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Tis me~ Alex~ I'm so nervous/excited. School starts on the 4th and my birthday is on the 1st. I had my friend text me last night and she asked me if liking girls was a bad thing (cuz she's Christian) and she told her mom and her reaction was 'are you gay?!' And then she said it's bad to like girls and I felt bad because I also like both guys and girls so now my heads in a mess -Alex

Hey Alex!!! Same as a certain bunny heheh ~ 

There is nothing wrong with liking guys or girls - regardless of your gender (personal opinion). Yes, Christians have their own views and beliefs but if your friend likes girls then whose to stop her? It’s what feels natural to her and I believe that as parents they should support her ~ Don’t let what other people say influence your own thoughts about your sexuality love ~

Librarian AU

“Girl, you better go talk to him,” Marinette’s coworker says, and Marinette distracts herself by straightening the bookshelf in front of her. It was amazing how fast the craft books got out of order, and it was clearly essential that she fix them right now.

Alya, the other children’s librarian and Marinette’s favorite coworker, was sitting at an uncomfortable angle in her swivel chair that made Marinette worry the chair might tip, but then she reminds herself that she is ignoring the evil woman. “Seriously, the poor boy looks lonely all alone over there. Go say hi.”

Deciding the craft books were as orderly as they were going to get, Marinette turns back to Alya, and plants her hands firmly on her hips. “Alya, I can’t leave right now! I’m working!”

Alya makes a big show of swiveling her chair to look at the shelves of books behind Marinette, clearly devoid of children, and then turning the other direction to the side with shelves of picture books and couches. There was only one toddler on the couches, and the child seemed pretty content listening to their mom reading from one of the picture books.

“I think I can handle this wild crowd all by myself,” Alya responds, swiveling back to Marinette and raising one eyebrow in a perfect arch. “Now, go talk to the cute new guy at circulation!”

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Catch Fire Pt. 6

Luke Hemmings Soulmate AU

summary: In a world where one can enter the dreams of their soulmate until they finally meet, Nikki soon finds out these aren’t just regular soulmate dreams because Luke has a dark secret that changes everything.

 word count: 3.6K

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 ||

As Luke had hoped, the sky was nice and clear, perfect for getting lost in the stars hanging above. The pair had since finished their meal, Nikki noticing throughout that Luke mostly played with his chopsticks and barely ate, but chalked it up to nerves. After cleaning up they stretched out on the blankets beneath them, Luke turning off the lantern plunging them in darkness as they gazed at the inky sky dotted with twinkling lights.

Luke was to Nikki’s left, one arm propped up under his head while his right was slightly pressed against Nikki’s. While admiring the beauty of the night she quickly became engrossed in her thoughts over the boy beside her. She couldn’t believe how happy she felt beside him, how his presence brought a sense of calming to her. Absentmindedly she slipped her fingers in between Luke’s and instantly shivered, not expecting them to be like icicles.

A low chuckle rumbled in his chest, “Sorry, I run kinda cold.” She could feel him peering at her but kept her eyes trained on the sky.

“S’okay. Just a surprise is all.”

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For all the haters that be hating on MarkJin’s Got2Day episode, I have a few words for you.

“This is boring…” Sweetie I have some news for you, this isn’t some ice breakers commercial. A blue sparkly unicorn isn’t going to bust through and make an appearance, to have Mark and Jinyoung hop on him and ride off into the fucking sunset. This isn’t Cirque Du Soleil. They aren’t going to make their fucking intro by coming down on ribbons. This isn’t a circus, no one is going to show up on a unicycle juggling pins that are on fire. This is GOT2Day, where two members get together and just chat. Be happy that they are even doing this because it gives us a chance to see how they all interact with each other one on one and to see the relationships that they all have, and I don’t know about you but I think that is pretty fucking nifty.

I honestly feel bad for them because Jinyoung said multiple times, that’s right not just once but multiple times, how they were boring and you could kind of tell he felt really bad about that. He shouldn’t feel that way. He shouldn’t be like ‘welp this is going to be the least liked one since we are boring’. He should be thinking ‘We aren’t boring, I am going to have a blast talking with Mark and it is going to be great!’ But no, he was thinking the opposite and you know whose fault that is? Ours. And that is pretty fucking sad.

I did not think this episode was boring at all. Nor did I think the last one was. Mark was such a sassy little savage in this episode, and a lot more fucking confident than he once was. (Can I just get a quick squee and amen for this fact?) “We’re super boring right?” “No.” YES MARK. YOU TELL THEM. YOU ARE NOT BORING. “Why are there so many themes in this room? Is it because they just don’t want us to talk on our own?” “Because when you and I get together, we need a lot of topics to talk about.” “We don’t need it.” YOU TELL THEM BOO BOO. SHUT DOWN THOSE PEOPLE WHO THINK YOU CAN’T HOLD A FUCKING CONVERSATION ON YOUR OWN.

What got me the most was that with this part you can hear how agitated Mark is with the fact that they put stuff up there for him to talk about. I am willing to bet that they put that shit up there because of people complaining so damn much on the last video that it was boring. And that is sad, and honestly I am glad they didn’t use any of those things because then the interaction wouldn’t have been genuine. (At least not to me.) I like how they talked about whatever came to mind because that is more realistic. That is how convos between friends works. That shows their dynamic.

There were so many great moments in this interview! From Mark completely ignoring Jinyoung and asking about the bread, to Mark telling Jinyoung he doesn’t take off his hat when he is with Jinyoung, to Jinyoung telling Mark he would rather talk to fans because he talks to him all the time, to Mark giving a critique on the food. It was a funny wholesome episode, and Mark played a big part in it and I was so proud to see him come out of his shell so much.

I get that not every video is going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you don’t like it I have a simple solution for you! Don’t fucking watch it. If you are sitting there going “Oh this is boring….” then stop watching it and click out. Don’t sit there and watch the entire thing all the while commenting “This is boring…” because it is pretty fucking obvious that they see this shit and it affects them in a negative way.

If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.

Pretty simple if you think about it. So please support our boys, don’t bring them down! And seriously, I don’t what you are all expecting, they are just talking. If you want a zombie apocalypse, or a sparkly unicorn I suggest you watch your local cable television.

BigBang and dating...

BigBang is back and held an interview where they talked about every fans favorite side topic, dating.

Taeyang says, “We’re the same as any other people our age. It’s not a bad thing to date, and you need a lot of experience. I wholeheartedly agree that, as a person whose job it is to express feelings through music, it’s important to have experience. But Korea seems to be pretty sensitive when it comes to that. So we are a bit careful with it.” 
T.O.P jumps in, and says, “I don’t think about whether dating will have an affect or not. But I do think there should be some distance maintained. I’ve seen too many adverse effects from people making too many things public.” 
When asked whether they share with each other their dating lives, they said that it depends on the person. Some of them do, and some of them don’t. Daesung responds to a question about whether he’s a “loser” or a “winner” when he dates. “I think it depends on who you’re dating. Whether you’re dating a femme fatale or not. In the end, you just need to meet sticky rice cake (referring to “BAE BAE” lyrics).”

(Source, soompi)

Okay, guys...

We received an anonymous message yesterday regarding someone’s negative blog posts about the Nostalgia Critic and I chose not to post it since I don’t want any drama brought onto this blog. But I will respond to it indirectly here. Before I get to that, I just want the anon to know I am not angry at you. You didn’t do anything wrong. I just don’t want any specific names involved while discussing this subject. If you’d like to come off anon and discuss this further in private, you’re welcome to do so.

That being said, I will now share my thoughts on those who post negative and disrespectful things about Doug/NC/TGWTG/etc. 

Many people will just never understand and never like what he’s doing. It might make fans angry when they put him down and they might get the urge to tell people off when they insult him. But really, starting an online war just because someone didn’t find what he said amusing just isn’t worth it. No matter how good you think something is, there will always be people out there who will try to tear it apart, insult it and never see your side to it.

And that’s okay.

If there’s anything TGWTG has shown me, it’s that not everyone is gonna like what you like and you shouldn’t be rude to people who have different opinions other than your own. Doug is aware his work is hated by people, he knows it. Most of his fans know it too. There will always be people who dislike Doug/NC/TGWTG. It’s just the way it is. You can always have a civil discussion with them but if it turns ugly, it’s best to bail out before someone goes too far. I don’t know Doug personally, but I do know that he wouldn’t want anyone to make someone else feel bad for not sharing the same opinion they do. He said something similar in one of his vlogs once and I agree with it. 

It sucks when something you like is put down, but it doesn’t mean you should like it any less or start an argument with someone whose opinion is already set in stone. There are many things in life I can’t stand and would love to rant about but I’d personally rather focus on more positive things instead. Some things just aren’t worth your time. Odds are, you’ll run into a lot more posts/videos on the internet similar to the one that outraged you. My advice is to just not read them if they upset you but if you choose to, try to at least respect their opinions and don’t let them get to you. :)