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Oooh, there was another thing I forgot to mention - Emma considering abusing her power to go into the cell and hurt Regina was really interesting to me. I guess because here she is appalled at Regina hurting other people, and yet thinking about doing the same out of anger, confusion, vengeance - definitely not self-defense. I guess I felt like it kind embodied the contradictions in the moment, because Emma acts like she doesn’t know why or how someone might want to wield their power to hurt someone else.

That’s also what I thought about when you mentioned Emma’s history of vulnerability and being afraid for her life and safety… because that past is both what would cause her to flip out about words like ‘rape’ and ‘murder,’ and yet is also the same reason why she should be able to understand why Regina did what she did - putting her own safety above other people’s. So that’s pretty excellent.

You’ve given me a lot to think about as well, heheh. I like what Regina says, because it really is all about power. Even though it’s such a ‘dirty’ word in our culture, you’re not supposed to want it, but the people who tell you that are the people who already have it. Because power imbalances actually affect everything, and as much as the piece of paper says ‘rape’ and ‘murder,’ Regina is not at all the kind of person Emma needs to fear rape and murder from, she’s not an easy substitute for Emma’s own demons and attackers. If anything, Regina’s the kind of person Emma needs (or might have needed) to fear becoming if she hadn’t been lucky enough to get away in other ways.



in which ana is perfect in multitudinous ways.