needed a release, you hated this. His hips began circling faster as your grip tightened on his shoulder, you were whining and moaning beneath him, completely at his mercy, getting so close to your release.

“Times up!” Jin shouted, you panted, groaning as Namjoon sat up, getting off the sofa, your whine was long and drawn out as you pulled your skirt over your panties. Your thighs instinctively rubbing together. You felt the sofa dip and you looked up, Hoseok was grinning at you, you smiled slightly at him, your cheeks heating up.

“I’m not even going to dare it because I really don’t think you care at this point,” Hoseok chuckled, your eyebrows furrowed in confusion. A gasp fell from your mouth as his fingers traced over your panties, he was spreading your legs slowly, you gripped the sofa. “Guess the two dares before this really made you wet huh?” Hoseok smirked, pulling your panties down your legs, lifting your ankles up to get them off, he threw them into the centre of the circle. You felt his finger prodding at your entrance, a small whine leaving your lips as you felt him collect your juices.

“Please, please Hoseok!” You moaned loudly, he looked up at you, hair sprawled out across the sofa, cheeks flushed, hands gripping the sofa, panting lightly. You were completely fucked and nobody had even touched you yet.

“Please what?” Hoseok smirked, you looked up at him, your hand gripped his wrist, pushing him into you,

“Do something! I can’t take it anymore!” You groaned, he chuckled and pushed a finger into you. Your head leaned back, exposing your neck, allowing Hoseok to place kisses across the newly exposed skin, his finger curling inside of you. He knew it wasn’t enough, not for you, but he was enjoying the frustrated groans that came out of your mouth, along with the grip you had on his wrist, your whole body begging for more. So, he gave you more, slipping another finger into you, curling them both, causing your back to arch and a loud moan to leave your lips, followed by his name.

“Is that good enough for you baby?” He smirked against your lips, kissing you roughly, you wanted to say something, tell him to just give you your release already, but you couldn’t. So when he added a third finger and used his thumb to circle your clit, it was almost too much, a loud moan of his name followed by a few short moans fell from your mouth, you couldn’t seem to catch your breath. Your chest was heaving as you tried helplessly to breath normally. Your hips bucked into his hand, your back arching and your eyes fluttering shut, your grip on his wrist loosened as your body began to shake.

“I-I’m cumi-”

Your sentence was left midway as your orgasm finally hit you, Hoseok placed his lips over yours, silencing the moans, almost shouts that we’re coming from your mouth, his smirk clear against your lips. He continued to circle his thumb against your clit and thrust his fingers into you as you came down from your orgasm. Your whole body relaxed as you began panting, finally being able to breath properly.

“I’m done,” Hoseok whispered, placing a kiss on your cheek. You remained laying down, your skirt now covering you, thanks to Hoseok being a gentleman and obviously good at after-care. Taehyung stood up from the floor, his eyes burning holes into you, slowly approaching you.

“Y/N I know it’s not really appropriate right now due to the situation we’re in but please, please let me make you cum again, I need to feel myself inside of you, feel your body against mine,” he murmured, looking straight at you, his words went straight to your core, warming your whole body, you nodded your head, sitting up on the sofa. Taehyung smirked and placed his legs on either side of your hips, hovering over you. His lips crashed down onto yours, his fingers wrapping in your hair, one hand grabbing your hip.

His body pushed onto yours, laying you down, your arms found their way around his back, pulling his body closer to yours. His hard on was pressing into your thigh, his body rubbing against yours as you moaned into the kiss. Your hands worked quickly to unbutton his jeans and pull them down, desperate for him. He quickly pulled down his boxers, not bothering to completely take his trousers off, his shoes still on his feet. He pushed your legs up around his waist,

He easily slipped himself into you, humming in pleasure as he kissed your neck, he didn’t even wait for you to adjust, not that you wanted him to. His hips were quickly snapping into yours, causing your back to arch and your nails to dig into his back through his shirt. He was grunting in your ear, small pecks and nibbles on your neck heightening your pleasure. Your moans gradually getting louder and increasing in pitch. Taehyung was also panting.

His thrusts were picking up in rhythm, his grip on your thighs tightening as he increased his speed. Your whole body was convulsing once again, your lip tucked between your teeth as you tried to hold back your moans, trying to contain yourself. Taehyung was getting close as his hips stuttered and his thrusts became sloppy and began to lose rhythm.

You were clenching around him, reaching your second high, moaning loudly, his name leaving your lips over and over. Soon he was also coming undone inside of you, panting as he let go of your thighs.

You could hear Namjoon chuckle, you looked towards him as Taehyung pulled out of you.

“Best game of truth or dare ever,” he laughed, you couldn’t help but let out a chuckle.

You couldn’t agree more.

This is really complicated to talk around but like…

A really common way of coding someone autistic (without going through the bother of providing any real representation via research and canonical confirmation of neurotype) is by making them “smart but socially awkward”.

You probably know the type. It’s ridiculously common. I’d probably be more hard pressed to name a tv show that doesn’t have it, off the top of my head, than one that does. They’re almost always white, they’re usually men.

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Hear me out.
The middle circle of the blurryface cover design (the one that supposedly represents TIMH) is, in-fact, inspired by a magnified onion layer.
Let me take you through it;

Tear in my heart is the first clue. Tear can also be pronounced as tear, such as crying. Tell me, what makes you cry?
Sadness? yeah.

What makes you cry when you don’t want to?
Laughter? sure.
Small animals? i mean go for it…



As Tyler was discussing the design of the cover, he thought of Jenna, whom the song is about, and how she makes him cry (with laughter) even when he doesn’t want to. A thing that onions, can also do (probably not with laughter tho). Onionspiration strikes again.

Point 2:
The song, Tear In My Heart, goes for 3:08 minutes.
Exactly 3:08. A strange number… why not stop at 3 minutes? Why not go the extra 2 second to 3:10. I’ll tell you why;
3:08 or as I like to see it as, 308, is the precise street number of the one and only GLASS ONION SOCIETY. I kid you not.

Coincidence? Hardly.

Point 3:
The Blurryface album features three colours; black, white and red.
What do these colours have to do with onions you may ask. Well i’ll tell you;

The two most common colours of onions are…

And the seeds colour?


Point 4:
The music video for the song Tear In My Heart, takes place in Chinatown, Los Angeles.
A very different scene to other of the band’s music videos, the perfect way to hide a clue. In plain sight.
Onions, originate from Asia.
And as we all know, China is part of asia.
Point closed.

Point 5:

Point 6:
It is a widely know fact (obviously) that the average person consumes around 13 pounds of onion per year.
The exact number of letters in “Tear In My Heart”
Facts in ya face.

Point 7:
At the beginning of the song, Tyler shouts the words ‘Un Yong Haseyo’ a phrase that means ‘Good Morning’ when translated from Korean to English.
“Good Morning”… the exact words any rational, civilised human would utter upon the viewing of an onion.

To any bystander, it would appear that Tyler is screaming ‘Onion i say yo” which is also an appropriate way to greet an onion.

Point 8:
“Tear In My Heart” is the fifth song on the Blurryface album. 5 also just so happens to be the average number of useful and edible layers an onion has.
Like Shrek, an onion is DEEPLY layered. A lot like love.


Fifth design:

I know what you’re thinking. “Whats the difference?”. Don’t fret, it took me 2 years to see the truth

And thus, thy case is closed. The fifth or centre circle of the Blurryface album is indeed inspired by a magnified onion layer.

Thank you for letting me enlighten you. Please feel free to add your points to this completely valid, informed and in no way joke of a theory. (also i know people think the middle circle is doubt but i don’t think i can make a theory this stupid about doubt XD)