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can you do Light and Capricorn (or mind and rage) 💕

(For a while, this was the only combo-aspect request, but I couldn’t work on it for a while, so I planned it out more than most of my other designs. Hope you like it!)

the taetaetown Mess

so as everyone knows by now my blog has been a complete mess these past few days w/ all these anons exposing tumblr user @taetaetown (still can’t @ you :// ) to prevent anymore mess, i’m just going to compile all of the shit she’s done in this one post, you can make whatever you want of this. i’m not even going to delve into the fundraiser thing because its not my money but if you wanna dig into it i got some screenshots so just ask! also feel free to add anything more to this, im sure i haven’t covered everything. screenshots and explanations are under the cut.

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pARTNERS IN CRIME AU PLS THE IRONY IM (peraltiago obviously)

This is for you and also @sergeant-santiago!! Feel free to send more of these!

11. partners-in-crime AU

“Faster, Peralta,” Amy hisses through clenched teeth. She can see the dark head bobbing through the crowd across the street, growing closer every second that her idiotic partner spends wedging the slim jim back and forth in the door. (“Like dancing,” he once told her, that idiotic grin plastered across his face as he wiggles his ass for her benefit. She had to clench every muscle in her body to keep from laughing out loud and blowing their cover.)

“I’m going as fast as I can, Santiago! You can’t rush art!”

“Why did I let you plan this again? We always get caught when you plan!”

“I have no idea why you let me plan anything!” Jake retorts happily at her over the top of the car. “We both know you’re the mastermind – you’re just using me for my beautiful body!”

“Jake.” Amy gives him her best high-school-English-teacher look, and for a second, he almost looks cowed. It doesn’t last, though. It never does.

“Okay, fine, you’re just using me for my beautiful hands. Better?”

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the kind of conversations and kisses we need

Magnus picked up the freshly brewed pot of coffee and brought it over to the dining table where Alec was already seated with a plate of pancakes. Alec looked up at Magnus as he sat down next to him.

“More?” asked Magnus, holding up the pot of coffee.

Alec nodded. “Yeah, thanks,” he said as he held the cup steady. Alec took a sip and immediately felt more awake than he already was. He took a bite of the brilliant pancakes Magnus had conjured up, amazed that he was able to have breakfasts like this everyday.

Smiling contently, Magnus sipped his coffee and let his free hand play with Alec’s. He could feel every callous and scar on Alec’s hand. And Alec relished in the soft, smooth texture of Magnus’ fingers, playing with the man’s many rings. Alec’s smile widened as he wiggled his fingers and dodged Magnus’ attempts to hold his hand. Finally giving in, Alec let Magnus take a hold of it.

Putting his coffee down, Alec tried to pull his right hand back in order to continue eating but Magnus only held on tighter. Alec looked up at Magnus with a questioning look. Magnus just buried his smile in a mouthful of pancake. Sighing, Alec tried to pick up his fork with his left hand, his non-dominant hand. Sure, Alec could slay a demon with ease, but use his left hand? Forget it. Struggling for what felt like ages, Alec managed to get a grip on the utensil but failed almost immediately.

“No!” Alec exclaimed as the fork fell out of his grasp and cluttered loudly onto the ceramic plate. Magnus let out a laugh and also let go of Alec’s hand, allowing the boy to finish his breakfast in peace. Alec threw Magnus a playful glare through squinted eyes and Magnus smiled smugly while reaching for a pile of his mail.

While he was sifting through it, Alec cleared his throat. “So,” he said. “What’s on today’s agenda for Mr High Warlock of Brooklyn?” He loved teasing his boyfriend with his esteemed title.

Magnus rolled his eyes and smiled at Alec. “Look who’s talking, Mr Head of the New York Institute.” Magnus loved to do the same back.

Alec smile faltered slightly. “Acting Head of the New York Institute,” he corrected with a gesture of his fork. Magnus shrugged in dismissal before taking another bite of his breakfast.

“Speaking of which,” Alec spoke as he checked the time on his phone and sighed. “I should get going.” Magnus pouted but Alec got up and pulled his jacket on, pushing his phone into his back pocket.

He began to walk towards the front door but stopped when Magnus spoke up. “Forgetting something?” he asked, a smirk playing on his lips.

Alec turned around and cocked an eyebrow at his boyfriend. Magnus stared at the boy and tilted his chin upwards. Alec grinned widely and leaned down to give Magnus a quick peck on the lips before pulling apart but staying close.

“Yeah, I am,” he murmured with a sly smirk as he picked up his stele from the table top, twirling it in his fingers.

Magnus scoffed at Alec and pushed his chest away to which Alec laughed. “Love you!” he called, beginning to walk away from Magnus. “I’ll call you later!” he shouted, opening the front door.

“Love you, too!” Magnus called back, licking his lips and smiling to himself.

i hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think! if you have any prompts or scenarios for me, please head over to my ask box.

in the meantime, we all know alec would be too distracted with magnus at the institute.

wanted possibilities

good end(s):
-famethyst saves steven because amethyst asked them to protect steven
-topaz fucks up anyone in her way for steven
neutral end:
-aquamarine and topaz save steven and put him on a ship alone with lars to earth
bad ends:
-random ass gems save him
-the diamonds have a change of heart or some shit
-the pearls for some god forsaken reason save him

feel free to add more

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Is there anyway I, a closet butch, can embrace my butchness subtly? I'm only 16 and still live with very traditional parents who want me to be feminine, but that's definitely not me.

I always feel better when I keep my nails short. I can’t think of much else at the moment but I will get back to you with more ideas. Also if anyone has any advice, feel free to share

Puzzle Pieces || Adam Hann Oneshot

Word Count: 3,093
Summary: Single father Adam runs into you at a park courtesy of his daughter’s curiosity. The rest? It’s history. 
Author’s Note: Hope this puts a smile on your faces today xoxo. Love you all. Please feel free to send more requests here! Enjoy!

They say that new experiences heal old wounds.

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May 26th

This Friday on May 26th we are hosting Fan Character Friday! While we already have a lot of fan characters queued for the 26th we are still always accepting more! So if you have a fan character you want to show off feel free to send ‘em in.

What is Fan Character Fridays?

Fan Character Fridays is a day meant to shower Sonic Fan Characters with all the love they deserve. People can submit their own Fan Characters to the blog or @sonicpositive in a post and their character will be queued until Friday.

What are the rules?

There aren’t to many rules. The only things the Mods ask is to keep your submission safe for work. That means no sexual content or gore.

What can we submit?

Art, Text posts that describe your character, and speedpaints are all fine.

When can we start submitting our characters?

Right now! We are accepting submissions from now until Friday. If you are unable to get your character in this week, you are still welcome to submit them later on and your post will be saved until the next Fan Character Friday.

Pal Meta Masterpost

For easier access, I’ll be adding all my meta/theories/discussions to this post. I tried to arrange from oldest to newest. Happy reading and feel free to chat with me about any of this or something new!

Original post about Shiro’s prosthetic arm

Additions to the above post about osseointergration

How did Shiro get his scar?

Keith’s Galra blood, few more thoughts on Shiro’s arm

Main analysis of the age discourse 

More analysis of the age discourse cause apparently that wasn’t enough for y’all

Shiro’s hair: stress/trauma?

Shiro’s arm: What about magic and advanced tech?

Shiro’s scar: muzzle?

The deal with cyborgs, science, and prosthetics

Shiro’s hair: poliosis? torture?

Shiro’s hair: genetics?

Shiro’s hair: scar?

Little post where I wax poetic about unity and kindness in the fandom

Kolivan’s scar

Shiro’s hair: genetics 2

Shiro’s hair: vitiligo?

That tiny little post of a passing comment my little brother made about Pidge that got fricken hijacked and reblogged to hell gdi people all I said was Pidge could have been in the Garrison before she changed her name/appearance is that worth 4k+ notes people?

Thoughts on Pidge: age, her deal with the Garrison

PSA about my meta in general

Portraying Shiro’s arm/ptsd in an au

Couple thoughts on the height-age relationship 

Theory on where Shiro went at the end of s2

(Check back for updates)

11 Questions


  • Always repost the rules
  • Answer the 11 questions posted for you
  • Create 11 new ones
  • Tag 11 people

I was tagged by @gugle1980 so thank you, dear! I’m pretty sure I’ve been tagged in one of these at least three times in my Tumblr life, but I’ve never done them because I’ve sucked at thinking up 11 more questions. Lol. But I’ll tackle it today while my brain starts up. :)

1. If your LI in DA wasn’t romanceble, who would be your second choice?

Since you didn’t specify, I will overshare and do all of them.

DAO would probably be Zevran if Alistair was locked. He was the other lad my first Warden Markha flirted with.

DA2 would have been Merrill of Fenris if I couldn’t have Anders. When I first played and looked up possible romances, I thought Fenris was really hot, but while I was playing I thought Merrill was adorable. So it would have been a random toss up on who I would’ve settled with.

DAI would have been…Iron Bull? Or maybe accidentally Solas? See, this is difficult to say, because I played DAI specifically for Cullen. Lol. I’m going to say, Bull. Without Cullen, I would have romanced The Iron Bull.

2. Something you will never forgive to your other half?

I feel like you’re talking about an SO and I do not have one. Haha. So the closest thing I have is my dog.

Cosette, I will never forgive you for chewing up my one really nice pair of lacy underwear. That was rude.

3. Your dream job?

Suspend your disbelief, my friend, because I’ll take you on a trip:

Prolific author. I make enough to live on. Any extra I have is spent on funding my own dinosaur digs. I am a paleontologist author. Life is good.

4. What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Oh. Oh. Where do I start?

I guess my biggest pet peeve in my daily life is when people squeeze the toothpaste tube from the middle and not the bottom. Every time I see it, I fix it.

My biggest pet peeve at work is when people try to give me change AFTER I finished their transaction. Or ask for a bag AT THE END after I ALREADY ASKED THEM AND THEY SAID NO.

Okay, so I guess I have a lot of pet peeves.

5. The scariest moment of your life?

My mapping partner and I were half hiking and half climbing up this mountain ridge in Nevada. We needed to get up there because our professor had very obnoxiously pointed out to us that A Very Important Fault was somewhere up there and it needed to be on our maps. So we had to go find it, take measurements, and prove it existed by putting it down on our maps. Now, to her credit, I guess, our professor had no idea just how perilous this ridge actually was to hike up, and that by the time you’re at the top, it’s more like the side of a cliff. My partner and I, at times, were literally edging our way forward on a maybe foot thick lip of rock that dropped off into a cliff that would lead to Certain Death (or at least a couple of broken legs in the middle of fucking nowhere).

Look, we really needed that data, okay?

We get up there, take our Bruntons out, and try to take some measurements as we cling to the clifface, and a god damn tarantula hawk flies out at us.

And for anyone who doesn’t know what a tarantula hawke is, it’s a TERRIFYING WASP that EATS TARANTULAS, with one of the most painful stings of any bug on almost every scale, and they are MASSIVE and in Nevada, out in the middle of nowhere, they are TERRITORIAL AF.


And I swear to god, I very seriously considered just letting go and taking my chances with gravity.

My partner and I were both basically frozen and crying as this thing flew around us, and after a few terrifying minutes, it went back to its nest or whatever and we tried to carefully climb away as fast as possible.

And that was the summer I was pretty sure I was going to die. Yup.

(also, YOU’RE WELCOME for finding a picture of this fucker! I almost started crying again doing the google search. I am already super scared of bugs and just remembering that this thing exists makes me very upset. Hahaha)

6. 3 things that make you happy instantly?


My dogs, Cullen’s stupid face, the song, The Phantom of the Opera

7.  What animal best represents your personality?

Oh, gosh, probably some kind of dog? Loyal, loves pets, wants to play?

A hippo? Large, wants to chill in the water, cute af, will destroy you if provoked?

A cow? Cute, wants to eat all day, licks bread?

I dunno.

8.  If you could change anything about yourself what would it be?

I would change my brain for one that did not procrastinate so much.

9.  Do you have any lucky items, objects or traditions?

Over the years I’ve always wanted a lucky thing. So I’ve kept knickknacks and tried to claim they were lucky or tried to do the same exact things over again and claim they were a lucky routine but…no dice.

So, no, I do not. Haha.

10.  Do you keep a diary/journal?

I have stopped and started so much. I want to, but I cannot commit. The closest I’ve come is this cool app where everything is very fast and bare bones and I can make a “journal entry” in under a minute.

11.  Do you collect anything?

Rocks! :D

1) What did you want to be “when you grew up” when you were a child?

2) If you could have any pet, what would it be?

3) How many theoretical physicists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

4) Are you a “press Caps Lock and then type normally” or a “hold Shift down while you type” kind of capitalizer?

5) Do you believe in astrology?

6) What was your favorite Non-Main subject in school? (ie physics, calculus, philosophy)

7) How computer savvy are you?

8) What is your alignment?

9) Would you take the red pill or the blue pill?

10) What is your all time favorite meme?

11) Got any kinks?

I’ll tag @vaffaznculocolmpadrter @dalish-turian @scumbag-solas @thekeekster @ma-sulevin @quitefair @kikiauske @loonyloopy @jacob-fryes-cooking @badjoffery @queenofeire and of course, you don’t have to do it if you don’t wanna. :) Especially since I tried to tag people I normally don’t. Haha.

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the most humiliating thing I've been through is a particular day in SPEECH class when our FEMALE teacher thought it would be a good idea to have a "fun" debate if women are actually equal to men. Almost every single guy started laughing and said women get treated nicer and like royalty and kept fucking giving examples of how they don't have to wait in line for the club or buy drinks and wowWe get let in to ATTRACT more male customers? And now the "free"drinks are supposed to make us feel safe?

anonymous asked:

Hey! Don't wanna be rude (and if this question seems too personal, feel free to ignore). But you seem like quite a feminine person, why exactly do you feel like a genderless person if you could and want to explain. Again, not trying to be rude! I'm just curious :) love your art btw!

I’m sorry but I would like to ask how I seem feminine?  This is my art blog, so I don’t use it except for art. Unless you are assuming my art style is more “feminine” I don’t see how this is an ok question to ask on an art blog.

I’d let it slide if you came from my personal, but then if you knew my personal then you could have asked there.

But for the sake of setting things straight I will answer your question.

I don’t like gendered pronouns. I never have. This was my first indication that I might be agender or something along the genderless line. Not only did I despise gendered pronouns but, and as cliche as it sounds, I never felt male/female or anything generally in between.

So I grew up with this gross internal feeling of un-comfort whenever I was refereed to as a boy or girl (My legal name is Jordan, so many were confused about my sex, especially on paperwork.)

I always thought it was some puberty thing, and it would eventually pass. But it never did. In fact, It got worse. Yes, at birth my doctor designated me as female. So when puberty hit, I got boobs and hips and my uterus decided I deserve a little piece of hell every month.

That’s when the proverbial shit hit the fan for me. I mean early in life, no one could tell my gender, I was literally the definition of androgynous. But puberty fucked that up. All I heard after it was “Her” “She” “Daughter” any feminine word you can think of I was called it. It made me nauseous.

At some point I had had enough, I turned to google and found words to describe this unknown feeling. I went through many names for it. Genderfluid, demi-boy, trandgendered (to male), and many more.

But non of them ever felt “right” until I decided on agender, and if felt… perfect. Well, perfect for me.

No gender, they/them pronouns, just a human doin human things.

So yeah, I’m a genderless human. Who feels genderless. Because I am. Blep.

Hey guys! Just a heads up that I’ll be opening the askbox up tonight at midnight, 10:00pm CST so feel free to send in all of your text requests at that time! I’ll probably close it once it hits 20 or 30 requests so make sure to send something in if you’ve had something on your mind for a while!

Thanks guys~!

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So, yes! I’ve decided to start writing again, groups for now that I will be accepting for are:




And non groups wise for now:


-Jay Park

I will only be doing these groups for now and artist, I will slowly be adding more. If you guys have any recommendations please feel free to ask!


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{ OH, yeah I should probably mention I’ll… Be lacking in activity again.

I’ll mostly be on discord. I’ll be re-blogging this to other accounts so I’m putting a small explanation under a readmore! }

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Update 5/23/17

Update time again!

Originally posted by onebuttscratcher

Masterlist - Here 

I still have a lot of requests to do and my various series to finish. I have been writing more selfish pieces because I have been going through some stuff in the mental health department and writing helps me escape a bit and put myself in better situations. So I apologize for that. 

This week is going to be super crazy. 

  • Cosplay work
  • Online classes
  • MegaCon all weekend
  • NSP Concert on friday
  • and my birthday is on Sunday (5/28)

So knowing all of this, my writing may be delayed even more. That begin said, after this week, I have a lot more free time and less work. I will still have some traveling and family business, but not as much as this month has provided. 

All I ask is that you guys be patient and understanding. Feel free to send requests or pieces for me to beta read

I will be back to normal as soon as I can. 

I love you all and I can’t thank you enough for the support you all have given me! Hope all is well in your own little worlds! 


- DreaSaurusREX

Blogs to check out: @goodnightwife @marvelous-imagining @kyloholic @certifiedskywalker @superhero–imagines @the-witching-hours12-3 @rejectedmarvel @fuckyeahtonystark @volklana (her ongoing series titled “Falling In Love In a Coffee Shop” is giving me life!)