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“Worries” Daryl Dixon x Reader

Word Count: 1,355

Daryl Dixon x Reader

Request from Anon: Could you please write an imagine with Daryl where the reader is 19 and they’re in love but he feels insecure about the age difference between them?

Warnings: Fluff, slight smut (barely)

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You wake up in bed, Daryl’s bare chest pressed up against your back, heat radiating between the two of your bodies in the cold air. His arm is around you, holding you tightly as he sleeps. You smile and scoot yourself closer, happy to be in his arms.

You try to go back to sleep, but the sunlight coming through the window made that impossible. Not wanting to wake Daryl up, you try and slowly lift his arm off of you, but fail as every little movement made his body twitch- he is a light sleeper. You try and stay there as long as possible, but the need to pee eventually overruns your want to not wake him up. You try to be as gentle as possible as you squirm out of his grasp and slide out of bed.

“Don’t go.” Daryl mumbles, half asleep.

“I’ll be back, give me a minute.” You kiss his forehead. You exit the room and walk down the hallway, entering the bathroom. Something nice about Alexandria is having running water to be able to flush a toilet and brush your teeth. Personal hygiene has come to be a luxury in this world, so it was like heaven to be able to have this.

You pee and brush your teeth quickly before getting back in bed with Daryl. He immediately pulls you back into the position that you were in before you got up. You can feel his erection pushing into your back, making you laugh.

“Better get rid of that thing before you go on that run of yours today.” You teased, making Daryl groan.

“Unless ya wanna help me, I’ll just wait for it to go away on its own.”

“Mm, Daryl, if you wanted me to help out, all you had to do was ask.” You smirk, rubbing your butt up against him. He stifles a moan, grabbing your hips to guide you. “But unfortunately, I promised Rick I’d watch Judith this morning. Sorry.” You get up.

“You’re such a tease.” Daryl groans as he watches you slid your pants on.

“You love me.”

“Ya lucky that I do.” He smiles up at you. You lean down and give him a kiss before leaving and heading over to Rick’s place.

You and Daryl started dating back at the prison. You had been in their group since the start, and there had always been this thing between the two of you going unspoken. At first, he was being overly protective of you, acting more of a big brother figure than anything. You were only fifteen at the time and both of your parents had died from turning into walkers. For some reason, he felt like it was his need to protect you. He didn’t trust Shane to do it. It then turned into more of a friendship once you got to the farm, and you two could talk about anything with each other. He was your rock, and you were his.

You had turned eighteen at the prison, and you had feelings for Daryl that you didn’t think you ever would. Not to mention, Daryl was starting to see you differently as well. He finally stopped thinking of you as a little girl.

There was a lot of sexual tension between the two of you, but both of you were hesitant to make any moves. Neither of you knew exactly how the other felt and you didn’t want to risk your friendship over anything. But, one night, the two of you were sharing a cell together because you had a nightmare. The threat of the governor was all too real and that fear was leaking into your dreams. You ran into Daryl’s cell at some hour in the night and lied down next to him. He didn’t even need to ask you what wrong- he immediately knew. You were cuddled up next to him, feeling safe in his arms, and somehow that gave you the spark of confidence you needed. You pressed your lips to his, him immediately kissing you back. Ever since that night, you two had been together. You love him more than you could ever imagine.

You smile as you reminisce about your past with him, walking into Rick’s house to see Carl feeding Judith breakfast.

“Hey.” You wave, walking over to him so you could take over feeding duties.

“Thanks for watching her.” Rick came into sight. “I was going to have Carol do it but she had something to do, I don’t know.”

“It’s no problem, I don’t mind hanging out with this cutie.” You smile at Judith.

“Daryl, Glenn, Michonne, and I should be back by tonight. If we ain’t, go find Carl and tell him to watch Judith so you can come find us. We’ll just be in the next town over getting more medical supplies.” Rick grabs his gun, ready to head out the door.

“Okay, be safe. And tell Daryl that I love him.” Rick and Carl both leave the house, leaving you alone to take care of the little girl.

The day goes by rather quickly and before you know it, Rick is back at the house, relieving you of your babysitting duties.

“Be careful, Y/N, Daryl’s in a mood.” Rick warned you before you left his house.

“Why?” You frown.

“Glenn was makin’ some comments that upset him. You talk to him about it yourself.”

You walk back over to your house, and find Daryl sitting on the couch staring blankly at the wall. You open the door, taking off your shoes before you go sit next to him. He relaxes when he sees you but something is still obviously bothering him.

“What’s going on?” You ask him, putting your hand on his knee.

“I just, I don’ know, I’m gettin’ old.” He frowns.

“You’re not old, Daryl.” You laugh, not believing that he’s even upset about that.

“Old to be datin’ a nineteen year old, yeah.”

You frown at hearing this. He’s never even once voiced his concern about the age difference between the two of you. Yeah, it was a pretty big difference, but you didn’t really think it mattered. The two of you were in love, nothing else mattered.

“Age has nothing to do with anything when it comes to relationships.” You frown, making him face you. He had been avoiding looking at you the entire time.

“I don’ want you to leave me for someone younger. Someone who aint double your age. Shit, Y/N, you’re closer to Carl’s age than you are mine.”

“If this is about whatever Glenn was telling you today-“

“It’s not.” Daryl cut you off. “It’s somethin’ I been thinking about for a while.”

“Daryl,” you sigh. “I’m never going to leave you for anyone. I promise. I don’t care about the age difference between us. You make me incredibly happy, happier than anyone else could. I love you.”

“I love you too,” He smiles. You love seeing him smile, you don’t get to see it often enough. “I’m sorry for freakin’ out. Just been bothering me for a while.”

“It shouldn’t. And you should have told me sooner. I would have rather not heard that from Rick.”

“Yeah, I think Rick’s kinda annoyed at me. I yelled at Glenn for givin’ me shit.” Daryl admits.

“You gotta have known that Glenn was joking, though.”

“I did, but like I said, just been botherin’ me for a while.”

You don’t respond, you just start kissing him. He pulls you up onto his lap, putting his hands underneath your shirt as your hands grasp his hair. You start grinding your hips over his lower area, feeling it harden underneath you.

“Now, I do believe I owe you back for this morning.” You pull away from the kiss.

“Eh, maybe tomorrow.” Daryl teases.

“Oh shut up and kiss me.”

Part Two HERE

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During sex harry choking you and he's doing you so good you're in tears.

tag yourself i’m the tears

Harry really would be doing so well.

He’d be fucking you from behind, sitting back on his heels on the bed, surrounded in messy sheets, having you on his cock with your clammy back pressed to his sweaty chest. Your legs are tucked against his own calves and you use them as a reinforcement to help you bounce against him, the sound of slapping skin and breathy moans scattering around the atmosphere of the room.

Harry’s prick is slicking into you nice and hard and you can feel the tight muscles of his chest pressed against your back, flexing with every move. He has one hand in between your thighs, toying at your clit to intensify the pleasure. He’s pinching and flicking and alternating between wide, slow circles with the entirety of his hand as well as quick back and forth movements with his two middle fingers, slapping your folds every now and then to gain a cracked yelp from your throat.

Harry’s other arm had been tucked underneath your arms and across the underside of your chest in order to keep you from falling forward, but now he moves it to lay diagonally across your chest, large hand coming up to your neck.

His long fingers wrap around your throat, squeezing lightly at first– not too tight, but snug enough that your inhales stutter.

“Y'like this?” His voice is deep and throaty, warm air puffing against the sensitive shell of your ear as he jerks his hips up at a brutal pace. “Like t'be choked, now, do you?”

You nod furiously, whimpering in his glistening arms, hands reaching up to tug at his mussed up hair because you need something to hold onto, if not your sanity.

You can feel his smile against the top of your ear. Can feel it trail down the curve following down the back of your head and down the slope of your shoulder. His hot lips makes your blood boil, the notion of him filling you up til the brink overwhelming your senses.

Harry stops playing with your clit, bringing his wet fingers up to your abdomen and ghosting his short nails over it temptingly, the feathery motion causing your stomach to instinctually tighten. “Can y'feel me here, kitten? All the way in your tummy?”

“Y-Yeah,” you croak out shakily, entire body quaking with unharnessed arousal and anticipation.

“And here?” He tightens his hold on your throat, causing your breathing to hitch for what feels like an eternity. Being constricted only amplifies your neediness.

After you give a short nod, he proceeds to brushing his nose up and down the curve of your shoulder, tracing up your neck and licking at the tiny junction just behind the curve of your jaw. You’re eyes roll back without consent as you squeak out a satisfied whine.

“Such a naughty little thing you are. Kinky, too. Y'like me here,” Harry thumbs over your belly button, “here,” he presses your neck back against his collarbone so that your head is forced to fall back on his shoulder.

“And here,” a quick slap is placed on your clit, to which your body reacts to by thrashing against his hold, which in return earns you a tighter grip on your juglar. He thumbs over the teeny bulb rapidly, teeth sinking into your ear lobe as he swivels his hips up into you, nails digging marks into the skin along your throat.

Harry’s hair is tickling the underside of your jaw as he trails his lips down to the dip where your neck and shoulder part ways, pooling light kisses there as his hold on your windpipe goes into more dangerous territory.

But you’re absolutely living for it. Living for the flashes of red and blue that thrum at the back of your skull. For the webs of bright yellow and orange that spider across your shut eyelids. For the panicky, enclosed feeling that sets fire to your lungs and makes your fingers go numb. But especially living for the way your entire body tingles as adrenaline surges through every crevice in your bones, sending a buzzing sensation down to your center that has your mind spinning in circles. Tears of desperation smear out of the corners of your eyes, the sensory overload being simply too much to handle.

The feeling is amazing. The only other thing that beats it is when Harry starts to buck harder into you, bouncing on the balls of his feet faster as he feels you tightening around him while also pulling you down roughly to meet his thrusts.

His words spread smoky tendrils across your hypersensitive skin, the pleasure he’s feeding into from everywhere taking over your being completely. But it’s his thoughts and actions, murmured quietly against your moist jaw as he rubs his light scruff against your cheek, that have you begging for mercy. He addresses you with a smug smirk, bringing to his mouth the thumb that was on your clit, licking the glistening digit slowly and holding full eye contact. His irises sparkle with pride as he releases his finger with a wet pop.

“Can’t wait to make you choke on my cock instead.”

Tumblr 2012: Everything online is great. Tumblr is at its prime. I haven’t slept in 18 days. My queue is full, my blog looks good, and I’ve met a ton of interesting people. 

Tumblr 2017: Everything on my dash is garbage. There is nothing keeping me on here for days to find good content. SJW’s, cringeworthy tv show fans, and Buzz-howarewestillrelevant-feed are taking over.

Episode 78: nothing makes sense someone help these idiots

Alright so, Jounouchi and Yugi are in a DEATH MATCH and nobody can intervene because Anzu has been taken hostage but we’re down to the final few turns and in the absence of any better plan, Anzu is throwing herself on the sword bomb in place of the boys, beseeching someone to act



Malik tried and failed to get Jou to wait out the clock (thereby killing both players) and settles for forcing Jou to play a card to drop Yugi’s lifepoints to zero (thereby killing Yugi)

might wanna … get a hold of your face there, Malik….

But Malik makes the FATAL MISTAKE of using the word “memory” in his order, which completely zones Jounouchi out. Or in, maybe.

Way to hold your cards like a normal person, Jou.

Yugi picks up on some of the subtle hints of body language that the real Jounouchi is pushing back:

Four seconds earlier:

Well if he’s NOT fighting against Malik’s brainwashing, Malik is screaming “shut up” at the sky which … no wait, you’re right, Yugi, that is entirely in keeping with Malik’s character and it does take a guess to differentiate it from Jounouchi’s struggles. My mistake.

To assist Jounouchi, Yugi addresses Malik directly, dropping some SICK BURNS

(hint: it’s Malik)


So with Yugi determined, Jounouchi frantic and Malik OUTRAGED, we head into the final minute of the duel.

But just over 15 minutes left in the video, so this is where the already-tenuous link between their rate of time passing and ACTUAL TIME starts to diverge wildly. Turns out that timer Malik has is some sort of time-modulation device, because the closer it gets to 00:00, the more seconds pass per second. At the moment we’re at about two seconds per second, but let’s see how far we can push the fabric of spacetime, shall we?

Jounouchi resists, so Malik stages a hostile takeover

which apparently involves making this playing card glow, okay, cool. Rather than just keep Jounouchi’s will supressed and feed him instructions, Malik takes over entirely, shoving the real Jounouchi back to a dark corner of his own mind

… this show is GRIM

Anyway, this leads to some mixed messages.


And Jounouchi’s reassertion takes Malik very much by surprise


Sadly, Jou only wrested back control AFTER the attack was launched, but happily, Yugi is pretty good at this whole card game thing

Yugi catches the attack, and only one person guesses what he’s thinking. Did you guess his best friend standing opposite him? Did you guess the Team Empath watching behind him? Did you guess the mastermind strategist trying to kill him? Because you would be wrong, 

it’s Seto Motherfucking Kaiba who’s the only one to twig the sacrifice play before Yugi flags it. And it turns out, later in the episode, that Kaiba knows this isn’t the Yugi he duels, this is the other one. So I’m wondering; he’s able to make the logical jump because he knows the card game inside out, but maybe he does make the jump because he’s remembering one of the most significant times he stood face to face with “this” Yugi instead of “the other” one; when Yugi gave up everything to save Kaiba’s life from Kaiba’s own threat in the duel on the battlements of Duelist Kingdom. 90% of what he knows about “this” Yugi is that this Yugi will do almost anything to save someone’s life.

Anyway, Yugi says he played the Spirit’s Mirror to buy them some time so he can make a short speech. And I guess it works because he delivers his two minute speech in just under a minute. #spacetimebending

Yugi says he and Jounouchi are both winners; they weren’t fighting each other. Jounouchi won even though he had to fight Malik. And Yugi?

… That better not be a dig at Yami, young man.

Let’s assume Yugi means he had to find the courage he was looking for to fight without Yami at his side / in his place.

In the face of Yugi’s pretty extremely gay speech, Jounouchi wakes up fully and isn’t even sure why he and Yugi are fighting. Yugi tells him not to worry,


anyway it’s totally not because there are 30 seconds left on the clock, which means half a 20-minute episode to go…

The Fish Journey: aka I’m so very poor but damn do I know a lot about proper Betta husbandry.

My feesh journey has almost lasted a full year now.  Which is astonishing in and of itself, being as I have never liked or been remotely interested in having fish after the handful of goldfish bowls we had when I was growing up.

It all started with Violet, who I called Feesh, a Betta my little sister was dying to bring home from the pet store.  Feesh lived in a small vase in the living room and had an… okay (overstatement) life until the novelty wore off.  So I took pity and started to take over feeding him every day and changing his water more frequently.  Once he perked up enough to be able to show some personality, I started getting more interested and invested in the little guy.  And then I started doing some research and browsing about the fish community on tumblr…

It began with a sad little Betta in an empty vase, who got upgraded to a slightly larger bowl with some fake plants, then a bigger bowl, and eventually ended up in his own heated/filtered 10g tank.

And now we’ve come to this - the community tank with Stark the Betta and a little school of Cories, and Ghost’s 20g….with the possibility of a 20g divided Betta tank somewhere in the future.  Not to mention my new habit of endlessly informing family, friends, and sometimes strangers about how to properly take care of fish.

Whooooooo.  I guess I like feesh now.

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I'm having a hard time with anxiety, mainly that my current state of feeling sad and worried will be permanent and that if anything else bad happens I won't be able to handle this, I know it's just anxiety and that to worry about the future is dumb but do you have any tips?

Hello and thank you for reaching out. I’m not sure why I can’t find the reply privately button, but since you posted this anonymously, I hope you don’t mind that the answer is public. Maybe somebody will benefit from this as well.

Anxiety is a very natural feeling when things are out of control. But the funny thing about anxiety is, if you feed it, it will take over the things you already have control of and put you under more stress and chaos. So, see, the more you stress out the worse things will get and that will make you even more anxious.

My advice is simple, though not easy, don’t think about it. Whenever you find yourself thinking about something that causes you anxiety, stop yourself. Take a walk, listen to some uplifting music, talk to a friend (about something unrelated). I found out that if you keep yourself busy, productive, and active, you will feel more fulfilled and probably too tired to think about anything anyway. Take on a few hobbies, focus more on work or school, work out for longer hours… Again, this is not easy, but it’s simple, and the more you train yourself to do it, the easier it gets.

I want you to know that you’re not alone. There are thousands of people like you and so,e have it much worse. And I want you to know that you are strong and can get through this. And one day, you will be an inspiration to others and you will inspire yourself.

If you feel yourself losing control over your emotions, there are always people you can talk to, professionals who can help you get to the bottom of the problem so you can cure it. Until then, please feel free to message me any time. Thepositiveinbox@gmail.com is always open for you. No matter how silly you think it is, I care, and I will listen.

Stay strong and positive.
All the love ❤️💐

Captain Swan + Enchanted Forest for 19weeksofcs

I know I’m horribly late but writing that Swan Believer bit yesterday opened a can of worms and here I am today posting another little fic, this time all about Captain Swan. It’s a bit of speculation about them arriving in Camelot. This is unbetaed so if you find anything disturbingly wrong with it just send me a message and I’ll do my best to correct it

(Whether or not they have sex in the tub is up to your interpretation)

King Arthur and Queen Guinevere had insisted upon throwing a ball to welcome such honored guests to their kingdom. Everyone, Emma especially, had tried to explain that it wasn’t necessary. They just needed information on Merlin’s whereabouts, maybe accommodations for a night’s sleeps and they would be on their way. Sir Lancelot, whose presence had been a surprise to her and Snow after their debacle with Cora, had assured them that the wizard was already on his way to Camelot, having seen the group’s arrival and their reason for seeking him. They were to expect him in two days’ time. Besides, preparations for the ball were already underway and the invitations had been sent. They wouldn’t want to disappoint anyone.

Emma took Killian’s offered arm without hesitation as the knights of the round table lead them towards the castle. Her first moments as the Dark One had been filled with fear and apprehension towards everything that was going on inside her. Her feelings were at war and her light magic could barely co-exist with the power of darkness. Her thoughts had been a jumbled mess, the vision of Gold in full Rumplestiltskin regalia and her inability to control all that magic at first had thrown her off.

And when she’d finally been left alone, she remembered her last moments in Storybrooke.

Keep reading