feeding her like a mama bird

More Ness storylines of season 7

When Jess’ car breaks down, Nick drives her to work. Because that’s what a husband does (thank GOD he’s been practising husband duties with Schmidt for 1/3 of his life).

Nick even goes as far as buying Jess flowers (yes, that’s Tran’s bench but he refused to be in the picture) just to make her show that special smile she only saves for him.

When the evening comes, Nick and Jess often go for a walk together. Sometimes they bring Abigail, Remy’s new dog that he got as a substitute for his ex-wife. He says Abigail reminds him of her: quiet, teary-eyed and constantly drooling. Nick is terrified of the dog but does his best to cover it up.

On their date nights, Nick and Jess like to feed each other, but only when the loft is empty (because they know it’s super-annoying for others to be around them when they do). At least they don’t go as far as mama-birding each other. That would just be weird and creepy.

Sometimes when they go for a walk on the beach, Nick likes to pick Jess up “caveman style” just to prove to himself he’s still a man even though he kinda likes to hold Jess’ yarn when she knits, or press the frosting out of that funny thing Jess uses when she makes cupcakes.

Well this is something that will never happen in Nick and Jess’ relationship. Jess HATES jogging and Nick HATES excercise. Period. So this last pic is obviously a montage (but it’s really hard to tell, right?). 

If we get to see storylines like these only once in a while, I know a ton of Ness shippers who will be 100% satisfied - me included :-D. Hugs and kisses again to my dear @zooeyslaychanell who helped me put together this very realistic Ness photo album <3.

Pandora loves chickens, so dear old Auntie Fluttershy gifts her with one as a new pet. Pandora adores her fat fluffy birb Henrietta and lovingly feeds her birdseed, just like a mama bird would…but with more sharp teeth and gallons of drool.
Fluttershy wonders if it was the smartest idea to gift a giant noodle predator thing with a helpless flightless bird. But no worries, Pan love love loves her widdle Henny-Penny…and also the way she tastes. A lot. But if it’s wrong to want to spend hours licking and sniffing and grooming chickens, then Pan doesn’t wanna be right

She Wanted A Windchime To Liven Up Her Backyard. What She Got Was Surprisingly Much Better.

A woman has a wind chime placed at her backyard to give its quiet environment a bit of character.

But one day, she saw something in it which looked like a garbage.

Curious to know what it is, she got up on a chair to take a closer look.

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