feeing insecure

Instead of basing Prince Lotor on the original Voltron series please imagine the potential he has to be a good-ass villain or an unexpectedly sympathetic villain. For example,

- Lotor starts out by simply spying on Voltron, trying to locate their weaknesses and he notices Lance’s insecurities about being on the team and how he feels useless
- Lotor then decides to take advantage of said insecurities and somehow, possibly through Galra-Altean magic bullshit, get Lance to abandon Voltron
- He offers Lance attention, care, and affection, and Lance takes it, bitter about his former teammates
- Lance is sent a video message of his teammates, how they’re all worried about him and that, yes of course they need him
- Lance kicks ass and escapes Lotor


- Lotor realizing how similar he is to Lance in the feeing of uselessness and insecurities in general and either becomes an ally or fights him with everything he’s got to try to prove his worth like Lance tries to do
- Possible klance moments? Something along the lines of “We need you!… I need you.” or something
- Did I mention that Lance would actually show more depth of emotion??
- Possible bisexual or gay characters with Lotor possibly falling for Lance or Lance thinking Lotor is actually kind of pretty/handsome even though he’s a guy

I know Lotor was an asshole in the original series, but Pidge was a boy and a gremlin and Allura was… almost completely different.
Let Lotor be altered. VLD is a reboot, after all. Not a copy.

anonymous asked:

Thanks, also hope this isn't too personal but out of interest do you have a career or educational path that you're on? Sheer curiosity haha 🙈

Hmmm I wouldn’t say so I’m just on a spiritual enlightenment path this year tbh, I have been to college I studied health and Social care extended diploma which is the course you need to study being a Midwife/Nurse which at the time I was aspiring to be, you study psychology, communication, diversity and equality and rights, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, sociology, caring for children and young people, communicable diseases, Dealing with challenging behaviour, health and safety and security, personal and professional development and Technology, there was more but that’s what I remember off the top of my head. 

I did the two years and got my qualification, but the second year I really didn’t enjoy the course everything just seem to be going wrong none of the tutors where ever in, like it was just all over the place and made it really hard for us as students so pretty much all of us just like felt out of place and made the feeling of carrying on studying for the next 4 years in university feel like a death sentence, that’s when I started erm suffering from serve social anxiety depression. So I decided if this how it makes me feel now it’s only going to get worse from here and I’m not putting myself through that so I ended up not applying for university because it really wasn’t what I wanted to do, it wasn’t my life’s purpose and I knew that. 

So yeah this was like this time last year, I started working, my mum got me a job at her work because her boss understood I had social anxiety so that was a blessing for me (I still work there) it’s just a private company office job, so instead and decided to give myself time to mentally and emotionally get myself in a good place, so that I can be confident and happy in whatever I chose to do. So this year has been just focusing on getting to know myself, learning how to love myself, you know because people go through life not knowing who they are yes they may have a well paid career but they have no idea why they are here on earth, hence why so many famous and rich people are more insecure then the rest of us. I didn’t want that for myself, I want to be happy and have meaning so that I can give meaning to others.

One day I was walking home from work it was like this time last year and a Hindu man came up to me, he was in all white and he stopped me and said “I have message for you, your going to be very successful in life, your going to have a lot of success in money and fame” and I remember it very clearly, and I didn’t ask him any questions I just smiled and carried on walking because well I had social anxiety so I was shitting myself haha. But on the way I guess was an enlightenment moment and I thought whether it was true or not if so I want it to be for good reasons, for reasons that will actually change people lives in a good way, to actually create meaning for people. I don’t want to be one of those women who lie about everything, who make others feel bad about themselves, I don’t want to refer to myself as the “baddest bitch” and others “basic bitches”, I want every woman & girl to know they are beautiful and not try to put them down, because if there was someone like that already the rest of us wouldn’t fee insecure would we? if there was someone who had the intention to help people be themselves and embrace who the are there wouldn’t be an ego any more therefore they’d be no more suffering. So one day I decided to just buy loads of books, and from that day all I do is read and read, because whether the information apply’s to me or not it will help someone else and people need people to help them. So I guess that’s when I started answering questions informatively and on a personal level, with only intention to give knowledge and help. But when I read I write the main parts down, so when someone asks me a question I got to my journal that has my face on it :P and I just look at all the information that I’ve written down that will help that person or situation in the best way I can. But now it’s just really off the top of my head because I answer questions so much it comes naturally without having to think what I’m going to say :) 

Lol that was so long I got carried a way, but so many people ask me questions that are one of the same I thought I would just put it all together :)