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Are You There Louis? It's Me, God

by tyroneslothrop

Louis and Harry kiss.

Words: 800, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

via AO3 works tagged ‘Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson’ http://ift.tt/1cjItN1
  • my stupid shitty body:feed me
  • me:body i literally just ate
  • asshole bod:it is dinner time
  • me:it's 8am and u have already had breakfast. in fact u also ate at 3am so what the fuck tbh
  • the flesh prison:None Shall Escape The Call of the Void
  • me:*irritably spends $6 on a starbucks salad*
  • stomach:thank
  • stomach:feed me
I don't say things like this much

But all I’ve wanted lately is to have someone I can trust, whose arms I feel safe in, who will play with my hair.
and feed me when I’m sad, that’d be nice.

it doesn’t sound like much to most, but I can find men to spend on me, buy me luxury items, give me cash, fly me around… But I can’t seem to find one whose worth my time to let in.


SCM - Dui celebrate MC birthday

Something wet and warm fall on your lips and it wake you up from your dreamland. When you opened your eyes, Dui face was right in front of you. That right, Dui stay over last night at your apartment.

“Sleepy head. Time to wake up. Otherwise, we will be late for the rest of the schedule.” Dui sneered. Dui had planned a list of programmes to celebrate your birthday today. To prevent being late, he even stay over last night so that he can wake you up in time.

He brought you to the Cherry Farm, the one where both of you have the first date together. He wanted both to be back in the same place to enjoy again. Both of you have a fun day picking up cherries and soon, both your baskets are full with cherries.

“_____, it your birthday today. Let me feed you this cherry. Open your mouth now.” He blinked happily at you. Feeling shy, but you still open your mouth for Dui to feel you the cherry. Luckily, it is a weekday and no one was around in the farm other than the 2 of you.

Suddenly, there was a heavy downpour. Dui immediately grabbed your hand and lead you to the inn that both of you had stayed before for shelter. It was even the same room as before too. The only thing that was different was that both of you were drenched.

“Let’s get into the bath together. Otherwise, you will fall sick.” He sneered. Before you can response, he drag you to the bathroom and both of you are naked in the bathtub. Dui hug you tightly from behind and start placing kisses along the nape of your neck. You moans under his sweet kisses and you can feel his hands start caress your body. You feel your body temperature start to raise, not sure if it from the heat of the water or his touch.

After the heated bath, standing near the window with only a tower wrapped around your body, you look out to the view outside. The rain had stop but it is still cloudy and stars in the sky are not visible clear. You feel Dui wrapped his arms around your waist and he rest his chin on your shoulder.

“Now look carefully.” He whispered into your ear before snapping his fingers. The sight in front of you is so fasinating. The droplet that settle on the leave from the rain earlier, had transformed into stars that spread across the whole plantation and dance on the winds as they float up into the sky.

“It is beautiful. Thank you Dui.” You exclaimed.

“______, do you still remember this room?” he smiles happily at you while you are still admiring the sight in front of you.

You blushed immediately. That is no way you can forget, but there is no way you are going to say it straight out to Dui. Seeing your red face, he giggled. “This is the room where I took your virginity. Now, I would like to eat some cherry but it your ‘cherry’.” He said seductively and your face turn even redden.

With that, he lead you to the bed, and remove the towel from you. He spread your legs wipe apart, move his face in between your legs and start licking your clitoris. You arched your back in pleasure as he pushed his tongue inside. You can feel his tongue twisting inside, making you lose your sense. You moans for his name and that drive Dui even more passionate. He then move his kisses all over your body before penetrated inside you. You wrap your legs around his waist and return his kisses passionately, while he oscillating his hips and push his member deep into your womb . That night, both of you make love until both your hearts content.

This lil muffin walked around outside, and Cassandra used him to boost her dying social/fun scores.

Cassandra: Forget everything you’ve ever known about being a dog. Your name is now Lagiocrus, and you are appointed ruler of this area.

Dog: Aight lady can you feed me or not.

Cassandra: I cannot.

Dog: I’m out, then.

Rusty said he’s in charge of taking care of me all day and night.

I hear he’s hand feeding me peanut butter and chicken sandwiches soon.

I’ll be right here forever if you need me.