Today at work, this little girl was looking for her first Sonic games for the Wii and omg I went all out. she knew all the characters and ahhh we bonded

she got Sonic Colors in the end because of me and she called me the ‘queen of Sonic’.

My purpose in life is now completed


“…There’s nothing interesting about a bunch of notes for my creative writing class, moron.”

“But I think your ideas are interesting!”


“Grandma, I’m scared.”

“Listen carefully. You’ve been taken over by a ghost…I’m talking possession.”

Aint this the fucking truth! Who agrees????

Reincarnate is the shit. ♡♡♡♡

Remember when sgfg first came out and we got the iconic “does it souuuund good?? does it feeeeel good??” video from luke nd we all collectively nutted 96 times