feel freaking proud to be your fan


Happy Birthday to this beautiful smol bean💕 i am still shocked that you are freaking 20 years old, what happened to fetus Cal😭😭😭 i am so proud of you and how far you have come along, i cant thank you enough for all the things you have done for the band and the fans. You freaking rock at the bass guitar and your voice😭😭💕 I love you so muchooo. Like mucho. I am glad my little ass self googled you that one night like 4729104 years ago because oh Goshh that when the beautiful dimpled smol bean entered my life. I am so happy for you and what you have achieved. Happy Birth to the day Rock Star dont party to hard✌💗 SEE YOU IN SOUNDS LIFE FEELS LIVE😊 love you💕

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