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Didn’t think that was going to happen - Hayes Grier Imagine (requested)

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Manuel’s POV

“Do you not understand? You can’t possibly be so idiotic, can you?” I glare at my lab partner sitting across from me. I begin writing down the notes written on the board, as I continue to scold him for the disastrous mistake he made.

“What? It was easy to overlook, can’t blame me for everything Manny.” My eyes shot to his, tilting my head and glaring at the smirking boy.

“Don’t call me that, and of course it was, that’s why he said read it carefully, emphasis on the carefully?” He just shook his head, putting his hands up in surrender.

“God Hayes, I’m surprised you’re even passing this class.” I go back to writing, Hayes scoffs turning around to talk to the girl behind us. I roll my eyes at the arrogant behaviour.

As soon as the bell goes, dismissing us from the class, I run straight to the door. I can’t stand having to be around Hayes for a minute longer. Walking out of class felting freeing. I glided through the halls, making my way to the cafeteria, and to my group of friends sitting at the table in front of me.

“Hey guys,” I sat down, pulling my pre-packed lunch.

“Hey,” they all said in unison.

“I heard you’ve got Hayes as a lab partner?” I scoff, turning to face Rachel chowing down on her sandwich.

“Yeah, why?”

“Well, you guys have always had this thing, you know? There’s always been this kind of tension between you two, and to feed my curiosity, may I know why?” I gulp down my orange juice before picking up the sandwich I made this morning, taking a rather large bite of it.

“Tension? What the hell’s that supposed to mean?”

“You know. Look, you guys hate each other, but there’s always a little love in hate,” I almost choke on my sandwich, “I just wanted to know if you liked him or whatnot, is that too much to ask?”

“No,” I cough slightly, Rachel patting my back to help.


“No, I don’t like him and he definitely doesn’t like me, okay? I just don’t like him. Ever since we got into the argument about god knows what, I’ve hated his mere existence. Does that ‘feed your curiosity’?” Rachel nods, going back to silently eating her lunch.

The bell rings again, signalling lunch is over and last period awaits. I place my rubbish in the bin before waving my friends goodbye, heading into my next class. But all that was going through my mind was the earlier conversation with Rachel.

Did I really have tension with Hayes? Was it obvious? Does everyone notice? What type of tension?

God, I should not be thinking about this. As soon as I sat down, all of my thoughts are clouded with algebra. Guess Hayes has got to wait until after school.

My friends and I walk out of school, the crisp air meeting my face, almost waking me up. I was laughing before being rudely pulled back. I was so shocked I almost fell over.

“Did you forget our shared project, or did you want to get rid of me that easy?” Regaining my balance, I glare at the blue-eyed boy.

“Hayes, you could have called out my name or anything besides pulling me, and almost giving me a heart attack?”

“Manny! There I called out your name. Now come on, the bus is almost leaving and if we want to finish the project might as well get started.”

We walk on to the bus, finding seats near the back. I quickly pull out my phone and text my parents, telling them I’ll be home later due to school callings. I place my phone back into my pocket, before making myself comfortable in the seat. I hear chuckling next to me. I look over to meet Hayes’ eyes, his lips curled in a smirk.

“Comfortable there Manny?”

“I hate you.”

The whole bus ride was full of awkward silence, Hayes and I not knowing what exactly to say. But thankfully soon we got off at a stop and started to make our way to Hayes’ house. They live near a river, so it’s very scenic and beautiful there. I notice Hayes’ older brother, Nash, playing out the front with their younger sister. Nash waves over at us, I wave back politely, before following Hayes up into his room.

His room was neat and tidy, not what I had expected for a teenage boys room. I sat my stuff down on the ground next to the door, I awkwardly looked around, looking for a place to sit. Hayes jumps on the bed patting next to him. I, reluctantly, move next to him.

“Okay, let’s get started on this project, shall we?” I nod, pulling out my binder full of chemistry notes, spreading them out on the bed. Hayes looks at then, eyed widening, a soft chuckle leaves my lips before I could stop it. Hayes looked at me smiling. He looked cute smiling.

Stop yourself Manal!

I coughed and continued to watch Hayes read through my notes. I tried not to laugh at his expressions, although it was quite difficult, in the end I just had a huge smile plastered on my face.

We pulled everything down on to the ground, thinking there’s not enough room to work on his bed. I start highlighting everything we need, whilst Hayes puts my notes in order from importance. I look up to see Hayes confused, I grab the paper turning it around and reading, I then hand him the highlighter and piece of paper.

“Lets swap jobs, you highlight, while I order.” He nods moving over to lean against the bed next to me. We work quietly next to one another, neither one us confident enough to break the silence. Suddenly Hayes’ phone starts ringing. He picks it up and decline the call.

“You know you could’ve answered, I wouldn’t have cared?” Hayes only smiled, moving back to his position, only closer.

“I prefer hanging out with you, I don’t need my friends telling me to leave you.” I laughed, placing the papers down and stretching. I stand up, a couple of cracks are heard. The numbing pain of my legs are still there as I start to move around.

“Manal, can I ask you a question?” I nod my head, plopping down next to Hayes, my legs outstretched in front of me.

“Why do you hate me?” I froze, this was a tricky question to answer, as I didn’t really know. I just hated him because he was Hayes. Something about him gave me an annoyed feeling, but as I sit here, his warm hand no placed on top of mine, his fingers grazing my palm, his soft blue eyes staring deeply into mine trying to find an answer. I couldn’t answer, I couldn’t really think straight with his touch really.

“Um, I-I don’t really know, to be honest. It’s j-just, I got an off feeling about you, like something bad was going to happen if I were close to you. You know, like a gut feeling, telling me not to go near you, to be-friend you. But in all honestly, my gut feelings are always somehow off, because you’re not that bad.” A small smile tagged at his lips, his hands wrapped around mine, squeezing.

“Well, at least now you know I’m not some kind of womanizer,” we both laugh, my head falling against the bed, “I really like you Manal, I kinda have for a long time. it’s just really hard to talk to someone you like when they hate you.” I nod apologetically at Hayes, his words making me realise how I was truly wrong for judging him.

I tilt my head to the side, my eyes wandering over Hayes’ face, trying to the smallest trace of a lie. The harder I looked, the more I realised he’s telling the truth. I start thinking back to when I first met him, he was more arrogant back then. I start to think back to when I first got that gut feeling, it was when I saw him flirting with Hailee, one of the most popular girls at our school, I realise now that I had read myself wrong. This whole time I had thought that I hated him, I was jealous.

Well, wow, didn’t think that was going to happen.

“I’m sorry,” that was the last I said before leaning up and pressing my lips against Hayes’. They were plump and warm, slightly chapped, but I couldn’t concentrate on that, just the touch of his calloused fingers grazing my cheek.

We pulled away, our foreheads resting against one another. This whole day rushed through my head, it started of with hatred, ended with something more.

A/N: For some reason, I really hate this imagine, the request was so good, but I feel like I fucked it up…

Sunday Tradition

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Unadulterated fluffy and cuteness

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by @capscanary:  Maybe a possible one shot where you cook with Bucky? (I need to feed your Bucky obsession 😉)

Notes: Thanks for feeding my obsession, Rachel XD

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The end of the best day ever!

Once again I want to thank every single one of you for coming out and showing @clydetherabbitgreen and I all your love and support on our special day! It’s a day I will live to remember and all of you helped make that happen. @qxeenkj @anitacole @zoleeidris @shantesecross @yeaimlandon @thekaneway @tesschiu @ceyarathompson @babyzappy @bambino-leone @kasimyagirlsdream @joyarachelle @saviortheprince  💋💕

it’s a new year and there’s a lot to be thankful for in the past year - even after the upsetting 13/14 season, tito, some of our favourite boys (cachai, cesc, PUYI, pinto, valdes!!!) leaving, our board f-ing shit up as usual, the world cup final, etc - and there’s also a lot more to look forward to, you guys know it. (: if we survived the 13/14 season, we can survive anything.

2015 is a v busy and v important year for me, because this year i have A-Levels. i’ve also committed myself to other projects which i really want to see through, and at the same time there are people i want to spend more time with. so this is me, taking a year-long hiatus from tumblr starting monday (will still be actively pursuing football! just not on tumblr). i’m planning to come back in november or december, but who knows. if you want to stay in touch, there’s twitter and instagram, or message me off-anon for anything.

this is in a way also a goodbye and thank you note to everyone. i’m shy here, i’m not funny, i don’t make good edits or gifs, but thank you for following me and talking to me. even if you aren’t listed here, thank you for making my tumblr experience so wonderful; it has been a lovely three (or two? and a half?) years here. stay safe and lovely and wonderful and healthy, you guys, and always remember to check your sources before posting or reblogging anything!!!!!

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and those blogs which aren’t active anymore, here’s a tribute
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at the same time here’s a shoutout to the people who’ve made the biggest difference in my tumblr experience. there are constants here who i appreciate so much, then there are those who i’ve only just seen and started talking to this year. you guys are the real inmessionante, and you know who you are (:
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