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She used to check me out (Tom Holland x Reader)

Request: Hi:) can you please do a tom holland imagine where the reader is his long time girlfriend and he accompanies him to the Civil War premiere and it’s just pure fluff and cuteness. :) Also, would you ever possibly write Tom or Peter smut? I feel like a lot of people don’t because “he’s young” but I’ve seen smut written about 15-17 guys so. Was just wondering if you’d ever be willing to do that? :) love your account btw ❤️

A/N: So I don’t like how this turned out at all?? But I needed to get this over with, so I hope you enjoy it nonetheless :) xx

Looking around, you opened your mouth, amazed at all the people that were there waiting to meet your boyfriend. You had been dating for years, and you still couldn’t believe how famous he was.
‘’Tom, this-this is amazing. All these people -waiting to meet you. I’m so proud’’ you said, smiling at him. He held your hand, giving it a little squeeze and smiling back.
‘’Come with me, I want to introduce you to the rest of the cast’’ he said, tugging at your hand.
He took you through so many people until you were standing in front of Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans and the rest of the cast.
‘’Uh, hello. It’s nice to meet you’’ you said, trying not to freak out about the fact of meeting everyone. ‘’I’m a huge fan.’’
You could feel your cheeks getting red as everyone laughed and said hello to you. You looked at Tom, who was talking to Anthony Mackie, a huge grin on his face.
‘’So, how long have you been dating?’’ Scarlett asked, making you stop looking at Tom.
‘’Uh, three years. We knew each other from school, but I was too shy to ever try and talk to anyone’’ you said, chuckling a bit.
Tom had turned his attention to you and heard what you had said, smiling at it.
‘’Yeah, she used to check me out and try to not make it obvious, but it normally didn’t work’’ he said, a smirk adorning his lips.
‘’I did not! I only knew who you were because I had a crush on Haz!’’ you said, laughing. Before dating Tom, you had had a crush on his best friend Harry for years, spending most of your classes looking at him. ‘’You did use to check me out. I remember Haz coming to me after class and I thought he was going to ask me out. It ended up on him asking me to go out with you. Pretty embarrassing, to be honest’’ you said, still laughing.
Scarlett laughed as well, looking at you two.
‘’And you said yes?’’ she asked.
‘’I didn’t want to sound rude, but I also didn’t want to pull out the ‘my mom won’t let me’ card, so I did. Best decision I ever took’’ you said, leaning onto Tom’s chest. He put an arm around your shoulder and kissed your hair, a flash suddenly blinding you.
Turning around, you saw a pap taking a picture and laughed, happy to see how far your boyfriend had gone.

Little Swan- Auston Matthews

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A/N: Thank you guys for the patience! All requests that have been sent in will be done!!! I really like how this one turned out and I hope you guys do too! Also I went with the Swan Lake because as much as I love The Nutcracker I feel like it’s always the one that is chosen!

Request:  I hope your requests are still open…your writing is amazing! Could you possibly write an Auston Matthews imagine where the reader is like a professional ballet dancer and like the guys think it’s super easy until they go to a show?

Up next: Elias Lindholm

“I could totally do that.”

“Do you actually wear a tutu?”

“It can’t be that hard, all you do is twirl around!”

These comments, along with thousands of cliche nicknames, were just a few of the comments you managed to receive from your boyfriend’s friends and sometimes even himself. You knew they were all teasing but when seriously questioned about it even Freddie admitted that he didn’t find it that hard.

“It is just dancing after all.” He had said, the comment alone made your blood boil. But you had dealt with years of people telling you what you did wasn’t hard and it was so easy a toddler could do it.

Well you had been that toddler, that child, that teen, that college girl, and now you were that professional. A professional with a massive performance coming up, you had landed the part of Odette in Swan Lake and just to prove a point to your boyfriend and all of his teammates, you had invited them to come watch, even had gotten tickets to they couldn’t back out at the last minute.

Today was the day, you had kicked Auston out early, despite his many protests, so that you could prep for your performance later that night. You had a whole ritual you did and you wanted Auston to be blown away at the performance tonight. Not only was it a huge lead for you but it was also Auston’s first performance of yours that he would be able to witness. Hockey season had created plenty of conflicts so you wanted to make sure you were in peak performing condition tonight.

As your call time rolled around you drove yourself to the opera house where the performance was being held. From the moment you parked your car it was a whirl of make up, hair spray, various costume adjustments, stretching, and a final speech from your director before it was showtime.

You stood backstage nervously, Auston and the other Maple Leafs had seats close to the front so they could witness everything up close and you were beginning to regret that decision. You had never been so nervous before a performance and not even your partner Nathan could calm your hammering heart and shaky hands.

You took a deep breath right as the music started, you let your mind relax and in turn your body. This was no different than any performance, you had done this show countless times in rehearsal, you could do the show backwards,  forwards, and in your sleep.

You opened your eyes, slipping from Y/N to Odette as you stepped out onto the stage, your feet fluttering across the stage as you worked your way through the various acts of the show.

By the time the show ended and the curtain call was done, you felt tears in your eyes as you hugged Nathan tightly, doing your best to not let the tears fall. You wanted the group to see you in full makeup to really add an effect to it. 

After you had changed out of your costume and returned it to it’s rightful place, accepting the congratulations from your various cast and crew members, you moved to meet Auston and the boys who were already back stage.

Willy was the  first to see you coming and he nudged Auston, who turned to face where Willy was gesturing to. His eyes laid on you and the tears filled your eyes once more, his eyes held nothing but pride and you knew that it was because he was proud of you, not the other way around for once.

You practically ran into his arms as you hugged him tightly, not even noticing the giant bouquet of roses until he handed them to you as you two broke apart from the hug.

“Well, what did you guys think?” You asked, smelling the roses and smiling at the group of boys who shuffled on their feet, rubbing the backs of their necks.

“Alright, I’ll be the first one to admit that I was wrong.” Freddie spoke up first, sweeping you into his own hug. “That was incredible.”

“Yes it was, there is no way in hell I could do that.” Mitchell admitted as he took you from Freddie’s arms.

You were beaming as each of the boys hugged you and commented about how impressed they were and how they wouldn’t doubt you next time you complained about a hard rehearsal or the difficulty of your passion.

As the other boys began to drift off towards home you and Auston made your way out to his car where he opened up the door for you, letting you slide in before he did, taking your hand in his.

“I am seriously shocked. That was incredible and if I’m ever an asshole boyfriend who questions if dance is hard, please feel free to punch me in the face.” He insisted and you laughed. “Seriously Y/N, I am so freaking proud of you. That was amazing.”

You felt your cheeks heat up and a warm feeling spread through your chest, not just because you had managed to prove the boys wrong but because Auston was proud of you. He was proud to see you go out and chase your dreams, live your passion. He supported you fully, just like he knew you did for him.

“My girlfriend is a celebrity.” He teases and you let out a loud laugh.

“Please, I’m not the one who gets asked to take pictures with fans all the time… I mean it must get exhausting for Willy.” You teased with a smirk, gesturing to the holiday video and Auston cast you a playful glare.

“Kidding! I love you Aus.” You kissed his cheek and he squeezed your hand.

“Love you too, little swan.”

I just saw Cars 3

GUYS. I freaking loved it so much. It’s AMAZING. Please please go see this wonderful movie. In my opinion, I thought it had a similar feel to the first one and as someone who has been a fan of Cars since I first saw it in theaters in 2006, that meant so much to me. Freaking Pixar, man, they really know how to mess with your feels and this movie did just that. IM SO PROUD OF MY SON, LIGHTNING MCQEEN. SO PROUD. Also, can I just say…FREAKING GIRL POWER I LOVE IT. okay I’ll leave it there.

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heyyyy let's enjoy our time in MM hell together! may i get the rfa's reactions to mc being a popular internet personality?


- he has no idea for a while as he’s never on social media and that stuff

- does notice that you’re on your phone and computer a lot but doesn’t think too much of it
- finally realizes when both of you are out together and you’re recognized by some fans
- at first his bodyguards tell them to back off but you tell them to calm down and take a selfie with them
- you explain it to Jumin and he’s not surprised
- of course you’re popular, you’re the best humanity has to offer

- he finds out when you’re out together too
- he took you to his favorite restaurant and some fans came over asking for an autograph
- he thought they were talking to him at first but nope
- they still want his autograph too though
- after an explanation he freaks out
- his princess is famous!
- he’s so proud
- wants to take even more photos of you, obviously only so you can use them on your social media

- realizes after the party and he gets a proper look at you once things calm down
- instant fanboy mode
- “The MC??!”
- he is so excited and goes on and on about how he’s the luckiest guy in the world
- does everything he can to help
- does sometimes feel inadequate when you get stopped a lot by fans
- you reassure him every time that he’s the only one for you
- he definitely brags to his LOLOL guild about how amazing you are not that he didn’t already do that

- she finds out when some fans come into the cafe
- she’s impressed that you managed to balance your social media accounts and the cafe work
- very impressed
- definitely tries to lighten your workload but you don’t let her
- the cafe gets a lot more customers as it comes out that you work there
- she of course has no problem with the increased revenue
- does make sure you get time to rest, she doesn’t want you getting overwhelmed

- he found out at the beginning when he was doing background checks on you
- he might have ended up making a few virus-like promotions like he did with Zen
- talks about how you live in the light of the internet while he lives in the dark a lot
- gets into a lot of conversations about editing tips with you
- he helps run your pages if you’re busy or tired
- after you two start living together he insists on vlogging together, ending up with a lot of videos just of you two being dorks together


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July 17, 2014 was an amazing day for me. It was my third Warped Tour, and by far the best. Damon and Bryan were my first Youtubers that I got really into, and I wanted to meet them for so freaking long. I wanted to tell them how much their videos mean to me, and how they really do help me through rough times. Bryan, you’ve gave me so many positive thoughts because you ALWAYS try to be happy! It was amazing to meet you, and when you called me adorable, I freaked out. I have always had really, really low self esteem, and when you said that I actually felt like I mattered to someone. You made me feel so great, even though I’m nothing special. It was an incredible experience to finally meet someone who’s one of my heroes. Meeting Damon was definitely something I’m not going to forget. I remember watching Damon smile, even though things weren’t perfect, and he inspires me everyday to be a better person. I see how you guys take the time out of your life to make us happy, like tweeting us back. Whenever I get down, I think about how happy Bryan and Damon make me, and I know that I want to make others feel the way I do. I love those two guys so freaking much, it’s ridiculous. These videos have helped me find other Youtubers and make friends. I can’t begin to thank them what they’ve done for me. I’m going to follow my dreams because I know they want me to be happy. Hopefully they’ll be proud to see what one of their fans has done with her life. So yeah, I’d say Warped was pretty freaking great..




it is NOT funny to make rude comments on their ig posts

Kris’ english is WONDERFUL go and live in china for 6 years and see how flawless your mandarin is


STOP WITH THE SKIN COLOUR COMMENTS if one more person says the words ‘tanned skin’ i am going to go jalapeno on all your asses



i have always been proud to be a exo fan, really proud. our twelve boys are lovely and they mean so much to me. they are my source of happiness and one of the few things that keep me going and i know i am not the only one. right now, our fandom is a mess. so yall go behave like like adults, idc if you are adults or not. i dont like screaming but i feel like that’s the only thing that’s going to help right now.