feel better people!

Summer is almost here. It’s time for summer time Cirno. I actually don’t know why she’s tanned in the new touhou, but I’ll take it. Max cutie. 


whoops, sorry for the radio silence! i’ve been working very hard on the final three chapters of my fluff-overload fairy Dean/Cas au Our Garden Home and kinda forgot there was another universe outside of the smol fairy garden.

all three chapters should go up either this friday or at the weekend, depending on your timezone and how quickly i can finish these illustrations~

here, have a 29k kid!Dean-and-Cas-living-in-a-hotel au in the meantime!!

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wishing you all sweet moments of peace and a good sleep~! ♥

here’s an acknowledgment to autistics who just aren’t that great at doing things! and have trouble remembering things and trip over nothing or accidentally hit yourself because you forgot where your body was in relation to your hand

you’re still worth something as a human being even if you’re not a talented super genius

you still have value as a human being even if you need help with certain things and can’t remember names or numbers, and needed to be taken aside to have concepts explained to you in school

you’re still good and okay and worth something if you have a lf of weird allergies or can’t eat certain foods or touch certain textures because they hurt

you’re a worthwhile person just for being alive!

I think I’m going through a little bit of an art block *sigh*

They’re too nice to fight each other what are you even talking about.

okay so unpopular opinion but like.. i dont get it when people dont like macdennis solely bc its toxic like.. yall realize that EVERY member of the gang is toxic? and a bad person? like yes, macdennis is toxic but even if mac got into a relationship w another man it would still likely be toxic and bad bc guess what.. hes not that good of a man himself

Never let ‘em see you frown

who wouldn’t be concerned about a big hairy monkey just. wandering around

PSA for anybody who has ever felt insecure about how they write their character. Remember why you began writing them in the first place. Remember how much they mean to you and how much you enjoy writing them. There will be other people roleplaying the same character as you, it is inevitable, but there is only one of YOU and only one who plays the character the way YOU play them. You bring something special to that character. Something that nobody can mimic or do the same as because nobody is just like you. You need to accept that, and accept that there will be others, but just like you they will be playing the character their own way as well. Nobody is better. Nobody is the same. Nobody deserves to play a character more than another person does. This is no popularity contest and you should never feel as though you aren’t worthy of playing a character just because you or someone else has made you feel that way. Instead of comparing yourself to others who play the same character as you; try to embrace the differences and admire them. Cheer up and keep on keeping on. You love your character, you love roleplaying as that character, and in the end that is all that matters.

The Malec wedding kiss is my all time favorite scene that I have ever witnessed on television. Ever.