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How to pick yourself up

So I realized last night that I have this down to a science.

Too busy to shower and feel gross, don’t feel good and it shows outwardly, been cramped inside and no reason to look nice so you put no effort into anything? Same.

1.) Wash and exfoliate your face. Cold water.
2.) Moisturize.
3.) Drink a big glass of water and/or tea.
4.) Put on a few coats of mascara and sparkly earrings if you do that.
5.) Put on a new shirt and leggings or nicer pants instead of sweatpants.
6.) Pull your hair up so you’re not being reminded of its state.
7.) If you can, step outside and breathe deeply. Five seconds in, five seconds out.

8.) Realize that it’s just an episode and your life doesn’t suck. And you’re beautiful or handsome or absolutely rad. Chin up.


*inserts “you are my sunshine” by Johnny Cash*
•sun+shine= Choi Youngjae
•feel better my love.
•smile, laugh, personality, voice, is everything.

Sick Day Tips Masterpost

General Stuff:

  • Drink lots of water and go pee a lot! It’ll help flush out the toxins
  • Make sure to keep your face moisturized. The last thing you want to deal with when your sick is itchy irritated skin 
  • If you have the energy, do some light exercise. It’ll help to invigorate your body
  • Avoid too much screen time D: (sorry that includes tumblr)
  • Try to avoid wearing makeup, or wear as little as possible 

Sore Throat:

  • Drinking Ginger Tea helps a lot :3
  • If you have a clogged/phlegm-y throat, gargling salt water will help (don’t drink it though– you’ll feel even sicker!)
  • Other easy teas are milk and honey or water lemon and honey

Stuffy Nose:

  • Hot showers help get the mucus out
  • As does vapor– fill a bowl with boiling water, then place your head over it with a towel covering your head and try to breathe through your nose. If it gets too hot just take the towel off for a couple of seconds and then continue (this is also great for clearing up the clogged pores in your face! :D)
  • When you go to bed, stack your pillows so that your head is elevated
  • Remember: Eyes, nose, and mouth are connected- so if you have a cold and wear contacts, its best to avoid wearing them if you can. You want to keep those three outlets as free as possible

Upset Stomach:

  • Eating Ajwain seeds or drink ajwain tea helps if you feel nauseous
  • Eating prunes or drinking prune juice helps relieve constipation
  • For eating, remember the B.R.A.T diet: Bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast. Drinking chicken broth or apple juice is also really good for getting some nutrients without having to try to stomach solid food


  • The best OTC medicine to take if you have a headache is Aspirin because if it is an average headache it is most likely caused by a lack of blood flow to the brain, so blood thinners are good
  • Drink lots of water! It will do the same as Aspirin 
  • Stay away from screens or straining your eyes at all and get some shut eye in a dark room

Feel Better bbs!

Supportive Amis for the sad people

Enjolras loves you and is proud you’re surviving. You gotta save yourself before you save the world!

Combeferre loves you and will always support you in anything you endeavour to do!

Courfeyrac loves you no matter where you’re from!

Grantaire loves you despite and because of all the mistakes you have made. They matter because they’re part of you, but they will never define you!

Joly loves you and thinks all your struggles are valid! Both mental and physical!

Bossuet loves you and knows some things are out of your control, and thats okay, but you must never give up hope!

Musichetta loves you and knows you will always be loved. It gets better!

Jehan loves you no matter what gender you are or aren’t!

Bahorel loves you no matter how weak you think you are - he knows you’re so very strong! You can do this!!

Feuilly loves you and knows how tired you are, how hard you’ve worked. It’s okay to just take a moment to breathe. Thats plenty!

Marius loves you and knows how hard family can be. It’s difficult, but he knows you’ll find the love you deserve!

Cosette loves you and every single part of you! You’re beautiful inside and out!

Eponine loves you, flaws and imperfections and all. You are a whole, wonderfully diverse and amazing individual and you deserve to be loved!

How to Feel Better Each Day

Written by Emma, Photography by Isabella

Life gets hard, and sometimes I wish there was a way to pause it and go back in time to when I was happier but unfortunately life doesn’t work like that so I have to figure out other ways to deal with it. Small changes in your everyday life can add up to big improvements over time, simple things, that don’t even require a huge lifestyle change.

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It’s funny how someone so many miles away can make me feel better than someone right next to me
—  you’re my happiness