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~ Dragon of Steel ~

{{ At first, an attempt at a Teo as an Overwatch hero thanks to @shen-gaoren and @ask-a-rathalos’ ideas. Became a luminous cyborg releasing explosive powder out of his hands with a super classy outfit }} 


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“Your sister amuses me.” Jojen said with a chuckle when he caught you glancing at him yet again.


“How, she never talks to you?” Bran asked pushing himself up so he could see you. Your hand was clutching Rickon’s tightly and he was happily chatting to you about different things he would see and things Shaggy Dog was bringing back.


“She does not need to talk; she watches us carefully but never says a thing.” Jojen replied. Bran noted the look you were giving his new friend and smiled knowingly.


“She never really needed to speak, we are never far from each other and if I wasn’t there to speak for her Arya would.” Bran explained. He smiled as Summer left his side to nudge your hand as if reassuring herself that you were still safe and returned to her place at Bran’s side.


“Does your sister share your gifts, she is after all your twin, it would be odd if she did not.” Jojen questioned.


“She says not… she seems close to animals though, sometimes she talks to them.” Bran mumbled.


“Perhaps she will let me help her strengthen her gifts… if she really has any.” Jojen said with a smirk as he caught you looking at him again, you’re not so subtle glances put a cocky swagger in his step which seemed to infuriate Osha to no end.


“I doubt she will talk to you Jojen, but it is worth a try.” Bran said with a smile.


“I’m sure I can convince her.” Jojen said. He caught you looking at him but instead of letting it slide he smirked back causing you to blush deeply. “Very amusing.” He mumbled to himself.

More Game Of Thrones

  • Nagisa and Rin in Visual Story Vol. 2

~Rin: So, why did you ask me come here?

Nagisa: Ah! Rin-chan!

~Nagisa: Rin-chan was really all revved up during the preparations, you know? The idea to hide and surprise you as you come in was also Rin-chan’s idea!

~Rin: Oi, what’s this noise about?

Nagisa: Ah! Rin-chan!

~Rin: Oi! Those two are late!

Nagisa: Rin-chan! Sshhh!

~Nagisa: As expected of Rin-chan, so romantic~

Rin: Shut up

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Maybe this is just me, and that’s fine, but I just look and Killian and Emma’s relationship like:

Killian: Swan, no.
Emma: Swan, yes!

Killian: *rolls eyes* Okay, Swan yes…

Whereas, when it’s the other way around:

Emma: Hook, no.
Killian: Hook, yes!

Killian: Okay, yeah, Hook, no. Definitely Hook, no.