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gif request meme | asoiaf + favourite romantic relationship asked by joannalannister

He could never bear to be long apart from his t w i n. Even as children, they would creep into each other’s beds and sleep with their arms entwined. Even in the womb.

Killjoy Headcanon Meme
  • Stick a symbol (or several) in my inbox along with a character, and I'll tell you my headcanons!
  • ✨:Clothing/appearance
  • ☢:Radiation
  • 🍑:Cooking/food
  • 🎶:Music
  • 🔫:Ray gun
  • 🌸:Likes/dislikes/hobbies
  • ❤:Friends
  • 👊:Rivals
  • 🌵:Weather/environment
  • ❌:Draculoids
  • ☔:Shelter/housing
  • ⚠:Fears
  • 👻:Spiritual beliefs/superstitions
  • 📐:Art
  • ⭐️:Desert nights
  • 💊:BL/ind
  • ⛽:Diner
  • 💥:Anger/violence
  • ❆:Mental health
  • ⚡:Survival
  • 💎:Wisdom/experience
  • 🌑:Background
  • 🌌:Random headcanon

anonymous asked:

Hi^ ^ I'm not sure what your stand is on whitewashing. But if you disagree with it, I was wondering if you could limit the pictures you post from fansites that whitewash Hakyeon or the others? Sorry if I'm bothering you at all or if this came off rude ( I really hope it didn't ;A;)

Well I did expect this kinda ask coming as it was crossing my mind while uploading the last photoset. First of all, this is my personal blog. I do believe I have a right to do anything on my blog whether or not I stand/against the whitewashing issue. I also have a right to express or not express my opinion here. 

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anonymous asked:

Hi there! I wondered if I could ask you some quick writing questions? I've just read A One Time Thing and I also read the fake dating AU you wrote near Christmas and I'm IN LOVE with your writing style. I wondered do you plan/think a lot before you write or just write? I tend to overthink my work and then delete it. Also, how did you decide when to start/end chapters in A One Time Thing? Thank you, and please keep writing! You are an inspiration <3

Hello! And of course! I’ll try to answer as best I can. (This got super long, more under the cut, also, sorry for taking a couple days to respond.)

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UNUSUAL HOARD commission for matt - isnt this more of an abstract concept oh well

I never screenshot posts but I felt the need to respond and making this a text post would have been pointless because Tumblr cuts those into links

  • Garth has been in every season since the character was introduced
  • the Antichrist’s powers didn’t manifest until Lucifer was let out of the cage, it’s logical to assume that they went away when Lucifer did
  • the colt needs special bullets that Bobby had to make by hand. They’ve acquired so many powerful weapons since then (Ruby’s knife, the angel blades) that it makes more sense to stop wasting time making Colt bullets
  • the rings are only good for opening the pit or gaining the power of that horsemen. putting on the ring of war, famine, or pestilence sounds like an epicly bad idea
  • Christo will make a demon’s eyes go black but doesn’t hurt them, holy water is always a better choice. In Phantom Traveler 1.04 when Sam said Cristo the demon ran and locked himself in the cockpit. If they’d been able to use holy water he would have been incapacitated long enough for Dean and Sam to grab him
  • John’s journal has been used in every single season, usually more than once(x)
  • it was confirmed in interviews that the handprint went away when Cas healed Dean at the end of Swan Song 5.22
  • Crowley knew that Sam went through Purgatory to rescue Bobby. Do you really think Crowley left that door open?
  • other monsters pop up all the time but angel and demon story-lines are fan favorites so they’re the main focus

after 9 seasons it’s hard to keep track of everything that’s happened and sometimes we think there’s a plot hole where there isn’t one. John’s Journal is a great example because it’s one of the most used props on the show and yet it made a fan list of things the show has forgotten


Juuzou Suzuya (鈴屋 什造)
Associate Special Class
3 years later


gayeager asked: Makoto Tachibana or and Haruka Nanase

"I chose to start the swim club. But that was because I wanted to swim with you again. I wanted too swim in a relay with everyone again….But if you’re not there…It’s meaningless without you! I want to swim with you!