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Hey Artie, could you post some cute SU screencaps? I'm in a really bad place right now and would like to see something cute.

sure thing, my friend! I hope you feel better soon! btw, if you’d like, you can respond/send me another ask with some of your favorite characters and I can do a themed dump of cute screencaps of them specifically

Hey @ximenib!! I heard that you weren’t doing so well, so….guess who I drew for ya!! :D I hope you feel better soon buddy!

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do you have any fluffy peter & tony headcanons or anything tbh because im having a horrible day and im so anxious i feel like im gonna explode

(Okay I told myself I was gonna take a break from writing today but u know what. U deserve Good Tony and Peter Writing so,,,,I’m gonna do my best with that. Hope u feel better soon my friend, and I hope this helps in some way x)

His hands were shaking against the prompt cards he held in an iron-clad grip.

It was stupid, really. Ridiculous. He’d battled monsters and stopped bombs and yet here he was, getting worked up over a damn science presentation.

And there wasn’t even any reason why. He was good at science. Brilliant, if he did say so himself. And the whole school was full of science nerds like him, so it wasn’t as if he was going to get laughed off stage, either.

So why the damn hell did he feel so…awful?

Pull yourself together, Spiderman, he told himself, shaking his head a little and peaking out from behind the wings to watch the speech that was currently being given by another of his classmates. It was a mandatory thing in order for everyone to get a grade. Each of them had to present an idea or a theory to the rest of their year and put points that were for and against it. At the end, other kids asked questions, drilled you, probably started giggling and whispering if you couldn’t answer one of their godawful comments-

Ugh. He felt vaguely sick.

He’d been on edge the whole day just thinking about it. There were, what, a hundred faces, maybe more, in the audience? Including Flash, who was sat at the back, just waiting for Peter to slip up so he could laugh loudly or boo or something.

He could barely even think straight. His mind was all fuzzy and his palms were too sweaty. It felt like his lungs weren’t working properly anymore.

This sucked.

“Hey kid,”

Peter jerked wildly as someone stepped up to his shoulder. God, he’d been so out of it he hadn’t even heard them, what the hell was wrong with him-

“I- uh, hi Mr-” he turned, looking over and expecting to see a teacher. 

“Tony?” he said incredulously, as his brain registered the tinted yellow glasses and carefully sculpted van dyke.

“The one and only,” Tony replied absently, as he peered out through the wings and looked at the boy onstage, “you next?” He asked.

“I…what-you-how?” Peter spluttered, “what are you doing here?”

Tony looked at him, before shrugging. If Peter wasn’t mistaken, he almost looked sheepish. “You mentioned this thing, uh, a few days ago in the labs? I didn’t have anything on, so I though I’d come, show a bit of moral support, you know the drill,” he muttered. “How you feeling? You ready? Nervous?”

Peter opened his mouth, but the assurance failed to come out. He was a notoriously bad liar, after all.
Plus, his vocal cords didn’t really seem to be working very well right now. Which, considering what he was about to go up and do, was Very Very Bad.

Tony looked him up and down, noting the quivering hands, slightly green face and general expression of terror before sighing and pulling the sunglasses off his nose in order to place them on the bridge of Peter’s. “Okay, Peter, today you are not Peter. Today, you are me, and I am about to give a heart-raising, mind-blowing, showstopping speech on…” he peered down, reading the top of Peter’s card, “effective and innovative designs to contribute toward a greener society,” 

Peter just nodded, looking up at Tony through the yellow lenses.

“First thing,” Tony began, raising a hand and wandering backward, before gesturing around the place, “you gotta own the room, kid. Movement is important. Hands, feet, eyes- don’t just stand there like a lemon and read off the prompts. You wanna get a good grade? You engage the audience,” he stepped forward, pointing at Peter’s eye, and then his own, “eye contact. Always do the eye contact. Kinda terrifying, admittedly, but you only need to do it for a second. You’re not gonna stare em down like they’re trying to rob a bank here, okay, you’re just catching their eye. Showing them you’re focused, like you’re talking to them specifically. Keep moving around, look at everyone.”

He stopped. Grabbed Peter’s shoulder. “So, Mr Stark, how do you begin your speech?”

Peter stopped, caught off guard like a rabbit in the headlights. “Uhhhhh-”

“Okay, well for starters, I definitely don’t do that,” Tony shook his head, pushing the glasses a little further up Peter’s nose as they began to slip down. “You wanna begin with something simple. Casual. This isn’t a funeral service. You’re just putting an idea across. ‘hello everybody’ will suffice. I’d say open with a joke, but I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.”

Peter had to agree on that one. He took another look over to the side, and noticed the boy was beginning to wrap up. 

Oh, hell. He was next.

Tony noticed, too, and he let his other hand rest on Peter’s shoulder as well, so that he was gripping Peter between both hands. “Listen, kid. Stick to the basics. Eye contact. Movement. Keep it light, and don’t focus too hard on individuals. It’ll only freak you out. You’re gonna do great, kid. Honestly, you’re definitely the smartest one out there, you got nothing to worry about.”

“People are gonna laugh,” Peter muttered, looking down at his feet. God, Flash- Flash was gonna be a total ass, he could predict it perfectly. Peter would pause, just for a moment, and Flash would do something stupid like laugh or make a stupid noise and then it would throw Peter off-

“No-one’s gonna laugh, Kid,” Tony said, before his eyes narrowed. “Unless there’s someone who’s planning on ruining it for you. Is there?”

“I dunno, Flash said some stuff earlier, but… I dunno,” Peter mumbled, biting his lip. He wished he’d been ill today. Or HYDRA had decided to attack a Macy’s or something. At least that would have been a genuine excuse.

“Flash, huh?” Tony mused quietly, peering out into the audience, “greasy looking pussy at the back, right?”

Peter laughed nervously, nodding. “Uh, yeah, that’s the one.”

Tony pulled a face, and then nodded to himself. “Okay. Okay, cool. Well listen, I’ll make sure Flash isn’t a problem, alright? Don’t worry about him.”

A sudden wave of applause filled the auditorium, and signalled Peter’s turn up. 

“Big breath. Come on, you’ll kick ass. You’re Spiderman. Or you can be me, just for a few minutes, if that’ll make it easier,” Tony assured him, patting his cheek  and smiling.

“-And now, it is my great pleasure to present to you, Peter Parker!” The Principal announced, and another round of applause burst out.

Okay. Showtime.

“Wait, kid, sunglasses!” Tony caught him before he could move, sliding them back off his face with a grin, “they’re a tad too big for you. Don’t want them sliding off whilst you’re deep in the middle of solving the world’s energy crisis.”

Peter huffed out a nervous laugh, and then did as Tony said, taking a long, deep breath before turning away and walking slowly toward the main stage.

He could do this. Tony did it all the time. He could be Tony, just for five and a half minutes, right? Tony had said he could.

His hands were still shaking a little as he stepped in front of everyone, but he felt a little braver. A little prouder. Maybe even confident.

At the back of the hall, he watched Tony slip in through the doors, more inconspicuous than Peter had ever seen him as he wandered toward the back row and grabbed a chair, leaning over the back of it and whispering something into-

Peter sighed, unable to hold back the little grin of satisfaction as Flash’s head turned to look up at him, eyes widening in a hilarious fashion as he realised, yet again, he was being told off by Tony Stark.

It was even more amusing to watch the colour drain from his face as Tony continued to whisper in his ear. He watched as Flash nodded a little jerkily, and then Tony smiled, before stepping back and leaning against the back wall, right in the middle where Peter could see him.

He grinned up when Peter made eye contact, and Peter smiled back.

He could do this.

“You did it!” 

Peter turned, smile on his face as he watched Tony jog up toward him, hands raised in a thumbs-up as he grinned over. Luckily, the presentation had been at the last period, and so Peter was free to get the fuck out and finally relax for the first time that day.

“Yeah- I think it went…well,” Peter admitted happily.

 Tony pulled a face, letting his arm fall across Peter’s shoulders and squeeze. “Uhm, you did more than ‘well’, kid- you totally blew everyone else out of the water.”

“You didn’t even see everyone else, Tony.”

He felt the shrugging gesture Tony made beside him. “I’m gonna go ahead and assume here, kid. You were great. Very Tony Stark-ish. Except with less narcissism and more genuine-ness, y’know? Never would’ve guessed you were nervous.”

Peter grimaced. “I thought I was gonna throw up the entire time.”

“Well then, you are a remarkable actor, Mr Parker,” Tony told him, “hey, how about doing my speech for me this weekend at the charity gala I am being forcibly blackmailed into attending? I have a busy schedule of sleeping and eating and I don’t want it disturbed.”

Peter laughed, giving Tony a shove, “thanks, but if it’s all the same with you, I’m never going to give a speech ever again. That was crazy. Everyone stares at you. What the hell?”

“Yeah, when you’re the only person talking in a huge auditorium, people tend to do that,” Tony huffed, shaking his head, “so damn rude of them.”

“It really is,” Peter agreed, hiking his bag up a little further on to his shoulder before turning to tony, a grin beginning to form on his face. “Hey- what did you tell Flash, by the way?”

Tony tapped his nose secretively. “None of your business.”

“Aw, come on, I see him most, it’s more my business than yours.”

“Hey, maybe I just like him. Maybe I was having a catch up, Peter, huh? You’re not special, I might be secretly mentoring him, too.”

Peter rolled his eyes, shoving Tony playfully and then grabbing his arm before he went careering to the floor. “Whoops- superstrength.”

“That was a threat, wasn’t it? I feel threatened. Again. Physical threats, this time, too- it’s getting worse-”

“Tony,” Peter whined frustratedly, “please tell me.”

Tony stopped, hand half-way to reaching his car door before turning to look back at Peter. “I told him if he made a single sound, I’d hack the school system and turn all his A* into C’s,” he admitted, before adding “is that bad? I don’t know- I tend to threaten both adults and kids alike, what can I say, I’m all about equality,” 

Peter watched, smile on his face as Tony jumped into his car and pulled his shades back on. “You did good, kid. I’ll see you ‘round,” he said, shooting Peter another thumbs up before revving the engine and pulling out of the car park.

Peter watched, shaking his head fondly. He felt kinda exhausted- the day had been stressful as fuck, and it had taken it out of him. But hey- at least it was over. And at least it hadn’t turned into a full-blown panic attack, either. That would’ve just been embarrassing.

“Thanks, Tony,” Peter muttered, waving cheerily over at a still rather horrified looking Flash from across the road before beginning to make his way down the drive.

“Wait. You got a lift?”

Peter turned, watching as Tony reversed back to him and raised an eyebrow at him curiously from the open window.

“Sorry, I don’t get in cars with strangers,” Peter deadpanned, beginning to walk forward again, hiding a fond grin as Tony just rolled forward and followed him.

“Uhh,” Tony made a face, turning around and shuffling in his car for a second before pulling out something. It was a bag of kisses, a few of them already eaten, with the wrappers thrown back in the bag. “I got candy?”

Peter broke his deadpan stare a second later, in order to laugh. Tony was a fucking idiot, honestly. “Right, okay, I’ve been convinced,” he declared, before sliding over the bonnet and opening the door on the other side.

As soon as he’d fallen in, Tony flicked him on the ear. “Ow!” He yelped, looking betrayed.

“Don’t slide your dirty school jeans over my car, you heathen,” Tony scolded, before turning back to the road and stepping on accelerate. “And don’t touch my radio. We’re listening to my music, not yours.”

Peter groaned, “ugh, but your music taste is-”

“Unless you want to get forcibly removed from this vehicle, I suggest you quit running your mouth, boy,” 

Peter looked over to him. There was silence for a stretch, before Peter muttered, “Metallica sucks.”

“RIGHT,” Tony pulled his sunglasses off, chucking them at Peter’s chest and then moving his hand to the dash where all his modified features sat, “that’s it, you’re getting ejected, buh-bye demon child-”


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Dearest Jalapeñokins? I was wondering if you could do me a favor if you are able and feeling up to it? ( I'm sick af right now..your writing gives me life) Would you please consider one of these things. A: Could I get some fluffy nsfw Jumin Han smut? ~OR~ B: What do you think the RFA +V and Saeran sound like when they're cumming? ( Jumin Thirst anon)

Why not both?

Hope you feel better soon, my thirsty friend!!


Okay, so first, what do they sound like when they’re cumming?

  • Yoosung: A whine or a stutter if he’s trying to say something
  • Jumin: Is usually pretty quiet tbh besides his heavy breathing, he prefers you saying his name
  • Zen: Guttural moan, this boy is loud 
  • Jaehee: Cries out through heavy pants 
  • Saeyoung: Moans your name through shivers
  • V: Whispers your name next to your ear 
  • Saeran: Growls “Fffffuck!” or other curses

~I have to also tag @goddamnitdazai because she’s been asking for Jumin smut for  e o n s  here you go BFF.


Word count: 1.344

     “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea,” you whined through your mixing of the thick batter, the large bowl heavy in your arm as you paced the kitchen.
You were trying your best at being a cute housewife while Jumin was at work. You imagined him coming home to one glorious cake, held proudly by you in your little apron. He’d smile with delight and compliment you on how delicious it was! But standing now, broken egg shells on the counter, flour scattered everywhere, pools of milk, and you covered in batter, this was not going as planned.

     You hadn’t even gotten the batter in the pan before you heard the penthouse door open.

     Please be a security guard, please be a security guard, you prayed to yourself.

     “___, I’m home early,” Jumin declared before flinging his suit jacket on the couch.

     “Shit,” you whispered under your breath, defeated.

     “You’ve been busy today, I see,” he chuckled at the sight of you.

     He stood just a few feet away now, wearing that slight grin that made your knees weak. His large hands fumbled at his tie, pulling it loose from his collar. You gave up, tossing the bowl on the nearest countertop with a sigh.

     “I was trying to bake you a cake,” you replied with a huff.

     “I think more of it got on you than in the bowl,” he laughed, “so cute.”

     Before you could reply he had you pinned up against the counter. Looming over you he reached to the bowl behind your back, dipping a long finger into the batter and bringing it to his lips.

     “Tasty,” he remarked after pulling it from his mouth.


     “Mmhm, try some.”

     He brought a batter drenched finger to your mouth, pressing himself up against you with a little more fervor as you sucked it clean. His mouth descended on your collar bone, lapping up the batter between nibbles. His free hand found your breast and kneaded with intensity as he licked your bare skin clean, grinding his hardening cock into your hips.

     “So this is why you came home early,” you noted through a sly smile.

     “This taste delicious, but I think it would be even sweeter coming from your lips,” he suggested.

     He smeared the sticky concoction over your closed mouth before trailing his tongue over your lips and shoving it inside for a deep kiss. You could almost forget the sharp pain of the counter top pressing against your back as his tongue danced eagerly with wanting in your hot mouth. You were melting in his arms when he pulled your hair, forcing your head back slightly and popping off of your mouth to suck a trail down your neck. You were pink with heat as your breath quickened for him.

     You couldn’t help but reach down and stroke his eager cock through the fabric of his pants, eliciting a satisfied purr from him. Your other hand sweeps over his chest. He feels so warm and solid pressing into you, and the fragrance of his expensive cologne is enough to make you quiver.

     You both moan when his hand sweeps between your legs, grinding itself on your wet folds. It took all you had not to collapse right there, your hips swirling in wanton to meet his friction with a moan. The ridges of his knuckles massaged you into euphoria and you threw your head back with a sigh. He placed a quick and hungry kiss on your mouth before pulling away from you completely.

     “Turn around princess,” he commanded while unbuttoning his pants, “hands on the counter. Do not remove them or I’ll have to punish you.”

     You followed his command, leaning your ass out for him. He didn’t even bother to fully undress either of you. The cool air rushed between your legs as he pulled your dress up over your hips, hooking his fingers in your underwear and dragging them down to your ankles, pausing only to let you step out of them. He planted kisses along your legs on his way up, paying extra attention to that weak spot behind your knees. He trailed his tongue down your moist slit, relishing in the quake of your muscles.

     You yelped when he landed two quick and hard smacks to your ass before seizing it in his hands to grope through your whimper. His legs kicked yours apart for him before sliding his length along your slick folds slowly. You pushed back against him, your whole body pleading for him to enter and fill you.
“I’m sorry, my pet. You know I usually take better care of you, but I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he growled.

     It’s true, he usually spent more time working you up, getting you wet and begging for him. But something in his voice and in his body language today was more demanding and eager. You could only nod before he forced himself into you. The shock of his thrusts and the feeling of his long cock inside of you caused you to lose you grip and slide slightly forward on the counter.

     His right hand swooped under your belly and pulled you back into him roughly to meet his pounding. As soon as you were steady again it travelled down to flick at your sensitive clit, sending you into a frenzied cry of pleasure.

     “Ah! Oh god, right th-there,” you puffed, fireworks in your belly as he found your spot and began hitting it over and over again with vigor.

     Your walls were convulsing around him and you felt your juices soaking your inner thighs, the sound of his slamming becoming more of a wet slap as you drew closer to your orgasm. His cock was twitching and throbbing inside of you at the feeling.

     “Do you like when I fuck you like this,” he spoke through bated breath, “when I make you my own?”

     “Ahh, y-yes! God, yes!” you were straining to hold yourself against his thrusts.

     He switched up rhythms, hips swirling driving into you at a slower more methodical pace. You lost it when his hand began slapping at your pussy, causing you to wriggle and thrash underneath him as the waves of pleasure came rolling through your every fiber. The combination of his pumping and stimulating your sensitive nub fueled your demanding side as you pushed yourself back into him greedily.

     “Mmm…yeahh,” you managed to pull a moan from him, “you’re so naughty and eager for me, aren’t you,” he panted.

     Your head was floating, your cheeks searing hot as a violent pleasure tore through you, moaning out as he fucked you through your orgasm.

     He gripped your hair, pumping long and languid thrusts, stretching you further. Sure that he held you firmly in place, he released your hair and moved that hand around your chest, ripping at the collar of your shirt in order to dip inside more easily and grip your breast with voracity. His fingers were encircling your hard nipples before pinching and rolling down on the nub.


     “Mmm…say it again,” he spoke through gritted teeth.

     “Jumin! Ah, fffuck!” your hands flailed wildly, knocking the bowl off of the counter.

     Hearing you moan his name shot him over the edge and he spurt himself into you forcefully. His hips smacked against you with a husky breath, hand still lingering on your breast before his final thrust.

     Your head was hazy when he finally pulled away from you. With shaky legs you took a few steps, thinking you could make it to get the glass of water you desperately needed. But before you went any further his hand hooked around your side in a possessive manner, pulling you into his chest and brushing your hair back behind your ear when you looked up to meet his gaze.

     “Where do you think you’re going? I’m not done with you yet,” he spoke with a fire in his eyes, “Let’s get you cleaned up, my pet. I’ll draw a bath…”


“When you’re in love with somebody, everything looks colorful.”
     ━ Dedicated to Selma

Daily Horoscope - August 4th, 2017

ARIES: Feel better about yourself now? You will soon. A dear friend is about to let you know just how many times you’ve either saved them from an already bad situation or prevented them from getting involved in one. Listen up.

TAURUS: Someone you see on a daily basis hasn’t just caught your eye, they’ve also captured your attention – so much so that you can’ t seem to think about anything else. Wonderfully enough, they feel the same. 

GEMINI: A financial situation seems to be turning quite intense and you’re not at all sure what to do about it. Better call someone you can trust – someone who knows more about situations like this. 

CANCER: When you’re as upset as you are now, you don’t shout, throw things or make a scene. Your ability to resist blinking for an amazingly long time more than gets your point across. So why bother putting on a show?

LEO: This may be a tricky da, but if you’re smart – and really, no one could ever say you weren’t – it will all work out just fine. Your main quest is to stay calm, even if you’re baited. Remember to think logically. 

VIRGO: Variety isn’t the only spice has to offer. Taking chances can be pretty darned spicy too, especially if they happen to involve getting to know someone you’re drawn to. Isn’t it time to add some spice to your life?

LIBRA: ‘Sudden’ is definitely your middle name – and you’re proud of it. So when something that falls into that category comes along, you jump at the chance to enjoy it. Well, prepare yourself. Here it is. 

SCORPIO: Being nice to your family members – especially the particularly difficult ones. – will be far from easy now. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, only that you should expect a few roadblocks. 

SAGITTARIUS: Love may not be in the air, but romance certainly is – romance of the most secret kind. This includes ‘coincidental’ meetings at the water-cooler, whispered conversations and meaningful glances. 

CAPRICORN: It’s time to snuggle up and spend some quality time alone with the person you’ve had to share with others far too much over the past week. Bet you don’t get any arguments at all when you suggest it. 

AQUARIUS: You’re feeling both selfless and selfish when it comes to love – an extremely enticing combination. Selfless enough to let them know you care, and selfish enough to reveal that you’ll settle for no one else. 

PISCES: Alert the media. Each and every word that you utter will be not just charming now but so tempting that you could easily talk just about anyone into just about anything. Don’t take advantage of this now. 

Can we talk about this scene please for a sec? Because there are actually people out there who do not like Ran as a character and I’m just sitting here like ?????????

In case you’ve forgotten where this moment is from: Heiji and Kazuha are visiting Tokyo and Kazuha is jealous because Ran and Heiji are wearing similar shirts, just like they did the last time they saw each other - so Kazuha figures they have been coordinating what they were going to wear and she gets jealous and she’s making Ran feel her resentment towards her. So Ran is sitting there, trying her very best to get this girl she barely knows to like her or for her to have a good time at the very least and, sorry, but Kazuha is just being really bitchy. So when Ran asks her why she doesn’t like her and Kazuha tells her the reason, without hesitation, in the middle of crowded Tokyo, Ran just proceeds to get rid of the shirt that upset Kazuha that much and to put on another one they just had bought together. She’s not mad at her for bitching at her, she’s not just ignoring her, hoping the time will just pass faster or whatever, she’s just like: You know what, you are upset and I understand that, so let’s change that. And boom, she just changes, no fucks given, as long as it makes her soon to be friend feel better. Now please, tell me again, what there is to not like about Ran. She always thinks of others first WITHOUT sacrificing who she is as a person. It’s not gonna hurt her to change the shirt, but it’s gonna make Kazuha feel better instantly, so she does it. She could blame Shinichi every time they call for leaving her alone, but she doesn’t. She’s just happy to hear that he’s doing okay and to hear his voice. Sure she’d love to be with him and sure she’s hurt, but instead of turning away, of moving on, she stays true to her first love. Because she loves him, because she’s loyal and humble, she doesn’t expect much from people and I don’t see what’s wrong with that. 

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something from i hear static! like i dunno something with ghost donnie and casey doin more of that thing they do 😜 thak uuuu friendo

hey friend, here’s something i hope will make your day, since you’ve been ill lately. <3

(this isn’t technically canon, but it could be? idk, have some dumb friends being dumb.)

Casey had been a hundred percent right about how agonizing it was going to be, waiting for the plan to come into effect. Barely two days in, and he was starting to really wonder if it was possible to grab time by the collar and make it go faster.

At the moment, that remained something he personally couldn’t do. Cue him skulking around his apartment, nursing a frustrated and nervous mood.

He was stuck in the weird zone during the day where he was close to when he friends started waking up, but not close enough he could call or drop by without cutting short their sleep. His sister was at a friend’s apartment, his dad was at work for a few more hours… usually this would be an ideal time to chill out and have the television to himself, but at the moment he just felt squirrely and useless.

He stared at the digital numbers on the clock, set on top of their VCR player.

Time. Move faster. For the love of god.

Time didn’t comply.

Casey sighed, and put an arm over his eyes. Flopped across the whole of their shitty old couch, even with the drone of mindless television in the background, he couldn’t relax more than a little bit. Too much was happening lately, but also not enough was happening.

It was a little hard to properly chill out, knowing one of your closest buds was stuck between life and death 24/7 and another was looking too close to that for comfort.

Maybe he should go find some Cheetos. Cheetos made everything better, for however long the bag lasted.

Casey decided that would be a good plan, and rolled himself off the couch and onto his feet.

A spine tingling shiver went up his spine; right to his brain and through his skull.

Casey froze.

Static started to cover up whatever the game show host had been saying; garbling the words and whining through the speakers.

He slowly turned around.

Donnie’s blank eyed face stared at him from inside the television screen, shorting out the picture and filling the whole TV with pixels.

Casey stared at his friend.

“…dude, really?” He gestured at Donnie’s disembodied self inside his electronics. “With the haunting again? I thought you were over that stuff.”

Donnie didn’t answer, but the channel behind his head changed. Jaunty jazz music started playing, but slowed down and warped in parts so the saxophone sounded just plain creepy.

Casey rolled his eyes. “Oh ha ha ha, yeah real funny. I’m getting some Cheetos. You better get out of that thing by the time I’m back, because if you break my family’s television so help me.”

His friend’s image blurred on the screen, and for a moment Casey swore Donnie was sticking his tongue out at him.

Casey rolled his eyes again, and went to find his processed cheese snack.

It figured that when he opened the cupboard, the bag exploded in his face and sent orange dust everywhere.

The television channel changed a second time, playing a laugh track loudly from the living room.

Fucking poltergeists.

Casey wiped his face off with a grumble, rescued what Cheetos were salvageable enough to put in a bowl, and returned to the living room.

“Donnie, whenever you’re corporeal again I’m gonna- oh no you don’t- don’t do that, for fuck’s sake-” Casey sighed, and covered his greasy feeling face. “Donnie. Come on. That’s just freaky looking and kind of dumb.”

He peeked through his fingers.

Yep. Donnie was still hauling himself out of Casey’s television The Ring style.

Fucking. Poltergeists.

Jealousy [James March x Reader]

Title: Jealousy

Pairing: James March x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of death, implied sexual content

A/N: For @endlessescape24. I hope you feel better soon, babe! 

Originally posted by one-of-deacon-frosts-familiars

“Love, I’m only going to see an old friend. It’s nothing major.” You sigh, slipping your last earring in. James stands behind you, his hands resting comfortably on your hips.

“You’re missing the soiree!” He exclaims. You turn around, facing your lover.

“I’ll only be gone a few hours. He can only leave the house tonight, you know that.” James hums in response, planting a small kiss on your lips. It quickly turns into a heated, passionate one- the kind that usually lead to you not being able to walk straight for a few days. “You’re trying to distract me.”

You step from under him, glancing yourself over in the mirror. James sighs in defeat, knowing that keeping you home would only fuel the fire. He kisses you one more time, leading you downstairs and outside the building, as far as he could go.

Within a half hour, you’re nervously walking up the brick path to the large front door. As you reach the front porch, you wonder if this was a good idea. Raising your hand to the door to knock, the door opens gently, revealing an older lady.

“Hello dear,” She says. Her voice is sweet, polite. “Are you here for someone?”

“I’m here to see Tate, ma’am.” She laughs and lets you into the house. Tate is sitting on the stairs, music blaring out of his headphones. As the lady closes the door, he looks up, smiling.

You’re not really sure how to say how you met Tate. You could say that you met through James, but that would be a stretch. Tate came to the hotel the night before the shooting, and Sally gave him something. You were mad at James, so you got heated with him. James saw, so you stopped, and you and Tate just talked for the next few hours until he had to leave. Little did you know, it was to shoot up a school.

He greets you and drags you up the stairs to the almost-empty bedroom. For some reason, it still had a bed and a few tables, two or three old sitting chairs.

“So, how are you?” He asks.

“I’m great. How’s the house been treating ‘ya?” You regret asking that as soon as it came out of your mouth. Of course the house was shitty, everyone within a ten mile radius knew that house was cursed.

He laughs. “Are you still with James?”

“I wouldn’t say we’re ‘together,’ but yeah.” You smile, thinking of how your lover. Your smile falters as you remember how you left him on his favorite night of the year. It was okay, though, because you’d attended each one for the past three years.

“You’re together.” Tate smirks. You didn’t even know what dirty things were running through his head. The two of you talk for hours about who-knows-what until you’re very overdue to return home.

“Thanks for tonight,” You sheepishly smile. “I really needed an escape from the Cortez for a while.”

Tate leans against your car, and before you know it, his lips are on top of yours, his hands wrapped around your waist. You jerk your head away quicker than it started, ignoring his apologies. Soon enough, you’re laid out on your shared bed in the hotel.

“Dearest,” James sings. “Devil’s night was a success!” You smile from your spot on the bed, staring at the man in front of you. He might’ve killed hundreds, possibly thousands, of people, but damn, was he gorgeous.

“Good.” He sits on the bed next to your waist.

“How was your visit?” In that moment, you were convinced he knew. If you confirmed it, he’d forbid you from seeing Tate for the rest of your life, and that was not an exaggeration.

“Good.” You say again, adjusting your body to look at his face.

“You think I don’t know when another man has invaded my woman?” James’ voice stays emotionless. “You were out until three in the morning with him.” His voice is filled with jealousy, and it makes you regret that you ever went.

“I’m sorry.” You whisper. “It was over-”

You’re cut off by James’ lips on yours. This time, you kept his hands on your sides, melting into him. He lets out a low grumble. “You’re not going to be able to utter a single syllable for the next two nights.

And you were completely fine with that, too.