Can we take a moment to appreciate Rin’s reaction to seeing Shiemi on the train in the first episode of season 2. He looks really happy to see her, yet terrified of what she will think of him. It looks like he is about to cry, from just seeing her. This, right here. Is BEAUTIFUL, and heartbreaking at the same time. DAMN THIS SHIP.

  • me: **reading angsty fics** Oh gods. Oh gods. Oh gods!!! **starts clutching chest in agony** **sobs** THE FEEEEEEEEELS!!!
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Unseeing Eyes

That was it. Goodbye. HIs last words to her. She stood still as he locked eyes with her, hoping and praying he wouldn’t see her unshed tears. She could tell the instant she faded competely. His amber orbs darkened and became unfocused as he tried to search for her face. She held up a hand, opening her mouth to speak…to reassure him that she was still right there…anything…but no sound escaped her lips. She closed her mouth, standing there, staring hopeless at him. She could not move. She was rooted to the spot. Orihime, Uryuu, Chad, … they all stared at the two of them for a long while. Rukia couldn’t break down  in front of them…she wouldn’t break down in front of them.Finally, after ages, Rukia blinked and turned to the side, hiding her tears from Ichigo’s friends as she wiped her eyes. He couldn’t see her anymore. Her nakama…her best friend. The one person who she could be completely herself around…the one person who had saved her over and over again…he couldn’t..see her…feel her…touch her…Never before had Rukia felt so alone. Even when she was alone. This was worse. She didn’t know what she was missing before…Now …she did and he was standing a foot away from her. “Ichigo…” she whispered softly. 


You! You, please, don’t do that ever again.

soufflesforgallifrey said: makeout, hug, taking rose right there on the street. bc seriously you know if they actually did let them have that reunion it would be a puny little hug as the whole fandom hung on a string yelling KISS YOU IDIOTS

I like to imagine this ok:

running running running
omg so close
slow down running

stop running

like 6 feet away from each other
and they’re both panting and have tears in their eyes and they’re just staring at each other in awe.

and we don’t know who moves first but then rose is in his arms in notebook style hug with her legs around waist and everything and they stay like that for a long time until he puts her down, but doesn’t let her go, just pulls back a bit so he can see her face, and of course she’s crying tears of joy and he starts to ask “but how -” and she shuts him up with a kiss and he kisses her back because he missed her so much and they’re just like

[[I have srz lil!fitz and Martin feels right now for some reason.

After Kyle was taken in by Cohen, (being a busy man) he ended up dumping Fitz on Martin a lot, Martin being someone Cohen trusted. And as Kyle acted like a good little boy (obedient and really just to stand there silently unless spoken too, Cohen’s little pet if you will.)  for Cohen, the only time he was really allowed to be a child was around Martin, and took full advantage of that, becoming very comfortable around Martin as Martin would fully allow it, even if he acted serious and grumpy all the time. And even in his adult years he’s very open to Martin and doesn’t tend to keep all his feeling bottled up and act out of politeness and obedience before his own feelings, being more snarky (becauseusingthewordSassymightbeastabtowhatmasculinityhehasleft) and “playful” towards him. Martin has been a stable figure in Kyle’s life, someone he knows wont hurt him and he can rely on, like an older brother that he gets along with very well.

Out of all the luxuries Cohen has given Kyle; an apartment, a piano, lessons, and many other material goods, above them all he treasures the relationship he has gotten from Cohen appointing Martin as his ‘babysitter’.

That was gay, this is gay. Don’t judge me. FEELSS]]