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My dear, please don't ever stop writing. You're so talented and I love Thwarted to pieces. Stay safe my friend <3

Oh thank you, Anon!

I don’t think I could stop writing honestly. The way I view the world has fundamentally changed. Nothing has ever given me this kind of fulfillment. I’ve always been creative, but never found my calling. Now I feel like I have.

Thanks again, Anon. Supportive readers really do feed the muse like nothing else.

But look closely here…

I just realized his eyes were open!

Until that last moment when his lips completely close around hers, his eyes were open a crack and on her.

And when their lips lock, his lashes fall down, squeeze tight, and he gives in completely. 

He was watching her up until the last second, while her eyes were closed… exactly like their first kiss 

where he opened his eyes first and just memorized her face while she memorized the kiss, until that last second.

The fucking parallels between 3x01 and 4x01 - his eyes were open before and after. 

I’m not okay.

It's Valentine's Day! Send one of the following for a scenario:
  • 💐 - Handing over a bouquet of flowers
  • 💳 - Taking my muse to an expensive restaurant
  • 🌅 - Observing the sunset together
  • 🎭 - Watching a romantic film at the movies
  •  🍫 - Feeding my muse chocolate-covered fruits
  • 💕 - Asking my muse out on a date
  • 🕯️  - Having a candle-lit, homemade dinner
  • ❣️  - Proclaiming your love to my muse
  • 👐 - Massaging my muse’s back
  • 🚢  - Going on a one-day cruise
  • 💌 - Writing a love letter
  • 💃- Dancing to a slow song
  • 💋 - Having a first kiss
  • 🎁 - Buying gifts for each other
  • 💞 - Having a double-date
  • 💍  - Proposing to my muse

medieval/ancient based plots i desperately need.

tw: abuse, rape mention, triggering topics in general.

  • muse a is the prince of (country) and muse b is the princess of (another allied country). muse b spent quite a bit of time in muse a’s kingdom during the war and the young couple began a picturesque romance. when muse b went back to her country they kept in touch with letters, writing to one another constantly since they were unable to see each other. unexpectedly muse b stops writing back to muse a. a few months later muse a and his family are invited to a grand wedding (in anther country), the king has found himself a new bride. upon arriving muse a finds out that the kings new bride is muse b. muse b’s father had arranged the marriage in exchange for an alliance, not caring that his daughter begged him not to go through with it. only after the wedding do muse b and muse a get a moment alone so muse b can explain what’s taken place.
    • possible addition: muse b’s new husband could be abusive or just a cruel king in general, maybe a significant age difference as well. 
  • muse a was a slave girl, most likely a love child of a brothel worker and a local traveler. around the age of 12-13 she was sold into slavery and used by men of status on a daily basis, never really knowing anything different. after a hefty number of years she’s on her own. (either she escaped, or they got tired of her - maybe have someone new, or someone in the palace who felt bad for her helped her escape, etc) she wanders the streets, sleeping when she can and where she can until she travels out of the city, only making it a mile or two before she collapses (exhaustion, hunger, thirst, etc) and muse b is traveling back to his home and comes across her. he brings her back to his home where she sleeps for quite a bit of time, finally waking up and unsure of where she is. muse b explains that he owns the land and found her on his way back from the city and wanted to help, muse b asks her if she has any place to go or where she’s from and she doesn’t have an answer. muse b starts to slowly understand where this girl came from, maybe she tells him in bits and pieces, maybe he sees bruises or scars… etc. long story short muse b takes care of muse a, letting her stay there, maybe letting her sleep in his bed, feeding her, and muse a starts to form an attachment to muse b since he’s the only person who’s ever really shown her kindness. 
    • this could remain platonic or spark into something more ‘love story’-ish.
  • based on the movie troy. muse a falls for the queen of another king, muse b. she’s beautiful, intelligent, she challenges him and she’s everything he’s ever wanted in a partner. muse b is married to an abusive & hateful man who she cannot fathom spending the rest of her life with. muse a proposes that muse b come back with him to his country and muse b agrees. muse a smuggles her back to his country and when muse b’s husband finds out he is furious. muse a wants to do everything to keep muse b with him but now muse b’s husband is threatening to start a war. muse b thinks it would be best to return home to save everyone the trouble of fighting in a war over her, but muse a doesn’t intend to let it happen.
  • muse a is a handmaiden for the queen/princess of (whatever country), and muse b is the king. muse b has always been fond of muse a, admiring her from afar. muse b is driven by pure lust one night and the two end up sharing a night together in his chambers. this happens time and time again until muse a believes she’s pregnant. muse b knows what could happen if anyone found out, so he tells her to keep it a secret, and so muse a agrees, knowing she doesn’t have much of a choice and she doesn’t want her child to be known as a bastard. muse a has the baby, telling everyone the father was a traveling merchant. muse b has his kingly duties, most likely has a queen and of course a country to rule but he cares for muse a and his child but all they have are secret and private moments together and that’ all they will ever have. 
    • just cute lil family moments where he sneaks off to see them and gets to see his kid and then be with her and just break my heart.
Parental Prospects

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS).
 Reader x Bones.
Prompt: Requested by @musingsongbird - I wish you would write a story where bones and the reader find the equivilant of a box of kittens and have to take care of them and they curl up in bed with the kitties between them and Leonard dreams of doing that with their own baby someday.
Word Count: 1618.
Rating: All ages.
Author’s Note: Sorry this took so long!  I’ve been trying to figure out how to approach it, but thanks to @fandomheadrush I’ve finally been able to finish it up!  Enjoy! 

Parental Prospects

You feel a warmth and love for Leonard well in your chest as you watch him pick up one of the kittens in the box between the two of you.  He wasn’t overly fond of the idea of having to shepherd a clowder at first, but your concerns over his reactions had dried up the second you’d seen him smile at the sight of the six little fur balls in the container.

It had all started in the med bay after a supplies delivery.  You’d been unpacking the crates and stowing supplies away when you’d heard a strange noise. After investigating for a few minutes, you’d found the source of the sound: a half dozen kittens, newly born and upset, stowed away inside of a box that must have been mistakenly mixed in with the Enterprise’s cargo somehow.

You’d hastily put away the rest of the delivery and had excused yourself from med bay to take the kittens down to zoology. A biologist there had looked the kittens over, declared them free of disease but somewhat malnourished, and had offered to care for them until they could be dropped off at a shelter the next time the ship docked at a starbase.  As you’d stared at the little critters, though, you’d found yourself unable to let them go and so the biologist had sent you off with them, as well as with a number of droppers and bottles, replicated formula to supplement their nutrition, and instructions to bring them by for vet checks every few days to ensure they remained in good health until they could be passed on to a proper facility off ship.

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The 100 Fic Rec

I know we all have a need for content, here’s my personal fic rec list of Bellarke separation stories.


This one is mine, set during the black completely compliant with the ending bits of the episode. I will be working on a second part because of the high demand from readers. You feed my muse.


This one has a less happy ending, so watch out, but it’s well written and fills the needs for content.


All the feels, so many feels and it is amazing. Set just after Bellamy gets home. So good.


The only fid on the list rated E, for good reason. Whew, I needed a cold shower.


In this version, the whole space crew hears Clarke’s transmission. Another great fic.


This one is eight chapters so far and rather heart breaking by itself. I hope there will be more of it.


Nicely written, very epilogue style with a sweet happy ending to the whole storyline of the show.

Those are the ones I’ve found so far, and they are all amazing. Add more to the list, keep the goods coming in, people. We have fewer days than Clarke had to wait, but still quite a few of our own.

Till Your Last Breath - Chapter 1

Summary: The countdown plastered to one’s skin showed how much time the other’s soulmate had left to live. For Felicity Smoak, that meant she had 3 months to find and warn her soulmate before he would die. When she met him though, she got more than what she signed herself up for. Especially when his secret identity was revealed to her… Soulmate, Bratva AU mixed with Olicity Fic-A-Thon Prompts.
Prompt: Eye Contact
Word Count: 1662
Rating: M
Tagging: @thebookjumper, @olicityhiatusficathon 
Notes: Heyyaaa people :) I’m very excited to be back with this small prologue. This fanfiction will be updated weekly, depends on how much the prompt fits the storyline I have in mind, and of course the response will determine how many chapters this story should get. While this prologue is very quick, I will try to aim for a word count between 2500 and 5000+. The chapters will focus heavily on that week’s prompt, except for this one, because this is the chapter that gets the story going. I hope you enjoy this little ficlet and follow the characters’ journey to the end. :) Let me know what you think at the end by dropping a message. Comments and kudos feed the soul of my Muse. :P Enjoy! :)

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Can I request SQ on this blog?? For the kiss prompts you posted: when they lean forward a fraction as if to kiss the other person, then realize they shouldn’t and pull back to stop themselves + other then licks their lips and says “please” Gimme angsty or fluff, whichever feeds your muse more. :) TY

Sorry this took so long! Here’s a little SQ for you. Fluffy floof.

“I cannot believe we’re doing this-”


Regina’s eyes rolled, despite the fact that Emma couldn’t see the action in the dim light that they had. “You’re getting far too into this.”

There was a waft of vanilla scented shampoo as her head turned rather abruptly, her blonde curls sliding over Regina’s arm and forcing the woman to withhold her shudder at the sensation as Emma whisper-cried, “Loser washes the dishes!”

“You’re worse than our son.”

“Look,” Emma reasoned - studiously ignoring Regina’s mocking grin - as she turned in the limited space to face the brunette, “in two minutes time, if we are not discovered-”

“I’m still unsure as to why I needed to be involved in this.”

“You would’ve told him where I was,” was Emma’s - fair - retort, she didn’t await Regina’s piss-poor denial of the truth, “if he doesn’t find me within the time that I found him, then the smug little so and so is stuck on dish duty for the next week.”

Regina raised a disbelieving eyebrow, “You won’t last a week with his puppy dog eyes.”

“Please,” Emma scoffed, “I invented puppy dog eyes, Your Majesty.” And, as if to prove it, emerald eyes widened as blonde eyebrows lifted and Emma’s pink lips pulled into a pout that had Regina’s eyes dropping subconsciously to look.

Suddenly the closet they were hiding in felt infinitely smaller.

She’d been dreaming of this moment for so very long, of this kind of opportunity to experience the feel of Emma’s lips against her own, to run her fingers over toned arms and into soft, golden hair. It wasn’t until the possibility of rejection came flashing into her mind that Regina realised she’d actually been leaning forward.

Emma had realised the same thing it seemed.

The blonde’s eyes were on Regina’s lips, the air between them thick with a sort of wanting that had a pink tongue peeking out to wet Emma’s own bottom lip before she was whispering a gentle, “Please…” that had Regina’s heart pounding out a fierce rhythm within her chest.

Dark eyes met green, asking without words. Her reply was nothing more than a subtle nod that had Regina swallowing thickly before she was leaning in slowly.

She felt like a teenager sent into the closet with her crush by friends bored of waiting for them to get together. It was exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time.

She also felt as though she’d never shared a kiss with anyone before with the uncertainty running through her mind. What if it was terrible? Where the hell was she supposed to put her hands? Should she use tongue?

Any thought, however, left her mind completely when their mouths finally did meet in a tentative kiss that was barely parted lips but that she felt down to the tips of her toes.

This felt right, god, did it feel right.

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Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge for Darcy/Steve?

Elephant Love Medley - Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman

A/n:  Moulin Rouge AU?  Where Steve is a penniless artist and Darcy is a dancer at the Moulin Rouge.  <3  Idk what has gotten into y’all with these prompts.  Making me want to write longfics.  I stg.  

“C’mon, Darcy…what do you have to lose?”  Steve grabbed hold of one of the circular bannisters on the stairs, swinging himself around to stand in front of her.  He was at least two steps down, so his eyes were even with hers.  “Tell me one thing you have to lose by letting me come in.”  

My heart… she thought to herself.  She could see it.  Could see herself falling in love with Steve Rogers, the penniless artist who’d been sketching her nightly during her acts at the Moulin Rouge.  She pressed her lips together, breaking eye contact as she looked out over the city.  

“One night, Darcy.  One night.  That’s all I’m asking for…you’re my muse…feed me…please?”  And his mouth twitched up in the corner.  

Darcy knew she was lost.  Lost in his eyes and in that half-smile.  And in those nimble fingers that wielded charcoal and paintbrushes so very, very well.  

“Fine.  One night.  But I’m counting this as my charity case for the year, Rogers.”  She turned and walked back up the stairs.  She turned back and locked eyes with him.  “Coming?”  

“Right!  Right, I’m…” he nearly tripped over himself following her up the stairs.