One Finger

I blame this on Dean. He got my motor running this morning, and it hasn’t stopped since… (this post) - although, to be fair, I did kind of start it. And @callmesweetheartifyoumeanit - Moz, you set the question thing up, so… AND I blame @awhiskeywithawinchester - (this post) - even though, to be fair, I’m the one who said it. I just want some company in smut jail, okay? I’m tagging people under the cut, if anyone wants to jump in the cell with us…

(gif by winchesterandwinchester)

“Seriously, Y/N, come here.” Dean is getting frustrated, you can hear it in his voice, but you’re feeling stubborn. He’s always so bossy. And you don’t feel like doing any more self-defense drills today. So done with the whole thing, you want a cup of coffee, some bacon and eggs, and a shower.

“I’m done, Dean. Going to have some breakfast.”

“Get your ass over here,” he demands, his brows drawn together in a thunderous frown, his jaw working.

You whirl to face him, folding your arms. “No! I’m sick to death of all this ‘training’ bullshit, I’m tired, I’m hungry, and I want a long, hot shower!”

Dean lowers his head a little, his eyes squinting dangerously, and he slowly points his finger at you, then turns his hand over and crooks his finger, beckoning you to come back. You laugh, widening your stance, not moving an inch.

“Oh, Winchester – like you can make me come with one finger.” You smirk at him, watching his expression subtly change, the annoyed anger in his eyes replaced with heat and just a touch of menace.

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Solangelo Fic idea

Nico shadow travels a little to much so will grabs him by his collar and threatens him that if he does it one more time he will face dire consequences to which nico responds by shadow traveling them to his bed in the hades cabin and tells in a seductive voice to punish him thoroughly.
Here is the idea now I need someone who is good at writing to write it for me please.


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Foodie Spotlight: Feeding My Addiciton

I’ve just been looking through the recipes on Feeding My Addiction and seriously, I now have 18 tabs open that contain recipes that I think I could put into this blog post. Is that an acceptable amount of links to put in one post? Miiiight have to work on narrowing it down a bit huh? 

Summer makes desserts. And sweet stuff. And lots of it! BUT, she creates healthier versions of your usual sweet treats… So you can eat as much as you want! Kind of. Not really. Use common sense :D 

I’ve been following Summer for on Instagram for a while now, but Jamie posted one of her photos on Facebook last week and I thought it was about time we gave her a feature! A good place to start is probably the photo we featured: Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake Squares. If you follow us on Facebook you might recognise it, but check out the recipe; There’s nothing *really* bad for you in there! While you’re at it, go ahead and make these Breakfast Protein Cookies.

Next in my tabs are three cakes. OK, I’ve chosen two. I could narrow it down to one, but then again I can’t. How do you choose between Cinnamon Roll Cake (awesome idea) and Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup Protein Cake? HOW? If you can, then you’re a better person than me, because both of them look awesome.

So I have a confession. 8 of my chosen recipes are doughnuts and cupcakes. So here are my favourite 2 4 doughnuts and cupcakes:

Gluten Free Chocolate Protein Donuts
Baked Birthday Cake Donuts
Marshmallow Fluff Birthday Cupcakes
Rainbow Magic Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream

AND finally. Let’s talk about sugar cookies. Summer started baking sugar cookies in December 2013. This is what they looked like (not a bad effort!):

And this is what they look like now:

If that’s not inspiration for improving your cooking skills I don’t know what is! Summer wrote a couple of awesome posts (pt.1 & pt.2) on tricks and techniques for great sugar cookies. When you visit Feeding My Addiction (if you haven’t already) have a read!  

Our favourite recipe: This looks like an awesome post-workout treat - Simple Chocolate Protein Soft-Serve.
Top reason to follow Summer: Loads of sweet treats with a healthy twist.
Other stuff to check out: This was another Instagram discovery!