feed the crows

things you should know about kaz brekker
  • his real name is kaz rietveld but he changed it to brekker when he saw this on a piece of machinery because he thought it sounds badass
  • he broke his leg but instead of letting it heal properly he was like “ah whatever” and then he got himself a cane with which he could probably smash skulls of his enemies
  • at 14 he had a crush on a girl named imogen but he would punch anyone who would dare to say that kaz brekker ever had Feelings™
  • he also had a brother, jordie, but he died
  • so kaz spent god knows how long plotting the Perfect Revenge and it was so good that the man who conned his brother didn’t even know what hit him, pekka was done did dead (not actually but y’know)
  • encourages rumors that he may be an actual demon (i mean im sure matthias wanted to exorcise the demjin at one point tbh)
  • probably started the rumor by disguising himself as someone else and telling people scary (and obviously made up) stories about THE kaz brekker because he’s Extra
  • he dresses in suits because he’s totally Not a thief, he’s a Businessman
  • he hates skin to skin contact which is why he always wears gloves
  • but he doesn’t mind taking them off around inej (or taking his shirt off and cleaning himself in front of her if we’re at this point)
  • he’s really good at maths (he probably threatened some poor soul into tutoring him but in a way that no one would know he actually needed tutoring because he’s THE kaz brekker and he was born smart)
  • practices magic so he can cheat even more
  • the boy would single-handedly break into fort knox
  • he would do literally anything for 30 million kruge (selling his soul included [he probably already did that tho])
  • i’m pretty sure kaz thinks he doesn’t need oxygen as long as he has the money
  • owns like 89 fancy hats
  • treats jesper like his brother and calls him “jes” because jesper’s father did that
  • says he only keeps wylan as a bait but at one point he adopts him even if he doesn’t know this
  • probably writes poems about inej’s laugh
  • goes batshit crazy after inej is injured, tortures and throws a guy who hurt her to the sea but then doesn’t speak to inej for 2 days
  • and when he finally does it’s to discuss money, Romantic™
  • man he loves inej so much but he suppresses the hell out of this
  • he’s obsessed with crows; he has a crow tattoo, he feeds crows, he knows everything about them, he probably talks to them like they’re his kids
  • he’s Not Bothered™ but then he says shit like “i’d crawl to you” or “she was lovely and brave and better than anything he deserved”
  • he’s a big softie for inej
  • honestly he acts like he doesn’t care but he would probably die for inej, nina and jesper
  • but also he’s an asshole and a control freak and he doesn’t even deny that
  • jesper probably shouts “you put cute in execute” whenever kaz kills someone
  • he never smiles
  • and he certainly Did Not Smile when he saw inej, wylan and jesper coming to his rescue in a freaking tank
  • (he did)
5 Reasons why it’s canon that Kaz and Inej were married since the beginning of SOC

#1. Hubby complains of Wife’s nagging while praising her.

She’d [Inej] somehow mastered invisibility. She was a valuable asset. So why couldn’t she just do her job and spare him [Kaz] her moods?

# 2. Hubby complains of missing his wife’s nagging habbits.

He’d been irritable and unfocused for days. He was used to having his Wraith around - feeding the crows outside his window, sharpenning her knives while he worked at his desk, chastising him with her Suli proverbs.

# 3. Hubby scolding his friend after he used an ‘inappropriate’ tone with his wife.

”You must find a way to make peace,” said Inej. “At least for a while.”

“This is not your concern,” Matthias growled.

Kaz stepped forward, his expression dangerous. “It is very much our concern. And watch your tone.

# 4. Hubby being proud af of his wife.

 [Inej, Wylan and Jesper break out from the Ice Court in a tank and come towards the rest of the gang.]

When Nina looked at Kaz, she couldn’t quite believe her eyes. “Saints, Kaz, you actually look happy.”

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he snapped. But there was no mistaking it. Kaz Brekker was grinning like an idiot.

# 5. Hubby vowing to go save his wife and their vacation money

I’m going to get my money, Kaz vowed. And I’m going to get my girl.

Quotes from Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

hello i was really inspired by elsewhere university so i wrote what could be considered a first person account of a freshman? i hope you like it!!!


You apply to college because you know you’re supposed to. You’re not sure if you’re ready for it, though. In the past, your grades have fluctuated because you have executive dysfunction and also you never learned how to study. Smart kid problems, your dad always said.

You only apply to one college. If you don’t get in, you’re going to take a year off from school. You don’t really know what you’ll do, but you’ll figure it out. You apply to one of the most prestigious schools in the world: Elsewhere University.

Elsewhere University is a lot like any other university, from what you understand. You did your research. There’s weird rules, and there’s a whole blog dedicated to the culture surrounding that particular school. There’s something in each post that makes you think that there’s something the authors aren’t saying, but you never get a response when you ask in the comments or by emailing. One woman replied, but all she said was, “Be careful, but it’s a good school. I highly recommend it.”

You tried to find pass/fail rates of the school, but you can’t find anything. Apparently nobody fails out of Elsewhere university, only drops out or disappears. In fact, there’s a strangely high amount of disappearances from Elsewhere University that nobody seems to be making a fuss about. You almost regret applying when you learn about that.

Your best friend’s sister’s girlfriend graduated from Elsewhere U, so you ask your best friend to put you in contact with her. She does. Her sister’s girlfriend gives you a load of advice, and also highly recommends the school. She tells you that it’s an actual fact that nobody fails out of Elsewhere University, but that lots drop out or vanish. She says “vanish” a little wistfully, and you remember that time about five years ago when she’d vanished for a week, but then showed back up weirdly wiser and cleverer. You don’t ask about it.

Her advice consists of weird superstitions that she swears by: keep a bit of iron tucked away, carry some salt with you, and to carry candy and sweets with you. She doesn’t explain why, but you pack an old horseshoe, a container of salt, and your entire stash of candy.

She also gives you a list of rules.  

  1. Don’t eat anything they give you.
  2. Be polite to them.
  3. Don’t break any promises to them.
  4. Be careful making deals with them.
  5. Don’t say “I’m sorry,” say “Pardon me.” Also, don’t say “Thank you,” say “I appreciate it”
  6. Be nice to plants and animals.
  7. Feed the crows.

You have no idea what any of that means, but you know that you will soon. You thank her for her advice. It’s an easy job to type up the list of rules she gave you and turn it into your new background. You have trouble with social stuff, so having a list of rules is a godsend.

Your grandpa takes you down to your school. You don’t really know where it is, but his GPS knows where to go apparently. You have no idea how long the ride is. It feels like forever, and you start to worry about your fish. The GPS says you’ll be there in an hour. The GPS said you’d be there in an hour, an hour ago. You hope your betta fish will be okay. He’s been in his travel container for what feels like too long.

When you arrive, there’s a group of volunteers helping people like you move in. A team of three grabs up all of your stuff. You carry your fish and your newly acquired keys. The volunteer who signs you in warns you to keep track of your keys, that They can beep into the dorms and will raid your room for shiny stuff. You ask what she means. She shakes her head and calls you a freshie. You don’t ask again.

The three who help you take your stuff to your room give you advice. The girl tells you to stay away from the library and the dining hall at 3am. The boy tells you not to make deals at the point where two crosswalks create a crossroads in front of the Briggs building.

The person of indeterminate gender asks you what your major is, and when you tell them you’re thinking about creative writing, they tell you to be extremely careful and to never accept food from strangers under any circumstances and to be careful in even the dining hall and that if you can’t be absolutely sure that whoever is giving you food is human and to politely reject it otherwise and also don’t let the Fair Folk critique your stories because they’ll consider that a favor and you don’t want to owe them a favor and-

The girl hisses at them to shut up, that they’re scaring you. She’s not wrong. You want to hear more, though, so the person of indeterminate gender who tells you to call them Jules. You have a feeling that Jules isn’t their birth name. You tell them to call you by the nickname your friend gave you. They grin at you and say you’re already learning.

The trio leaves you in your room, alone. Your roommate isn’t here yet. You take the side of the room with the comfy chair, but leave them the good wardrobe. You feel like that’s a fair trade. It doesn’t take you long to unpack, and by the time your roommate shows up, all you’re doing is putting up your last poster (a Captain America “propaganda” poster).

She gives your poster a disgusted look. You say hello. She says hello back. She doesn’t thank the volunteers when they leave. She sets up her side of the room quickly, and complains about her wardrobe being slightly tilted. You point out that yours doesn’t close all the way. She scoffs, but quits complaining.

You never really get to like your roommate. She’s out all the time, she joins a sorority, and when she is in the room, her boyfriend is with her. Having him in the room makes you itch. He’s a nice guy, but something about him makes you dislike him instantly.

You stay polite, but when she vanishes, you aren’t really concerned. She’s often gone for a night or two. It’s only on the third night that you think you should probably report that she’s gone.

You knock on the RA’s door before your first class. She’s half asleep and tells you she’ll look into it, but that if your roommate shows up on her own to tell her. Oh and, she adds, if she comes back weird, be careful, Freshie.

Your roommate never comes back. Your RA shows up at your door after two weeks with a teary-eyed middle aged couple to pack her stuff up. You leave for the library with a thin excuse. You try to avoid the library, but it’s a good place to go when it’s nine at night and nothing is open except the student union. You already ate tonight, and going to the student union always makes you hungry, even when you’ve just eaten. The library is safer on your wallet.

You linger for an hour and a half. Half of your homework is done, including that essay you were sure would take you days to finish. You think you might come to the library more often after this.

When you return to your dorm, you pass by your RA’s open door. She said to leave the half of the room that isn’t yours empty, that you’d be getting a new roommate soon. You agree easily. You hope this next roommate is nicer than the last one. One of your classmates, who only goes by Elly, says that her roommate was replaced by something that looked just like them, but acted wrong. A junior hushed her, but it was enough to leave you thankful that your roommate had just vanished.

The next morning, you give one of the campus crows a slice of ham from your sandwich. It bows its head in thanks. It flies away after that. You decide to keep feeding the crows. You’ve always been superstitious, and it’s always good to have crows on your side, right? Your best friend’s sister’s girlfriend even said to feed the crows. Even if it’s just mumbo-jumbo, it can’t hurt, right?

You feed the crows. You go to class. You eat dinner in the dining hall, and only take food that’s being served by the workers who are clearly human. You don’t look at the shadowy figures when you go to your night class. You don’t speak to the cloaked figures you see at all times of the day, but you nod politely in passing. You never say thank you, or I’m sorry. You follow the rules, and when time comes that someone who doesn’t look quite right stops you at the crossed sidewalk in front of the O’Brien building, you carefully only offer a handful of candy in exchange for the study guide the stranger offers you. They happily accept the candy, and you happily go over your new guide.

You like Elsewhere University. Your classes are going great, you have a few friends, and you’re starting to understand what’s going on around campus.

You feel like you’re going to do just fine here.

Doodle inspired by this post.

One day, as Kaz watches Inej feed the crows outside his window, he has an idea…

  • He  starts feeding them too, and trains them to do his bidding
  • They become his spies, thieves and messengers (after all, he must improvise in Inej’s absence)
  • He gives them names like Ruin, Profit, Tax, Greed and Payback
  • the others call them his minions and are both scared of them and jealous that they only listen to Kaz (and Inej)
Crows give gifts to 8 year old who feeds them

Eight-year-old Gabi Mann from Seattle, Washington started feeding the crows in her family’s garden in 2013, and now this lucky little girl gets gifts from the crows.

Gabie keeps her gifts in specially labeled bags tucked safely inside a bead storage box. After all, these are her most treasured possessions. Her labels are detailed, for instance one containing a broken light bulb reads: “Black table by feeder. 2:30 p.m. 09 Nov 2014.”

Gabi started feeding the neighborhood crows by accident, as she was prone to dropping food. She’d climb out of the car and a chicken nugget would fall off of her lap, prompting every crow on the block to circle in for a snack. Gabi noticed and started rewarding the bird’s quick and hungry behavior, feeding them food scraps on her way to and from the bus stop with her brother.  Her mother encouraged her generosity and provides peanuts and food scraps to be distributed each day along with fresh water in the bird bath.

Before long small, shiny objects started showing up by the bird feeders.  The crows were showing the little girl that they appreciated her consistent feedings.  Gabie has received all kinds of gifts from the crows, including Lego pieces, beads, buttons, paper clips and pieces of foam. Her favorite gift of all is a pearl colored heart, she said, “It’s showing me how much they love me.”

concept: trans girl kaz

-she used to go by another name. not a soul knows it anymore. she made sure of it.

-she’s always taken in the rejects and the runaways, but she helps a few of them out personally. there was one-beck, they were called-who learned to always keep a small knife tucked in the hem of their pants, just in case. another, one a little younger, had learned from kaz how to plait their hair just so. no one else had taught her, kaz had said. it sounded almost defensive. 

-many found an irony in the cruel barrel boss’s kind reputation among the trans kids of ketterdam, but if any of them were in trouble, they knew kaz brekker will come at their call.

-one day a girl arrived among the dregs. kaz, until that point, hadn’t bothered to question…other aspects of her identity. she got enough questions as it was, and it wasn’t like she was particularly interested in the finer points of romance. but she was so beautiful. her name was imogen, and she taught kaz a few things herself. soon enough, though, kaz realized she couldn’t keep this up. as beautiful as the girl was, kaz wasn’t ever going to be enough for her, and she would never be enough for kaz to tear down her mask. only the lost children, the quiet runaways, the softhearted scoundrels ever even saw a peek beneath. so she moved on.

-but then there was another girl. and another.

-finally, one broke down her walls.

-she was a suli girl, one with long, dark hair, and a face her clients called “exotic” and other words kaz noticed she shivered at. most of all, she was skilled and precise, something kaz knew her haphazard band of thieves and scoundrels needed. a contract signed, a few item’s plucked from the brothel’s shelves, and inej ghafa was a member of the dregs.

-kaz learned things from her, too. she learned she was not infallible. she learned she was not immovable. she learned she was not really the cold and careless girl she presented herself as.

-she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen. kaz knew that in ravka, things were different. there were fabrikators everywhere and, rumor had it, a tailor who could help you-for a price, of course. but kaz had known many girls, and even disregarding the ever-present factor of someone deciding, suddenly , that kaz “wasn’t for them,” or one of the million other excuses, she wasn’t sure that her walls coming down was a good thing. after all, what was so terrible that it had to be contained?

-and so between her fear of both facing inej and facing herself, kaz brekker was silent. thank god inej wasn’t.

-there was the day, while kaz was writing checks and skimming through ledgers, that inej’s laughter at the antics of the crows in the window shot her clear through the heart. ”don’t feed the crows,” she said. what she meant was, don’t feed me, don’t feed this aching want. she meant, i can’t take this. she meant, i can’t take you.

-”don’t feed the crows,” she said.

-there was the day, while kaz was pushing down tear, that she prepared herself to cut her hair. it was necessary, she told herself. practical. long hair gave opponents something to grab, another way to control her. this was her choice, she reminded herself. and besides, the feeling of hair on her neck, damp with sweat, always sent a chill up her spine. 

-a creak of the door startled her. “i’ll be fine,” she said. what she meant was, i won’t be fine if you try to help, if you run your fingers through my hair and tug out the tangles and coif and pin in just so. she meant, my want is a wound that has me bleeding on the floor. she meant, inej, i love you.

-”i’ll be fine,” she said.

-slowly, she felt herself falling. inch by inch, piece by piece, the mask was dissolving, the walls collapsing. and there was nothing she could do but watch it happen. every laugh, every smile brought her closer to the brink. kaz wasn’t sure if this was heaven or hell. 

-there was the night, while kaz was lying in her bed, that kaz finally said what she meant.

-from then on things were better. not good, but better. four hands were better than two at pinning and cinching and curling and scrubbing. and, of course, at stealing. they were known ketterdam over as twin scourges of the night. word got around never to underestimate two girls, one in a suit and the other in leather armor and a cowl. never judge them by their tinkling laughs or their slowly batting eyelashes.

-kaz had learned plenty. but she still had so much to teach the men of the barrel.

(This is very long and basically I’m throwing most of my not-human OCs at your beautiful Elsewhere Uni and seeing what happens because I am addicted to Elsewhere University. Um, quick background based on the universe these guys are from - vampires are a lot like Fae in that they have a ‘true’ form except they start out as humans and then get infected with the vampire curse, werewolves are locked in a time-cycle that resets every full moon, witches have various specialties but can be Really Extremely Powerful (see Lady Stormcaller) and people with giant blood are immune to any and all magic.) Thank you for this, this is awesome, hope I didn’t muck anything up!)

They have an odd relationship with Elsewhere’s Court, a tense and uncertain kind of mutual respect. Places like the University attract people like the Dauntless crew, places where strange is normal and normal is strange, where the crows are too intelligent and superstitions aren’t so silly. Nobody can recall when they showed up, although a few of the professors do remember a time when the Crew wasn’t at the University.

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Word count: 13,580.
Summery: People once believed that when someone dies, a crow carries their soul to the land of the dead. But sometimes something so bad happens that a terrible sadness is carried with it and the soul can’t rest. Then sometimes, just sometimes, the crow can bring that soul back to put the wrong things right.
Genre: Hunter!Jungkook + Crow shifter!Reader. Slight angst, but mostly adventure.

It took me way longer then I thought it would. Tell me what you thought about it ♥

The world always shifted, changing like a living being with a heartbeat every time something new was discovered, and brought into the light. You learned about the larger changes from educators, about dinosaurs and meteors, human in caves who discovered fire and invented big things, making a worldwide impact.

Every time it happened, the world had to adjust, find new ways to cope with the change, watching how it affects the generation they brought into the world. Some discoveries were good for the evolution of the human kind, some were bad, and all lead to the end of the world as they knew it to create a new one instead.

The discovery of shapeshifters, existing among human like they’re one in the same, had the same kind of impact.

The initial response was violent and surprised no one, mostly in the form of riots. Scared men and women screaming intimidating words to make their rulers maybe, find a solution to this “problem”. Your caretaker told you the stories, how they all ran into hiding, fleeting from angry actions of ignorant people. It took time – years – to calm it down. You were born near the end of the fight, after the ruler showed will to study the shape shifters, invest in their brought up to the communities without having to hide what they are, without being afraid for their lives.

Your mother held you in her arms, traits of what you are visibly vibrating as you were just born, as she moved to the cities where the public was less scared and more intrigued. She submitted herself to the authority, as did many shifters of many kinds, to share what they know of their kind in exchange for their freedom.

It was the wrong choice.

Right before your mother got executed to prevent her from using her powers to her own will – before your kind became hunted and not by ignorance, but by knowledge – she managed to give you away to a fellow shifter who wasn’t revealed yet for what they were.

The shifter grew you since. She taught you how to protect yourself, growing you as one of her children even though you weren’t a wolf shifter like they were. Your bleached white skin and jet black hair always stood out, drawing attention wherever you went. The shifter made you travel a lot, never staying in one place for too long purely out of fear, that someone will find out and take all of her children from her.

 You heard the stories, taking them in as a part of who you were. Even as a child you already knew the bitter truth you’re forced to live your life with for however long you shall live – like atom bombs and gunfire weapons, some discoveries are better off staying in the darkness of ignorance.

 As were you.

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Thedas Cuisine Project: Antivan Arroz De Los Cuervos

Wheat and Barley are two of the most populous exports of Antiva, making it one of the prosperous nations in Thedas. After all, every nation in the continent relies on one of these grains in one way or another. 

Two grains that most other nations have little interest in, however, are rice and corn. An old Antivan saying might very well be: El trigo es para el rey, pero el arroz es para el mendigo. “Wheat is for the king, but rice is for the beggar.” Rice and corn were considered through Thedas to be poor people food, with wheat and barley being the grains that most people desired. For this reason, among many, there were different flours for the poor than the rich. While the rich would get a flour that was a luxurious mix of wheat and barley (or only wheat if they were especially affluent), the poor would make due with what was known as ‘beggars flour’ or ‘peasants flour,’ which was usually a mixture of barley, wheat, dried peas and any other number of grains. 

Rice and corn became very popular grains among the Antivan and Rivaini peoples, primarily because of how most of the wheat and barley were exported to other nations, with the more affluent among them buying up the lions share of what was left over. Breads made with rice and corn were more often seen than those made with barley or wheat, and dishes that consisted of a primary ingredient of either rice or corn became increasingly common.

As any person who has been to either Rivian or Antiva can attest - the chefs of these countries can make rice or corn taste like a luxury that neither wheat not barley can match.

Arroz de los Cuervos (”Crows’ Rice” in Antivan), or Pasto Corvo (“Crow Feed” in Antilian) as it is also called is a very common peasants dish throughout Antiva. It is named after The Antivan Crows - the famous order of Assassins that calls Antiva its home - because of the common theme amongst Antivan fantasies that the Crows must subsist on nothing but water and rice for months on end. In reality, the Crows eat much better than the vast majority of the nation, but that hasn’t stopped the myth from spreading.

Arroz Cuervo (as it is sometimes shortened to) is a dish primarily made of rice, butter, onions, basic antivan spices, and some kind of flavorful liquid (like chicken or vegetable broth). Food scraps, like cheap meats or cheap vegetables are sometimes also added to the dish.

There is very little difference between Arroz Cuervo and the more famous Paella. The major difference is that paella is usually a meal reserved for the nobility, given the rarity and cost of many of the ingredients (such as saffron, chorizo, many of the herbs, some of the seafood and meats etc). While paella can and will be made by peasants, it is usually a communal affair, with different families bringing different ingredients (which is one of the primary reasons why there are so many different variants of paella). 

There is a major similarity with the two dishes as well, however. Both paella and arroz de los cuervos are traditionally made with rice found within the valleys and bays of Antiva - with arroz bahia (bay rice from Rialto and Salle), arroz treviso (white rice from the area of Treviso), arroz gleva (wild rice from the area of Seleny), and arroz bomba (rice from the valley regions of the weyrs) being the most common. The Antilian names of these rice varieties are riso alloro, riso treviso, riso radura, and riso pompa

Also both Paella and Arroz de los Cuervos are traditionally cooked in a paella. Language is weird.

However, do not let the lack of fancy spices and scarcity of numerous ingredients fool you - Arroz de los Cuervos can be just as luxurious and delicious as its more esteemed cousin.

Makes enough for 6 servings

  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 1 small onion, diced fine
  • 1 large tomato, diced
  • 1 tbsp tomato paste
  • 2 cloves garlic, gently crushed
  • 1 sweet pepper, diced
  • 2 cups white rice (preferably Antivan rice - or Spanish rice if you’re in the modern world)
  • 3 cups unsalted chicken broth or vegetable broth (water will work fine too, but the rice won’t be as flavorful)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 1 bay leaf
  • handful of parsley and oregano
  • 1 ñora (dried pimento pepper), de-seeded and finely chopped

If you are unable to find ñora, then simply use 1 tsp of sweet spanish paprika. You can also buy pimento peppers, and dry them in a dehydrator (or in your oven on the lowest setting for about 12 hours).


  1. In a large pan (Preferably a paella pan, but a large sauce pan or frying pan will work fine), melt the butter until it almost starts to brown.
  2. Add your onions, and saute until translucent.
  3. Add your peppers and garlic, and saute until onions are lightly brown and peppers have gone soft.
  4. Add rice and saute, stirring gently, until rice begins to brown.
  5. Add tomatoes, tomato paste, ñora, herbs, broth, and salt. Stir gently to incorporate and then never stir it again
  6. Turn down the heat, cover, and allow to simmer for about 20 minutes, or until all the liquid has been absorbed. 
  7. Enjoy your arroz cuervo while observing your target from some shadowy rooftop, and remember: The crows never fail.

windforestspirit  asked:

Hello PoorQuentyn here's the deal: do you think Brienne is working with Stoneheart against Jaime to kill him? What do you think Stoneheart wants by Jaime, despite the obvious, revenge?

Brienne pretty clearly offered to bring Jaime to Stoneheart in order to save Pod and Hyle, but there’s no way she actually wants Jaime dead. After all, she tried to persuade Stoneheart to give up revenge against him. I imagine she has an escape plan, or will come up with one alongside Jaime, or they’ll just seize an opportunity to try and cut their way free. As for Stoneheart’s motivations, yeah, she’s after revenge. That’s her whole thing at this point:

“She wants her son alive, or the men who killed him dead,” said the big man. “She wants to feed the crows, like they did at the Red Wedding. Freys and Boltons, aye. We’ll give her those, as many as she likes. All she asks from you is Jaime Lannister.”

anonymous asked:

Kanej where the other crows are trying to get them together/to admit their feelings ? Or they're trying to find evidence to prove kaz and inej are together (because they're both so sneaky) by trying to catch them together/casual asking/idk?

I’m going to do the second one, because I think that would be hilarious and expected of them (also this takes place four years after the books)

*Crooked Kingdom Spoilers!*

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Too Soon

BEFORE YOU READ: This might be a little different from the stories you have seen here. This one is angsty yet comforting. If this is not what you are looking for, you may scroll down.

“Are…are you sure.“ Jake asked her. Mia Rogers nodded with tears in her eyes, her red hair closing in front of her as she bowed her head in shame. Their feelings were confused. He wasn’t even sure if he was happy about it, he was expecting this to be happier news, however they were too young, it was all too soon. Neither of them had finished college yet, Jake was doing regular, and Mia had a scholarship. If it was for him, it wouldn’t have mattered, he would have got himself a part time job and other extra for keeping himself at bay, but he couldn’t do this to her, and even when people say it is a blessing he felt he was draggin her along with him to a slow walk to hell.

She bit her lips and crooked a sad smile.

"Surprise, daddy!”

He threw his arms around her and she then allowed herself to sob her worries out. His copper head resting on hers.

“What are we gonna do, Jake?”

“I’ll figure it out, babe. Promise.”

“My mom’s gonna kill me.”

“Over my dead body, Rogers. And besides, it’s me the one they’ll kill. After, y'kno, they skin me alive and take my eyes out and feed it to the crows.”

She punched him in the shoulder. “It’s not funny!”

They rested in silence for a couple of minutes.

“It’s over now, isn’t it? I ruined our lives.” He broke the hug to look her in the eye.

“Hey hey…look at me. Look at me, Mia.” She met his brown eyes. “You’re definitely not ruining our lives.”

“Jake, I’ll understand if you want to, y'kno” She shrugged her shoulder, “just walk away. I will not stop you. I will understand if you do that. I don’t…I don’t want to tie you up with me.”


“you can do great stuff. And ‘this’”, she pointed to her still flat belly, “will only slow you down.”

“Mia please shut up and let me help you both.” He caught her coldly.“I got this, babe. Remember I’ll always figure it out.”

All her worries paused for a moment, she knew a shitstorm was coming but the look in his eyes told her to relax, to trust him once more, as she had always done for years since they met. She had trusted him with her life and he has managed himself to keep her safe. There was no other reason for not trusting him this time.


His night shift ended at last and he couldn’t feel any happier for that, and even when he got home and found Mia deeply asleep he didn’t care. He was home now, regardless of the tons of bills still for paying or the endless fixtures he had to do to their doll-house appartment. The feeling of her warm body next to his was all he could ask. Quickly he surrendered to the weight of tiredness and fell knocked out to the bed. Few things could wake Jake up in matters of seconds, one of them was hearing his name on someone else’s lips, people he knew they were important like his father, Sam, his best friend Mia calling him in a voice loaded with pain. He turned on the lights and met with one of the most allarming scenes he’s ever seen. She was bleeding. Her hands held tight to the small bump in her belly as he tried to make her stand up. “I can’t!” She whimpered, tears already rolling from her green eyes. “I’m losing it. I don’t want to lose it, I don’t I dont'wanna-” “hey…hey HEY MIA!” he shook her from the elbows. “Breathe, babe. We’re going to the hospital.” Both headed to the door, Jake helped her to climb up tot his faithful old truck and buckled her up carefully. “Hold on tight, I’ll be going as fast as I can.” ~ As soon as the truck parked he rushed to her side and helped her to get to the entrance. Two steps she moved forward then she bent her knees screeching to the top of her lungs. Jake freaked out when he caught a glimpse of dark red pooling on the asphalt of the parking lot. He caught her and he ran with her in his arms, impulsed by the adrenaline of the moment. “A DOCTOR!” Jake crossed the E.R. entrance and by that moment, Mia collapsed and passed out from the pain. Mrs. Pereyra, Sam’s mother, and their lcky strike on night shift, acted fast and soon a group of nurses and doctors surrounded her and put her in a bed to surgery. His eyes lost her sight when the doctors took her to another isle and the gates closed, leaving him with her face of pain as a last memory. Mrs. Pereyra came close, overwhelmed by seeing Mia in that condition. “Jake what happened?” “I…I don’t know. She was fine, I mean- she….she.” He looked at his hands, they were covered in blood. Soon he started shaking and hyperventilating. He was going to have an attack. “Hey hey…breathe!” Melissa gripped his shoulders and guided him to a chair on the hallway. He was hearing Mrs. Pereyra speak but he wasn’t reall paying attention. He was rather looking at his hands stained with her blood and tons of ideas flashed before his eyes. Guilt came firts, then anger, frustration. He would give up his own life to save hers, let the doctors dry him out of blood and give it to her, whatever was necessary for her to be fine. He looked around and suddenly his mind was flooded with bitter memories of her being there in that same hospital, back when she had that terrible car accident, and he couldn’t do anything to protect her. “Jake, she is strong. She’s survived more than this and you know it. And you are a tough young man, wantcha to know that. This is your baby, your child, he will make it. I am dead sure nothing bad will happen to any of them. And of course I won’t definitley let it happen.” She reassured him with a smile. “thanks.” His voice shattered. Melissa caught him in a tight embrace then she left to go to Mia.


She opened her eyes to meet the blinding white of the hospital’s ceiling. Her head spun and everything from her lower back to her toes ached like hell. She tried to catch up on the timeline and remember what had happened before she passed out, then she recalled the pain, the blood. She gasped and took her hands to her stomach, her breath hitched in her throat and that made Stiles jolt awake. “Jake?”

“Hey shh shh… Mia.I’m here, I’m'ere.” He came close pushing her back to the bed and stroked her forehead. “the baby? am I…”

“You’re fine, sweetie. The baby is fine.”

“Morning, Mrs. Sullivan.” The doctor entered, her face looked optimistic, so whatever she were to say it was going to be good.

“Ok, let’s see…mhh mhh…you made it on time.” She said flipping papers in the folder. “If you two had got here a minute later, however…” Her eyes grew sad. Mia gulped her tears and fought for not breaking into sobs.

“Hey hey, I’ve seen that look before and lemme tell you this, young lady: this isn’t anyone’s fault. And you should stop worrying. Some women are more suceptible to changes than others. While some can carry up to three babies and give birth naturally, others would have a hard time with just one. Good news this is not your case but it’s nothing you cannot handle. Your baby is healthy and strong, and for you to keep up with that you should be healthy and strong too.” So far, the doctor told her to stay in bed and avoid hard work. “and I mean it. Lay carefully on the bed, try not to walk very fast or lift objects, be careful with stairs. Do not climb up long staircases nor go down them.” Mia looked at Jake, he had something in his eyes that had seen before, that spark that lit whenever it was about taking care of her. He had circles in his eyes, his skin looked yellowish. He should have gone to work two hours ago, but he didn’t mind. After the doctor wrote the list of vitamins and other pills she had to take she left them alone. Mia began to cry. It had been almost 4 months since her parents turned her back to her. Her dad refused to talk to her, her mother used to call from time to time but knowing that she had the influence of Mr. Rogers she would certainly step back. Now she needed their help, even if she didn’t want to admit it and this was going to be hard for both families.

“Mia…hey, listen to me!”

“What now? What are we going to do?”

“Hey you need to stay calmed. Do it for the baby, at least.”

“I try, babe, I do. It’s just…the medical bill won’t be cheap and you know it. We’re past due with the appartment, I needed to talk to you about that. The tennant wants us out by the end of the week, and the rent of three months. Cash.”

“Then I’ll get another job.”

“You can’t have three jobs, Jake, don’t be ridiculous!”

“Yes I can. I could take ten. I don’t ca-” Melisa Pereyra bursted into the room and closed the door silently behind her slender frame.

“Sorry guys. I just couldn’t help listening to you but…there is extra room in my house. Samis not coming back from college until November and by that time your baby will have been born already, Mia. And you, sir, wouldn’t need to leave your job nor take extra shifts.” The couple exchanged looks, “Thanks Melissa, but we-”

“It wasn’t suggestion, guys.” She cut strongly. “and I want you there too, Jake. Leave your father to me."She winked at them and after that she left the room. Jake let his head fall over Mia’s lap, she ran her fingers through his scalp as both took a deep breath and sighed in relief.

No matter how alone they seemed to be, if their families had turned their backs to them, or the money wasn’t just enough, there were always people who they can count with. Always.