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//Just mild curiosity on my part.

I know Blue can bug @candlesticksanddaggers at any time with anything he wants. But are other people okay with this? Like if Blue just decides to walk up to your character and shove a book in their hands without explanation or shove them against a wall and punch/make out with them, are my followers cool with this? I assume you follow because you want random interaction. If not I totally understand but as fun as para is, sometimes it’s nice to do short stuff that goes no where just because. And Blue has no idea what his status is with anyone but Tristan.

The last thing I want to do is unintentionally piss someone off for Blue being Blue and someone not understanding he’s not all there sometimes.

I need to get some sort of solid foundations for some of his interactions/relationships here. Whether that be friend, enemy, or whatever I need to know what the hell is going on around here so I know what he’s allowed to do.

King of Memes

Or, how Tony Found Out About Bucky’s Blog. 

Tony couldn’t seep. Sometimes he managed a few hours if he was tired enough, so usually he went to the gym and worked out until he was exhausted. Tonight, though, he found the gym already occupied: Barnes, with his hair tied up, working steadily at the heavy bag. Normally Tony would make an awkward comment and leave him to it, but instead he just heads for the opposite side of the gym. After setting up at one of the far treadmills, Tony worked his way to a easy run. Barnes was laying his fists rhythmically into the bag, and the quiet thumping was sort of strangely soothing. Between the running and the thumping, Tony slipped into a near-trancelike state.

 And then Barnes let out an ungodly howl, drew back his left fist, and slammed it straight through the heavy bag with a roar of, “DIE A THOUSAND BURNING DEATHS!”

Tony fell off the treadmill, scrambled to his feet, and booked it to the elevator.

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holy shit you guys there was a spider on my punching bag !!! thanks to my many years of combat experience & martial arts training things are okay now

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ML au fanfic Idea

Adrien wakes up  floating 20 feet in the air. He thinks he is flying and enjoys floating, until he notices that there is a crowd of people watching an ambulance.

He floats down there and sees his himself, or specifically his body being put into the vehicle. He naturally freaks out.

“Do you really have to shout? Your dead, it happens.” a voice from behind him says.

It is a black haired individual with green eyes (light green on the whites of his eyes, and dark green irises) wearing a I’m with stupid t-shirt and jeans.

He reveals himself to be a death god, or grim reaper or whatever. Calls himself plagg.

Adrien finds it hard to believe that this guy is basically death.

Plagg smacks him on the back of the head and says.

“Its idiots like you that make wearing this shirt all the more essential. You are floating in the air and you just saw the ambulance take your body. Use your head!”

Plagg reveals that Adrien isn’t 100% dead. He is only in a coma. But that he will die within a week or so. He then says his spirit was suppose to not leave his body yet, but he has one of those “Weird souls” that makes him defy norms. 

A red haired girl shows up and chews out Plagg for not explaining the important part of the ordeal. She calls herself tikki.

Plagg sighs but decides to explain.

“Technically you weren’t suppose to die yet. You also did a heroic act, and you are a goody goody, so we can give you a chance to come back to life. But you have to do something in order get that second chance.”

So plagg explains that he has to Fulfill the requirements. Problem is he is a spirit and needs someone living in order to help him do the tasks.

So Adrien needs to find a living person that can see him.

“You need to find someone who has a strong spirit that can see you, or someone that has a strong connection to you, like a family member, a close friend, a significant other. Someone that cares about you greatly. That doesn’t guarantee that they will see you but it improves the odds. If they have both, that would be great.” Tikki explains.

So now Adrien needs to find someone to help him comeback to life.

YALL picture this: Marinette & Adrien kiss and when they do Marinette is like “OMG HE TASTE LIKE PEPPERMINT AND AMAZINGNESS AHAJAH” & after they don’t really know what to do. They are in the weird “we both like each other, we know it, and everyone else knows it” stage BUT PLOT TWIST LadyBug & Chat Noir kiss and Marinette is like “wait a sEC-PEPPERMINT” and that’s how they find out about their identities.

Adam's Mistake

So… we know Adam has taken… well, technically, four forms. The original Adam who seemed to know Katerina, Mana, Neah, and the current Adam (which is still… technically Mana, but not quite?). But I personally believe there might be more to it than that.

And by that I mean there may have been multiple Adams throughout the millennia.

….bear with me on this, alright? It’s a little complicated for my uncaffeinated mind, but I think I can do this.

I don’t think the four…. of him are the only ones.

There may have been others in the past.

If I remember correctly, there are some lines somewhere in the manga where something was mentioned about the Noahs returning to Adam and being likened to sacrificial lambs.

Now, I’d never really thought much of it until just recently, on my… umpteenth reread of the manga. I got to chapter 219, where the past Adam… splits himself.

And the babies that result from that split are Mana and Neah… who eventually become Noahs, and one of them Adam (sort of).

…going on these two facts, I… think Adam has probably split himself multiple times, likely in order to create the other Noahs, whose memories are all… well, sensations. Things that can be experienced, like dreams, judgment, or desire.

Why did something go wrong this time?
Because, loves, I think he split himself one too many times. Think of Adam’s conscience like twine. You can cut twine, but as it gets older and as you mess with it more and more, it begins to fray and unravel.

When you try to cut fraying line, it becomes very difficult, almost impossible, to cut it evenly

But the Millennium Earl disappeared this time, and he’s never done it before.
Because nothing went wrong those past few times. Everything worked out fine, so he was probably able to jump right back into the game.

This time, something went very wrong. Because Adam split himself that final time, and it didn’t work.

Because of that, the current Adam is no longer the true Adam.

And the true Adam no longer exists.

Instead, he’s divided between two separate individuals, and they’re both a part of him.

Mana probably drew the short stick and wound up with the greater sum of Adam’s memories, but what memories he does have are just unstable enough that the current Adam is Not Quite Right.

I think he meant for Neah to be a separate, new Noah entirely (the Noah of Destruction) but past!Adam miscalculated and so Neah wound up with bits of Adam’s memories–the bits Mana!Adam needs to become himself again, hence the desire to devour Neah.

Why would he do that if he was going to make a mistake?
Because, if I’m right, he would’probably believe he could do it that final time without a mistake. He’s done it in the past without a problem, so why would something go wrong this time?

As Admin Riah puts it, past!Adam picked himself a great big bouquet of whoopsie daisies.