feeding nature bird

Feral Pigeon ~ Stadttaube ~ Columba livia domestica

Feral pigeons have an incredibly hard life in Venice. Despite them never and nowhere being welcome, I have hardly seen so much unbearable bird suffering. They have injuries, they starve, they die and people just walk by ~ laughing. As if these birds were voluntarily evil and didn’t have a right to live at all. :-( I literally wondered how this beauty could still have some energy left for preening. :-( I am well aware that pigeons can become an “issue” but isn’t it our prime task as humans to solve such problems (supervised pigeonries with pigeon food which consists of GRAINS NOT BREAD, yes, they need to EAT!!; exchange of most real eggs with gypsum eggs; there ARE solutions) instead of causing more, ignoring and even indulging in the suffering of other beings?!

Venice, Italy

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