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Put aside what you guys think about political cartoons and listen to me for a moment. If Trump loses on the 8th, conservative political cartoonists are going to have a miniature Renaissance. They’ll be putting out some horrifying Hieronymus Bosch shit. I’m talking like Hillary and Obama both dressed up like klansmen crucifying a naked Donald Trump while monstrously grotesque donkeys named “Immigration” and “Obamacare” feed on an elephant’s corpse in ridiculously gory detail. Ronald Regan is looking down from the clouds crying, and Hillary has naked Paul Ryan with a ball gag in his mouth on a chain. In the background there’s just a huge pile of dead bodies marked “the middle class” with a note saying they were killed by zika for no fucking reason. Pepe is there.

The Black Pearl Ring 2/5

Inspired by the Donovan family books by Elizabeth Lowell. An Olicity AU where Felicity comes in possession of the much sought after Donovan Black Pearl.

I’d like to say a very special thank you to @captainolicitysbedroom for creating such beautiful artwork and to @almondblossomme for all her support being willing to proof read. I’m very, very grateful!

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                              Chapter 2: Let My Love Open the Door

Star City

Felicity had spent her night tossing and turning so she was actually glad when her alarm went off at 6am. She hopped out of bed ready to start her day – just as soon as she ingested enough coffee to feed an elephant. It was going to be a many coffee kind of day but she had survived those before.

She took a hot shower as the Keurig starting making her first cup. She grabbed the coffee cup from the machine and brought it into the bathroom with her as she got ready for the day, drying her blonde hair, pulling it back into the sensible pony tail she loved. She quickly chugged the end of her first cup of coffee and brushed her teeth. Now for lipstick, she picked a bright pink to put on. To make your lips pop, she could hear her mother’s voice in her head.

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The Littlest Winchester - Zoo Day

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warnings: None

Word Count: 855


           Goats smell bad. Like, really bad. Bad as in Dean doesn’t know how he’s not gagging from the stench. There’s sheep too, and also a couple of alpacas, but goats are the dominant species in the open pen. Maybe if he wasn’t standing so close to them, the smell wouldn’t be so bad, but he can’t go very far. If he moves away, his four-year-old daughter will follow. She’s too nervous about the animals to stray far from her father while they’re close.

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India & Bhutan Royal Tour - Day Four

April 14, 2016: The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge started their fourth day on their royal tour with a safari through Kaziranga National Park. The morning’s event offered them the chance to soak up the beautiful scenery and see extraordinary wildlife - something William and Kate are quite passionate about. Kate even whipped out her camera for a snapshot or two on their tour. After the safari, they visited with rangers and members of the Mark Shand Foundation before wrapping up their first stop of the day. On their second stop with a quick break and change, they stopped by Panbari village where they took a walk through the tea garden and then met with members of the Centre for Wildlife Rehabilitation and Conservation. The centre provides emergency care and rehabilitation to wild animals that have been injured, displaced, or orphaned. And for Kate and William, they got a real treat! They were able to feed baby elephants and rhinos, and then spend some time later painting an elephant statue while meeting with members of the community. 


He looks so sweet when he sleeps. So innocent and childlike. Resting your head on your arms, you can stare at him for a while as slow, even breaths blow out between his lips. His eyelids flutter lightly as he dreams, eyebrows still placid. It must be a nice dream. Maybe he’s out playing soccer with the Man.U. team or drinking coffee with the cats, though perhaps the cats can speak in his dreams. You watch him for a moment longer and softly brush his hair from his eyes, moving as softly as you can so you don’t disturb him as you leave the room. Neither of those is really what he’s dreaming of, though. This time, and many others, he dreams of you and the amazing adventures you have together feeding elephants on safari, wandering through an M.C. Escher painting, or time traveling to an age where you meet as prince and courtesan. When he has one of those dreams, he almost always wakes with a soft, content smile on his lips.

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Check out this video of a juvenile Acrochordus javanicus (Elephant Trunk Snake) capturing prey.  It’s almost like each body part reacts separately to stimuli.  They use their loose, rough skin to capture slippery prey like fish in their coils!

Loud music warning!

Here’s another short video of a juvenile exploring a tank.


Soooo, yesterday was my day off volunteering at ElephantsWorld, a rehabilitation center/retirement home for mistreated elephants previously used for things like street performance, trekking (logging industry) and ceremonial carrying. All of these things are, obviously, extremely hard jobs. In most of the places that employ elephants, the animals are mistreated and overworked past their breaking point. Even something that seems fun and innocent to the bystander - like riding on the back of an elephant - can be hurtful. The elephant’s back is not strong - most of its strength lies in its trunk and it’s neck. However, many entertainers make up to 200kg of people ride on an elephant’s back daily, nonstop, sometimes up to 10 hours a day. The elephant industry used to be huge, but now things like this are slowly becoming illegal. ElephantsWorld takes in or buys these mistreated elephants and feeds them, takes care of them, etc until they are back to normal health, at which point they are able to live a leisurely life of retirement.

The one-day volunteering, two-day volunteering and a month’s program is what is used to raise money to buy the land that ElephantsWorld is on. During the one and two day programs you get to help feed the elephants fruit in the morning, watch them bathe, go on a walk with them, wash their lunch, prepare food for sickly and older elephants who no longer have teeth (they get special sticky-rice meals) and then go into the river with the elephants at the end of the day.

If you plan on going to Thailand, and if you want to see elephants, please consider going here instead of a countryside town where a weak and underfed elephant is performing in the street for money. It’s a much kinder form of donation, and you’ll to see much happier elephants for it. I spent the entire day being close enough to these lovely guys to touch them, and the last hour of playing with them in the river was an absolute joy. I would definitely recommend it to everyone!

ТАК ВОТ, вчера была день волонтером в ElephantsWorld, реабилитационный центр / дом престарелых для старых слонов и тех с которыми плохо обращались. Десять лет назад, в Тайлэнде, да и вообще в Азии, их много использовали в треккинг (лесозаготовительной промышленности), церемонии и как развлечение. Все это, конечно, очень трудная работа. В большинстве мест, которые используют слонов, с животным плохо обращаются и перегружают их. Даже то, что кажется весело для прохожего - например езда на спине слона - может быть вредным. Спина слона не сильная - большая часть его силы лежит в хоботе, и шее. Тем не менее, многих слонов заставляют ходить с людьми на спине (200кг) ежедневно, без остановок, иногда 10 часов в день. Теперь подобные вещи постепенно становятся незаконными. ElephantsWorld принимает или покупает этих слонов,  кормит их, заботится о них, и т.д., и они живут неторопливою жизнь на пенсии.

Волонтерство и программы предлагаются туристам чтобы собрать деньги и купить землю, на которой находится ElephantsWorld. Во время программы помогаешь кормить фрукты слонам, смотришь, как они купаются, идёшь на прогулке с ними, моешь их обед, готовишь еду для больных и старых слонов (у них нет зуб, так что они получают специальное мягкие рисовые блюда), а затем, в конце дня можешь со слонами покупаться в в реке.

Если вы планируете поездку в Таиланд, и если вы хотите увидеть слонов, пожалуйста, подумайте о возможности навестить этот Центр, вместо сельской местности или города, где слабый слон исполнят трюки на улице за деньги. Это гораздо добрее, и вы сможете увидеть действительно счастливых слонов.


Modern Mythology anon asked for:

Bes (Egyptian) Protector of households, Mothers and Children

When Bes buys the carnival, there’s nothing left except for a few beaten tents, a rusted Ferris Wheel, and an elderly lion that’s ready to die.

But Bes buys it anyway, because he’s good at coaxing things back to life, at bringing the light back to shine on their faces.

He tours the country, he nurtures his lion, he picks up a lion trainer off the side of the road. He takes in the wayfarers, the homeless, with nowhere to go and no one to miss them. He takes in the children whose parents lock them out at night, the ones who get bargained and given and sold away, the ones who think kindness is a privilege, that happiness is a dream.

He takes in the mothers, black and blue from their husbands, with battered faces and swollen bellies and blistered feet. He teaches them to feed the elephants, to dance with scarves, to swallow swords and fire. He gives them these things, not as gifts, but as tools. As weapons. As armor.

One woman was raped because the man loved her face, and so Bes grants her a beard she can hide behind. Another is scarred from the acid her father poured on her back, and so Bes covers the grooves up with scales, and turns her into a dragon, so that next time, she’ll be doing the burning.

Bes takes in these mangled children, these scorned mothers, and he brings them back to the sunlight, so they can remember the warmth. 

He sleeps under their beds, so the other monsters won’t fit there.

Steve has a name for it.

He’s not supposed to share it with anyone, but Dum Dum had seen the same movie he did and got the reference immediately.  The latter lost no time in sharing this with the rest of the Commandos.

Hell, none of them could miss that and poor Colonel Philips eventually had to institute a Rule, muttering all the while about what the hell did he ever do to end up with a fucking fairy tale Disney princess in his army. 

Seventy-odd years later, it was immensely comforting to Steve that Bucky still had that knack. 

So, it was Sam’s idea to get them all out to the zoo, right? Look at the animals, maybe get some cotton candy, feed peanuts to the elephants.  Something nice and normal and totally relaxing.

Sam forgot that he hung around with the Avengers.

Normal fled screaming out the window a LONG time ago.

So Bucky ends up being doted on by the birds, the squirrels and the deer.  The giraffes and the elephants gently snuffed at his hair.  The grumpy tiger even padded up and was obviously demanding to be petted.  Even the freakin’ penguins wanted to waddle up to the Winter Soldier and it was only by the grace of God, national heroics and Tony Stark that the zoo personnel didn’t freak out at the sight of their wards wanting to comfort and reach out to one very bewildered Bucky Barnes.

“This is insane.  I have killed so many people - I mean, WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING?!!!” Bucky was terribly Not Intimidating with a squirrel on his shoulder and a bird gently grooming his hair and the stray kitten that was definitely going to be a new pet, meowing in his pocket. 

Steve had a name for this, even as he solemnly listened to the OTHER squirrel importantly telling him Things About the Care and Feeding of Bucky Barnes™.

Snow Bucky. 

Snow Bucky tried to maintain his Pout™ after hearing and REMEMBERING this nickname but it was very hard to maintain said Pout™ when one’s baby kept trying to kiss it away.


Snow Bucky and the More Than Seven Avengers

piratesrose and @ohcaptainmycaptain1918 - it’s not fan art but I did my best?


Happy World Elephant Day!

Intelligent. Strong. Social. Adaptable. These adjectives are often used to describe the majestic elephant. We think they fit the bill for First Ladies too!


Hillary Rodham Clinton and Chelsea Clinton ride an elephant in the Chitwan National Forest, Nepal. 4/1/95.

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy feeds an elephant, Urvashi, in the garden of the Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru’s residence, Teen Murti Bhavan. New Delhi, India. 3/14/62.

Barbara Bush and family on an elephant during the Senate campaign. (left to right: Barbara, Doro, Marvin, Neil, Jeb, and George H. Bush (George W. was away at school). 1964.


Kate and William feed baby elephants and rhinos  

(Me in 3 years)

I wake up @ 2pm in a bathtub wearing only a fur coat. I get up. Look outside my pimp ass trailer house. I see my girl squad. They tanning in a lily field wearing exclusive Mark Jacobs bikinis. They’re sweating Fiji water and watching the cute trash neighbor boys skateboard. I load my AK47. Rick Ross- Hustlin’ blasts in the sky. My pink Nokia rings. (It mom). I say f u mom. I shoot phone. I feed my baby elephant birthday cake.

Finally got to work with the giraffes!! This is something I have wanted to do forever!! I got to give them kisses and head scratches and it was amazing!!

Also I got to feed the elephant but didn’t manage to get a picture because I was to excited about feeding her.

Today is hands down the best day of my life