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Honestly all of the people responding to Griffin’s post with attacks against the folks criticizing the representation aspect completely missed the point of that post. Some people went so far as to say folks were bullying the McElroys with these criticisms…

And guys I cannot stress this enough: I do not think this is the response they want. I don’t think they want you calling these criticisms bullying. I do not think they want you calling them precious cinnamon rolls who are being viciously attacked by mean sjws

I’m not trying to start stuff, especially before sundown on Ramadan lol. I just want you guys to read that post and see what they’re saying. They spend the whole post calling these criticisms valid. They feel genuinely bad for hurting people. This isn’t them saying “people are making me feel bad”. It even talks about Justin feeling bad long before any of this. It talks about conclusions *they* have made without anyone telling them.

I’m not going to get into the issue at the heart of the matter right now, but as someone who has been a fan of the show from literally the first episode and a huge fan of the McElroys… These are good boys who don’t want to hurt people and see these responses as what they are: people being hurt and reaching out to people whose content has made them happy in hopes that they will be heard.

Please recognize that the McElroys are good dudes who genuinely care about the impact they have on people. Please recognize that the McElroys understand that these are emotional topics and people have been seriously hurt by these issues.

Stop attacking the people that the McElroys are genuinely concerned about and genuinely apologizing to.

I was listening to the bit where Taako trains Angus in magic and getting emo about it. Like… Justin says Taako feels bad about the Silverware Thing and that’s the only reason why, but he also says that he sees Angus as his equal. I feel like Taako looks at Angus and sees him as a fellow employee, but deep down also sees a kid with no real firm ties planetside (his grandfather is dying or dead, and he mostly adventures on his own) who’s making it on his own wits in much the same way that Taako did growing up. But also Taako kind of sees himself as “dumb” and magic was a tool to work around his own perceived shortcomings and challenges, and he looks at this brilliant kid and sees all his own potential magnified.

(And when that power in sweet Angus becomes greater than his own, he will come for him.)

((Just kidding that was all just for a monologue……….. maybe…..))

Soulmates AU - Part 2

Bitty doesn’t tell anyone.

He sits tight and hopes it’s a coincidence.

Because Jack Zimmerman is an asshole and Bitty doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Slowly Bitty begins to spend more time at the hockey Haus, where Shitty, Ransom and Holster live…

And Jack too.

Jack for the most part ignores Bitty.

Except at practice.

At practice Jack is a monster.

He constantly yells at Bitty for not being good enough.

It hurts more than it should.

I must have shown because Ransom gives him a half smile and says, “You, Bitty, Jack just gets real busy near the end of every preseason.”

“He’ll go back to regular levels of bitchy after the first game.” Holster added.

Shitty snorted.

“Hey, when a bro’s dad is Bad Bob, a bro’s going to turn into a fucking hockey Nazi every once in a while.” He said.

“Who’s Bad Bob?” Bitty asked, feeling foolish for even asking.

The look they give him are terrifying.

“Wait. What did I—Ya’ll stop staring at me like that! This is exactly what happened before the football team locked me in a utility closet overnight in the 7th grade!”

The three blinked at him.

“That happened to you?

“That’s really fucked up dude.”

“What are these motherfucker’s last names? We’re going to hunt them down!”

“You didn’t know who Bad Bob is? What the heck is wrong with you dude?”

Bitty rolls his eyes.

Abby had shown up at his dorm at 9 am, the day of his first game, determined to see the game and spend the weekend with him.

“I’m sorry I don’t follow hockey!” He defended.

“My mom is, like, obsessed with him!” Abby said.

“Is she?” Bitty asked.

“Robbie is fucking named after him you nerd!”

“I thought she named him after great Uncle Burt.”

Abby gave him a deadpan look.

“You mean the uncle none of us knew?” She asked.

Bitty snorted.

Abby sighed and stretched out on his bed.

“So have you Googled Jack yet?” She asked.

“…No.” Bitty said.

Abby let out another sigh.

“So, like, I did and all I’m saying is maybe give the dude a break ok?” She said.

Bitty blinked.

“Why?” He demanded.

He couldn’t understand how she, his best friend and family, was defending the guy who was relentless to him.

Abby sat up and frowned.

“He fought dragons. And lost.” She said.

Bitty had a horrible flash back to when they were twelve and he had been so depressed by his school and the bullies.

Abby had told him that he had to slay the dragons.

And he did.

But was Jack the kind of person that happened when the dragons won?

Bitty decides to take Abby to the Haus.

He knows it’s a bad idea.

He does it anyways.

They walk into the living room and Abby immediately scoffs at the television.

“30 Rock? Really? This show is so overrated.” She said.

“Take that fucking back!”

The two whipped around to see Holster glaring at Abby.

“Suck my imaginary penis!” Abby snapped back.

Everyone freezes and Bitty feels his breath catch.

“Oh my god. It’s you.” Holster breathed.

“I’m Abby.” Abby said, holding out her hand.

“Adam Birkholtz but my friends call me-“

“Holster. Eric has told me all about ya’ll.” Abby said.

“Who the fuck is Eric?” Holster asked.

Abby blinked and looked at Bitty.

“I told you that they call me Bitty here.” He said.

“Oh! You’re his cousin? The one who goes to Brown?” Holster asked.

“Yep! I came to visit Eric-er Bitty since this was my first free weekend. I’m glad I did.” She said.

Eric rolled his eyes at her flirting.

Holster’s eyes lit up.

“Ransom! Get down here!” He bellowed up the stairs.

He turned back to Abby.

“Let me introduce you to our other soulmate.”

Ransom came racing down the stairs.

“What’s up man?” He asked as he walked over to Holster, Bitty and Abby.

“Oh my god! My parents are going to die!” Abby exclaimed gleefully.

Ransom’s eyes widened.

“Holy fucking shit!”

They win the game and Bitty feels amazing because he got an assist!

There is a party in celebration and Bitty gets to do the first kegster because he got the first point of the season.

Bitty is flying high until he realizes that Jack isn’t there.

He hates the feeling of envy he has towards Abby.

He’s happy that she has found Ransom and Holster but it…

It just doesn’t feel fair that she gets these two amazing soulmates while his maybe soulmate obviously hates him.

You + Me = Better Math

Justin doesn’t think about it.

The problem of course, lies in the fact that Justin has always been extremely successful at the things he puts his mind to. And sure, that’s all well and good, until one day he, Holster and Lardo are decorating the tops of their caps in the Haus kitchen, and the next Justin’s got three new roommates in a too small apartment in Providence, with almost 200 miles separating himself from his best friend.

Justin is decidedly thinking about it.

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For Lasenby_Heathcote.  A million thank you’s to @sleepy-skittles​ for beta-ing this for me in the middle of Law School exams (a goddess, seriously), and to @jayzimmboni​ for being a sounding board for me throughout this whole exchange!! Title from You Make Me Better by Fabolous, because you all know it is the official SMH D-Men Theme Song, lbr. 

  This is my first big-ish Holsom fic! I hope y’all like it!

Link to AO3!

Pairing: Ransom/Holster

Rating: Teen & Up

Words: 5,255

Tags:  Future Fic, Getting Together, Anxiety, Loneliness, Canon Typical Swearing, Cuddling, alcohol

Justin doesn’t think about it.

He keeps himself busy, throwing himself into being a good captain for the boys, immersing himself in his studies and planning more Haus Parties in a year than ever before. If he starts to think about it, he goes on the defense, pulling his notes back out or opening Instagram up on his phone and getting lost in the study aesthetics and kittens tags. Other people are obviously thinking about it; he can see it in the way Bitty pulls his bottom lip between his teeth and the nervous looks Dex and Nursey exchange as the season draws to a close. But then they make it into the playoffs, and everybody (including Justin) forgets about that thing looming in the middle of May.

They make it to the championships and they win this time, Bitty scoring the game winning goal with a beautiful slap shot. Justin has never felt pride and excitement and relief like this before, watching this team pile together on the ice, red and white confetti falling from the ceiling and clinging to the sweat and tears on their smiling faces. There’s strong arms lifting Justin in the air, and he knows who it is, knows there’s only one person that even has a chance of moving his feet from the ground . He grins and clings to Holster, forcibly not thinking about what comes next.

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Safe- Justin Foley

Request: Can you do one where Kat comes back and starts dating Justin again and Justin becomes super overprotective because he feels bad about what happened with Jessica. 

Warning: cussing, mention of rape

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Safe- Justin Foley

The minute Kat came back she seemed to slip into a regular routine with Justin. Nearly immediately they were back together in their old routine, which was why she was at her locker putting her things back in her bag and waiting for Justin to meet up with her to drive her home.

But the routine changed when Jessica walked up to her, “Be careful with him. You need to know what really happened between me and him. Ask him about Bryce.”

She walked away just as quick as she had appeared leaving Kat confused. At first she figured Jessica was just being a jealous ex but by the look on her face it didn’t seem jealous, she seemed concerned, or hurt. Kat sighed waiting for Justin to show up until finally she saw him walking towards her across the hall with Bryce walking behind him. With Jessica’s words repeating in her mind she confidently walked up to her boyfriend pulling him in for a quick kiss.

“Where’s mine Kat?” Bryce asked leaning towards her as he laughed. Kat rolled her eyes and shoved him away slightly.

“Bryce shut up.” Justin snapped leaving Kat shocked wondering if his bitterness towards his best friend had something to do with what Jessica mentioned.

“You both know it’s just a joke Foley.” Bryce responded punching Justin’s arm before grabbing Kat’s wrist, “right?”

“Don’t fucking touch her.” Justin practically growled grabbing Bryce’s arm in a quick movement and shoving him away with his free hand.

“Justin what the fuck?” Kat asked staring at her boyfriend who seemed livid. It wasn’t like him to get pissed about a joke and she knew it was much deeper than that. Sensing it wouldn’t stop she grabbed Justin and practically dragged him away from Bryce and out of the school not stopping until they safely got to his car.

“Want to explain what happened? And why Jessica told me to ask you about him?” Kat asked running a hand through her hair slightly concerned.

“Bryce did some,” he paused to take in a breath, “really bad things. He hurt Jessica, and Hannah. I just don’t want him near you. I didn’t do anything to stop it, and I regret that every fucking day. I just can’t let that happen to you too.”

anonymous asked:

Hii so I just watched the video where Jungkook says he wanted his english name to be 'Justin Seagull' even though I find that funny and super cute I can't help but wonder if he knows how Justin treats his fans and how he acts? Because that's not a behavior to look up to at all. Not that I think Jungkook would act like that but still. And really no hate to Justin because I sort of do feel bad for him because of the pressure of being so famous that early and I think that's a part of his behavior

I don’t think jungkook knows about the controversies around Justin Bieber. He probably has better things to do. Kookie probably just really admires his music and his voice. Bcoz that’s what I feel about JB too, I don’t like him as a person but I can’t deny that his recent songs are bops and he’s really talented.

Justin told me, “I think we’ve always tried to be [inclusive], it’s just early on we didn’t necessarily have the tools or the understanding of how to be that way. I think mainly that’s because we grew up around people like us. So that was our default. But that expanded. ‘People like us’ has gotten a lot broader since we’ve had a much broader audience.”

The turning point was furries. It was around episode 30, not even in response to a listener’s letter, but to a Yahoo Answers question from a thirteen-year-old furry wondering about coming out to his family. The brothers’ comedy comes from escalation, each taking the previous joke farther and to sillier lengths. In this case, the joke—the “joke”—was about how freaked out and disturbed they were by furries.  

The next episode, in the middle of answering another question—from a listener afraid of being made fun of for being in their school play—Justin segued into an apology. “Like, if you look at us. Last week we talked a lot of yay about furries, but to cover up the fact that we are all right now, as we record the show, wearing furry costumes.” Griffin said, “I’m a lynx.” Travis: “I’m a sexy cow.” And Justin? “I’m an apologetic tiger, because I feel bad to our furry friends.” Griffin chimed in, “I feel wicked bad!” He continued, “Let’s put this question on pause, cause we need to address this. I think that hatred comes from fear, and fear comes from misunderstanding.” And the brothers owned up to misunderstanding furries, and thanked the listeners who’d written in to set them straight.

As Justin told me, “Afterwards, we got these tweets from people who were like, ‘Hey, I’m a furry, and I like your show, and that sucked.’ I don’t know who we thought was listening, but we certainly didn’t think furries were, ‘cause we didn’t know any growing up. Once we realized that we hurt these people, we felt like garbage about it. So we were like, let’s make the decision to learn, and talk to these people, and celebrate them and become wildly pro-furry. What we realized is, isn’t it also a lot funnier to be wildly pro-furry. I think it’s funnier to be really into everything, permissive of everything.”

It’s not that they’re pretending to be pro-furry because being pro-furry is silly. The McElroys decided—and the success of MBMBaM proves—that actually being enthusiastic about everything opens the door to better comedy. Justin: “We realized it was a lot funnier than saying no all the time. It dovetails with basic improv rules. So we just started saying yes to fucking everything. You cannot trip us out any more!”

You know what the McElroys remind me of?

There’s a character in Community, Dean Pelton, who is a side/recurring character in the show. He’s rather effeminate, gets great enjoyment out of extravagant costumes and outfits, regularly crossdresses, and eschews the term “gay” because it’s not an expansive enough term. (Pansexual and genderqueer are most apt for him.)

And during an AMA, someone told show creator Dan Harmon that as a genderqueer person, they loved Pelton and how open and positive the character was.

Harmon’s response was gracious, and pointed out that with Pelton, often the joke was not that he was a weirdo or an outcast or anything like that. The joke was… happiness. That this person was performatively queer, and that the joke wasn’t at his expense, but that he was happy and people like that could be happy.

And that feeling is a close relative to what I feel with the McElroy content. It’s the same thing we say about jokes about race or gender or sex; make sure the joke is with the group, not against them. Comedy used to put down the downtrodden is bad; comedy used to uplift is one of the great goods.

I dunno. They just make me happy in a world where, right now, a lot of forces want to hurt me. And that’s important.

MBMBaM is almost never explicitly political, but—sad as this may be—in late 2016, inclusive compassion became a political act.

chocolates and roses — justin foley

prompt: justin comes to your house with your favourite goodies in attempt to make you feel better.

request: you have a bad/stressing day and justin tries to make you feel better?

warnings: justin’s cuteness

today has been very tiring, you have been given stacks of homework and you spilt your coffee all down your white shirt which you were certain that won’t come off in a hurry.

all of these things were fogging up your mind, you couldn’t even think clearly. your most craved action was to go home and unwind, perhaps run yourself a bath with one of your favourite lush bath bombs.

you had just finished your shift at monet’s as you begin to walk home and just your luck, it had began to rain. you rolled your eyes before hurrying home, your clothes became soaked and your hair was wet too.

can this day get any worse?

you attended to your phone, your boyfriend justin had texted you asking if your day had gone okay and you of course replied ranting about how bad it was.

justin: how was your day, baby?

you: terrible, i spilt coffee all over my favourite shirt and i have so much homework to do and my clothes are soaking because i had to walk home in the rain and i am just so stressed. :(

within seconds he replied with the most mood lifting text ever.

justin: i’ll be there soon princess:)

you walked into your bedroom and got changed into some more comfortable clothing, the doorbell rang as you skipped towards the door to reveal justin holding multiple bags of food and some chocolates with a bunch of roses.

“justin…” you squealed, peppering his face with kisses as he laughs.

“i couldn’t stand knowing that you were sad.” he grins as you engulfed him into a bear hug, you collect some of the food and lead him into the living room where to put on netflix and slumped down onto the couch.

justin sits down next to you as you tear open a bag of chips, you both share the bag and then begin feasting on the chocolates that he had bought.

“honestly, i don’t think that caroline should’ve married stefan. she’s better off with klaus and stefan deserves a happier ending.” you protested as justin chuckles, he looks at you the way every girl wants to be looked at —it was sometimes so surreal that justin was actually yours.

“aww, you’re so adorable.” he pinches your cheeks as you giggled, he begins to tickle your sides as you let out uncontrollable laughter.

“justin, stop!” you whined as he eventually stops, your head was resting in his lap as he begins to play with your hair which you loved.

“i love you justin foley.” you whispered as he leans down and pecks your lips, your eyelids became heavy as he continues playing with your soft locks.

“i love you too y/n y/l/n.” he replies as you smiled slightly.

you couldn’t imagine being with anyone else other than justin, he was your everything and you wouldn’t change that for the world…