Okay, so apparently Olivia is putting the finishing touches on her autobiography, and it mentions pretty in detail her relationship with Joan and that Joan’s death really affected her which caused her remorse that they weren’t able to “patch things up.”
Olivia’s suffering from failing vision and hearing loss *but* still dresses to the nines every day and has her hair done. She’s aiming for her autobiography to be released next July(?). I’d love for some feedback on this and what you guys think of it, because I’m not sure how legitimate this actually is…because this came from the National Enquirer, which is insane as all get out.


Are you sure about the comment you made on that last spoiler, I thnk you’re mistaken? I usually never mind making little fixes like that, but I modeled the rules text off of Crazed Armodon, which says almost verbatim what I said. Arrogant Bloodlord, Ceremonial Guard and Cinder Wall all use destroy not sacrifice. Cosmic Horror uses destroy and not sacrifice.

I mean. It it makes a real difference maybe you can explain it to me, but I know that activated abilities are allowed to create delayed triggers so it just seems like semantics? The only difference that comes to mind is that sacrificed creatures can’t be regenerated, and honestly I think the flavor works better if you can regenerate the insect.


Unsure if that’s how that works. Probably it should say “Destroy it at the next end of combat phase” and that would clear up some ambiguity. Because yeah, if you activate it during combat it will be destroyed at the end of that combat because the end of combat phase hasn’t happened yet.

youjustneedtohearit submitted:

Hello!! Sorry for the poor quality but I really wanted to post a before and during of myself. So between following fitness-fits-me for a few months, and getting her plan a couple weeks ago, I’ve started to notice tremendous changes in my body. It’s really hard to capture how different I look on camera, but in person I feel like a totally new me. I’m 5"3 (and ¾ lol) and in the left column (back in May) I was 165, in the right, I am 152 and that was this morning. I have a long way to go but I know I will get there.

SW: 165
CW: 152
GW: 140 (for the summer) then 115-120

^^ THIS FIRST ACTUAL BEFORE & AFTER FOLLOWING MY PLAN OH MY GOD 😍😍😍 I am obsessed you look AMAZING!!! I’m so so glad you help you like this, you are looking so awesome, look how much your stomach has decreased omggg!!! 😍💖 Keep up the hard work dear, I am so proud of you and so glad you love my plan!!!❤️

Learn more about my plan here


body(input); //spin off

Dance tech project by Mária Júdová uses body sensors and a light fitted to the dancer to create a real-time audio visual performance:

It is a solo dance speculating on a parasitic relationship between the biological body and technology. It is concerned with the gradual extension of the human senses, the way we perceive the world, ourselves, our physical body and our abilities through innovation. On the other hand it also reflects the increasingly complex technologies that adapt, evolve and become more autonomous.

The interactive light generated according to the dancer’s biological function is used as a metaphor of technology. The way light reacts on the dancer changes during the performance, and thus it also defines their relationship and autonomy. At some point the light reacts accurately on the dancer’s heartbeat, breath and muscle activity, otherwhile the light behaves independently on the input data as an autonomous entity. The focus of the performance is therefore on the ambiguity of the situation in which we find ourselves nowadays and the new questions arising from it.

More Here

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The left side is the day before I started fitness-fits-me plan, and the right is about 3 days into it! I already feel so much less bloated and feel so much better! Can’t wait to see my progress in a couple of weeks!

Wow only 3 days into the plan and the tummy is already flattening 😍😍😍 Seriously can’t wait for your progress pic in 2-4 weeks either, you’re going to make soooo much progress, it’s crazy we can see it already!!!!! Love ya girl, keep up the amazing work, i’m so glad my plan is giving you these results xoxo ❤️

Learn about the exact plan she uses here 

Witch Bell
  • Witch Bell
  • Mall Ghosts
  • Lilly

New song! New song time! “Witch Bell” is by and far the loudest song on Lilly. It’s a song that was initially supposed to be something like an improvisational drone piece. I started composing the track around layers of feedback which I subsequently drenched in reverb. After enough manipulation I realized that there was something of a groove, for lack of a better way to put it, in the song and went to town on it.

The resulting song is a loud lo-fi piece that’s built around feedback loops and carried, structurally, by cheap keyboards and an even cheaper beat. There’s actually a pop song beneath all of it that I quite like. And while I did do quite a bit of manipulation to the vocals (two dry tracks, four or so with a lot dumped on it), there is no auto tuning in the track.

I ended up liking this one a lot and it kind turned out like a big surprise. I’m especially proud of the way the beat picks up in the verses after the first chorus. Definitely use headphones but be warned that this is, as mentioned, built around feedback. I hope you don’t mind digging through some noise and drone to find a lo-fi pop song that I’m very proud of.

Lyrically, it’s mopey old me. I wont post the lyrics here but they’ll be on the bandcamp page for the song (again, if you want to download the songs there, you dont have to pay. I should mention that you’ll see the option to download the album Lilly but I should mention that it’s not the full album nor does it have the proper track listing yet so I’d suggest downloading the songs individually until I upload the whole album).

I hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening, enjoying and humoring me.

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SCANDAL; “High school” blogpost by RINA☆

OKAMOTO’S × BAWDIES × RINA. Actually, all of us graduated from the same high school. Today, we meet after such a long time! They’ve been kind to me, the transfer student. What a nostalgic atmosphere.

tops #vintage • pants #Feedback!

Feedback! is a apparel brand that’s produced by us. It’s also at the SCANDAL SHOP! Tomorrow’s going to be a long day. I’ll be having fun as I do my best!

FENDER x SCANDAL photo from RINA’s official Twitter HERE.