feeding the swans

I’ve been thinking about maybe the first time Alec stays over at Magnus’. And when Magnus wakes up in the morning he wakes up to find an empty area next to his bed and he can feel his heart drop. But he wakes up either way, maybe looking around to see whether alexander left a note or something, and he walks into the kitchen rubbing his eyes and lo and behold he finds his alexander in front of a stove wearing his ‘who’s the glitterest warlock of them all?’ apron that he got from ragnor a couple years ago, and he sees alexander standing there flipping over some bacon. And then Magnus feels warmth take over him, because for the first time in a very very long time someones here to take care of him. someones here to love him and cherish him and keep him safe. and magnus bane deserves that, he deserves to be told that he is safe and that he is loved and above all that he will always be safe with alec around. and when magnus leans back against the wall and takes in the site of alexander in his boxers and the apron he looks around at the coffee steaming and the bacon smell sweeping his apartment, he feels content, and it finally feels like home. 


Started drawing this when #17 first appeared in Dragon Ball Super. He kind of reminds me of my uncle, who also happens to be a ranger. That was part of my inspiration for this. The other part was the many many drawings I had made of this family back in 2005 or so, I wanted to “remake” a bunch of them and it turned out like this. xD

The K18 pairing must be the only couple I’ve ever shipped seriously, and I still love them just like I did 12 years ago. <3

I really admire #17′s respect for life. I’m sure he wouldn’t hunt or fish for fun, but as a ranger he definitely also understands how the “circle of life” works, so he can catch a fish or two to prepare a tasty meal. :)

Speaking of fish, I’m sure Goku will show up with a fish that’s twenty times bigger in about three seconds. xD

Is writing birthday fic for yourself a thing? If not…well, it is now. Since today is my date of birth and I randomly had the urge to write while I’m recovering from the food coma I’ve put myself in this weekend, here’s a rewrite of a lil Captain Cobra ficlet I had come up with for a CS writing challenge in 2015. Unedited, and apologies in advance if you end up craving cake.

Word count: 362

“If I had known this was going to happen, I would have just settled for one of those bloody cakes from the store.”

Killian and Henry groaned in unison as they took in the mess they’d made that covered nearly every surface in their kitchen- and themselves. Eggs and butter had both gotten smeared on Killian’s shirt, and Henry’s hair looked more white than brown from the flour that had led to the whole mess in the first place.

“Y’know, I’m pretty sure Mom said a store bought cake would be fine,” Henry pointed out. He was right. Ever since their family had begun planning Emma’s birthday party a few weeks ago, she had told them not to go to any trouble putting it together- “I won’t be hard to please. Just come to Granny’s and bring food”- but of course her husband and son had failed to listen. They still hadn’t tried to turn her birthday into a town-wide event, but Killian had thought the least thing they could do was make her a decent birthday cake themselves for the family dinner they were having tonight.

At least, there would have been a decent cake if Henry hadn’t thought it funny to dump a handful of flour over his stepfather’s head while they were mixing the dry ingredients, which led to a full on food fight that had lasted until they had nothing else left to throw at each other. 

“Yes, well, I suppose it will have to be fine now since there’s no time to make another before we’re to be at Granny’s,” Killian said. “But I’ll let you be the one to tell your mother that.” 

Henry made a face. “Okay. I guess it’s better than having her come home and seeing all of this…which we’d better start cleaning up now before you end up losing the one hand you’ve got.” 

“Right you are, lad. Right you are.” 

In the end, Emma was more than satisfied with her birthday cake from the local supermarket. Although she looked suspicious when she noticed the frosting stain Killian had missed when cleaning his shirt, and his only reply was, “Ask your son.”  

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Prompt: pre-SQ. Emma helps Regina shop for Christmas dinner, which will be hosted at Regina's :)

I don’t know what compelled me to do this now, but I did this prompt.  So here is a little Christmas in April.  We could always use some cute Swan Queen scenes, right?


Shopping for Christmas Dinner

Emma pushes the cart through the meat department.  “You got a bird, right?”

“Excuse me?” Regina tilts her chin upward and frowns at Emma, and the sheriff can’t help but smirk.

“Protein, Regina. What are you making for Christmas dinner?  Chicken? Steak?  What?”

An eye roll is what she gets back.  “You will be fed meat with your vegetables, I promise, Emma.”

“So, what is it?”

“Why do you need to know?”

“Why is it a secret?”

“It’s not.”

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Eight ways to stay cool in the summer heat

1. Be a hat. Hats are cool. Hats never get sunburn. If you are the right sort of hat and happen to get buried in an ancient tomb you can live six thousand years in the cool and wake up surrounded by admiring archaeologists.

2. Summon the mighty North Wind to be your guide and aid, binding it to your side for life, no matter what fortune may bring to you both. If you are primarily resident in the Southern hemisphere you may need to summon the South Wind instead, but I would be cautious here: it is a little grumpy. In both cases a climate impact assessment may be advisable first.

3. Feed yourself to a swan. It is a little-known fact that swans can avoid melting in intense heat due to their internal icemaker, which is unusually intense for a bird. This is why swans in England belong to the Queen. If the Queen did not own so many swans, the intense heat she generates would gradually warp Britain’s royal palaces, leaving them unfit for human habitation.

4. Or then if you should happen to do something particularly outrageous with summer, it may be possible to get it confiscated. Try committing some offence for which the mandated penalty is removal of Summer, such as purchasing a sunhat or filling a paddling pool.

5. Have you been saving a paddle for some future occasion in which you may find yourself up Shit Creek? These paddles make tremendously good fans. It is totally in your interest to take that paddle out from its storage place and bring it with you to the beach and leave it round the back of a beach hut somewhere while you make an awesome sandcastle and then go on the carousel and forget all about it.

6. Tell a story of such splendour and sorrow that it sets the very stones themselves to weeping. Stones are nice and cool inside and their tears are great for the skin and if you can really get them going you may be able to swim in the resulting river. Be careful to get out before they start on the snot, though.

7. Superimpose another dimension upon your own - if you can, try a hell dimension in which everything is obliterated by eternal Winter, that dimension that is all corridors with no heaters in, or one in which nothing exists but the silent and chilly void of space.

8. Bring a fan. Be a fan. Talk to the other fan enthusiastically about everything that is great in the world until the sun goes to sleep and you are both left in the cool dark and there are still so many awesome things left in the world to discuss.