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Can you make some jason picking up duke from school headcanons?

I SUCK at headcanons but I feel like Jason sometimes picks duke up in the middle of school. Jason treasures education more than everyone probably but he knows duke is like one smart ass kid so just picks him up with a McDonald’s bag in the passengers seat while duke does parkour to get off school grounds. It’s duke’s favorite days when Jason picks him up without telling him after school ends cause he usually expects Alfred but then he sees a motorcycle (when he takes a motorcycle lol) and Jason kinda just chilling there with a helmet in his hands and he knows they’re gonna go on an adventure or something. More often than not tho they just end up at the park feeding ducks bread.

Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett has always been a favorite of mine. I read it for the first time in 2008, and for the second in 2013 when I was preparing to give it out for World Book Night. 

Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett are two of the best fantasy writers of our time, and this novel is written by both of them, together, swapping notes. Here’s a basic outline of the plot: the end of the world. Here’s a bigger outline: Aziraphale and Crowley, angel and demon, aren’t as excited about the appearance of the Antichrist as their superiors are. They’ve gotten rather used to the human world. The Antichrist also appears to be a quite normal, though quite imaginative, boy, and under his direction, the world begins to end—Atlantis rises and aliens circle to spread their message of harmony. And through it all, Anathema Device is following along with the story thanks to the prophecies of her ancestor, Agnes Nutter, the only prophet who got everything right—which is precisely why her books never sold very well.

The book is funny, twisting, and magical. There are one or two jokes that always put me off, but they are a total of four lines in a book of many. Here are some of my favorite lines from this read:

“Evil in general does not sleep, and therefore doesn’t see why anyone else should.”

“A screaming, glowing ribbon of pain and dark light*
*Not actually an oxymoron. It’s the color past ultra-violet. The technical term for it is infra-black. It can be seen quite easily under experimental conditions. To perform the experiment simply select a healthy brick wall with a good runup, and, lowering your head, charge.
The color that flashes in bursts behind your eyes, behind the pain, just before you die, is infra-black.”

“This is how Newton Pulsifer looked as a man: if he went into a phone booth and changed, he might manage to come out looking like Clark Kent.”

“Jaime had never realized that trees made a sound when they grew, and no one else had realized it either, because the sound is made over hundreds of years in waves twenty-four hours from peak to peak.
Speed it up, and the sound a tree makes is

“Crowley said nothing. Plan A had worked. Plan B had failed. Everything depended on Plan C, and there was one drawback to this: he had only ever planned as far as B.”

“Watch out for that pedestrian!“
"It’s on the street, it knows the risks it’s taking!”

My favorite moments include the alien scene—I was laughing the whole time—the descriptions of the constant clandestine secret agents meeting up in St. James’ Park to feed the ducks, the idea that humans do a better job than demons because we have more imagination, and the poking fun at the histories and literature of witch hunting, which I understood better this time around after having taken a class on exactly that (I also understood more biblical references after my three further years of religious studies). Gaiman blends overtones of Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine into a riot of a recreation story that jumps from hilarity to hilarity, all while highlighting, first and foremost, the imagination of a young boy with his friends and the friendship (fans—including me—argue romance) between a demon and an (asexual) angel who have been by each other’s side on the human world since the beginning. 

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What are your thoughts on autumn? Is it your favorite time of year? Do you prefer the Halloween aspect of it, or the changing colors and sweater weather part of it?

“Autumn is a lovely time of year. It is my favorite, believe it or not. I enjoy watching nature’s last fretful and violent push to remain alive. The leaves…they flash brilliant colors in a desperate attempt to feed their host before dying and draining away. The grass turns hues as if to express their sorrow. The sun ducks bellow the horizon earlier to escape from the cold. But it is not for the Halloween aspect, goodness no. I remain far, far away from the mentioning of such a holiday. It’s an unsightly time that Anti feels entitled too simply because he stabbed a pumpkin a few times.”

Dark gave a snorting chuckle, but it sounded surprisingly warm.

“Idiotic boy. I enjoy the colors and the fierceness that the earth can provide. Sometimes we forget and take for granted that the world is such a cruel and changing place.”

Dating Caitlin Snow Would Include


You would be constantly cuddling each other

Getting jealous when Julian flirts with her

Helping her pick out clothes

Playing with her hair

Sitting in her lap/her sitting in your lap

Being super cute at S.T.A.R Labs

Pretending someone’s in trouble. “Caitlin, Barry’s hurt!” Then running down the hallway

Surprising her, and trapping her against the wall for a make-out session “You used Barry as an excuse to kiss me?” “Shut up.”

The first time she meets your parents she’s super sweet and kind. “The steak was delicious.” She smiles. You leaned over, whispering in her ear, “It was burnt. You don’t have to lie.” Then kiss her cheek. “Well, at least I know where you get it from.”

Holding each other’s hands under the table

You meeting Caitlin’s mom “Mom this is my girlfriend/boyfriend, Y/N.” “Oh, so this is the amazing Y/N, that I’ve heard so little about…” She said holding her hand out. “Mother,” Caitlin warns.

Taking showers together

Mostly because you love her figure and the way she’s shy about it

Towel drying each other’s hair

Pulling the towel around her neck, bringing her in for a kiss

Dressing nice for your 1 year anniversary and skipping a button on your shirt and she fixes it for you
Dressing nice for your 1 year anniversary, tripping in your heals on the pavement causing the heal to snap off

She doesn’t get mad that you have to go back home to change heels

Driving her to her favorite restaurant

After dinner you realize you locked your keys in the car

Getting frustrated, but she laughs thinking it’s adorable

You make it up to her by taking her to her favorite park the next day

The two of you get ice cream and walk around

You feed the ducks together

Something you get jealous of Barry, Cisco, and Harry so you stand by making sure they don’t hug her or stand too close.

“Ah-! Keep a distance of five feet from my snowflake.” Cisco backs up so far he knocks into HR who spills his coffee onto Harry, who in return glares at you.

“Sorry.” Caitlin apologizes for you.  Harry rolls his eyes and turns to leave when he slips in the puddle of coffee and lands on top of Barry who was distracted by Iris.

Calling Caitlin nicknames related to her cold powers

Your really just trying to get her to accept her powers

You actually really love her powers

You think it’s sexy when she dressed as killer Frost for Halloween as a joke

Going to nerd conventions

Dragging her everywhere because your more excited

Lady and the Tramp style eating spaghetti together

Fighting over the TV remote and she kicks you off the couch

You don’t even try to get up cause you know she’ll feel guilty

Eventually, she reaches down to help you up but you pull her down on top of you

She screams super loud

Before laughing in your neck saying, “You asshole.”

You move the coffee table to the side and grab all the blanks and pillows in the apartment

You make a pallet on the floor in front of the couch and rent a movie and Caitlin makes the popcorn

Then she curls up in your lap

You both fall asleep on the floor of blankets and pillows

And when you wake up your in an odd position

Like 69, sideways, spooning position

Popcorns everywhere, one of you rolled onto the bowl and now it’s in every crease of the blanks

There’s popcorn in your hair, and  hers

Your both greasy from the butter

You take turns showering

You hide her clothes

So she runs around the apartment in a towel looking for them

She ends up wearing your clothes to work

Which is what you wanted

Being the first to know about her cold powers

Leaving team flash to be with her when she becomes Killer Frost

Still loving her despite what she’s become

But you love her either way. Killer Frost or Caitlin? You love her always


YA Lit Meme: [7/10] Series or Books » The Iron Fey by Julie Kagawa

On my sixth birthday, my father took me to the park, one of my favorite places to go at that time. It was a lonely little park in the middle of nowhere, with a running trail and a misty green pond surrounded by pine trees. We were at the edge of the pond, feeding the ducks, when I heard the jingle of an ice cream truck in the parking lot over the hill. When I begged my dad to get me a Creamsicle, he laughed, handed me a few bills, and sent me after the truck.
That was the last time I saw him. (…) Not long after my father’s disappearance, Mom moved us far away, to a tiny little hick town in the middle of the Louisiana bayou. Mom said she wanted to “start over,” but I always knew, deep down, that she was running from something.
It would be another ten years before I discovered what.


roughly 150 (180, if we’re being honest.. and truthfully, many more before that) days later and despite many flaws and the rough times we’ve had, i continue to fall deeper in love with your dimples and curly hair everyday. you are my favorite person, and my perfect girlfriend. i love you so very much, Noodles.
happy 5 months.
(ps: i’m sorry you didn’t get to hand feed the ducks today. maybe next time. 😉)

Best Buds Part 6

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2700

Warnings: Angst…oops.

Note: Sorry that I’m not sorry about the angst! I intended to add smut to this part, but it just didn’t call for it. So enjoy the angst. muahaha.  Part 7 is going to be the last installment of Best Buds! It’s been a blast!

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Dean ignored you for most of the next day. He wouldn’t look you in the eye and didn’t even eat the breakfast you made for everyone. He’d leave every time you walked into a room and locked his door, which he usually kept open. You were wracking your brain, trying to figure out what was wrong. To you, the sex last night was intense and mind-blowing. Maybe you had been reading the signs wrong. Was it possible he wasn’t into this deal anymore? Did you say something out loud that was meant to be just a thought? Did he think you were in love with him after last night? You didn’t even know what you were feeling. The only thing that mattered to you was keeping your best friend in your life.

Castiel asked to hang around for a couple days and you were glad to have a friend to keep you distracted from the constant pestering your brain had in for you. Although Castiel often had his head in the clouds, he was also observant to details. He noticed you weren’t acting yourself and when you brushed him off when asked about it he didn’t pressure you to divulge in it any further. A few gusts of wind later and Cas was standing in front of you with a game board in hand.

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Clockwork Angel {Sentence Starters}
  • "If no one in the entire world cared about you, did you really exist at all?"
  • "Bloodthirsty little beasts. Never trust a duck."
  • "Only the very weak-minded refuse to be influenced by literature and poetry."
  • "What kind of monster could possibly hate chocolate?"
  • "There was a time I thought we could be friends, ____."
  • "Remember when you tried to convince me to feed a poultry pie to the mallards in the park to see if you could breed a race of cannibal ducks?"
  • "Black hair and blue eyes are my favorite combination."
  • "There's plenty of sense in nonsense sometimes, if you wish to look for it."
  • "Is this really your room? Not very nice, is it?"
  • "It's all right to love someone who doesn't love you back, as long as they're worth you loving them."
  • "You're on fire. You do know that don't you?"
  • "Are you implying that shreds of my reputation remain intact?"
  • "One must always be careful of books,and what is inside them, for words have the power to change us."
  • "It is not the same thing to be good and to be kind."
  • "Such harsh truths so early in the morning cannot be good for the digestion."
  • "You behave as if everything is funny to you, but you never laugh."
  • "I do not believe you can threaten people into goodness."
  • "When I mean morally deficient, I say, 'Now, that's something I would have done'."
  • "It isn't against the Law to be an idiot."
  • "Is this how it's going to be from now on? I'll be the odd man out?"
  • "It is as great a thing to love as it is to be loved."
  • "Sometimes, when I have to do something I don't want to do, I pretend I'm a character from a book."
  • "Beauty fades, but cooking is eternal."
  • "Do reasons matter when there's nothing that can be done to change things?"
  • "Dreams can be dangerous things."
  • "Love is not something that can be wasted."
  • "It wasn't enough, not nearly enough, but it was all there was."
  • "Where are you, you disloyal bastard?!"
  • "You do believe everything I say, though, don't you? Do I seem unusually trustworthy to you, or are you just a naive sort?"
  • "I have lost everything. Lost everything. Everything."
  • "I'm getting the oddest feeling that you're enjoying this."
Gifts your friend/family member who just had a baby really wants

- Day 1: To be left alone. I get it, you are so excited to see the baby. Well she either spent some time and a significant amount of effort pushing it out of her vagina, or it was cut out of her. Both situations are exhausting. Give her and baby and Dad a chance to rest unless she asks you to be there.

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- Day 2: Something other than hospital food. And whatever she didn’t bring to the hospital that she needs- a phone charger, a nursing nightgown (I hated trying to nurse in the hospital gown, plus wearing my clothes made me feel like a person instead of an invalid), real coffee, a toothbrush, etc.

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- Going home: The first couple days at home are the hardest. This is another time that is less than ideal for a visit. Everyone is adjusting and it sucks. The best thing you can do is to send encouraging texts and order them delivery food. Nobody wants to be doing dishes right now. It was hard for me to arrange visits because I needed to sleep when the baby slept- if you do come over during this period right after going home from the hospital, drop food off, do a quick chore and leave whether or not they are awake. Socializing will come later.

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- Week 1-2: Life with a newborn is harder than anything I’ve done yet, and it’s the type of hard you can’t understand until you live it. The first two weeks are the absolute worst. As someone who previously had all their ducks in a row and had their shit handled, this is a time where I had to ask for help. I couldn’t do laundry or dishes, I couldn’t even make myself food. All I did was nurse the baby, and try to sleep when he slept. So, when you go see your friend/family member and the new baby, there is a baby holding tax. Things that are appreciated:
+ food- either a full meal for her and Dad, or food that she can eat one handed while feeding the baby. Some of my favorites are little baggies of grapes and berries, granola bars, and mixed nuts.
+ chores- dishes or laundry or pick up some clutter
+ pay someone to clean their house
+ take out the trash or recycling
+ bring diapers/wipes or groceries
+ take care of their pets- let their dog out or take it for a walk, scoop the catbox or feed the fish.
+ hold the baby while the parents take a shower, take a walk, eat a meal, or take a nap. My baby sleeps the longest when he is being held, and it’s so nice when my mom or mother-in-law hold him and I am able to take a long nap.
+ mow their grass or water their plants. My houseplants really took a beating when we brought the baby home- my airplant died. THE AIR. PLANT. DIED.
+ Snowdrop is our first baby, but if someone is bringing home baby #2 and onward, I’m sure help with the other little ones would be MUCH appreciated. Seriously, I don’t know how people have a newborn and a toddler or preschooler. Y’all are magic.

This is my first baby and I’m only 3 ½ weeks in, other mamas feel free to add anything that you would have appreciated when you brought your babies home!


At last, Harry was finally home. Don’t get him wrong, he absolutely loved being able to travel the world and visit all kinds of foreign places and meet new people, but none of it could ever quite compare to Holmes Chapel. Now that the band had a few much needed weeks off for the holidays, he was relieved to be able to spend some time back there with his family and friends. And he was over the moon that Louis agreed to come along for the trip too.

Harry and Louis spent the day watching holiday movies like Love Actually and The Holiday with Gemma while Anne practically force-fed them food. Harry’s mom loved having her son home and she adored Louis so her motherly instincts were on overdrive. Later, they drove around town, just the two of them, listening to The 1975’s latest album as Harry nostalgically pointed out some of favorite childhood places: “That’s where I used to ride my bike…and that’s where I crashed it. Mum and I would feed the ducks in that little pond. Oh and over there is where Johnny and I had that unfortunate incident with the paint and potatoes…” Louis had of course heard these stories before. This definitely wasn’t the first time Harry gave him the grand tour, but he found it endearing when his boy got all nostalgic like this so he just nodded his head, smiled fondly, and let him ramble on.

The sun was starting to set, lighting up the sky with a palette of purples, pinks, and blues. As Harry was pulling into the driveway of his parents’ house, he had an idea. “Hey Lou, it’s such a beautiful night…what would you say to some star gazing?”

“Harry it’s freezing,” Louis shivered for dramatic effect.

“Please. It will be fun. We can cuddle up under a big blanket. Just the two of us in that big open field behind the house. It will be so romantic. Like a movie moment! We’ll have a laugh finding inappropriate shapes in the star clusters, then gaze into each other’s eyes, and you’ll have no other choice but to just have your way with me,” Harry smirked feeling very proud of himself.

“Well now when you put it like that, how can I say no?” Louis fluttered his eyelashes and shrugged.

After going inside to grab a warm blanket and some tea, the two looped their hands together and made the trek to the open field. They settled on a nice grassy spot against a tree, rolled out the warm blanket, and sat down intertwining their limbs and snuggling into each other.

“Did you know I had my first kiss over there? It was pretty steamy” Harry teased, pointing down aways toward the small trickling creek.

Louis rolled his eyes jealously, “Yes Harold I know. And if I have anything to do with it I’m going to be the only one kissing you in that spot, or any other spot for that matter, from now on.”

"I love when you get jealous. It’s cute. Don’t worry I have no intentions of kissing anyone else,” Harry nuzzled his nose in Louis’ feathery hair.

They stayed like that for a while waiting for the sky to get darker. Occasionally they would reminisce on some of their favorite memories from the past year. But most of the time they sat in silence, enjoying the complete tranquility of it all, Louis absent-mindedly twirling his fingers in Harrys hair as they nodded in and out of consciousness.

“Hey, Lou, wake up. Look at the sky. Isn’t it beautiful?” Harry nudged the sleeping boy’s arm. And he was right. It was a crystal clear night and the sky looked like it was dotted with thousands of diamonds. You wouldn’t get a view like this back in London that’s for sure.

Louis moaned and groggily opened his eyes. After a few seconds something caught his attention and he quickly sat up “Haz, look, did you see that!? Was that a shooting star? I think it was, that was a shooting star! I’ve never seen one before!” His baby blue eyes lit up and a giant smile spread across his face.

“I know! saw it! Are you going to make a wish?” Harry asked, adoring how innocently childlike Louis’ reaction was.

The older boy thought for a second and shook his head, “No. I don’t think so. I have my dream job, I’m well off, got great friends, and best of all I even have you, don’t I? Not really much else I could ask for is there?" Louis blinked up through his eyelashes and poked the dimple on his boyfriend’s beaming cheek.

Harry tickled him to the ground and placed a sweet kiss on Louis’ lips, seeing a whole different set of stars this time. They spent the rest of the evening just like that: kissing, cuddling, drinking in the moment under the comfort of the diamond-dotted navy blanket above them.

A Trip to the Zoo Starters
  • I want to see the giraffes!
  • They're necks are so long!
  • Do you think that have dragons at the zoo?
  • We're finally here! If I had to listen to that music for one more minute I was going to pull my hair out!
  • I can't see the tiger
  • Oh look there she is!
  • Oh look there he is!
  • Okay get together! I want to take a picture.
  • Can we feed the ducks?
  • Look at its teeth! They're so big!
  • Look! There's a turtle.
  • I didn't know hippos were so big.
  • Don't let the monkeys throw poop at you.
  • Hey, that monkey looks like you.
  • Looks like your mom.
  • Looks like your dad.
  • Looks like you brother.
  • Looks like your sister.
  • Are those bird eggs?
  • Oh look at the baby!
  • Do they have a petting zoo?
  • Do they have a gift shop?
  • Can I have this?
  • This is my favorite animal!
  • No! This is my favorite animal! I changed my mind.
  • I don't like snakes! I'm not going into the snake exhibit.
  • I don't like birds! I'm not going into the bird exhibit.
  • Look they're going to feed them.
  • Can I touch it?
  • Can I pet it?
  • I'm going to take a picture of every single animal here and post it on Facebook!
  • Hold on. I need to tag everyone and mark the location of the zoo on Facebook.
  • Don't step in bird shit
  • Oh my God! It's so hot!
  • Oh my God! I've never walked so far!
  • I wish this was one of those drive thru zoos.
  • Are you enjoying the zoo?
  • I'm going to buy popcorn.
  • The sign says don't feed the animals

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What's your version of the perfect date? No sex. Just pure romance and love

I’d pick her up in the morning and we’d drive down to the area by my school where all the museums are located.  We’d take a walk through the botanical gardens and also the cleveland museum of art.  Afterwords, we’d walk through the beautiful park in front of the museum that has a large duck pond and we’d have a nice picnic near the pond and garden of sculptures.  We’d just talk and laugh and feed the ducks and enjoy each others company.  After eating and relaxing for a bit, we can take a drive downtown and go to the cleveland aquarium.  Look at all the beautiful fish, and sharks and pet the sting rays.  We can take a little walk along the lake next to the aquarium and enjoy the weather.  Then we can go to one of my favorite ice cream places towards the west side of cleveland in ohio city.  Walk through the cute neighborhood, looking at all the different thrift and antique shops and walk through the west side market where we can get a snack.  After ohio city, I’ll take her to east 4th street in cleveland which is a beautiful and amazing area.  Lots of lights and cool bars and a bowling alley and the house of blues.   If she’d like, we could go to the cool bowling alley and bowl a game or two.  After we’d walk next door to hilarities where I’ll have two tickets to see which ever famous comedian is there that night.  We’d have a nice seat and they have an amazing cocktail and martini bar there so I’d let her get whatever she’d like.  After the show and a few drinks, we’d go across the street to the chocolate bar. Which is an amazing fondue restaurant.  We’d have a nice dinner and if room, have an amazing chocolate fondue desert.  It’ll be pretty late after that so I’d drive her home safely, walk her to her door, hug and kiss her goodbye and that’ll be the end of a wonderful day with a beautiful girl. :)