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Photographer Ann Sophie Lindström spent several months documenting  a group of horsemen in North Philadelphia who have been countering crime through their love for horses.  For more riveting photos of the equestrians of North Philly, here’s this week’s Spotlight essay from Emily Anne Epstein.

A stallion named Dusty rears up as Jamil Prattis, 25, leads him to the lot across from the Fletcher Street Stables, October 19, 2013. Jamil became involved with the horses when he was 12 years old, after he saw a group of urban cowboys riding through the streets of North Philadelphia. (Ann Sophie Lindström)

Jamil Prattis sits in front of his house on French Street, May 23, 2014. (Ann Sophie Lindström)

Stephfon Darnell Tolbert, 31, teases a pony named Harlem, making him rear up, October 2, 2013. Harlem is known for being aggressive when someone gets too close. (Ann Sophie Lindström

A horse is tied up in front of a vacant lot on Fletcher Street while horsemen clean the stalls, October 6, 2016. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Stable manager Edward E. Ward cuddles a horse named Maverick, September 29, 2013. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Tymeir Sanders, 17, stops by a friend’s house on West Harold Street while out on a ride with Rosie, June 1, 2014. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Stephfon Darnell Tolbert, 24, prepares feed for the horses, October 16, 2016. The horsemen have tack rooms where they keep supplies, feed, and hay. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Donnell Glenn takes Cash out for an evening walk, October 9, 2013. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Stevie Spann, 50, checks on the horses before closing the stable for the evening, August 22, 2014.  (Ann Sophie Lindström)

Jamil Prattis, Stevie Spann, and Nate Benson sit inside a horse trailer to escape the sun and smoke, May 25, 2014. (Ann Sophie Lindström)

There is no indoor arena at the Fletcher Stable, so the horsemen like use the vacant lot across the street to train their animals, October 6, 2013. (Ann Sophie Lindström

Romere Burch,13, rides bareback on a stallion named Ace N da Whole on Glennwood Avenue, October 3, 2013. (Ann Sophie Lindström

From a Texan to the rest of y'all.

We appreciate all the help we can get down here. It’s bad. The flooding is catostrophically bad. We will say thank you to anyone and everyone who helps us. We will work with ANYONE who comes to our aid.

But don’t you DARE spout off about the government “rescuing us” from anything. We are rescuing ourselves. Our favorite grocery store chain, HEB, is feeding people, supplying water, and getting their stores prepped WHILE IT IS STILL RAINING AND FLOODING.
A GROCERY STORE CHAIN has been able to reach places with food and water before FEMA ever possibly could.

Our favorite GAS STATION BUCCEE’S is sheltering rescue teams overnight and footing the bill for them to EAT AND DRINK ANYTHING IN THE STORE FREE OF CHARGE.

Citizens are taking their private boats, jet skis, canoes, flat boats, pretty much ANYTHING that can float and are working with our local fireman, police, AND the coast guard to help rescue other stranded Texans.

People are throwing addresses of stranded people all over Facebook and other Texans checking their feed have been diving off into the water to save them. If all you hear about on the news is FEMA taking action in Texas , IT AIN’T THE WHOLE TRUTH.




-An angry, soaked Texan

Delta (Bucky Barnes x Reader) A/B/O Series

A/N: HEY GUYS! I literally forgot that I made this a month ago but never posted it haha! :D I’ve always been a sucker for a/b/o fics and I wanted to shake things up a bit. (: Please excuse any misspellings as I get too excited when I write ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤

Delta: Reader is a rare being in the a/b/o cycle and finds herself along side the Avengers. She manages to hide her true nature successfully until she catches the eye of a certain blue eyed super soldier. 

Warnings: Minor character death. Angst. 

Series Masterlist

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*Protector* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Can you please write a Newt x Reader fic where. The reader had fallen asleep while working on the drawings for newts book. He finds her curled up on the grass. With frank protecting her

Enjoy! ♥

Picking up your sketchbook and pencils, you made your way out of Newt’s hut towards Frank’s habitat. The giant Thunderbird was your next great drawing assignment. You were illustrating Newt’s book and you were beyond thrilled to finally get some sketches of this beautiful creature done. Besides, Frank had recently taken a real liking to you and didn’t mind whenever you were near to watch and examine him. Newt was especially impressed by that seeing as Frank was rather timid and found it hard to trust others easily. 

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Treat yourself how you’d treat a puppy: go outside at least twice a day, and don’t forget to feed regularly. Keep a supply of water on hand. Compliment appearance regularly (bc you’re super cute). Be above all kind to yourself– if you’re nice to puppies, you can be nice to you.

Centuries in the Making: Part 1

AN: *Loud squeaking noise” This is my first attempt at an Original reader insert, and quite possibly the start of another soulmark universe. Cause, I never do anything half way. Still I’m pretty excited, and happy that this is my first attempt at branching out. Please enjoy, and don’t forget to let me know what you think! 

This is a soulmark AU, so be prepared. This is taking place at the middle of season 2, with a slightly delayed timeline. 

   “You know, eight months ago I would have freaked at coming home and finding two shelves in my refrigerator filled with blood.”

Rebekah grinned at you, “Yes, well, you’ve come a long way. I’m very proud.”

You resist the urge to roll your eyes at the woman, before pulling out a bottle of water and closing the door. “Where’s Hope?”

“Fast asleep like the angel she is.”

This time you can’t resist the urge, you roll your eyes, “Says the woman who refuses to deal with the crying fits.”

You watch her pout, “I’m a vampire. Sensitive hearing and all that. Plus you’re very good with her.”

You stare her down, “You’re spoiled.”

She shrugs, “Guilty as charged.” You say nothing else, choosing to return to your room instead. You have lesson plans to complete, and little time for games. Especially supernatural games. Unfortunately, the supernatural seemed out to get you.

Eight months ago you had been oblivious to the secret world around you. You’d been able to move through the streets without looking for signs of vampires or witches. In fact, the only thing you had been looking for was a roommate. Enter Rebekah Mikaelson.

She had strolled up to your door like she already owned the place, a small infant in her arms. You had gone through the motions of showing her around the apartment, and were ready to show her out after the fourth snarky comment, when she had looked you in the eyes and simply said, I’m staying. That had been the first time you’d been compelled.

The second time came seconds later when she told you to offer your neck, and stay quiet. The fangs had hurt, enough that you had wanted to cry out, but you had found yourself unable to say anything. Her story had come out over the next several weeks. Original vampires. Witches. Evil parents. New Orleans. It had been a lot to absorb. You’d simply been grateful that she hadn’t sunk her teeth into you again.

Still, more often than not you found Rebekah to be more of a pain than a villain. She was lonely and unsure of herself. Conscious of the eyes on her. She reminded you of a middle schooler in that way. Still trying to find out who she was. If there was one thing she was certain of, it was her love for that baby.

The child rarely left her sight, and the only true times you dealt with the crying fits were when she was off feeding, or the supply in the fridge was running low. Other than that you had little interaction with Hope. And you were okay with that.

You spend two more hours completing lesson plans before deciding to call it a night. You retreat to the shower, moving quietly past Rebekah and Hope’s room, before stripping. The water is scalding hot, something you prefer in cooler months. You take your time enjoying the spray before ending the bliss.

You towel dry your hair, and like always, that catches your eye. It’s elegant. Refined. A type of handwriting you don’t see anymore. I’ve waited centuries to hear those words. You tug the towel up so that you can’t see it anymore. There were too many questions there. Too much unknown, and you had more than enough of that at the moment.

You don’t bother with the hair dryer. Instead, you pull on a hoodie and your favorite pajama pants. That’s when you hear it. Glass breaking, things being knocked over, people yelling.

You stumble into the living room to find Rebekah dripping in blood, bodies on the surrounding floor. The veins around her eyes are dark, and second later she’s in front of you. You watch her pupils expand, and the familiar weight of compulsion settles around you, “Take Hope and drive to New Orleans. Stop for nothing. You are to go to a restaurant called Russeus. Ask for Cami. Tell her I sent you.”

As her orders settle on you, more men come through the window. With a growl, she turns to face them, and you run to the baby. She’s awake. Quiet, but awake. You cradle her to you gently, before grabbing the diaper bag and making your way to the car. You run down three flights of stairs before making it to the car.

You strap the baby into her car seat, climb into the driver’s seat and turn the key. The engine comes to life, and you pull out of the garage moments later. It’s an eight hour drive, and by the time you enter New Orleans, you feel as though you’re dying.

By the time you park, you’re painfully aware that you’re dressed only in pajama pants and a sweatshirt. You’re simply grateful you’d had time to slip on a pair of flats before leaving the apartment. The walk to Rousseau’s is short and filled with people. The streets are packed, and the lights are lit, and one glance at Hope shows that that baby is mesmerized by it all.

The restaurant is filled with the smells of cajun food, and makes the fact that you haven’t eaten in nine hours more apparent. You settle the baby carrier onto the bar, and wait to be noticed. The bartender smiles at you, and then peers to look at the baby. Her name tag catches your eyes, and a wave of relief settles over you. Your voice is a bit hesitant, as you ask, “Are you Cami?”

The woman’s smile is easy, “That’s me, how can I help you?”

You take a shaky breath, “My name is Y/F/N Y/L/N, Rebekah Mikaelson sent me. She said you could contact the necessary people to help Hope.”

Her eyes go wide, “You know Rebekah?”

“Roommate of eight months. You?”

“Her brother’s psychiatrist.”

You just feel tired, “A vamp with a shrink… that’s…”

She nods, “Trust me, I know. Compulsion?”

You nod, and she scowls before throwing a rag on the bar. “Wait here.” You watch her disappear into the back before re-appearing. She motions towards the door with her head and you follow her. You stick close as she weaves through the people on the streets.

When she goes through a large gate, you follow. She stops in the middle before yelling, “Klaus get out here, right now.”

It’s similar to a magic trick, the way he appears. Or maybe a predator looking for a snack. He stares at you with interest, and you hug the baby carrier closer. His eyes immediately go to it. The snarl of rage comes a moment later, and then you find yourself flying. You hit the far wall, and pain explodes over your body. “Klaus don’t.”

You look up to see him standing over you, the baby carrier safely in Cami’s arms. You whimper when he picks you up using your neck. His hand tightens, and your ears start to ring. From the corner of your eye you see Cami say something. Then, suddenly, his hand is gone, and you suck in as much air as possible.

You collapse against the floor, the palms of your hand scraping against the tile. You look at the newcomer. He’s dressed in a three piece suit that has to cost more than your car. You watch as he studies you for a moment, before crouching down to eye level.

“And why, dear brother have you stopped me from killing this intruder?” You glare at your attacker, before drawing whatever strength you have left, “Rebekah sent me. She gave me Hope, and told me to come here..”

You watch as they both stiffen, and the more brutish one takes a step forward, “What did she just say?” You don’t say anything, and he takes a step forward, and you shrink back. “What did you just say?”

You stutter the words out, “Rebekah sent me. She gave me Hope, and told me to come here.”  

A second later, you feel a finger brush against your cheek, as the man crouching in front of you brushes hair away from your face. His voice is a whisper, as he says “I’ve waited centuries to hear those words.”

listen up guys this one is important!!

ok so with the knew “it” movie out, i think its important to dispel some media perpetrated clown myths and explain how to properly handle clown husbandry and diet.  the media really likes to portray clowns as threatening and cruel which is not true! clowns can be excellent companions  if you treat them right!  they’re difficult to care for but when you watch them romping around, beeping noses and making balloon animals freely, you’ll understand why the clown keeping hobby is so popular


 clowns do NOT live in sewers and they will not live long at all in those stupid clown starter kits, ive seen a lot of posts about those already but it can always be reminded.  clowns need lots of space to play!  exact measurement depends on what kind of clown(s)  you are looking to keep, but all of them need more than these stupid things.  EVEN JESTERS (which ill get back to later)  NEED the space of a full tent, this is even more important if you have yourself  a Bunch of clowns.  Clowns often do a lot better in Bunches than alone.


 clowns dont eat children!!!!! clowns eat a variety of foods including corn dogs, candy floss, candy apples, pop corn and hot dogs.  some recent breeds also enjoy pizza and hamburgers.  nearly all clowns love to eat treats like deep fried oreos and mac n cheese balls but its very important to limit those as TREATS.  its unhealthy to feed your clown only treats!  not only can their coat and markings fade, but they’ll often feel ill and wont play, clown, hula hoop or even blow a regular balloon (let alone bend balloon animals).  they can also develop behavioral problems if not fed the right diet.  IT IS WIDELY POPULARIZED that pellets are a complete diet and thats absolutely not true.  pellets do not offer the full spectrum of nutrients that clowns require and the boring texture makes them sad :(.  for proper care, ensure your clown gets a good variety of fresh foods! buying your own candy floss machine is an excellent idea if youre planning to stay in the hobby.


first of all know that there is probably an underlying issue with husbandry (especially with circus clowns but we’ll get to that later) heating, enrichment or socialization.  do they have enough space?  is the sediment in their arena clean?  do they have an array of toys, juggling items and balls?  do they need to go to the Honk Park to meet some friends?  those are issues you need to review to permanently resolve the issue, but some clowns really are just picky, if you need to get a clown to eat, a really solid method is to pretend the food item is an airplane! if that doesn’t work try a land vehicle like a  car or train that might be more recognizable.  its most important you figure out whats causing the issue in the first place above all else.


 clowns can be bought from breeders, clown stores, clown shelters, or clown rescues and each have different aspects that need to be considered.  

clown stores sell clowns, but often those clowns come from clown mills which dont offer any enrichment, proper footwear, cars, party supplies or feed for them. most agree that clown stores are not a good place to get yourself a clown, the fact they have been mistreated can also often affect how they interact, such as a fear of humans or children. it may be tempting to buy that sad looking boingo, but know that by doing so you are supporting that industry even if your heart is in the right place.

if buying a clown from a breeder you can fully ensure that clown comes from a good line that carries the qualities you need (good with children, expert in impressions etc.)  you can also find very interesting purebreds of rarer species like mimes!  this is often a good choice for your first clown.

a clown shelter is also a good place to get a starter clown, although you cant often find the clowns lineage or pedigree, it can often be assumed from their markings what sort of a clown they are, a lot of people like shelter clowns because its getting a clown off the street and into a nice warm tent with proper enrichment so they can lead a fuller happier life.  in a clown sanctuary you can also observe clown behaviors to see which fits your home best.  just know if you go to get one, you’ll probably leave with three, they like being in family groupings and theyre just so cute!!

clown rescues are an important business to support, but its important to know rescue clowns often have behavioral issues that can make them more difficult to care for.  some clowns after being tormented by children do not like them and may act aggressively.  some rodeo clowns may have an appetite for destruction.  some clowns may have been picked on and dont like staying in Bunches with other clowns, some may have irrational fears of natural clowning behaviors like playing in tiny cars, balloons popping and of course pies.  most rescue clowns are afraid of pies.  just because its funny doesnt mean its good for the clown.  if youre thinking about adopting a rescue clown, make sure you’re prepared for the special rehabilitation they need.


 there is no real true “starter clown”  all clowns require detailed care.  some clowns are more forgiving though.  Some common clowns you should know about (and probably already know some about) include

circus clowns:  everybody knows a circus clown when they see them, theyre robust, entertaining and very skillful, theyre one of the only clowns which can properly use a party cannon! (note, no other clown should be offered use of a party cannon.  circus clowns have special shock absorbers that allow them to safely use them, other clowns do not and can become seriously injured.) due to this, and their recognizable markings, many breeders recommend these as starter clowns.  THIS IS VERY FOOLISH.  circus clowns are very picky about  husbandry and can even go off feed if they arent given the proper requirements!  they NEED at least two other clowns to properly thrive as well as a large arena to romp in, a small car is also highly recommended.  they often go through a bale of candy floss a day!!!

jesters: the common misconception about jesters is that they only need a very small space (clown starter kit ugh) to thrive.  this is absolutely a lie.  in the wild jesters DO sometimes take refuge in small places during the night, but during the day they are provided an entire courtyard to play in.  clown shops often perpetuate this myth so they can sell you cheaper more breakable clown supplies as well as decreasing the lifespan of your jester so you’ll need to get a new one.  it is true jesters take comfort in small private spaces, but that means its important to provide them with hides amidst their enclosure, when cared for properly they are an extremely beautiful species and Bunches of them often perform gentle acrobatics.  be cautious though!  theyre feisty, they love physical humor and will not hesitate to throw objects at handlers, maybe not a good choice for small children.

lastly, party clowns:  these little guys are probably the closest thing to a starter clown you can get.  they arent very picky with food, their needs for space arent too enormous, they only require a medium or small tent (unless you have a Bunch) and they can be kept alone! solo party clowns often bond very closely with their families!  but the more the merrier!  theyre often very mild mannered and gentle with children.  it is important to allow them time to recuperate so they need about 12 hours of sleep on average.  they come in a variety of different styles and as long as they’re provided with proper footwear they are usually quite long lived.

hopefully that helped clear up the mystery of clown keeping! remember to do your research and take care of your clown!  if you can no longer take care of your clown or your Bunch, please contact a local shelter so that they can find a new home!  clowns do well moving on to new places!  take care everybody happy clowning!

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There is no way to exploit an animal and love them at the same time (regarding beekeeping)

Let me tell you a story about two beehives.

We’ve all seen a beehive in the wild, yes? If you have not, it’s a small thing with very limited space for honey and brood. The bees spend days of labor to build this entire hive with not so much space, which leaves less time to collect precious honey for the winter. “We must hurry!” Say the wild bees. “Soon winter will come and we need to stock up on food!!”

Now let’s move on to the beekeeper’s hive. It’s nice and big, with lots of space and a grid that makes it easy to build honeycomb and fill it with nice sweet honey. “We have lots of space and spare time with this nice big new home!” The bees say, and they fill the whole thing up with food storage and nurseries.

“HA!” Laugh the wild bees. “Your hive is full, and now you have nothing to do!”

“No matter” say the honeybees. “Our beekeeper has added a whole new room to our hive! Now we can collect and store even more honey and brood!” The honeybees and wild bees continue to collect pollen and nectar, when suddenly, an epidemic of mites comes to bee meadow!

“These mites are awful!” Says one wild bee to another.

“They sure are!” The honeybee colony agrees.

The wild worker scoffs and says with a smug tone “Where is your beekeeper now? Surely they cannot save you from this terrible sickness!”

“Our beekeeper came by yesterday, and cured us of our mites!” The honeybee happily replied. “And they’re putting up a fence tomorrow because they heard there are predators in the area!”

Spring and summer passed by as usual. All of the bees collected pollen and nectar at their own pace.
Then, one autumn afternoon, the hive of wild bees discovers that the honeybees had been ROBBED! Robbed by their own beekeeper!

“HA HA!” Laughed the wild bees. “Your beekeeper betrayed you! And now you will never survive the winter! All of that protection and safety for naught!”

“Actually, we have plenty of honey.” The honeybees say. “We have even more than you do!”

It was true. The wild bees were stunned to see that their neighboring hive had plenty of honey to get by on, while their own honey stores would just barely get them through the winter.

“Well I’ll be!” the wild bees exclaim. “Maybe this beekeeping business isn’t as bad as I thought!”

In short, if you buy from a kind local beekeeper, the honey that comes to your kitchen is always going to be EXTRA honey. Honey the bees made way too much of because they had the resources to do so. When we take honey, we carefully brush each bee off of each frame and take extra special care that nobody gets hurt.

I hope you can understand what I’m trying to say. Also, commercial beekeepers tend to not be quite so good. They take all the bee’s winter supply and feed them sugar water (still fairly safe!), they have too many hives in one place and exhaust their resources, etc etc.

In the shortest of short; Support local beekeepers. More safe hives means more safe bees. Plant bee flowers. Be kind. (Bee kind, heehee.)

Sorry for the long post, and please enjoy the rest of your day.

A - Z baby list Dan Howell

Announcement.- How do you tell him and the world that you’re expecting? You told Dan started screaming with excitement after sneaking the pregnancy test into the bathroom. You guys told the world with a cheesy photo of the two of you standing in front of the oven while holding bread.

Books.- Did he read the books? Dan said that books are overrated and that all his information will come from his mother or the internet. That was until you caught him reading the one you had on your side of the bed. “Did you know this book has some actually useful information?” 

Cuddles.- Who cuddles the baby more? Dan does at night in the chair when he is doing anything to get the little human to stop crying. “Please stop crying little pet. Mummy is sleeping and I’m starting to get a little jealous.”

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As much as I enjoyed arguing with the “burn your books” guy over the last few days, I’m not going to respond to his latest round of bullshit. I realized that I’m just feeding his narcissistic supply at this point. 

July StankTour - Days 1 & 2

Day 1 - Bethlehem, PA —> Shipshewana, IN

My girlfriend Hannah and I are taking some time to drive around the country together this month. We’ve been apart for a little over three months (101 days to be exact, but neither of us were counting) and this trip is a celebration of sorts. Our plan was to wake up, pack, and leave by 9am this morning, but this plan failed to account for the amount of shit I need to survive on the road for a month. It took Hannah about 35 mins just to carry the suitcase with my feeding tube supplies down to the car. I’m proud of us both for making it out by 11am after choking down some McDonald’s oatmeal. Ten fairly unremarkable hours later, we pulled into our hotel in a largely Amish town called Shipshewana. The only minor hiccup along the way was discovering that every restaurant in the state of Indiana seems to close by 7:30pm, so our dinner ended up being frozen microwave meals from a neighboring town’s grocery store. The highlight of our first day was deciding to reroute off the main interstate once we got into Indiana, instead taking local roads full of interesting things to see.

Day 2 - Shipshewana, IN —> Somewhere northwest of Chicago

We became too confident in our navigation abilities after our success last night. We decided to take only tiny back roads for the short, two-hour drive to Chicago. Unfortunately, every road we chose today had a speed limit of 35mph and perpetually red stop lights at the end of every block. The towns we passed through were mostly calm and quaint, so it was not a bad drive, but we did add about five extra hours to the trip, which turned our day of Chicago sightseeing into an evening of Chicago sightseeing. We ate well and took plenty of touristy pictures. Most importantly, I discovered the peanut butter milkshake at Shake Shack. The highlight of our day was a morning visit to the Dutch Creek Animal Park where we saw everything from fluffy newborn ducks to sleepy kangaroos to an angry water buffalo, hell-bent on putting his majestic horns through the driver’s side window of our van.

secretcherimaybe  asked:

What is your favorite ghibli movie??

So when I was growing up, I lived out on the countryside in a small tree-walled town that made its living primarily through agriculture and tourism (via our local historical volcano). We were at least a ten minute drive from “”””the city”””” which was just a slightly bigger town that had a mall, my highschool was across the street from a massive cow pasture, and every friend I knew had SOMEone in their family who owned a farm. Kids my age all seemed really interested in either growing up to be part of agriculture or go into some kind of union work like their parents.

Basically, I grew up in one of those really secluded areas where anything ‘different’ was so hard to come by.

We never owned a farm ourselves because both my parents worked for the union instead, but we had a lot of animals and helped family friends with their farms a lot. Down the street from my place was this combination feed and video store - literally a combination of things you’re only going to find in one of these story-esque hole in the veil kind of towns because what the fuck - where on one side of the store they sold animal feed and supplies, and also had this cage of chicks I loved to play with and name, and on the OTHER side was what I can only say now was most likely the owners personal collection of movies and video games for rent. It was a homebrew blockbuster run by the wife of the store owner.

This was my first introduction to anything involving something from the outside world when I was about, like, I don’t know six or some shit, I was little. Whenever we would go my mom would let me pick out ONE thing to rent.

I ended up picking out My Neighbor Totoro because it had cute, bubbly box art and I’d never seen art like it before, particularly Totoro. I’d NEVER seen an anime before. When I went home and I watched it, it blew my fucking world away and filled me up with such a sensation of magical wonderment that for an embarrassingly long time afterwards I started really believing fairies & magic were real and portals to other worlds existed in the thickets of the woods and fields around my house. It’s actually what started me hopping our fence to go play pretend in those areas by my house (and maybe if I was lucky FIND Totoro and go on my OWN adventure) until like sunset for years of my childhood.

I rented and watched that movie so many times over that years after the video part of the feed store shut down, my mom and I ran into the wife and she offered to just give me the Totoro VHS, and it had been at least ten years since then.

Totoro is still a movie that makes me feel a lot of feelings when I watch it because it was the very first anime I ever laid my eyes on and spurred me to do a lot of shit that I probably may have never come to do on my own. It makes me remember a lot of “adventures” I went on and how fun and exciting it made an otherwise really bland childhood. That memory is one I look back at extremely fondly, so much so that in order to answer your very simple question I feel obligated to recount the entire thing.

I fucking love My Neighbor Totoro, dude.

I thought it would be misleading to only include one photo considering my hair and face change weekly. 

Gemini | Open Relationship | #Pennsylvania 

I was born and raised in Florida and I intend to go back. I’ve lost touch with my sexuality/romantic side focusing on other things and I’d really like to pay it some mind. Im looking for friends, FWB, and wherever/whatever the Universe may lead me to. I snailmail. I like to craft and if you’re in the area please do come craft with me (painting, needlework, papercrafting, idk idc anything) I will happily feed you and supply you with coffee or loose leaf teas. Im a “secular pagan” so there aint no jesus in me house…only crystalz me friend. 

Just a note, my hair is currently purple! Probably a dark navy blue next…

Tumblr: http://riesigarschbaume.tumblr.com/
Snapchat: sarcasticremark

Imagine Scott and Stiles live together and Derek moves in when he and Stiles get more serious with their relationship, and Scott is worried that he’s going to be tortured by the sounds of them having sex non stop, but the truth is the only thing he has to deal with is the sound of Stiles in giggle fits from tickle fights, the constant smell of cookies and cakes that Derek bakes as part of a feed the poor foundation - supplying birthday cakes to those who can’t buy them (and the lost is a housing estate for the poor or homeless) - and everything he never expected to happen.

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This girl comes into my pet store asking for supplies to feed "STRAY" (not WILD, but STRAY) mice babies that she found and took from their nest. She insists they'll die without her. I told her she needed to put them back now. She refuses. Keeps calling them strays like they're not fucking wild animals. I removed myself from her not- real- problem as fast as possible.

If their still pinkies they will die without mom. I hope they are ok.