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  • Taeyang is the bae and I am seriously starting to consider to make him my bias
  • I feed people bananas through my tv
  • I put toilet paper rolls on my fingers and pretend to be the Lord of the Rings
  • If someone asks to carry something for them I will seriously punch them in their face

*laughs* I probably should have warned you buy I forgot. I made sandwiches *hands you a playr with a hugr sandwich on it made like you love it* made it special *smiles and turns getting out the stuff I need to make the twins a bottle* Jacob won’t drink his unless you put vanilla in it *puts a few drops of vanilla in his and fixes Ella’s plain* And I probably got them spoiled because that’s how I bath them, it’s quicker

——that explains why he would spit out everything I tried feeding him except bananas he liked that. I still have a lot to learn about them as they grow up- louis