feeding the hungry heart

Being and/or feeling fat is usually different for men than for women. A man can eat compulsively, be overweight, dislike his body and still be thought of - and think of himself- as attractive. A man who is twenty or thirty pounds overweight is not an outcast. He simply has a “beer belly” or a “paunch”. He is not generally considered disgusting or repulsive; he does not usually having a hard time finding clothes that fit him.
On the other hand, a woman’s appearance is crucial to her evaluation as a human being; a woman feels she IS what she looks like. She may be brilliant, perceptive and competent, but if she is fat, she has to struggle to prove her worth. People stare at her; she is unable to find clothes; she is refused jobs and denied men. For [most women], overweight is synonymous with ugliness, failure and selfdegradation.
—  Feeding The Hungry Heart by Geneen Roth

what will we do with a drunken pirate?
     stuff him in a sac and throw him over
           feed him to the hungry rats for dinner
               shoot him through the heart with a loaded pistol
                     slice his throat with a rusty cleaver
                           early in the morning.

Teen Wolf/The Maze Runner AU: Pirates of the Caribbean
➸ Captain Lydia Martin and her dreadful crew, painting the seven seas red. Whoever said a woman aboard ship causes misfortune was absolutely right.

just fucking imagine when lucas and maya actually admit they like each other, it’ll be so awkward bc the both of them will have no idea what to do and maya will still deny it every chance she gets even though she’s already admitted it and she’ll try to snap out of it and convince herself that she’s not in love with a huckleberry but theN when she’s having all of these negative thoughts about what can come along with having feelings for lucas he just gives her this smile and everything’s okay and she’s okay and a lot of banter is gonna go on between them bc they’re just going to be like “you liked me first!” “no YOU liked me first” and they’ll break out into an argument on who liked who first and please feed my hungry lucaya heart

When a sense of hunger, loneliness, dissatisfaction and craving comes, don’t blame it on others, or on circumstances. Instead, stop and look within. Know it is the monkey mind that is robbing you of the joy and fulfillment that is your natural birthright.
—  Dr. Brenda Shoshanna -  How To Feed The Hungry Heart

Lord thank you from the depth of my heart for a man who loves you with all of his heart, soul and mind. Who guards my purity with all that he is and for his heart to minister to the lost and feed the hungry.

You really outdid yourself!

These qualities in a man have always been the whispers of my prayers to you for years and you answered them, in your own time.

Thank you for the confirmations you give us both privately and then are confirmed even more when we’re together. Thank you for your continued guidance in this life together.

It’s not been easy. It’s been a long road. Singleness has its perks. Being alone with you has brought about a lot of learning and growing. You’ve cleaned up my character, and instilled wisdom in its place. All praise and glory is given to you.

Thank you for your kindness.
We look forward to glorifying you even more so, and working together to bring the lost home.

To you be the glory forever, Amen.