feeeeeeed meeeee

Thread of your favourite parts in cast recordings

TUUUUuuuuuUUUUUuuuuuuUUURN IT (snazzy piano riff) TURN IT OFF (OFF)

The trumpet solo in Dead Girl Walking reprise

So you don’t burn in hellllllOOOOOO

yeaaahhh yeEAAHHHH

The intro music of les Mis

It’s the b i t c h of living (the bitchjustthebitch)

EAT CLEVELAND (trumpet blast)

That swirl (???) of music just after Seymour shoots at Audrey II


Guitar riff after “Dear Connor Murphy, yes I also miss our talks”

the whole of Da-Doo

Each person doing their own individual parts then coming together in just pure awesome in Non-Stop

the violin in Mama Who Bore Me and Word of Your Body (and its reprise)


I don’t usually take part in events on tumblr but I’ve read some pretty great one-shots on tumblr today due to this Rucas Appreciation Week and I thought I post one before the day is over (West Coast so I still have.. 2 hours) to show my appreciation. Enjoy.

RUCAS APPRECIATION WEEK ; Day 1 Rucas studying together or Rucas going to the movies and getting popcorn and chocolate

Midnight Dribble Drabble

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