Update: The Community Kitchen Garden

This week we delivered another 48 lbs of fresh produce (Broccoli – 22 lbs, Cauliflower - 26 lbs) to the FeedMore‘s Meals on Wheels Serving Central VA & Central Virginia Food Bank. This means we’ve grown, harvested & delivered 9,178 lbs of fresh vegetables this season. Only 822 lbs to go to meet our 10,000-pound goal. Think we can make it?

We’ve been having fun in the Community Kitchen Garden for sure. Brian Vick, the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden staffer who’s been running the project has been blogging away about our adventures growing 10,000 lbs. of fresh local veggies for the Central Virginia Food Bank & Meals on Wheels Serving Central VA. Brian also has a wonderful sense of humor. Here’s a photo he took of stockings providing support for the Sugar Baby watermelons that we are growing for FeedMore. And here’s the blog post if you’d like to read more.

Update: The Community Kitchen Garden

It’s a wrap at the Community Kitchen Garden now that the growing season is over. But what a year it was! Our yield was 8 percent over last year’s and we donated 9,913 lbs to FeedMore‘s Meals on Wheels Serving Central VA & Central Virginia Food Bank. Read the blog post to see exactly how much we grew of each vegetable. A big thank you to Brian Vick, the Community Kitchen Garden Coordinator and all the volunteers who helped.

This week we delivered 390 lbs. of sweet potatoes (208 lbs. of the O'Henry white/gold variety and 182 lbs. of Beauregard - orange flesh potatoes.) to FeedMore‘s Meals on Wheels Serving Central VA & Central Virginia Food Bank.

Year to date total: 10,345 lbs! This is the first year we have exceeded our 10,000-pound production goal of growing fresh local veggies for those in need, and there are still more veggies to come! 

Thanks to the Batata Boom Gang: Rabbi Jesse, Carra, Tanisha, Nerice, John & Adam – who helped us harvest on Saturday.
Update: The Community Kitchen Garden

174 lbs of produce was delivered to the Food Bank’s Community Kitchen this week which brings our total to 9,749 lbs leaving a balance of 251 lbs to meet our 10K lb goal.  We are very near the end of production and will probably only have about 30-40 lbs of cauliflower remaining to be harvested, 20 red cabbages that are beautiful but are taking forever to head up, and a good amount of tender young kale that would be a nice addition to soups. Thanks to all of our hard-working volunteers and horticulture staff who have helped our Community Kitchen Garden grow!