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“ If you want a Superman movie done right, watch the Captain America films”.


Superman’s not human. Superman isn’t a government experiment. Superman wasn’t lost at sea and frozen for over 70 years. Superman’s love interest isn’t being forced out of the narrative once she’s done something useful for him. Superman didn’t run away when his universe’s public said he needed to answer for some of the damage he caused; he came fully prepared to argue his case. Superman is shown saving people in situations where he is the only one that could do so; replacing him with a super soldier results in all the people in those situations ending up dead. Superman doesn’t go on covert missions for the government; nothing he does is covert.

Clark Kent wasn’t a boy from Brooklyn who had to stand up for himself against bullies, Clark was a boy in Kansas with powers he was struggling to understand and control. He was a boy who could have destroyed any bully that got in his way, but his parents raised him better than that. Clark’s parents are present to give insight into how he grew up and why he feels the way he feels about his powers. Clark Kent was saving people before he put on the “S”, whether it be the kids on a bus, the workers on an oil rig, or the countless others Lois tracked down to figure out who Clark was.

They’re not the same character and they’re not supposed to be. Their cinematic versions are also different from their comic interpretations, so the courtesy of insisting that Superman is less of a superman because he doesn’t follow the comics completely should be extended to the mcu’s Captain America. This constant desire to see a Superman movie done like the Captain America ones ignores what the role each character plays in his own universe, as well as ignoring the genre of films that each character fits into: Superman is not a military asset/government personnel, and Cap. America is not an alien trying to find his place on Earth.

If your idea of Superman is a human-turned-super soldier that punches people for the government, then go watch the Captain America films. They’re enjoyable, and I won’t stop you, but I will say that they are not what Superman movies should be like.

take this burden - 39

[ you haunt me - sir sly ]


Eventually, He Tian and Mo Guan Shan had to face the fact that they were going to need to get out of bed.

‘What time do we go to work?’ Mo Guan Shan asked softly.

‘You don’t have to come if you’re not feeling up to it.’

Mo Guan Shan rolled onto his back, stretching with a groan.

‘No, I want to. Sitting here and dwelling on it isn’t going to make me feel better.’

He Tian studied his face in profile.

‘Ignoring it isn’t going to make you feel better either.’

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anonymous asked:

Will there be more of the Bree gets sick and has to go back story? I really really really want to know what happens next!

Hey! Can you do a 2nd chapter of the story, where Bree is ill and needs to return to her own time. Her and Claire end up going back though the stones and it end with Jenny answering the door and helping them. Sorry im hopeless at summing up things.

Please and thanks! :) :)

ps. love your work!


Love the story of Claire having to take Bree back through time through the stones to help her get well. Will there be more to this story? Wonderful writing! You’re very talented!

Born Out of Time
Part 1, Part 2

Fields, open fields full of the greenest grass she’d ever laid eyes on surrounded her. She wandered around, taking in the too blue sky, the thin and fresh air that caused a dizzy feeling, and the lack of buildings for as far as her eyes could see. Where was she? Her Mama and Daddy were nowhere to be found, no matter how far she ran in any direction. Why weren’t they near her? How did she become so alone?

Her vision flickered, spots of white and black mixing with the blue and green of the field around her, and then, a building appeared. It wasn’t a large building, more of a cottage or shack, but smoke billowed from the chimney. People. She took off at a sprint, desperately seeking humanity.

The door was roughly hewn and didn’t sit perfectly in its frame. She was afraid to knock on it; afraid if she did, the whole door would come down on top of her. Just as she had steeled her nerves to knock on the decrepit door, it swung open. A tall woman with fiery red hair, gray eyes, and a straight nose gazed down at her.

“Hello a leannan,” the woman said in a funnily accented voice. “Please come in.” The woman backed away, motioning for the her to make herself at home.

She looked around and sat herself of the plush looking armchair.

“How did you come to be here a leannan?” the woman asked, crinkles and creases lining the outside of her kind mouth and smiling eyes.

“I-I-I don’t know,” she said, her voice wobbling. “I don’t know where I am.”

The woman laid a hand on her cheek, brushing the tears from her face.

“Seas, a leannan. No need for tears.” Her hands were gentle and soft despite the callouses. “Why dinna ye tell me what ye remember of how ye got here? Or about yourself and your family?”

The warm and welcoming smile made her feel at ease. She snuggled into the woman’s embrace, seeking the comfort of a mother figure.

“My name is Brianna Ellen and I’m from Boston.”

“Ach, that’s beautiful name,” the woman said, lightly squeezing Brianna. “Where is this Boston ye speak of?”

Bree giggled. “It’s in America!”

“The colonies?” The woman’s gray eyes widened in shock. Bree nodded her head enthusiastically.

“Yes, ma’am, though they aren’t called that now. I live with my Mama.  She’s a surgeon and helps make people feel better. Her friends at the hospital tried to help me get better, but nothing was working.” Bree’s face etched in a frown. “I don’t feel as sick here with you. I don’t know why that is, but I feel like I could run for days and my body doesn’t ache like it did before. Are you a special healer like Mama?”

“Mmm no, a leannan. I’m no’ a healer. Though I’d like to meet your Mam.  She sounds like a wonderful woman.”

“Oh she is! My daddy–he’s not my daddy anymore.”

“What do ye mean?” she asked, smoothing the worry from Bree’s mind with each stroke of her hand down her back.

“Daddy’s name is Frank Randall and Mama said he’s not my real daddy. He raised me as his, but I’m not his blood. My real daddy’s name is James…at least that’s what Mama says. I’m not sure I believe her or not.”

“My son’s name is James,” the kind woman whispered. “James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser is his full name.”

Bree’s eyes widened as she turned and looked at the woman’s face. “That’s what Mama said his name was! Are you–are you my grandmother?”

The woman smiled and stroked her cheek. “Aye, a leannan. I’m your Grannie Ellen.”

Brianna wrapped her arms around Ellen’s neck and whispered in awe, “I’ve never had a grandmother before.”

Ellen held her granddaughter close. “Aye well, ye’ll always have me with you a leannan. Ye may no be able to see me or your Grandda Brian, but we’re there.”


“Aye, a ghraidh?” Ellen whispered into Brianna’s fiery red curls.

“Am I named after you and Grandda then? And why wouldn’t I be able to see you? I’m holding you and can see you just fine right now.”

The look of concern on Bree’s face made Ellen’s heart clench.

“Oh, a leannan, ye may no’ be able to see me or yer Grandda for a verra good reason. I canna explain it to ye just now, but before ye leave I’ll let ye know. As for yer name, aye, I believe ye were named for us. Yer Mama wanted to honor your Da’s kin it seems.”

Brianna snuggled deeper into Ellen’s embrace feeling herself grow heavy with exhaustion. “Grannie, I’m tired.”

“Then rest your head lass, I’ll keep watch over ye.” Ellen began to hum a melody that made Brianna drift off to sleep, a smile tugging at the corner of her mouth.

Ellen rocked and hummed to her gravely ill granddaughter, desperate to keep her at peace. The child did not understand what was happening to her and she couldn’t let her stay become permanent.

“Your Da will come a leannan.  He will help put your soul at ease along with your Mam’s. He’ll be there to heal you and watch you grow. Stay strong for your family, my little Bree, please stay strong.”

A small smile lifted Brianna’s cheek as Ellen brushed the ruddy locks away from her face. “You are just like your Da little one.”


The comforting voice washed over Ellen as she looked to the corner of the cottage and reached out her hand, beckoning the man forward.

“She’s so bonnie,” Brian Fraser whispered, taking his first up close look at his granddaughter and namesake.

“Aye, she is. She’s the spit of our wee Jamie.”

“Ach, no! She’s the spit of her Grannie,” Brian corrected his wife, placing a tender kiss to the child’s forehead. “It’s no’ her time to be here.”

Ellen nodded. “I ken that well, mo ghraidh. Doesna change the fact she is here. We need to keep her safe until Jamie and Claire can help her. I love her dearly, but I dinna wish to wait with another one of our children’s bairns for their parents join them here. It’s no’ right, Brian. Children should no’ die before their parents.”

Brian lay a weathered hand on Ellen’s shaking shoulder. “Aye, but it happens, mo nighean ruiadh. We need to keep her thinking of her Mam and her Da so she can go back. Her soul already wanders about like wee Jamie’s; we canna let it drift too far into this world. It’s no’ for the living.”

Ellen nodded, grabbed her husband’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “Should we bring Faith in here to meet her sister, at least once?”

“No,” Brian said simply. “Wouldn’t be right for the lass ye hold in your arms to lose a sister on top of her grandparents.”

Brianna began to stir in her grandmother’s arms; just before her eyes opened, Brian disappeared back into shadows.

“Feel better, mo chridhe?” Ellen smiled down at Brianna.

“Yes, Grannie, I do. Why do I feel better here?”

“This is a place all your own.  Ye feel no pain here because you feel safe and you’re with family.”

Bree scrunched her face up in disbelief. “I don’t think that’s it. There’s something coming near me…I don’t know what it could be, but it’s strong and….red.”

“Dinna fash yerself about it lass.”

Brianna nodded and let her body melt into her grandmother’s once again.

“Why don’t we go for a walk outside and ye can tell me more about yer Mam and I can tell ye stories about yer Da?”

The smile Ellen was met with made her hold onto Brianna even tighter. “I would love that Grannie!”

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The Devil Lurks Everywhere| FanFiction
Edward didn't pity the mangled corpses surrounding him; he envied them. Mud Grave AU

written for obersten because ripping my chest open and tearing out my own heart would be less painful than Mud Grave