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I'm sorry if your not doing these at the moment but can you please do B1 with Mooching Hobo

this level of cuteness should be illegal

Hobo belongs to @loverofpiggies

Showing What’s Yours (Reggie x Reader)

Request: your dating Reggie for a couple years & when Veronica comes she likes him and tries to like break them up. But then she sees how much we love each other & feels really bad.

 Veronica stepped her way inside of Riverdale High with Betty on one side and Kevin on the other. For her first day here she didn’t feel as nervous as she thought she would but it all changed when they walked in. Everyone stopped and stared, most were whispering about what Veronica assumed to be her. Making their way down the hallway Kevin and Betty were telling her all of the latest gossip of Jason Blossom murder. It happened to be the talk of the town and they didn’t want her to be completely clueless on her first day.

“There is Archie Andrews” Kevin said as he pointed over to a redhead boy by the lockers. “Betty best friend and soulmate”

“You two are dating?” Veronica asked cursorily, wanting to know more on this wonderful topic.

“Shh Kevin and no we are not we’re just friends.”

“That Betty is here in love with but is too sacred to say anything about it” Kevin spoke at he looked at the handsome boy as Betty eyed him down not impressed he was doing this here in the school hallway.

“Who’s that?” Veronica asked as she lifted her eyebrows liking what she was seeing. A tall built boy was making his way to Archie’s side at his locker. She had to admit he was hot.

“That’s Reggie Mantle, he was one of Jason’s best friends. He also on the football team as well” Betty told Veronica. She nodded her head he was for sure her type.

As the four of them sat at the lunch table talking and enjoying their food, Veronica let her eyes wander the school yards. Looking at all of the different kind of social groups she wondering where she use to fit into. One table caught her eye, it was the football team. She scanned her eyes until she found Reggie, the boy she wanted to be hers. She was shocked as an random girl came up to him placing a water bottle in front of him, then went to leave but not before Reggie kissed her cheek.

“Who’s that?” She asked interrupting the conversion. All of them turned to see who Veronica was talking about, Kevin was the first one to speak

“That’s Y/N L/N, she’s a year older than us”

“She’s also Reggie girlfriend” Archie added causing Veronica eyes to widen.

“You guy didn’t tell me he had a girlfriend”

“You didn’t asked, what’s it to you anyway” Betty claimed before she realized what was on her mind. “It’s not going to happen V. They have been dating for years”

“Their the longest running couple in this school” Kevin added in.

“We will see about that” Veronica announced as she got up from her spot to make her way to her next class, passing by Reggie’s table she gave him a wink. He smiled but was slightly confused on what she was doing.

Knowing she was here before you were Veronica knew that was the perfect time to get started on her break up plan. Watching the boys leave the room one by one pretending she was there for Archie but she already knew he left, she waited. Until she saw the boy she was looking for Reggie. She moved to block his way of coming out of the room.

“Hey Reggie” V said as sweetly as she could.

“Veronica right? You are the new girl?” Reggie questioned remembering her from earlier that day when she winked at him. It hurt V a bit when he didn’t really know who she was but she didn’t care.

“Yes the one and only” She started while laying her hand on his chest. Reggie look down at her confused on what she was doing.

“W-” But she cutted him off, standing on her toes, she leaned to meet Reggie’s ear and whispered

“Meet me at Pop’s at eight, we could get some milkshakes” Before Reggie even had a chance to denied Veronica was already gone. You passed her on your way in but didn’t think anything of it until you got to Reggie.

“Hey sorry I’m late, Cheryl was talking to me. What’s wrong with you? You looked like you seen a ghost” You asked as you put your head on Reggie’s forehead making sure he didn’t have a fever.

“It’s nothing, just something that I got to deal with later” He smiled happy to see you finally here.

“Okay whatever Reg as long as everything is fine” Lacing your hands with his, you guys made your way to his car while chatting about each other day.

Reggie looked around Pop’s as he step in looking for Veronica. He came with one thing in mind and that was to turn her down. He didn’t like her like that because he loved you. Spotting her in one of the back booth he made his way over, siding in the seat across from her. Veronica smiled thinking she was getting to him and knowing that if she gets her way there wouldn’t be no more Reggie and you.

“Well look who decided to come” Veronica said cheerfully while reaching her hand across the table onto Reggie’s. He looked down with disgust and pull his hand back down by his side. V looked at him with a frown.

“I think you got the wrong idea Veronica” Reggie started to say but the door opened to Pop’s making V stared at the person who walked in. Reggie turned to see who was so important but wished he haven’t when he saw you. You caught sight of them right away and went over.

“Well well what do we have here?” You mocked full well knowing what it was.

“Babe it’s not what you think” Reggie said while getting up but you stopped him and pushed him back into the seat. Leaning over the table to come face to face with Veronica you started to speak

“Listen here Ms. Lodge, I know you are new and don’t know how this little town works yet but you should know one thing. You don’t go after someone else’s boyfriend. You knew he was taken  because Betty and them told you but you still had to try right?. I don’t know what’s going on in your mess up family and frankly I don’t care but if you value your life or that stupid pearl necklace you will stay away. Got it?” Veronica look at you wide eyes and nodded. She didn’t think that any of this was going to happen more so you telling her off. You seemed to sweet and innocent to do it but boy was she wrong. Standing back up straight you grabbed ahold of Reggie’s hand pulling him out behind you. Standing outside of Pop’s, Reggie only had one thing to say.

“Damn that was hot babe” Smirking Reggie felt proud that your were all his.

“What can I stay I love what’s mine and no bitch is going to take it away” You said with a laugh, Reggie then kiss you. You guys were each others and no one was going to stand in yours guys way of happiness.

Teddy bear

(A/N): That awkward moment when you too, sleep with a stuffed animal. That even more awkward moment when It’s a stuffed animal of your favorite character. 

Request:  I have a request! I’m 19 and I still sleep with a stuffed animal. I get teased about it, but it’s like a security thing for me! so maybe that with Bucky and the team kinda makes you feel bad about it and Bucky knows, and one night you don’t sleep with it, and he wonders why? x thanks!

Warnings: none

Originally posted by the-dark-overlord-of-all

   You’d always, always slept with a stuffed animal. For as long as you could remember you always had to have that safety with you, that comfort that sleeping with some plush toy would bring. You did feel a little silly to be this old and still sleep with a stuffed animal but you didn’t dwell to much on the matter, well, not until today at least. 

   You’d been having a pretty damn good day, you kicked ass during training, you’d gotten a nice warm shower and now you were simply sitting around with your teammates, talking about everything and nothing at once. You were actually enjoying the presence of people for once until Tony ‘let’s make everyone feel awful about themself’ Stark had to exploit you. 

   “Didn’t know such a badass would have such strange sleeping habits,” Tony begins, raising his eyebrows at you suggestively. The team all turns to look at you, confusion evident on their features. 

   “What do you mean-” Nat begins when Tony cuts her off, telling the whole team about your ‘sleeping situation’.

   “I just think it’s a little strange that (Y/N), a grown ass shield agent sleeps with a stuffed animal is all,” Tony smiles smugly and you can almost feel your heart stop. All the other Avengers turn to look at you, expressions of surprise and oncoming mock overtaking their faces. 

   “Oh my god,” Clint whispers in disbelief, “Do you really?” Tony nods, confirming that you indeed do. 

   “Got a cute little bow and everything,” The team tries not to smile, you can see it. They’re all holding back their taunts and cackles, their lips quivering as they attempt to not laugh. Clint was the first to break, a small chuckle falling from his lips. This then triggered Steve to laugh, and then Sam, and then Nat, and then Thor, and so on. Soon the entire team was laughing at you muttering stuff like, ‘Oh my god, I can’t believe you,’ or ‘it’s humbling to know you’re not such a badass after all,’. 

   You bury your face in your hands, your cheeks burning and your lip quivering as shame and embarrassment get the better of you. With the team laughing around you, essentially mocking you for your strange ways, it was a little hurtful to say the least. Wasn’t this supposed to be a judge-free team or some shit like that? And here they were, judging you for having a little security in your life. You can feel all eyes on you and you want to die of embarrassment, you had all the Avengers staring at you, making fun of you. Well, everyone but Bucky. He just watched helplessly as everyone teased you and made fun of you, wishing nothing more than to help you, to stop them from taunting you. 

   You want to leave the room, go and lock yourself in your bedroom to feel sad but you know that if you leave the room you’ll just get teased more so instead you stay, staying sitting as everyone makes fun of you. 

   When the Avengers all went to bed you were more than grateful to get away from their incessant taunting. Since Tony spilled the beans you’d been the but of everyone’s joke the entire evening, not once did someone miss the chance to call you out on your silly habits. So that night you went to bed, feeling like complete and utter shit. 

  You eye your bed and the stuffed animal that laid upon it. Everyone’s taunts come back to mind and you feel awful once again. You throw back your covers, not even bothering to grab the stuffed animal that had fallen to the floor. If they wanted to make fun of you, sure they could but you weren’t going to give them any more reason to. They made fun of you for sleeping with a stuffed animal then you weren’t going to sleep with a stuffed animal. Simple as that. Or so you thought it would be…

   You couldn’t sleep properly without something in your arms, without something to give you that sense of security but you would refuse to give in, refuse to continue to be the butt of everyone’s jokes. So instead you powered through, refusing to even acknowledge the stuffed animal on your floor. 

   It was when 3 o’clock rolled around and you still hadn’t gotten a lick of sleep is when you gave up. You rose from your bed, carefully walking over to your bedroom door and not so quietly opened it. You didn’t care if you woke anyone else up, after all the were the reason you were up at 3 in the morning. 

   You meander into the living room, expecting it to be empty but you as you stepped foot into the room you realized you had been wrong. There, sitting on the couch in a sort of daze was Bucky. The TV before him was droning on about some new weight loss product but Bucky was only half paying attention, instead focused on his own thoughts as per usual. 

  You really didn’t want to face more ridicule or rejection so with a soft sigh you turn on your heel and go to leave the room when Bucky’s quiet voice stops you. 

   “(Y/N)? What are you doing up?” You internally curse yourself for thinking you could outwit the supersolider before turning around, putting on a fake smile. 

   “I couldn’t really sleep,” You shrug your shoulders lightly, hoping he didn’t press the matter further. 

   “You usually sleep like the dead,” Bucky notes as he stares at you with an expression you couldn’t quite read. “And now you’re having sleeping problems…?” You bite your lip as you attempt to come up with a legitimate reason but by the time you’ve come up with an elaborate lie Bucky is already talking again. “It’s because of earlier today, right?” Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. He’d figured it out. 

   You sigh softly, hanging your head in shame. 

   “Y-yeah…” You whisper so quietly you’re actually surprised Bucky can hear you. 

   “It’s a security thing…” He notes softly, “You’re not gonna be able to sleep without it,” 

   “I know, I just-” You sigh once again, resting your head against the frame of the door as you do so. “I just don’t want to be the butt of everyone’s jokes, it’s not exactly the most pleasant experience.” Bucky nods in understanding, his lips pursed as he thinks. “Plus, it was time I stopped sleeping with that old thing, act my age right?” You chuckle nervously at your words but end up wincing at the sound of your shaky voice. Bucky shrugs his shoulders, his eyes still glued to your form. 

   “If you want…” Bucky trails off for a moment, seemingly getting lost in his thoughts before he starts back up again. “If you want you can come hang out with me.” Bucky gives you a shy smile and you’d be lying if it didn’t make you feel a little weak in the knees. “I don’t sleep much anyways,” You nod your head (maybe a little too quickly) but Bucky either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care because he doesn’t mention it. His smile grows a little and as you sit right next to him his smile only grows more. Sure, you could have sat a little farther away from him but he just looked…inviting? Comfy? Safe? 

   Bucky doesn’t seem to mind this close proximity, in fact he even pulls you a bit closer by placing his arm around your waist and pulling you closer. Now you’re nearly sitting on his lap, his arms loosely resting around your waist as his face rests against your back. 

   Bucky being affectionate was no secret or surprise, the man constantly needed affection to reaffirm that he was here and not locked in some Hydra facility in the middle of nowhere. Hell, you’d been on the receiving end of this many times but something about it this time felt…different. There was a certain safety and comfort you got from sitting with Bucky. The way his arms felt around you, the feeling of his face pressed against your back, it was somewhat reminiscent of the safety your stuffed animal had brought you. Only now this safety belonged to none other than Bucky Barnes himself. 

  You exhale softly as you unconsciously nuzzle back against him, the overwhelming feeling of safety urging you to move closer. 

   “Comfy?” Bucky asks quietly and his voice suddenly sounds a hell of a lot tireder than it did a few moments ago. You were in fact comfy, but not like you usually were. You needed to hold something in your arms, have that pleasant weight settled in your embrace. 

   “Actually-” You pause as you bit your lip, contemplating if you really wanted to ask the ex- winter soldier if he wanted to be little spoon. “Um- nevermind, it was stupid,” You dismiss your thoughts, waving them away as though they were nothing. 

  “Wait,” Bucky whispers as he nuzzles against you. “Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me,” 

   “Oh my god,” You breathe out as you playfully smack his forearms. “Stop and I’ll tell you,” Bucky immediately shuts up, his lips practically zipping shut as soon as the words fly from your mouth. You sigh once again, your nerves almost getting the better of you. “It’s just- it’s that I’m used to having something to hold so I was wondering if…” You trail off as you bite at your nails, hoping Bucky got the drift. 

   “Wait…you want me to be the little spoon?” Bucky asks quietly. You nod your head, your cheeks damn near burning at the question. 

   “Y-Yeah, if it’s not too much trouble or anything…” Before you even finish your statement Bucky has flipped the two of you over, leaving you to be the big spoon, as you had requested. Bucky nuzzles into your neck, lazily wrapping his arms around your body as he does so. You in return rest your chin atop his head while running your fingers through his soft hair.

    Cuddling with Bucky was far more pleasant than anything you’d ever experienced, the constant warmth radiating off of him, the pleasant weight of his body settled by yours, it was so relaxing and soothing that you didn’t even realize you had fallen asleep until you woke up the next morning. Who know Bucky Barnes would become your personal teddy bear. 

~Extended Ending~

   “Where the hell is (Y/N)?” Tony yells as he marches down the hall, having searched every room in the facility. He needed (Y/N) for some research and he couldn’t find them anywhere. They hadn’t left the facility because they had to punch in a code to leave, which they hadn’t. So either (Y/N) had suddenly become an excellent hacker or they were hiding somewhere in the facility. Tony was gearing up to yell again when Steve’s quiet voice stopped him, 

   “Be quiet,” He warns, smiling fondly at the clump of bodies on the couch. “They’re sleeping,” Tony looks down at what Steve was looking at and he was more than a little surprised at what he found. (Y/N) and Bucky were curled up together, their limbs tangled in a mess of Agent and Supersoldier but what was even more surprising was the faint smiles that both cuddle parties had on their faces. 

  Tony scoffs softly, shaking his head in disbelief. 

   “Who knew the Winter Soldier was the little spoon,” 

roarofdragon  asked:

+And here is where come my new request(?) I would like to see Shiro angry, maybe at the camp someone's still saying things about Keith or does something that makes Keith feel bad and Shiro losts his pacience and face all in the camp? Other way, they're facing strong criatures and one of them manages to hurt Keith pretty bad and Shiro losts control and shows how powerfull he is?! * I'm excited about this * I'm Dei by the way(?) Last thing, you're such an awesome person<3)

[Voltron PJO AU] Shiro was walking towards the Big House to discuss some things with Coran when he spotted Keith leaving the place. Delighted to see his boyfriend, he jogged up to meet the son of Hades.

“Keith!” Shiro greeted, giving Keith a kiss on the cheek and enveloping him into a hug that could’ve probably crushed someone’s bone.

“Oh, hey,” Keith smiled weakly. “I… I have to go help Hunk with something.” He separated himself from Shiro, pushing him away.

As Keith was about to leave, Shiro quickly grabbed his hands and asked, “You’re still up for later by the beach?”

“Yeah,” Keith slowly said.

“Okay, I’ll see you later then?” Shiro gave Keith’s hand a gentle squeeze before the younger one left him.

Something was wrong with Keith and Shiro didn’t like seeing how it affected him. He’d have to find out what was troubling his best friend after his meeting with Coran. Inside there was Pidge and Allura and their meeting began. As soon as they were heading out, Shiro pulled Pidge to the side to ask her if she knew anything about what happened to Keith when he was inside the Big House.

“They are scared of him,” Allura answered instead, clearly hearing Shiro’s question.

“What do you mean? Is this still about his Dad coming here—”

“You know what he could do, Shiro. He’s too powerful, he obliterated a group of chimeras all in one go. A lot of demigods believed he was the one who ripped your arm off.” Allura explained.

“What?! That’s not true!” Shiro protested and he felt Pidge squeeze his arm to calm him down. “Keith’s wasn’t the one who—”

“Shiro, we know,” Pidge reassured him. “We know that, but the others wouldn’t believe it, especially since they know what Keith’s capable of. It’s easy for them to believe he was ruthless enough to take your arm. A rumour was spreading that he did that because you were breaking up with him.”

Shiro blinked in disbelief. “What? That’s so messed up! We’re still together and,” his shoulders sagged down as he looked down on the floor with a sad expression. “I would never break up with Keith, I love him too much to do that.”

Pidge blushed and cleared her throat. “Gods, you guys are so sappy. Keith said the same thing a while ago.” She nudged Shiro, “why don’t you go and find him now, lover boy. He’s probably being emo somewhere.” 

Shiro left them and he wandered around looking for Keith. He wasn’t in his usual spots, so Shiro only thought of one place. He flew up and spotted a boy with raven black hair, sitting on the rock by the beach. His smile grew and he flew towards the brooding boy who probably might be in need of a hug.

“A son of Hermes said that the reason you’re only with me was because I’m too clingy and I forced you to be my boyfriend because either you become my lover or you die,” Keith said as soon as Shiro floated beside him, not even looking at the newcomer. 

Shiro frowned and as soon as his foot touched the rock Keith was sitting on, his best friend continued, “A daughter of Aphrodite said I was too ugly to be with the handsome son of Zeus and that you were wasting your time with me because I refuse to do it with you.”

Shiro understood why Keith and him didn’t have that conversation. Keith just wasn’t into that ever since and Shiro respected that. He would never force Keith to do something he wasn’t comfortable with.

“Keith,” Shiro softly said, sitting down beside his boyfriend.

“I don’t care if they’re scared of what I can do, Shiro. I can’t help that. Dad gave those powers to me.” Keith said with his eyebrows knit. Then he pulled his legs closer to his chest and rest both his hands on top of his knees to hide his face as he softly whispered, “But I care enough to actually feel hurt knowing that the others don’t feel like I’m worthy to be with you.”

“Keith,” Shiro placed a hand on the boy’s back and caressed it. “You kn—”

“I know I’m not the most handsome boy out there,” Keith scoffed. “But being scrutinised about my looks, not taking into account how I fee—”

Their conversation got cut off when screams filled the air and Shiro looked up to see a dragon with many heads like the Hydra. It was the dragon, Ladon. And honestly? Shiro was just annoyed that they had to stop just because someone decided to drop in. Keith and Shiro looked at each other and Keith grabbed Shiro’s hand to shadow travel them near the ancient monster. The demigods tried to fight, not seeing any progress until the big three joined.

“Where’s Lance?” Keith shouted, eyes wandering trying to find the son of Poseidon until he found him near the tree beside Hunk. He looked at Shiro who nodded and flew them towards their friends.

“I want you to try and drown the dragon as long as you can, while Keith and I try to do what we can. Hunk, keep it distracted.” Shiro shouted orders. They got into work but so far nothing was working, it wasn’t until one of the dragon heads caught Keith by its mouth, crushing the son of Hades’ body in the process that Shiro could see blood spreading throughout his shirt.

Now Shiro was pissed. He clenched his fist as he flew in the air, dark stormy clouds surrounding him that might have alarmed the others but he didn’t care. Keith was hurt and Shiro wasn’t going to let that go. His whole body gathered sparks as he flew towards the dragon and sliced through one of its neck that held onto Keith. Immediately Hunk was there below to catch the son of Hades as the son of Zeus gathered all the lightning that he could, forming a really huge thunderbolt that could rival his own father’s. He threw it towards the dragon.

“Lance! Now!” Shiro shouted as Lance directed the water from the beach towards the creature, electrocuting it. 

Shiro wasn’t thinking clearly, he only had one thought in mind and that was to kill the creature that hurt Keith. So he threw more thunderbolts for each of the heads, and then clasping both of his hands together, he aimed at the dragon’s body and surged to it the highest voltage he could muster for what felt like an eternity—bright light temporary blinding a lot of demigods except for him—until he could see the the dragon slowly weakening, giving it one final blow causing it to disintegrate, blasting off a shock of energy towards the entire camp like what Keith had done to the chimeras. That should’ve made him weak considering he hadn’t known he could do that, but for some reason, he had too much energy left in him that he quickly flew towards where Keith was.

“Keith!” Shiro breathed out as he landed beside the body of his lover. He lowered his forehead to touch Keith’s, unaware that it electrocuted Keith—just a little—until Keith opened his eyes in shock.

“Oh gods! I’m sorry!” Shiro stared in horror, finally seeing he was still emitting some lightning sparks from his body.  “I… I don’t know how to turn it off?”

“Wow,” Keith coughed out weakly, giving him a smile. “Sparky.”

Shiro laughed, then he noticed the other campers stare at them in horror, still unable to comprehend what they had witnessed, some backing off. “Now that makes the two of us very dangerous. We’re The Power Couple.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Keith whispered as he closed his eyes with a smile as Shiro carried him towards the infirmary. 

How you dare coming back?

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Featuring: Damon and Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert

Words: 2409

Warning: some angst.

Tags: @vashanatasha

Request: requested by @vashanatasha:

“Hey B. Could u write 16. How you dare coming back? with Kai? Please”

Notes: I know I always say it but I really feel bad for taking so long with the requests! I hope the wait has been worth it and you like it V!

PS: I know I already wrote this one with Tony Stark but since it was requested as well with Kai Parker from TVD, I decided to make it as well :)

Originally posted by bonkai-diaries

You thought you had found love for once and for all after all those terrible mistakes. Out of nowhere he had appeared in your life, colouring it, making you feel more alive than ever before, making you question yourself about everything. It hadn’t been easy. Kai Parker wasn’t easy. He was a psychopath and a sociopath, a dangerous combination. Everybody told you to stay awake but you just couldn’t, somehow you were attracted to him and, for some reason, he was attracted to you as well. You were like two satellites one around the other until you both put all the cards over the table.

Happiness had never been more authentic for you in your whole life. He was the one, you just knew it. It didn’t matter all the bad things he had done. He was a new man which was something that surprised everyone. It didn’t matter the fact that you were just human, he loved it. It made you two live every single moment like it was the last.

But you didn’t lie to yourself. You knew he had changed, you knew he was better than before, but you still knew he was dangerous. You knew he could hurt many people if someone pissed him off, you knew how much he could hurt you but you trust him and you knew he would never do anything that would harm you.

You were wrong.

He left as suddenly as he had come into your life months ago, leaving you with a hole in your heart and in your life. He didn’t leave a note or gave you an explanation. You just woke up after spending the night with him, he was gone and no one had seen him. He had just vanished. Immediately, you payed the Salvatore brothers a visit. They had always been fighting Kai so you accused them of doing something but soon you found out they were as surprised as you were. At least Stefan.

Damon just told you all the things you didn’t want to hear: he had left you, he never cared, he was mad, a psycho and a sociopath who didn’t care for anyone. He had fun but he got bored and you had to move on with your life. Which you did. It took you moths, crying and pain but eventually you started to go out again, to smile and to laugh. Of course you still missed him, like hell, and you knew you would never feel that way again but your life wouldn’t stop and you couldn’t forget to live it.

“You look good” Elena told you when you two were having brunch at the Salvatore mansion.

“I feel good”, you nodded with a slight frown. “Better at least”, you added with a shrug.

“I’m glad”, she smiled at you. “We kinda missed you around”, you smiled thankfully at her just when Damon came into the dining room.

“Don’t get too excited. She missed you. I never complained”, he said wrapping his arms around Elena from behind.

You were so happy for them. Damon had fought for Elena during so many time, he totally deserved to have her. Maybe he was an ass sometimes but you could see how much they loved each other and, from your experience, you knew that was the most important thing. It didn’t matter what people say. They were in love, they were happy and they had to take it.

“He missed you too, don’t listen to him” Elena smiled up at him.

He kissed her forehead before letting go of her and going to the fridge to grab something drink. Then, he abandoned the room, leaving you two alone. With a sigh, you left the fork, not being hungry anymore.

“Are you alright?” Elena asked.

“Yes…” you mumbled and then chuckled sadly. “Just…seeing you and Damon made me think about…you know” you explained.

“I’m sorry…” Elena apologised holding your hand and giving it a tight squeeze.

“It’s ok. You don’t have to worry”, you gave her a reassuring smile. “It’s…hard but it’s ok. He made his choice”, you shrugged.

She smiled at you sadly but decided to change topic which you appreciated. Talking about Kai was still something really sensitive for you and you rather not thinking about him. When you finished your brunch, you helped Elena cleaning up, ignoring her complains about it, and left the mansion since you had some stuff to do at home.

When you parked your car out of your house, you saw another car parked there that you didn’t recognised. It was a black Porsche you had never seen which was something strange in Mystic Falls where everyone knew everyone. Maybe it was a friend of your father or your mother but they were both out of town so it would be weird. Still confused you got out of your own car and locked it before walking towards your house.

The moment you opened the door you realised it had been unlocked. Since it hadn’t been forced, you assumed someone had used the spare key hidden in the plants. At that point, you were starting to freak out so you took out your phone and texted a simple SOS to Elena, knowing it would be enough.

Slowly, you walked in the house and closed the door trying not to make any noises. All you had around to defend yourself was an umbrella so you took it and started walking further into your home. First, you peeked into the kitchen which was empty, then the living room but it was just like the kitchen. It was time to go upstairs. The moment you were on the second floor, you saw your room opened and immediately you knew where you had to go. You always closed the door of your room when leaving. Always.

Slowly, trying not to show how scared you really were, you walked to the room trying not to make any noise. You walked into your room, taking a deep breath and looked around, feeling how your breath got stuck in your throat the moment you saw the man who had break into your house.

“Kai…” you mumbled, feeling how you could easily faint just there.

He was there sitting on your bed, with his hands clasped together as he rested his arms on his knees. The moment you walked in the room, he looked up at you and then at the umbrella you were using as a protection.

“I hope you weren’t trying to kill someone with that”, he commented pointing at your ‘weapon’.

Slowly, not believing what you were seeing, you put the umbrella down, next to the door but without taking your eyes from him. Four months after he left you completely heartbroken, he just appeared there in your room, like nothing ever happened, like this was the most ordinary thing in the world.

Your emotions were too confused, just like you: on one hand you wanted to go, hug him, kiss him, tell him how much you had missed him; on the other hand, all you wanted to do was punching him, kicking his ass, telling him to go to hell. But you were completely frozen. No words could come out of your mouth and your brain couldn’t form any sentence or any word.

Just when he got up you heard more noises downstairs and voices shouting your name. It was Elena. And of course she would bring Damon and Stefan. Kai looked at you with a frown when he recognised the voices but you were still frozen.

“(Y/N)!” Elena exclaimed running into your room. The moment she saw Kai, she stopped on her tracks, looking as shocked as you were. “Kai…” she said.

“What the…?” Stefan said when he walked in the room.

“Family reunion. Wonderful” Damon sassy voice mumbled behind you.

“How you dare coming back?” Elena asked with fury in her voice.

“You called them?” Kai asked you. All you could was nod, feeling how everything was spinning around you.

“Elena…take me out of here, please”, you mumbled not being able to take your eyes away from the man who broke your heart.

“Sure”, she said taking your arm carefully and dragging you out and downstairs to the kitchen where she started preparing a cup of tea to calm your nerves.

From there you could hear heated voices up in your room. Probably the three of them where having some kind of arguments but your head could even think about it at the moment. Everything was too confusing.

“Here…it will help you”, Elena said placing a cup in front of you before she took a seat next to you. “Hey…look at me”, she whispered trying to get a reaction from you.

Finally you looked at her, not really knowing what to say. She looked at you, not knowing what to expect at that moment.

“What is he doing here?” You finally asked, quieter than you expected. Elena sighed taking your hand.

“I don’t know but…he coming right here…has to mean something”, she said squeezing your hand.

“What if I don’t want anything to do with him anymore?” You asked.

“That’s it?” His voice said from the kitchen door. You looked at him to see him standing there with Damon and Stefan behind him.

“Let’s give them time”, Elena said getting up and walking out with the Salvatore brothers after her.

“You don’t love me anymore?”  He asked.

Instead of replying you turned to grab the cup with your hands and took a sip from it, trying to earn some time to figure your feelings out.

“(Y/N)…” he said moving closer to you.

“I don’t know what I feel right now, Kai”, you finally told him. “I loved you, more than anything, and then you left. I cried, I grieved you, I was getting back to my old me and now…you’re here, like you never left, how am I supposed to react?”

“I had to leave. There was a reason”, he said with a frown.

“Care to elaborate?” You asked sarcastic. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair.

“I really was hoping I could explain all of this over dinner or something”, he said.

“I have no time for dinners or any kind of that shit. Talk now or you can leave just like you did once”, you said coldly. He gulped as he heard your tone and nodded.

“This woman, a witch, was looking for me. She…wanted something from me. Something I couldn’t give her, not anymore. So when told her no she…threatened me. She told me she would…” he closed his eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. “She said she would kill you and…send you to hell, literally, if I didn’t do as she said. I had no other option than leaving. I couldn’t risk you.”

“What did she wanted you to do?” You asked frowning.

“She wanted me to…look for a vampire slash wizard. She wanted his magic and I was the only one who could transfer it”, he explained.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” You inquired. He chuckled a little and looked at you like he had always done. With such love in his eyes that made you look away.

“Would you have let me go?” He questioned. Biting your lip you looked at him, ready to say yes, but the moment you looked into his eyes you knew you would have done anything to keep him with you. So you looked away. “Exactly”, he said.

You sighed and looked down at your hands, not knowing what to say. He did have a good reason to leave but still, he could have left a note instead of just disappearing. It would make his comeback much easier and his leaving much forgivable. But at that moment you didn’t know what to do. Yes, you still loved him, he still made your heart race and your whole body shiver with just one look. Now that he was just there, you craved his touch. But you were too hurt and you didn’t think you were ready to forgive him just yet.

“Tell me something, please”, he said trying to take your hands but you pulled them away.

“I… I understand why you left Kai but… I can’t just forgive you right now and just go back to being your girlfriend all over again”, you said looking at him. “I love you. Of course I do but I still need time to heal”, you added.

“I understand…” he nodded. “Do you want me to go away?” He asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

“I would like you to be around but…not like before, at least not for now”, you replied. He looked a bit confused but nodded anyway. “I’m sorry”

“No! You don’t have to apologise, I’m the one who messed it up and I’m sorry”, he said.

“Okay…” you said.

Then silent came. It was awkward and it made you want to run upstairs and lock yourself in your bedroom for days. Eventually, you got up to put the cup into the washing machine. When you closed it and turned around, you gasped when you found Kai so close to you.

“I need to ask you something”, he said. You nodded, signalling him to speak. “Can… can I, at least, kiss you?” He asked.

A kiss. Something you’ve been dreaming about for months and now he was just there, in front of you, asking if he could kiss you. Yes, he could, you wanted him to, but probably it wasn’t a good idea. You looked at his lips for a moment and sighed, there was nothing you wanted more in this world than feeling his lips once again so before you could think about it anymore you nodded your head once.

The look in his eyes turned to surprise but then a tiny smile appeared in his lips and he closed the distance between you two, cupping your face like he used to do and then his lips were over yours, kissing you slowly and time stopped. It was like he had never left. Butterflies in your stomach, shivers down your spine and a stupid smile on your lips as you kissed him back. You would heal, maybe it was too soon, but eventually you would be ready to be with him again. And when the day came…it would be forever.

I love the lack of toxic masculinity in the main male protagonists of Teen Wolf. Scott is unapologetically open about his love for his girlfriend and his friends. He is against violence and this is celebrated as his strength, even if some other characters see it as a hindrance. He respects Allison’s request for space after they break up and doesn’t badmouth her when she starts to date one of his friends. He’s open about his feelings - good or bad. He’s not ashamed or embarrassed to admit when he’s hurt or heartbroken. He wants to protect and care for his friends. He wants to love and be loved in return. He respects people and he forgives (even when no one thinks the person deserves it) He’s soft and sensitive and that’s what makes him the true alpha.

Stiles is in love with Lydia for years but doesn’t try and manipulate her into loving him back. He waits for her to maybe get there on her own one day without pressure from him. He protects, respects and comforts her in the meantime. He encourages her and fights for her and doesn’t let anyone disrespect her whether she’s present or not. He loves Scott as his brother, he cares for his family and he’s not afraid to show his emotions or get help when he needs it.

I just love teen wolf for giving us these two great guys who aren’t aggressive or manipulative and who show audiences that it’s okay to be kind and to respect people. And that actually those things can make you strong.

Loving you was a honor|| Stiles stilinski

Plot:Hello could I request an angsty Stiles imagine where the reader has feelings for Stiles and he doesn’t feel the same, he likes Lydia. So the Nogitsune takes advantage of the readers feelings to get more powerful (sense he feeds off pain) and when the Nogitsune is dead Stiles feels bad for not feeling the same about the reader but she forgives him saying something like “I love you so much, and I want you to be happy….even if I’m not the one causing that happiness” if that makes sense thanks:3

The room grew darker and darker for each moment passing. She had lost count of days since the Nogitsune brought her here. The silence of the room was comforting , way more comforting than the nogitsunes taunts, everyday had been a constrant reminder of stiles lack of love for her. Every moment he kept reminding her , she tried staying strong and showing no pain cause she knew that she was nothing but food for him. It’s proved to be harder than she thought , his face, the face of the boy she had loved for so many years telling her there is no way he could love her , reminding her of all the reasons why Lydia Martin was so much better than her.

“Honestly , I dont even need to do anything , i can smell your pain from miles away’‘The nogitsune walked in leaning against a walk a small distance from where she was chained to the bed post.

She couldn’t even bring herself to look at him, each gaze meant pain for her and power for him.

’'It’s funny , don’t you think?” The nogitsune said walking to the bed and sitting down “They found Lydia in less than a day, and you’ve been here for days already”

“They are trying to find a way to stop you, and when they do. They will kill you and save me” she replied in a shaky voice looking out the small window.

“ are you trying to convince me or yourself?” the nogitsune laughed standing up and sitting right in front of her “But than again how can i blame them, you aren’t Lydia Martin so why would stiles even care”

“They care” she mumbled.

“Pathetic little girl , you think Stiles actually cared about you ” the nogitsune said , she felt his breath on her neck and it felt different when stiles hugged her his breath was warm and calming but the nogitsunes breath was cold and smelled of death “ how long have you loved him , 10? 12 years? Wasted so many years”

She suddenly broke out in a bitter laughter shaking her head.

“What?” The nogitsune barked close to her ear before getting up from the bed pacing in front of her “what’s that feeling?” He asked more to himself.

“Pity” she replied smirking feeling the lack of food and sleep already taking the tool on her “ i didn’t waste any of my life loving. Ive made mistakes and one of them. Being letting you with your bullshit words putting doubt about my friends in me”

The last she remembered before her world went black from either lack of food or water or just the mental exhaustion.
It could’ve been hours or days but when she woke up her nose filled with the smell of hospital that she was a little too well known with and the beeping of a heart monitor but besides that it was not quite. Not physically , the hospital were fully of nurses yelling , out the window there was an ongoing traffic and people laughing loudly, but mentally. There were no trace of the nogitsune , for the first time in weeks it was quite. She opened her eyes and tried looking around for her friends , from the window on the door she could see Lydia , Scott and stiles standing there talking. The moment stiles eyes caught her , all there teenagers ran into the room all departe to hug her and tell her how much they missed her.

“We looked for days , y/n ” Scott assured her gripping her hand a tad tighter to make sure she was actually there “ we never stopped”

“ i know” she made out with a sore voice and a small smile on the corner of her lips “ i would never doubt you guys”

“We missed your so much , we could bare loosing you too” Lydia said pulling the girl in another bone crushing hug.

All eyes turned to stiles waiting for him ton say something , Scott must\ve gotten the memo that something was bothering stiles cause he and Lydia legit the room giving them the free space to talk after assuring her that they were right outside.


“He told us, he told us how he used u for for so many days. He told what he put you through, y/n trust me i never thought i could bring you so much pain”

“Hey hey , its not your fault ” she said gripping a hold of his hand giving it a gentle squeeze “ you didn’t bring me any pain stiles , i promise”

“ I never knew you loved me , and or 12 years that’s almost as long as I’ve-” stiles rambled before she cut him off.

“Almost as long as you’ve loved Lydia” she said a small sad laugh escaping her lips as both their eyes caught the strawberry blond outside the room talking to Scott .

“I’m sorry” stiles sighted looking down at their hands.

“Never apologize for loving someone” she said as she brought a hand to his face making him look at her “ hey, i get it. And stiles you might never understand but I love you so much the only thing I want for you is happiness even if I’m not the cause of it”

Sorry for this huge break I’ve been taking but eyy I’m guess who’s not dead and back at you with new one shots , its this bitch!!

Dating Peter Hayes Would Include..

Him being really overprotective of you, even though you can handle yourself

Him getting jealous easily

Constantly showing each other off with PDA

Random butt grabs & slaps (not that you mind)

Camping him down when he’s angry

Play fighting

Training together

Goofing off during anything remotely serious

Him being a hard ass in public, but when you’re alone he wants cuddles and attention

Rough sex, especially when he comes home angry

Slow sex, because he’s not always rough

Being the only one that he’ll open up to

Him cheering you up by making you laugh when you’ve had a bad day

Long, deep conversations in the middle of the night when neither of you can sleep

You being the only one he doesn’t care if he gets one upped by

Him distracting you when you’re working because he wants attention

gif not mine an: I could literally write about Peter and the rest of Divergent all day seriously, feel free to request more!

ASTRO’s reaction to hiding in a tight hiding spot together with their crush while playing hide and seek

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okay but like i really like this request like oh lord thank you for requesting i had a lot of fun doing this ;u; i hope this is okay, i wanted to make it more humorous than romantic, tell me if you wanted a more romantic one~

Okay so like let’s imagine it goes like this:

You hid in the hiding spot first and it was perfect for one person but he came a little later and hid there with you because there was no time left and he didn’t want to lose


Originally posted by puppyjinjin

  • kinda feels bad for invading your perfect hiding spot but doesn’t worry about it too much as he is too busy adoring you, blushes since you guys have never been that close to each other before, giggles every now and then
  • “Sorry _____, I just thought of something funny… I promise I won’t giggle anymore, please don’t kick me out?” *looks at you with puppy eyes*


Originally posted by astrobinn

  • doesn’t feel sorry at all for invading your hiding spot, kinda lost his interest in the game, constantly tries to talk with you, is really enjoying the fact that you guys are so close to each other (but understands that you’re uncomfortable so he won’t try anything etc.)
  • “Is that a new pair of socks _____?” *gets nudged by your elbow*


Originally posted by talk-kpop-2-me

  • holds his breath like “omg that’s my crush is this really happening right now??”, blushes really hard, looks at you when you look away, frozen to where he is even though it’s really uncomfortable for him, doesn’t dare to move the slightest bit
  • *is having a mental breakdown*


Originally posted by astrobinn

  • hasn’t given up on the game but you are making it hard for him to focus on it, tries to lighten up the atmosphere, doesn’t move at all, the seeker finds you two immediately because he’s laughing so loudly
  • “Well this is awkward” *laughs like he’s the most hilarious walking thing on earth*


Originally posted by ddoca

  • CAN’T STAY STILL LIKE BOY THERE ISN’T EVEN ROOM TO MOVE, CALM DOWN OK?, stays quiet but it’s a mess inside his head, smiles awkwardly every time your eyes meet, kinda shy
  • *thinks about a million things while fidgeting awkwardly* 


Originally posted by whosrocky

  • can’t believe he’s so close to you, is really into the game so doesn’t really think about it that much but like holy cow he’s so excited, screams like he did when he died for chicken when the seeker finds you two, BLUSHES REALLY HARD like you know, hide and seek era sanha 

(Request: Rick smut with lots of daddy and dirty talk please? :) )

Note: Enjoy!

Warning: smut, daddy kink, dirty talk

Originally posted by jyncassian

Rick was always passionate in bed. He loved making you feel good and letting you know just how much he loved you. But other days when you pissed him off or he was in a bad mood, he wouldn’t hold back as he gave you no mercy as he teased you with his filthy words. Today was one of those days. You had just finished arguing about who should take the group to the hilltop and you were both spitting cruel words at each other, defying each other’s ability to be in charge. Rick had shoved you against the wall roughly and he held your hands above your head, his forehead touching yours as he glared at you.

“Say that again” he threatened you.

“You’re weak right now Rick, I think I should go” you dared to repeat it.

Ricks fingers closed around your wrists and you enjoyed the pain he was inflicting on you. You knew where this was heading and you encouraged his rough actions by kissing his lips. Both of you fought for dominance as your tongues collided with each other. You ended up giving in when Rick bit down on your lip and you allowed his tongue to take charge. This was how it went, you and Rick fought for dominance until you couldn’t hold in your pleasure anymore, and you let him take control.

Rick removed his hands from yours and he ripped your shirt off, the buttons on your top going flying. You gasped at his sudden outburst but you couldn’t deny that seeing him like this was a turn on, and he knew it too. He easily undid your bra and as soon as it left your breasts his mouth was on them, his tongue licking across your nipple. You grabbed a handful of his hair and moaned which made him stop.

“I don’t think so (y/n), only good girls get to feel pleasure” he said as he pushed you on your knees.

He tangled his fingers through your hair as you quickly took his jeans and boxers off, his already rock hard cock springing free. Taking you by surprise, rick shoved your head forward and you gagged as his tip hit the back of your throat.

“You seem to forget who’s in charge” Rick said in-between grunts. He continued to move your head at a fast pace and soon enough he began fucking your mouth, his hips thrusting forward. He soon let loose in your mouth and you swallowed it all, knowing that he loved when you did that.

“You dirty slut” he said, out of breath from the high he just had.

You stood back up and he quickly led you to the living room and bent you over the arm of the sofa. He pulled your jeans off and slapped your bare ass, it was sure to leave a red mark in the morning.

“Are you gonna take my dick like a good girl, or do I need to teach you some more fucking lessons” he said, barely containing himself from shoving into you.

“I’ll take it like a good girl daddy” as soon as those words left your mouth Rick shoved himself into you and immediately started thrusting, giving you no chance to adjust. You dug your fingernails into the sofa as Rick grabbed your hair and yanked back, making your back arch. He leaned forward and started to whisper dirty things in your ear as he fucked you hard. He called you his dirty slut, and finished by calling you daddy’s girl. He continued to thrust into you harder and your clit was rubbing against the sofa, quickly sending you into your high. Rick felt your walls clench around him as you saw stars and swirly universes, and soon after you came, Rick pulled out and finished off on your back.

He breathed heavily to try and catch his breath back and you sprawled out on the sofa, you had no energy left in you to move. Rick went to get you a tissue and carefully wiped his mess off your back before rubbing the red hand print on your ass, apologising for being so rough. He then moved to your wrists and kissed them, knowing that they might be bruised tomorrow.

“You know I love you, right?” he asked, putting his boxers on.

“Mhmm. You know I only said what I said so you could be rough, right?” you mimicked his tone and he laughed.

“Yeah, I know”

You pulled the blanket from the sofa around you and watched as Rick got dressed and ready to take the group to Hilltop.

“Be safe” you said, a hint of worry in your voice.

“I always am” he gave you a kiss on the cheek and left the house, leaving you to curl up in a ball and fall asleep until he got back.


Request: Can I have one with Hayes where u tell him u get so scared of him doing all that stuff on motorcycles and u cry and he feels bad and y'all talk about it and make compromise :) love ur blog

a/n; this is really bad, I’m sorry.

Word Count: 323

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

“Babe, I’m heading out with the guys to ride bikes.” Hayes told me once he stuck his head in the room, I looked up from my computer and nodded, holding back the urge to say something. “You okay?” He furrowed his eyebrows slightly, stepping further into the room. “Yeah.” I mumbled, looking back to the screen in front of me, “don’t lie.” Hayes pointed an accusing finger at me, slowly making his way towards me. 

“It scares me.” I gave in, watching as he looked at me, confusion pulled across his face. “What scares you?” He inquired, pulling a stool over to be sitting next to me, “when you go do all these stupid things on the dirt bikes.” I waved my hand, proving my point. He laughed under his breath at my choice of words. “Why?” He sighed, playing with my fingers in an attempt to calm me down. 

“What if something happens to you?” My voice cracked, making his eyes shoot up to mine. “Hey.” He mumbled, putting his hand under my ear, his thumb landing on my cheek. “Nothing’s gonna happen.” He assured me but I shook my head. “But something already has!” I pointed out, remembering how panicked I was when I found out he was in an accident and I wasn’t there for him. 

“Well, it won’t happen again.” Hayes stated, as if it was set in stone, but it’s not. “Hayes.” I sighed, “Y/N.” He mimicked, frowning when a tear fell from my eye. “Don’t cry over it, baby.” I let out a humorless laugh over his statement. “Kinda hard not to, Hayes.” I retorted, going to wipe at my tears, but he beat me to it. “We’ll compromise?” He offered, to which I nodded, going on to explain what specifically scared me the most. He agreed to stop doing those things as much as he could and I agreed to try not to worry so much. 

Okay, this goes out to you Anon who requested MC self-concious about back acne. You are actually the nicest anon we’ve had, and i love you so much. I wanna apologize for deleting your ask, I also forgot who you requested for that, so I’m just going to do RFA

 I feel awful TTATT;;;


  • You don’t have to worry
  • This boy has bad acne as well
  • He is a college student that’s addicted to gaming so don’t expect him to have the best hygiene regimen is’t the best
  • Okay this boy is blessed with perfect face skin
  • No acne EVER
  • But his body?
  • He isn’t as bad as some people but it’s still something he tries to keep covered
  • So this being said he completely understands what you’re going through and he’s so supportive
  • He tries to help you be more comfortable wearing clothes that show more of it
  • Cause acne’s perfectly normal, and he loves it when you wear cute tank tops or back less dresses


  • Jaehee knows the pain
  • Her acne is mainly on her chest
  • Trust me, with a chest like hers, she’s got acne
  • She’s self conscious about hers too, making sure not to wear any low cut tops
  • She has good stuff for it though, benzoyl peroxide is a miracle worker
  • She helps you get any hard to reach places
  • You guys are good for each other because you can help the other accept their acne and their scars from the acne
  • When you buy clothes together you help the other step out of their comfort zone
  • It’s really sweet cause you guys 


  • Okay, this boy works out all the time
  • There’s no way he doesn’t get body acne once in a while
  • but he has everything he needs to take care of it because he’s an actor
  • He helps you get your back when you need to clean it
  • like seriously, he knows exactly what to do with it
  • you still get the back acne, it’s just less often cause it’s treated immediately
  • Your back still has scars from the acne 
  • but he loves it
  • He’s also like a huge morale support
  • If he sees you in something that looks cute he’s getting it no matter if it reveals the acne because the acne doesn’t take away from your beauty


  • When he was in his teenage days I believe Jumin got a lot of facial acne
  • Anything you need, he has it, or he will get it for you
  • When he finds out you have back acne he sees nothing wrong with it
  • He memorizes where you scars are at while he memorizes your bodies
  • He make sure let you know how beautiful you are, even with the scars and acne, trying to ease your self-consciousness
  • He buys you clothes that he knows would look good on you, even if it shows acne/acne scars


  • This boy eats trash all day
  • And is working in a computer chair all day
  • He gets this shit too
  • He finds it cute that you’re “embarrassed” about it
  • But then he realizes it’s not just embarrassment
  • You won’t wear certain things if you notice it shows to much of your problem area
  • That’s when he starts being the most supportive little shit
  • Because he thinks you’re so beautiful
  • And you’re worried about acne???
  • He isn’t gonna stand for this
  • “Babe wear this, you’d look cute in it”
  • “But seven… It…”
  • “Just try it on, You’ll look great”
  • Sure enough you did, and you started to appreciate him a bit more

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I’m just gonna throw a ton of prayer requests out here now

- can y’all pray for my friend who’s going through a difficult time due to relationship/school/family stuff and might be on the verge of making a bad decision

-also pray for a girl and her family who i think is about to leave an abusive situation. don’t really know her so this is kinda all i can offer to help I guess

-also idk what is going on with my one prof and her family but i feel like they need prayers too

-and pray for all the kids and people at my placement because tomorrow is my last day and I’m going to miss them and I want tomorrow to go well for them

Winchester Sister- It’s Totally Normal

Originally posted by spnxfood

Request: Hey, could you do an imagine where the reader is 15 and she feels bad about being a virgin and she asks Sam and Dean if it’s weird to be a virgin at her age and they tell her that it’s normal and to not feel bad and they just make her feel better about herself? Thanks. So far I’m loving your blog, keep up the writing!
Title: It’s Totally Normal
Paring: Sam x reader!sister, Dean x reader!sister
Words: 640
Summary: Reader is 15 and asks her brothers, Sam and Dean, about sex
(A/N: this one was fun to write lol, just so y’all know, requests are open, so please send requests & I’ll do my best :) xx)

You have been pacing in your room for fifteen minutes. It shouldn’t be an awkward thing to talk about, but talking with your brothers about… personal things, it usually is. You hear a knock on your door and you stop pacing when Sam pokes his head in, “Hey, (Y/N), dinner’s almost ready.”
You smile and nod, and he closes the door and goes back to the kitchen where Dean is cooking hamburgers for the third time this week. You take a deep breath and calm yourself; you’re going to ask them. You make your way to the kitchen and see Sam and Dean already fixing their food. You plop a hamburger onto your plate and sit opposite of your brothers at the table. Dinner is mostly quiet, the three of you would ask about any new cases or if any of you have heard from Cas. Soon everyone is done and Sam picks up the plates and puts them in the sink. You decide now is the best of time as ever, since they are both in here and have a full stomach.  Your hands become clammy and sweaty so you wipe them on your jeans before you begin.
“Um, guys, can I talk to you?” You say, glancing up seeing both Sam and Dean turn to look at you.
“Sure,” Sam says as he looks over to his brother with a questioning look and sits back down beside him. “What’s up?”
You take a deep breath and wipe your sweaty hands on your pants again. You decide just to say it and get it over with, “Is it normal for people to lose their virginity by 15?”
You look up to see Dean’s eyes narrow and he glares at you, “Excuse me?”
Your face begins to turn red from embarrassment as you realize you didn’t use the best word choice for your question. “Oh, no! I mean- I’m not…I didn’t-“
“Is there something that you would like to tell us, (Y/N)?” Dean raises his eyebrows as his eyes show no emotion.
“No! That came out wrong. I meant… is it normal that I’m still a virgin at 15?” You say, immediately covering your face with your hair, not wanting to look at your brothers’ eyes.
“What? Of course it is normal!” Dean says, relief washing over him. You move your hair to look at them.
“It is?” You whisper.
“Yeah, why wouldn’t it?” Sam speaks, looking over at you intently.
“Well, it’s just that I’m pretty sure almost all of my friends have lost theirs. I mean today at school my friends started talking about it at lunch. Like who was their first and then who was the best they’ve had. I didn’t know what to say; I mean, I haven’t even kissed a guy yet, nevertheless had sex with one.” You explain.
Both your brothers cringe, “Good. Keep it that way.” Sam says, “but anyways, who cares what your friends have done. You don’t have to have sex to be cool.”
“Yeah but when did you lose yours?” You ask and see a smug grin form on Dean’s lips. “Dean?”
He looks up at you a little flustered, “What? Oh, I was twenty seven.”
“Dean, I’m being serious!” You whine.
“Okay, okay! Calm down. I was around sixteen or so.”
“Same here, I was about seventeen.” Sam pipes in, giving you a small smile.
“So it’s not weird?” You ask, feeling a little better knowing that your brothers were older than you when they lost theirs.
“No, of course it’s not weird. You’re ready when you’re ready.” Dean says, standing up and putting a hand on your shoulder.
“Just promise me that you won’t be pressured in to it, okay?” Sam says seriously as he places a kiss to the top of your head and leaves the kitchen.

Seventeen reaction to their girlfriend flying back to her home country after she caught him cheating

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NCT & SMRookies version

Requested by @pinkamaryllis46 ♥

First of all, I would like to say that let’s just think that the cheating he did didn’t include anything worse than maybe kissing. Also, let’s think that he didn’t figure out it was because she caught him cheating until he asked her.

Second, I think all of them would probably feel really bad about the situation no matter what. I’m sorry if the reactions seem too similar to each other but there’s just so many members that I had a hard time trying to make every single one different >< The reactions will be better quality if they are about only one unit per request~

Third, it’s really hard to find gifs of these thirteen being serious so… yeah… not that i mind, i love the fact that they are such a happy bunch ;u;


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  • Calls you immediately (even though it might cost a lot), would be really worried since you left without a word, I feel like he would just be really shocked when he found out the reason you left, would apologize a billion times and would also probably tear up because he let you down
  • “I am so sorry _____…”


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  • Would call you and be a little mad about you not telling him you were leaving but would turn from angry to apologetic really fast after you told him why you left, would keep telling you that it was just a misunderstanding
  • “It really didn’t mean anything. I’m so sorry it happened…”


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  • Texts you and if you don’t reply, he’ll call you. Would have a long conversation with you about what happened, endless apologizing
  • *wouldn’t know what to say besides apologizing*


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  • Would probably text you, asking where you were. Would really regret what he did and would make sure to tell you that, apologizes 
  • “I really shouldn’t have done it… I’m so sorry, I don’t know what I was thinking…”


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  • I feel like he would be extremely worried about you and would call you immediately, asking if you were okay. When you tell him why you left, he would probably be quiet for a while, would then apologize and would probably tear up or start crying
  • *apologizes with a broken voice*


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  • Texts you and tries to explain to you why he did it, apologizes’
  • “It didn’t mean anything to me, okay? I really didn’t mean it.”


Originally posted by seungcheofine

  • Calls you, would probably be a lot like Jun
  • “I’m so sorry ____, I don’t know why I did it…”


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  • Calls/texts you, confused. Wouldn’t know what to say when he finds out, would probably feel like he doesn’t have the right to talk to you after hurting you so badly
  • “I’m sorry _____…”


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  • Texts you, would probably be a lot like Jeonghan
  • “She really doesn’t mean anything to me. It was a mistake, I’m sorry you had to see it.”


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  • Texts you, doesn’t stop apologizing until you tell him to stop, doesn’t even try to explain himself because it was a stupid mistake
  • “I understand if you don’t want to talk to me…”


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  • Calls you, worried. Cries after he hears your hurt voice tell him why you left
  • *says ‘I’m sorry repeatedly’ while crying*


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  • Texts you, after you tell him why you left, he would text you a simple “I’m so sorry” and just sit quietly on his bed, regretting what he did
  • *thinks about how badly he hurt you and tears up*


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  • I feel like he would be a lot like Vernon. Would be angry at himself for cheating on you
  • “I understand if you can’t forgive me…”

((Because I honestly don’t think he meant it.))

((But some TordMatt tonight, still taking shipping requests guys. Only gotten one so far, although I guess even if no one asks I’ll keep making them. As for how I feel about this ship, it’s not bad. Honestly I think Tord was sorry about everything in the end, and before hand he really did seem to genuinely be happy to be around Matt and Edd. I think it could work with proper development.))

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Is Your Best Girl Your Best Friend?

Cody Christian X Reader 

Word Count: 712

Requested: Anon

Request: Can I get a Cody C. imagine-he and the reader are best friends,(reader loves him)one day the she sees his girlfriend clearly cheating on him, the reader tells Cody but he doesn’t believe her, they get in a big fight, he yells at her nd says mean nd hurting stuff(braking their friendship)making the reader cry nd leave. A few days later he sees his gf is rlly cheating on him nd brakes up with her. He feels bad about what he did to the reader nd goes to her to apologize nd he confesses he love her?

Originally posted by teenwolfhowl

You and Cody were best friends had been for a while, you wished for something more but you settled for a best friend when he told you that he had a girlfriend. You were happy because he was happy or so you liked to say, you were never found where they were together and Cody noticed that which worried him, he wanted his best friend and girlfriend to get along, little did he know that it had nothing to do with her, it was everything to do with you.

One day you saw her with a guy and it wasn’t Cody your first instinct was to tell him so you quickly snapped a photo before you texted him and asked if he was free to talk and he replied by saying that he was free and that you should meet him at his place so you did. “Hey!” He smiled when he opened to door hugging you, you hugged him back but he quickly noticed you mood and frowned. “What’s wrong?”
“I have some bad news.” You started.
“What?” He asked.
“I saw your girlfriend with this other guy.” You mumbled.
“What?” He asked. “I don’t believe it.”
“I know-”
“Why would you make up a story like that?” He asked.
“What?” You asked looking over at Cody. “No I-” You lifted your hand to show him the picture but he cut you off.
“I thought you were different, what is it? Huh? Are you jealous?” He asked.
“I’m not jealous!” You argued. “Just look-”
“Really because you never spent the time to get to know her, you never around when she is and I don’t remember her doing anything to you!” Cody yelled and you stepped back running your hands through your hair.
“Well… I warned you.” You said your hand dropped to your side and tears rolled down your face as you walked out of the house.

The next day there was a story about yours and Cody’s fight because nothing in his life is private. “Yesterday afternoon neighbours report that there was a rather loud fight between Cody Christian and long time friend (Y/N) (L/N), they say that (Y/N) was making an accusation about Cody’s girlfriend which were not true….” You stopped listening after that. You continued with life accepting the Cody probably wouldn’t be in it.

Almost a week later there was a story, Cody caught his girl cheating, you grunted to yourself as you continued to get ready to go out. There was a knock on the door and you expected it to be (Y/F/N) but instead, when you opened the door you saw Cody, he stood in silence for a few seconds before you decided to speak “Do you need something?” You asked.
“Oh my god, I’m sorry.” He finally said and you looked at him. “I know I hurt you but I just I need you to hear me out…”
“Come in.” You said stepping to the side.
“I have something to tell you.” He said looking at you. “I assume you’ve seen to stories…”
“Yeah.” You answered walking into the kitchen and leaning against the counter.
“I have something to come clean about…” He said carefully as you gestured for him to continue. “I never loved her… I had her around because she was a distraction.”
“From what?” You asked.
“You.” He answered stepping forward.
“I hoped that I’d be able to move on from you.” He said placing his hands on either side of you caging you “I loved you and I was too scared to ruin what we had that I just tried to ignore it and when the distraction started to disappear I got defensive and I hurt you and I’m sorry.”
“I’ve got some bad news.” You said he took in a breath “I think I might love you too.”
“Thank god!” He sighed leaning forward and pressing his lips to yours, your phone buzzed causing you both to pull away. Cody grabbed your phone and opened it smiling when he realised that it hadn’t changed since he met you and text (Y/F/N) saying that you’d have to reschedule before turning off both yours and his phone “we had better make up for lost time.”

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warrior angel (lincoln one-shot)

Prompt: Lincoln is the only Grounder (or person in general) to understand Angel. He trusts her and helps her in ways no one else has. Lincoln teaches her how to shoot and asks her to accompany him and a few others on a hunt. After saving his life and bringing home food for everyone, Lincoln shows her how he feels about her.

Requested: No, but feel free to request things based off of these prompts anytime, or to send in one of your own prompts.

Pairing: Lincoln x Angel (The Reader)

Warnings: (visual and verbal) smut, sex, making out, jealousy, cursing, basically lots of hot stuff

A/N: I love Lincoln so much. And I’m like the biggest Linctavia shipper, but please enjoy this. I don’t think this is half-bad. Let me know what you think! Any and all feedback is appreciated!

“Lincoln, are you sure you need me on this hunt? I can barely shoot a damn arrow at a still object, how do you expect me to react when it’s a moving target? Food that we all need?” I huff and strap on my gear: knives, arrows, a gun, and some water.

“Listen to me, angel. I have faith in you. You’ve been improving, and today you’ve been the closest you ever were to hitting the target. Trust me,” Lincoln turns me to face him and holds my hands in his. “I need you out there, you’re the only one who can stop my reaper side from taking over.”

I look up at him, my bottom lip between my teeth as I nod. I didn’t want to go, I didn’t have faith in myself at all. But I promised Lincoln that I’d always be there for him, I’d always have his back. I’d go for Lincoln.

“That’s better. Now let’s go,” Lincoln’s dry lips pecked my forehead as he held my hand in his and dragged us both out of the tent. “Angel and I are coming with you, Bellamy.”

Bellamy gives LIncoln a quizzing look but nods nonetheless. He waves us over with his hand and everyone heads out of camp in search for food.

It had been about three hours and still, no luck. Everyone but you had taken a shot at an animal, missing of course, but still trying to take it back to camp.

“We are not going back to camp empty handed! Let’s split up. Lincoln, Angel, and I will go together. Octavia, Jasper, and Finn can go together. And Monroe, Miller, and Murphy can go together. We’ll meet back here in an hour! Let’s move!” Everyone nodded and headed separate ways in their respective groups.

Lincoln and I follow Bellamy’s lead, Lincoln bringing up the rear of the group. Soon enough, we hear rustling. I snap my head around as we hear something growling. Bellamy’s gun is stuck in his belt and Lincoln is too close for comfort. I pull out my arrow and take a deep breath. As I take aim, the animal pounces towards Lincoln. Without a second thought, I let go of my arrow and it hits the animal’s neck. It falls down mid air and staggers back. Again, without a second thought, I run forward and slash its neck open with my knife. I take a step back and look over my shoulder at Bellamy who’s staring at me, eyes wide in shock.

“There’s your food. Let’s go back home,” I make my way over to Lincoln and wrap my arms around him, and he slips his arms around my waist seconds later. “I could’ve lost you,” I whimper and hold him close. Lincoln was the only real friend I had. He’s all I’ve got. I couldn’t lose him.

“Well you didn’t,” he kisses the side of my head and rubs my back. “I won’t leave you that easily.”

“You better not,” I smile and pull away from Lincoln only to be pulled into a shocking hug by Bellamy.

“Thank you,” Bellamy whispers against the side of my head as he holds me tightly. “We all could have been dead meat.” He pulls away and smiles softly. “You’re a warrior, Angel. Thank you.”

I blush and nod, unable to form words as Bellamy leads us back to camp. We are greeted happily and heartily. Monty’s moonshine is brought out as Bellamy and gang prep the animal. I lose sight of Lincoln and head towards my tent. I remove my shoes and sweater and sigh. I crack my neck and stand, my head tilted to the side.

“You’re so beautiful,” I gasp as I feel arms wrap around my waist. I begin to squirm and look down at the person’s arms.

“Lincoln,” I whisper and he nods against my neck. Lincoln called me beautiful, he said I was beautiful.

“It’s me, my warrior. You’re okay,” his hands lovingly rub my sides and my breath hitches in my throat.

“I-is everything okay?” I whisper and my hands find his, our fingers intertwining almost immediately.

“Everything is perfect actually, it’s much more clear,” he whispers and kisses my jaw. “When Bellamy held you against him earlier, I felt this rage inside of me: one I have never felt before. When he whispered in your ear and smiled at you, and then you blushed! Oh, the reaper was begging to escape. But I did not let it, Angel. I thought of you and how I would never hurt you, and that’s when I knew.”

“When you knew what?” I whisper breathlessly, needing to hear him say it.

“That I am in love with you,” Lincoln swiftly turns me around and crashes his lips against mine. “I am so hopelessly in love, angel.”

I kiss him over and over, not wanting to feel anything against my lips but the feeling of his. My hands snake around the back of his neck and my fingers graze the back of his head.

“I am in love with you, Lincoln. Madly in love with you,” I whimper against his lips as his hands grip my ass.

“I need to feel you, my love. I need you,” he whispers against my lips and I wrap my legs around his waist, my desperation leveling with his.

“Then please, Lincoln,” I gasp as his lips make their way to my neck. “Take me.”

He growls and quickly leads us to the makeshift bed, dropping me down gently. He removes his gear and his shirt and quickly lays down atop me, his lips against mine as his hands work on removing my bra. He quickly rips it off and does the same with the rest of my clothes until I’m laying there, naked underneath him.

“You’re so beautiful,” Lincoln moans and attaches his mouth to one of my hardened nipples. I arch my back and grasp onto the bed. “My angel warrior,” he moans as his mouth moves to the other nipple, his hands still tightly gripping my waist.

“Lincoln,” I moan and lift my hips up to meet his. “Please take your clothes off.”

Without hesitation, Lincoln removes himself of all his clothes and stands at the edge of the bed, a perfect epitome of a Greek god. I sit up and eye every inch of him, his cock twitching under my gaze.

“How are you so perfect?” I whisper and lean forward, placing gentle kisses against his abdomen before pulling him down on the bed. I reattach our lips and  lay him down gently next to me. I crawl on top of him and kiss every single one of his scars, teasing his nipples in between every kiss. He’s a mewling, squirming mess beneath me and I am enjoying every second of it.

“Angel,” he growls out my name, almost as a command. I look up at him and see the lust in his eyes. “I want you to ride me.” My soaking core desperately moves against him, not making any moves to take him in. Lincoln groans and smacks my ass. “Ride my cock, angel.”

I moan, unable to tease him anymore. I lift up my hips and place Lincoln’s erection flush against my opening. His hands rub my sides as I bite my lip, already loving how he feels against me. I gasp as I feel his hands slowly lower me down against him. I let out a scream and immediately arch my back, the pain evident due to his size.

“Slow and steady baby. This is your show,” Lincoln speaks out breathlessly, his cock throbbing inside me.

I slowly move against him, the pain subsiding after the first couple of times. I lean down to kiss Lincoln, my hips now ramming up and down, happily taking his member inside of me. I moan against his lips as he growls, his fingers digging into my hips as I bounce roughly against him. The tip of his cock continuously hitting my g-spot brings me closer and closer to the edge. Lincoln surprises me when he brings a hand between us and begins rubbing my clit. I let out a scream as he groans.

“Just like that, angel. Feel my fingers against your sensitive bud. Cum for me,” Lincoln moans and leans up to take my nipple into his mouth.

I yelp and wrap my arms around his shoulders, my nails raking over his upper back. His finger moves more rapidly against me and I scream, my walls clenching around Lincoln’s cock as I cum. Lincoln groans as he feels my walls clench, finding his own release inside of me after a few more thrusts.

“F-fuck,” I whimper and shake as the orgasm flows through me, Lincoln a shaking mess beneath me.

“That was so perfect,” he murmurs my name repeatedly as he buries his face against my hair. I lay down on top of him and lay my head in the crook of his neck, finally happy.

I Lied - Carl Grimes Imagine

「 Can I get an imagine with an adult Carl on the beach? You’re with everyone but you two go off on your own for a romantic stroll and skinny dip, even though you are insecure about your body. He makes you feel beautiful. Beth lives and is your bff? :) 」

AN: Thank you so much for the cute request anon!<3 Hope you enjoy it :) 

Part One

Now that the mass hysteria about the whole “end of the world” thing was over, the new world was actually kind of…nice. Things were so much simpler than they had been before, and even though it was an entirely different life, that didn’t mean it was a bad life. It had been a few years since life as we know it had changed, and now (Y/N) was enjoying her new life with the friends she’d made along the way—More specifically, Rick’s crew. Though it felt strange to be doing something so “normal,” the whole group had taken a trip to the beautiful beaches of Virginia for Carl’s 20th birthday.

“Hey, scoot over!” Beth’s familiar voice chimed. (Y/N) looked up at her best friend and smiled as the blonde girl took a seat next to her. Glenn had started a bonfire and everyone was enjoying sitting around and cooking a couple of fish that the group had managed to catch. The girl scooted over and let Beth sit beside her, resting her elbows on her knees.

“Isn’t he gorgeous?” (Y/N) sighed, watching as Carl Grimes splashed his way back out of the ocean water and slicked his hair back with his hands. Carl was just so perfect, and he always had been. As always, (Y/N) found herself watching Carl and day dreaming about him, which was easy to do considering he was currently walking around shirtless and his hair was a wet mess. The girl sighed once again.

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say.” Beth replied with a laugh while rolling her eyes at her friend. “I can’t believe you two have been together for six months now.” She commented, letting her hair down and brushing it over her shoulder.

“I know.” (Y/N) responded. Even after all this time, watching Carl smile still made her heart skip a beat. She really couldn’t believe he was all hers. The girl perked up when Carl’s eyes met hers and he started towards the two young women, grinning.

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NCT & SMRookies (hyung line) reaction to their girlfriend flying back to her home country after she caught him cheating

Seventeen version

Requested by @pinkamaryllis46 ♥

First of all, I would like to say that let’s just think that the cheating he did didn’t include anything worse than maybe kissing. Also, let’s think that he didn’t figure out it was because she caught him cheating until he asked her.

Second, I think all of them would probably feel really bad about the situation no matter what. I’m sorry if the reactions seem too similar to each other but there’s just so many members that I had a hard time trying to make every single one different >< The reactions will be better quality if they are about only one unit per request~


Originally posted by jihansol

  • Texts you, worried. Is speechless when he finds out why you left, feels really bad, apologizes numerous times
  • “_____…” *doesn’t know what to say*


Originally posted by kunxxxsol

  • Calls you. Realizes he messed up really bad, tells you he’s sorry and that he understands if you don’t want to forgive him
  • “I messed up really bad, I’m sorry.”


Originally posted by nctinfo

  • Texts you, is really upset about the fact that he let you down, is angry at himself
  • *curses at himself*


Originally posted by nakamot0

  • Calls you, tries to hold in his tears when he hears your hurt voice, just apologizes repeatedly
  • “I’m so sorry… I just… I’m so sorry _____…”


Originally posted by bubwoo

  • Texts you asking where you are and is shocked when he finds out the reason you left, tries to explain and tells you it was a misunderstanding
  • “I really didn’t want to hurt you…”


Originally posted by chokemewinwin

  • since i couldn’t find a gif of him that was serious enough, here’s a gif of him eating a lemon, enjoy
  • Would probably be like Taeil
  • “I’m so sorry _____.”


Originally posted by angeltyong

  • Calls you, can’t believe he hurt you so badly, is angry at himself and hangs up first
  • “You probably don’t want to hear my voice now… I’ll… text you later if you want to talk to me.”


Originally posted by tenchittaphonsnose

  • I feel like he would be like Taeyong, very apologetic 
  • “This probably isn’t enough to make you feel better but I am so sorry _____.”


Originally posted by eunhasmom

  • Texts you and when you don’t answer, he calls you. Would probably be dumbfounded at first by your hurt voice and then tear up
  • *apologizes with a broken voice*


Originally posted by fairyprincewinwin

  • I feel like he would be like Yuta
  • “I had no intention of hurting you, I really didn’t. I’m so sorry _____.”