♠️ Emotion Prompt (?) ♠️

*This is a special prompt for somebody who messaged me about writing a character’s emotions after loss, and I clicked reply on an incomplete message being clumsy, so here it is. c: I can’t remember who it was so my deepest apologies.*

After loss: write these emotion prompts;

Hope this helps! (And if you’re the person who messaged me, feel free to message me again, and I wont be clumsy and send an incomplete message. c’: )

feedthewriter replied to your post: it’s so weird how i get these rlly cut…

I also thought Michael Cera was attractive in 2009. We can carry the shame together.

idk if it’s the cider or the the fact that my hair looks good today or that i found out that i got a cool and chill friend living near me so i can live out my neighbourhood woc clique dream but i am feeling really loving anf forgiving like at the end of the day at my core i am still that woman who’s gonna hold your hair back after you’re pukin up at a d grade garage party where you made out with you’re ex’s ugly cute cousin