Scorch is about twelve years old. He’s also twenty-four, measured in how far along that path to death he actually is, which is the only definition I care about. He’s running out of time faster than me. The Kaminoans designed the Republic’s clone commandos to age fast, and when I
think of them as the tiny kids I first knew, it’s heartbreaking - yes, even for me. My father didn’t quite kill the last bit of feeling in me.
—  Walon Vau in Republic Commando: True Colors
Day 2: Favorite Ichihime moment

Oh god what to choose , what to choose??? 

I could have chosen the grimmjow/Ichigo fight but I think everything had been said about it . So here my second favorite Ichihime moment :

Yes it’s from the fullbringer arc which had been full of Ichihime moment .

But this moment right here is different :First of all Orihime had been once jalous of Rukia because she was unable to cheer Ichigo up , to motivate him correctly and get him out of his depression(s).

But look at her now , that is exactly what she did at this very moment and while she already managed to comfort Ichigo , for the first time she is conscious of it . She knows that thanks to her Ichigo will fight properly. And if this scene does not scream character developement and relationship development I don’t know what does.

As for Ichigo , he is able to fight again because of the knowledge that Chad and Orihime always believed in him , trained in secret for him. After a whole year of depression and sadness , THIS is the thing that give him the determination to fight and regain his powers . Because of Orihime , he feels confident again. To protect her and to protect his friends he will regain his power .

Everything about Ichigo and Orihime relationship is in this “thank you” for me .

Because their bond is made of mutual gratefulness .

Because of Ichigo ,Orihime is able to talk about her past freely and is now able to face the future.

Because of Orihime ,Ichigo is able to fight with determination and to regain his powers .

Plus Ginjou said Ichigo fought much better because Orihime was at his side but this is just bonus.

me cried the whole day yesterday cause of familes issues

me after the naruhina moments in anime and game: feeeeeeeeeeeels alot better 

this family always makes me happy and always makes me forget the problems of my family 

anonymous asked:

DUDE. Just did my rewatch. The feels. The feeeeeeeeeeeels in this episode! I ugly cried so hard. My heart just broke at the last Eaper sister scene. Melanie and her f*cking FACE. I just want to wrap her up in cotton wool and shoot everyone who hurts her. Damn. On the other hand, holy shit Haught! Damn for the second time. The Wayhaught scene was perfect. I can't wait to read your recap! Dude out!!

So many feels dude, I completely agree. 

2x06 recap will go up sometime tomorrow, because my brain is so fried I can barely comprehend my episode notes, even though I’ve watched the damn thing multiple times! 

Dude will be back.