PoD Chapter One: Congratulations, Mom

Perfection of Destiny, A Summary: An incestuous, fantasy, love story that had no name for ¾ of its existence. Characters who were shy and innocent end up attempted murderers. It begins with the TMI characters. but ends up having nothing to do with that canon storyline whatsoever. If you are looking for an LGBTQ+ inclusive read you have found one. Includes a wide range of representations from egg-obsessed lesbians to incestuous relationships to long lost lovers. The chaotic mess took the authors too long to write and even longer to edit and make it make semi-sense. And even after all that time, the authors still want to give you the intriguing, personal experience of this book. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: This story is mostly OC’s that irritatednobody and I have created, but it takes place in Cassandra Clare’s universe. It starts with Cassandra Clare’s canon characters. We own none of the canon TMI characters. Those will always belong to Cassandra Clare. We are still in the process of editing these so we can post them without looking stupid. Anyway, hope you enjoy! Give us some feedback :)

Congratulations, Mom

Alec had answered the phone ten minutes ago and Jace sounded like he was on some kind of faerie drug. He was fumbling over his own confusing sentences, making it very hard for the blue-eyed man to understand him very well. Magnus had popped his head in a couple times, only to start laughing uncontrollably at the boy’s goofy smile from talking to his equally goofy parabatai. After about ten minutes of rambling from the blonde’s side, Alec heard Jace’s voice hitch as he tried to explain through his excitement. “Alec, Clary-” he took an overly excited breath. “She’s pregnant!” Alec smiled a little into the phone and congratulated his parabatai. He could hear the nervous, excited, scared emotions all forming in Jace’s words. “Alec, I am going to be a father.”

Alec laughed. “Well, you already are a father, Jace.” Magnus clears his throat as he slithered into the room, sitting on the couch next to Alec. Alec smiled at him and the Warlock responded by kissing him on the cheek and laying his head on Alec’s lap. Alec played with the taller man’s wet hair that was down to his chin, mostly because he knew his lover liked it best that way. “Jace, when did- I mean, when did she tell you?”

Jace responded, “Just an hour ago. Then, she left to go tell Simon and Isabelle and her mother, who I am sure was just ecstatic to hear that I knocked up her only daughter.”

Alec chuckled. “Jace, Jocelyn does not hate you. I am sure she is happy for your two, as any mother would be. She was just worried about Clary’s well being before. She was worried you were another Valentine, which she has since learned otherwise.” He continued messing with the glittery, black hair on his lap, as Magnus seemed to be almost purring.

Jace sighed. “And this is exactly why you are my parabatai, Alec. Thank you for that. Seriously.”

Alec furrowed his eyes in confusion. He was completely dumbfounded by Jace sometimes. Realizing that Jace could not see him shaking his head, he asked, “What in the name of the angel are you talking about?”

Jace laughed. “You are my anchor. The peanut to my butter. The fruit to my loop. The shadow to my hunter. The para to my batai. The Mortal to my Cup.  You are my better half, who gives me calming advice. You always have been my best friend and brother. You-”

Alec chuckled. “Well, you need someone to keep you from imploding. Now, by the angel, shut up and go take care of your wife.”

Jace laughed, “Thank you, Alec.”

Clary called out to her husband, “Jace, we are going to be late! Come on!”  She waited another ten minutes before they could leave.

Jace said, “It is just family. No need to be-”

“They gave us a time to be there for a reason. Come on.” She cut him off.

Pregnant women… Oh by the angel… They walked to a specified meeting area and saw many dark heads of hair and another redhead. Clary could see everyone was there: Simon, Isabelle, Alec, Magnus, even Maryse, Jocelyn, and Luke. Everyone turned as soon as they heard Clary’s heavy footsteps. They were all carrying boxes and bags of stuff. Magnus smiled. “Come on, Ma and Pa.” Then, he started walking forwards with the rest of the group.

Jace widened his golden eyes incredulously at the group. “You are going to make a nine months pregnant woman walk?”

Isabelle looked back at him with her dark, amused eyes. “It is not that far.” She smirked. “You are welcome to carry her.”

Jace sighed dramatically and made a quick decision. “As long as it is not that far.” He grabbed Clary’s hand.

Clary glared at him. “Jace Herondale, if you even try to-” But she was interrupted by the blonde wrapping his muscular arms around her body and lifting her up off the ground.

At first, she tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but he told her, “If you fall, you could hurt yourself and the baby. Stop moving.”

Realizing he was right, she sighed and gave in reluctantly. She rolled her eyes at her husband and asked, “So, where are we going, exactly?”

Simon turned back and looked at her with his deep, amber eyes. His curly, chestnut-colored hair was strewn all over, going in every direction. It caused the redhead to smile and remember the old days when his hair was even longer and seemingly more curly. “It’s a surprise.” Smiling his dorky, but caring smile, he kept walking.

When they got to their destination, a small park area with benches and a pavilion, they all sat down after Jace carefully sat his wife down. Magnus stood. “So seeing as you did not let us throw you a baby shower, this is our own version. With guys included.” He grinned at Clary.

Clary’s bright, green eyes widened. Her shoulder length, orange hair was frizzing out more and more. She looked from Magnus to Alec to Isabelle, all of whom had become like her own siblings. She remembered how many times Magnus, Isabelle, and her had gone out for what they called ‘Girl Time’. Sometimes it included shopping; sometimes, doing their nails; sometimes it was just the three of them talking and complaining about their lives. Clary and Magnus had come to really love this particular faerie band. Simon, on the other hand, had always been like her brother. They had grown up together and were just as close as they had been their entire lives. Alec and Clary had shared many qualities and similar interests. They had complained about their over-egotistical husbands together. They had even drawn together, even though Alec couldn’t draw worth shit. Not that Clary would ever tell him that. It was a nice way to spend time together. It turns out that Alec was like her own older brother, as well. “What? I thought I told you guys that you really didn’t have to-”

Magnus shushed her with a glittery finger, “We just assumed you did not want the whole pink, sparkles, and let’s face it, girly, aspect of the tradition. We thought you would prefer this over that.” He smiled, revealing his glittering white teeth. His hair was spiked up, as usual. Today it was streaked with some yellow and purple highlights. It caused Clary to, not for the first time, wonder if the Warlock actually bathed in glitter. His cosmetics today consisted of dark purple eye enhancing his cat eyes, making them more gold than green.

Isabelle was wearing black skinny-jeans and a tight red tank top made entirely of sequins. She stood up next to Magnus. “So in other words, Clary, either you let us all be here and give you what we already got for you in a subtle fashion, or you get Magnus and I decorating your house with pink streamers and glitter and all of the most feminine things you can think up, we will do it. So just let us give you a small get together. And open your damn presents.”

Simon held in a chuckle as he looked from Isabelle’s persistent face to Clary’s bewildered face. Clary started laughing. “Okay. Whatever you guys say.”

Jace laughed in unison with her. “Okay, so let’s get this over with.”

“So who is first?” Isabelle asked, looking around. For an hour, they passed Clary the presents. By the end of the hour, Clary had received all the necessities of having a newborn baby. She had gotten many diverse outfits from Magnus and Alec, mostly from Magnus. They all included glitter of some sort. Isabelle had gotten them a little black Shadowhunter gear outfit that made Clary laugh.

After they opened all the gifts, Magnus said, “Let us eat now. We w-” But he was cut off by Clary yelling an unpleasant yell. She started moaning as though her body was being ripped apart. They all rushed to her with concern. Jace looked much more panicked than the rest of them. His wild, gold eyes gazing down at his wife, who was still sitting on the bench. Magnus and Simon were helping Clary up as Jace stood there looking completely freaked out. Alec walked over to him as the other continued helping her up. “Jace. Calm down. Okay? You need to help Clary right now. Just help us get her to the hospital.”

Jace nodded wildly and rushed to Clary’s side. He murmured, “Come on, baby. I’m here. Let’s go.” And with that, he carried her to the street to get a mundane taxi. He looked at the rest of the group.

“We will meet you there,” Simon said as the rest of the group found their own taxis. Jace helped Clary into the taxi, got in, closed the door, and told the driver to go to the nearest hospital.

It had been an hour since Clary was rolled into the Labor and Delivery Unit in a wheelchair. They had allowed only Jace and Jocelyn back there. The rest of the group stood in the waiting room with so much adrenaline from the afternoon’s events. Simon was biting his fingernails, Maryse had been pacing, but Luke calmed her down. Magnus was sitting messing with his painted nails, while Alec was pacing back and forth. “Alexander, darling. Maybe you should sit dow-”

Alec interrupted with what he had obviously been worrying about in his mind, “Jace is probably freaking out right now. He needs us back there. He-”

Standing up, the Warlock put his arms around Alec, keeping him from pacing. Lowering his voice, he said, “Jace is a big boy, love. He can handle it. And you can see him at some point. It’s just right now they want us to wait here and give Clary some privacy. Besides, you don’t really want to see a woman giving birth, do you?” He looked intently at Alec.

Alec smiled a little. “Yeah, I guess you are right. Sorry.” He sat down. Magnus sat down next to him and grabbed his hand.

Isabelle looked at Simon, who was gnawing his fingernails. “Stop it.” She lightly hit his hand away from his mouth. “Simon, they are going to be fine. Okay? You can see Clary when it is over. I know you want to be with her, but they need their privacy. And they will let us in when it is time.”

He looked at her. “Yeah. I know. I just feel like it is wrong for me to be sitting out here. I mean I am her best friend. I should be there to support her. I always have been before.”

She smiled a little. “You are here to support her. And I am sure you will be the first one in there, besides Jace. Simon, there’s no need to worry.” She put her head on his shoulder as he wrapped his arm around her.

Isabelle looked closer at the baby boy cradled in Jace’s arms. “He is so precious!” She giggled. Jace grinned and let everyone see the newborn. The boy had tiny blonde hair if you looked closely enough. His eyes were blueish green when he had first opened his eyes. Now, they were shut again. They had finished with the birthing, and it had been over an hour until everyone could meet the newest member of their family. Clary had been in labor for over seven hours. Then, the gang got to visit with the parents. But the baby was taken away for about an hour before being returned.

Now Jace was holding the baby, looking at him as if he was the only thing that existed in that moment. Jace smiled at the baby and Clary smiled at Jace. After a few minutes, Jace looked up. “Okay, who wants to hold him first?”

They all laughed and decided that Jocelyn would hold him. “What’s his name?” she asked.

Clary and Jace looked at each other. They talked about it for a moment. “Cole. Cole Alexander Herondale.” Clary smiled up at Alec, whose blue eyes were wide with surprise. Magnus squeezed his hand as Alec smiled back at Clary. Jace looked at Clary and then at Alec. “We thought about it… We wanted you to be his godfather.”

Alec’s azure eyes widened more. He stuttered, “I-uh- Me? Really?”

Jace nodded, a mixture of emotions swimming in his golden irises. “You have always had my back. I want to make sure our son has that if something were to happen to us.”

Alec nodded slowly, taking in everything. Maryse held the baby, and then everyone took turns holding the newest edition to their growing family. They spent the rest of the day there, taking turns with Cole, talking, and sharing stories. Then, everyone was going home, except Jace. He stayed with Clary and the baby. They all came up to Clary and Jace to congratulate them.

Simon walked up to Clary and bent down to kiss her cheek. He smiled. “Congratulations, Mom.” She laughed at her dork of a best friend. “Call me if you need me. I love you.”

“I will. Thank you. Love you, too,” she replied.

Magnus sauntered over to her. “Congrats, Biscuit. You have two babies to take care of now.” He winked as he looked at Jace. “Take care, you two.” Then, the Warlock left the room.

Alec came over to Jace who, unexpectedly, wrapped his arms around Alec and hugged him for a good minute. Alec smiled a little and hugged him back. Then, Jace backed away and said, “Thank you for being here.”

Alec laughed at him and gave him a ‘you’re dumb’ look. “Where else would I be?”

Jace laughed in reply, “You know what I mean.”

When everyone was gone, Jace sat carefully on the bed next to Clary, whom had Cole wrapped in her arms. He gazed lovingly at his wife and their perfect infant. He put his arm around her and breathed. “I love you so much.”

Clary smiled tiredly. “I love you too.” Then, Jace took the baby as Clary fell asleep, and they laid like that for the rest of the night.

My Treasure is You, Baby Girl

This one shot wasn’t requested, but my hormones were spazzing out and I just had to write this. Its basically rich Ashton buying you fancy lingerie and you two having a good time. Feedback would be great! Hope you guys enjoy Ashton Feels Night!! 

Warnings: Smut, Extremely Mild Daddy Kink

Word Count: 5,000

*Extras: I originally wanted to make a playlist of what Ashton would play during this story, but I didn’t have the time. But this is the playlist I listened to when I wrote it. 

My apartment was completely silent when I finally stepped inside its cold and empty interior. A sigh left my lips as I pressed my body to the door so I could close and I slid down its frame until I was crouched down. I held my head in my hands and took a deep breath. There is nothing worse than being alone after a stressful day, but I wasn’t going to hold that against him. Him being my boyfriend, Ashton Irwin, one of the most powerful and talented men I have ever met. To this day, it still surprises me that out of all the beautiful women, dressed up in their cocktail dresses and Louis Vuittons, it was me that he set his eyes on. He wasn’t very subtle about his advances, placing a glass of champagne down in front of me with note telling me to meet him on the balcony. I excused myself from the table where my boss, and several other important figures of the company, sat to meet him. I knew who he was. I was a fan of his band, and since he came head producer of his own company, it was almost impossible to go a day without hearing his name. Every woman in the company wanted him, but no one knew how to steal his heart, but apparently I did. He looked at me like I was something he needed to conquer. He overcame every obstacle life threw his way. He became successful despite the absence of his dad, he became a rock star, despite the ridicules from his classmates, he became a billionaire, despite his band telling him he couldn’t do it without them. But here he was, towering over my frame, looking into my eyes in fascination. I felt my pulse pick up speed as I watched his jaws clench and loosen as he opened his mouth to speak. Time seemed to stop as I anticipated what words would slip past his lips.

“I never knew such a beautiful girl worked for me. Ashton Irwin.” He introduced himself, offering his hand for me to shake. I took it and replied, “I know sir, you sign my checks” and everyday since then, I silently thanked the gods for being so quick witted.

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Naughty Neighbors

Being Luke’s neighbor in a dorm has it's disadvantages. And its perks.

Word Count: 2000+

Rating: R

“Okay you know what, fuck this,” you groan, slamming the textbook you’ve been staring at for the past two hours closed. You would say that you’ve been studying for two hours, but that isn’t the case, all thanks to your lovely neighbor Luke. Despite your appearance- old worn out sweats and a tank top with a messy bun to top it off- you rise from your bed, storming out of your dorm room.

It takes ten knocks for him to hear you over the blasting music. When he opens the door, you curse yourself for losing your train of thought. He stands tall and broad, shirtless with sweats hung low on his waist, hair fluffy and falling out of the signature quiff he wears to class every day. His lip ring contrasts the pink flesh it’s settled on perfectly and it makes you want to punch him in the face and kiss him at the same time.

“Oh hey Y/N, what brings you over? Everything okay?” He smiles, leaning up against the doorframe and making you basically fall to the floor right there. Luke knew- of course he fucking knew what he did to you. It was never easy for you to hide it, and he took advantage of it too. Anytime he and his friends got too loud or rowdy you’d go to tell them to be quiet and he’d open the door with that stupid smirk of his and that stupid stupid lip bite and you’d never end up calling your RA.

“No actually Luke it isn’t. I can’t study with your music that loud, I have no idea how you even hear yourself think. You do realize we have finals tomorrow, right?”

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Bad Girls Never Win

For the Anon who asked for Teacher!Ashton. Feedback is greatly appreciated and thank you to everyone for liking/reblogging ‘Your Kitten’ it reached 800+ notes today!

Words: 2,981

Warnings: Smut/Possible grammatical errors cause I wrote this pretty quickly.

         Your heart was racing as you made your way up the stairs to the music hall. It was Friday, the day you simultaneously loved and dreaded. It was the day that you had music theory with the hottest professor you have ever seen in your life. It killed you to have to watch his talented fingers glide across every instrument the school owned, knowing that they would never touch your skin.

           You took your seat two seats in front of the back row, close enough to see the golden flecks in his hair; but still far enough, where he couldn’t catch you staring at his muscles when he raised his arm to pull down the projection screen. Everything about Professor Irwin turned you on and it made you work twice as hard in his class, in hopes of one day catching his attention.


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singing baby, come home | a hoennchampionshipping fic

It had taken far too long to find him. She’d almost given up a thousand times or more, but every time she thought it was time to call it quits, she’d remember his eyes, the way he looked at her like she was somebody.

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Hi. Okay. This is the first thing I’ve ever written for this ship (Hartbig)/fandom/blog. I’m kinda, like, very new to the fandom. I’ve had this finished for a while, but I…I don’t know, I’m kind of worried about people reading it. It might be shite. Also, I have no idea how tags work on tumblr, so anyone sharing this would be incredible. Any kind of feedback would be incredible too. Disclaimers, blah blah. Please read?  

Six Words

Hannah doesn’t think about it a lot. Not really. She doesn’t mean to ever think about it, but it’s as though she almost can’t help herself, she’d be standing in her kitchen washing dishes or maybe trawling through hours of footage trying to salvage a video, and she’d find words creeping into her mind. Six words. Six words about Grace Helbig.

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Good Boy

I posted this earlier, but this is the edited version. Hopefully you guys won’t mind the subtle Halloween theme. This wasn’t requested, but I have a thing for Ashton in his school uniform, so I wrote about it. Feedback is greatly appreciated and I hope you guys had an awesome Halloween! P.s. I have never written a guy as a sub before, so go easy on me!

Warnings: Smut

Word Count: 2,882

Never in a million years did you think you were going to find yourself here. Hovering over the beautiful blonde man that has had you in this same position hundred times before.

 “Tell me what you want, baby”, you whispered in his ear as you kissed the sensitive spot behind it. “I’ll give you anything you want.” Started you grinding your hips down on his erection in a circular motion. His breath was coming out ragged and uneven, his face was pink with arousal. You couldn’t help but smile as you silently thanked the gods for putting this man in your life.

 It all started earlier that evening. You were getting ready to go to a Halloween party when Ashton walked in, wearing his old school uniform. He was so excited that it could still fit him. He went on babbling about how it used to swallow him up when he was younger, but you weren’t paying attention to his words. All you could think about was how sexy he looked. The burgundy blazer he was sporting emphasized the broadness of his shoulders and the hard muscle of his arms, while the black slacks that went with them was strained slightly around his thighs, making you bite your lips. His thighs were always your weakness, and right now you were wishing you were biting into those muscles. You walked over you him, and stood behind his towering form so you could look at him up close. Even though you have seen him in his uniform in thousands of times, in pictures that his mom had shown you, this was different. He looked so sweet and innocent, looking at you through the mirror, eyes bright with excitement. He was so happy that he was getting to spend Halloween with you, turning around so he can wrap his arms around you. 

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Stupid Little Things: Epilogue

masterpost x

Thank you to each and every one of you who stuck with me through this fic. It was the first one I’ve ever fully written and it was a bit rocky at times, and I love you all. Thank you.

Jordan’s POV:

6 Years Later:

“Joseph Tyler, put your sister down,” Luke’s voice causes me to smile as I make my way down the stairs, adjusting my dress as I go.

“She wants to be an airplane!” My son’s voice pleads up at his daddy as I round the corner, seeing his skinny arms wrapped around his little sister’s waist, still holding her in the air. Luke notices me, stopping for a moment to full on stare. 

“Easy tiger,” I roll my eyes, going to pick up my two year old. She smiles her little grin, warming my heart.

“You look spiffy,” I smile, throwing him a wink as he grabs the keys to our Jeep. 

“As do you Hemmings,” he winks back, taking Joseph’s hand as we managed to make it to the car. As soon as were out of the driveway Joseph is asking for music like he always does. I crank up some green day, watching with a fond smile as Haley taps her little combat-boot clad feet against the edge of her carseat. Joseph taps along on his legs and sings every word alongside his dad.

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This is Your Life - Guitar Screaming

I have no clue why, but this moment right here is my all time favorite live switchfoot moment.  That moment in This is Your Life, when Jon picks up his guitar and starts “playing it with his mouth.”  I have decided to put some links to videos of this below, in case any of you wanted to view them (also, this will make more sense after my next few posts.)

San Francisco (2003) - This one has great sound quality.

Liberty University (2010) - WE ARE ONE!

Ventura (2007) and end - If there is no other video you watch, watch this one. Such a great audience and the entire band is on point throughout the entire performance.

Singapore (2008) and end - That ending one is super clear.

The Best Yet Live (2010) and end - Please appreciate Tim at the beginning!!

Atlanta (2010) - This one includes the microphone slide at the end, which I love!

Okay, I think you get the point.  Enjoy!

Sorry for this being an awful drawing, but I had a sudden urge to draw you. It’s not the best, and I am no professional, but it would be great if you gave me feedback.
criedwolves you will always be an inspiration to me, thankyou.

no no, this is gorgeous!! and i like the colour palette you used as well. thank you so much, it’s lovely!

I have never done that before and I am really nervous to post this. I had to write different kinds of short stories for a creative writing class in uni. I decided to post this story because I have rewritten it several times now and I am quite happy with the results. 

A tragic love story

Being a next-door neighbour gives you a window into the lives of strangers, experiencing their ups and downs, sharing their laughter and sorrow. One of the most memorable events that ever happened in our apartment complex was the relationship between shy-but-stunning Emma and Jamie, a successful lawyer. 

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i could stop the world with only just your kiss ~ chapter 4

As promised, Olly and Caroline met up for dinner that night, pleased to see each other after spending the whole day apart. They met at Caroline’s flat, and ordered themselves a pizza, deciding to spend the night indoors rather than risk being caught out. Olly shared some stories of meeting his fans with her, and she smiled hearing him talk about his fans. It was obvious how much he cared for them and appreciated them, and she’d grown to love them, too.

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Everything is set. The contract is signed, the prenup is official; Princess Charlotte and Lord Alvin and engaged to be married. Sure, the two admit, it’s not a match made in heaven, but if you’re going to be forced to get married, who is a better spouse-to-be than your best friend?

What neither of them were expecting was the wedding planner. Darla is beautiful, funny, and full of life. It’s no wonder she’s caught someone’s attention.

Only, it’s not Lord Alvin who has the wandering eyes, or the butterflies in their stomach.

It’s the princess.