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dating Jeon Jungkook would include

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- You were friends first before it developed into deeper feelings.

- “Who would have thought you and me would end together?”

- “Everyone?”

- “I was talking to Y/N!”

- Likes to hold hands, the kind to interlock fingers.

- He typically plays with your fingers.

-Him staring at you a lot.

-Then him looking away really fast when you turn to look at him.

-“I know you were looking at me, there is no need for you to almost break your neck trying to look away”

-“I was not looking at you”

-“Your eyes were basically burning holes into my face, Jeon”

- Hugs!

- Especially back hugs.

- Likes to put his head on your shoulder or on top of your head when you guys hug.

- Runs his nose against your neck and cheeks when he is feeling exceptionally cuddly.  

- Wouldn’t kiss you in front of his hyungs.

- So much teasing from the guys whenever you are together.

-“ Jungkookie is in l-o-v-e”


- “Don’t you love Y/N?”

- “You don’t love me?”

- “Of course I do!”


- Going shopping together to get the others opinion.

- Prefers home dates but also likes to take you on small adventures.

- Watching anime together.

- You make him watch dramas with you and he acts like he isn’t interested in them.

- “It’s so late, let’s end it here”

- “But how?! Did you not see how the last episode ended?!”

- “…”

- “Just play the episode”

- You would spend a lot of time watching him play video games, him trying to teach you how to play and playing together.

- He would never let you win just because you are his girlfriend.

- Betting on the games.

“If I win you’ll do the dishes”

“I don’t even live here, Jungkook”

“Oh, I didn’t know I was dating a chicken”

“Ugh, fine!”

- Really likes to kiss you. On your hair, on your forehead, on your neck, on the lips.

- Holds the back of your neck with one hand whenever your kisses deepen.

- He likes to take you to the studio so you can see him dance because of the effect it has on you.

-He smirks when he sees how flustered you get.

- “You’re blushing”

- “Shut up or I won’t come here with you ever again”

- He tries to hug you when he is sweaty and you try to run from him.

- Whispers in your ear to see you shiver/get goosebumps.

- Gets jealous easily.

- And it’s not because of self-doubt or distrust, it’s because he likes to have your attention.

- Takes a lot of pictures of you.

- “Hey, delete that! You didn’t tell me you were going to take a picture!”

- “No, look how pretty it turned out”

- Secretly likes to see you wearing his clothes but acts like he is a bit annoyed whenever you do.

- Gives compliments from time to time.

- “That looks really good on you”

- “You always smell so nice”

- Loves to make you laugh.

- Tries his best to make you smile when you aren’t feeling the greatest.

- Enjoys playing with your hair.

- “Teach me how to make a braid”

- “Again?!”

- Texts all day long.

- Lots of selfies of him doing a funny face.

- He sings a lot.

- Gets very happy when you ask him to sing for you.

- Blasting music together on his speakers.

-“Yah! Y/N, Jungkook, turn it down!”

- “We’re so underappreciated for our music taste!”

- Likes to get praised, so he normally shows you how good he is at everything.

- “Look what I learned to do!”

- He lives to tease you.

- But stares down whoever teases you.

- When he is away, he calls you before he falls asleep to tell you about his day.

- Calls you just to hear your voice.

- “I wish I could see your face right now”

- “You can video call me if you want”

- “It’s not the same”

- Playfully fights you because he is very physical.

- It usually ends with you being pinned down by him while he smiles down at you.

- Piggyback rides and picking you up to show you his strength.

- He has a hard time expressing how he feels with words.

- Takes some time for him to open up to you fully.

- Inside jokes!

- Which entails you looking at each other and bursting out laughing while everyone around you looks at the both of you in question.

- He gives you the cold treatment when something you did bothered him.

- “What’s wrong?”

- “…”

- “Well, if you’re going to be this way, then I’ll leave”

- “No! Don’t leave!”

- “…”

- “I’m sorry I’m not good at speaking”

- “Just don’t shut me out”

- Likes it when you feed him a bit of your food.

- Snacking all the time!

- “Didn’t we have lunch five minutes ago?”

- “More for me then”

-“Hey, I never said I was full”

- You’re his partner in crime to play pranks on the other members.

- After a long, tiring day he likes to lay down with you.

- He doesn’t usually tell you about his hard days but you can still tell because he sighs a lot and doesn’t maintain much eye contact.

- You hold him extra tightly on those days.

- Likes to make romantic gestures.

- “Did you send me flowers?”

- “I may be away but I want to still be able to make you smile”

- Long talks about nonsense.

- “What are you guys doing?”

- “We’re wondering why Goofy can speak but Pluto can’t when they are both dogs”

- “Why do I even bother with the both of you”

- Whenever he knocks on your door he does it on a silly way.

- “Was that the (song name) rhythm?”

- Neither of you say “I love you” often, which makes it much more significant when the other says it.

- “I love you”

- “I was just about to say that”

- “Get real, Jungkook”

- “Really, I swear! …I love you,too”

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Unexpected Part 2

Summary: After a one night stand with the one and only Bucky Barnes, something unexpected happens, bring the reader and Bucky together.


Warning: pregnancy, major fluff!!!!!!!!

Word count: 1,335

A/N: Hope you guys enjoy!! Let me know if you would like to be tagged in the future!!

Part 1 , Part 3, Part 4

Originally posted by mylastlove-mylastsong

    You and Bucky sat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office. You looked at the other women there. One looked to be very far along and was ready to pop. The other looked to be not that far behind. You gently placed your hand on your stomach imagining what it was going to be like when you got that big.

    “Don’t be nervous.” Bucky whispered, grabbing your hand. He gave it a small squeeze. “Everything’s going to be fine.” He told you, smiling. He seemed to be more excited than you and you laughed at that.

    “(Y/N) (Y/L/N).” The nurse called your name. You and Bucky stood up and followed her down the hall and into a room with an ultrasound. “Put on this and take off your bottoms.” She said as she handed you a hospital gown. “The doctor will be right in.” She said before she left.

    Bucky turned around as you put the hospital gown on and took your pants off. “You’re good.” You told him as you got on the table. He sat down on the chair next to you. “Online it said we should be able to hear the heartbeat.” You told him.

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Can I get uhhhhh first date headcanons for Teruteru, Mondo, Ishimaru, Gundham, and Naegi

Heck yeah, Mod Mondo’s got you for this!


  • You better believe he’s gonna cook for the both of you
  • He invites you over and the lights are dimmed
  • Hot plates of food sit at opposite ends of the table
  • Lots of shameless flirting
  • Lots of shameless flirting
  • “S/O would you like me to feed your food to you?”
  • Way too excessive on most things, but he’s really trying his best
  • Way too excited when you say you would do this again


  • He takes you out on a ride on his motorcycle
  • He then takes you out for dinner under the stars
  • Really cliche, but he doesn’t have a clue what to do
  • You can tell he’s nervous when he talks
  • He’s trying not to yell and scare you away
  • Keeps on cracking jokes to entertain you
  • Practically melts when you say you would do this again


  • This boy is way too formal
  • He’s got a full suit and finally got his hair to stay down
  • Picks you up at 7:00 PM exactly
  • Made reservations at a nice restaurant that you said you liked
  • Tries to make conversation but keeps stuttering
  • Sweaty and nervous
  • “You look l-lovely tonight, S/O.”
  • Keeps making sure that you’re having a good time
  • He gives a relieved sigh when you reassure him that you had fun and would do this again


  • Wears his usual clothes instead of dressing nice
  • Still brings along the Four Dark Devas
  • “Ah, S/O, you’re still more beautiful than the Queen of the Underworld!”
  • Is he blushing???
  • You two stay at his place and take care of his animals
  • Covers up his face while he thanks you when you say they’re cute
  • Eventually cooks you two dinner
  • Oh no he’s a terrible cook
  • You still had fun nonetheless and offer to help out again


  • He meets you outside the movie theater
  • Showers you in compliments
  • Insists he pays for everything the whole time
  • You both share some popcorn
  • During the movie your hands touch
  • He blushes when you two decide to hold hands
  • He’s visibly ecstatic when you say you wanna go on another date
Is it normal for a cat to gag when you try to feed it bananas?
—  white man, in Boulder

@taetaejagiyaaa95​ requested:

Can I request a fluffy scenario with Vernon from Seventeen? thanks xx maybe something like you miss him or stuff like that? hehe

sure !! i hope this is good !! lmao, i admit fluff has never been my strongest suit.

— tours, practices, fanmeets…calls cut short, visits cut short and dates missed. you haven’t seen hansol in DAYS and you’ve mentioned it on various occasions ( and he seemed to share your thoughts ). you wanted to be an understanding partner, never wanting to make him feel caged by your relationship.

you stared at your phone lifelessly, waiting for that one SNAP or that one TEXT from hansol – just one, that’s it . it doesn’t have to be anything long, just enough for him to tell you that he’s okay and that he misses you. over the past few weeks, you’ve lived solely on his texts and voice messages, hoping that it’d last you until you can see his wonderfully ( cute handsome ) face again and hug him, hold him close.

a sigh leaving your lips as another hour rolled by without a response to your how have you been ?? text. giving up on the idea of ever getting a response from the rapper ( mentally sending him a good luck and take care of yourself ), you finally stood from your seat and headed for the kitchen to make yourself something to eat.

idly stirring the pot, waiting for the water to boil so you can throw in your ramyeon. you stomach grumbled softly at the sight of food. tossing in the block of noodles as well with the flavor packets, you poked at the block with your chopsticks before glancing at the time to check how long you’ve been boiling your ramyeon when the doorbell suddenly rang.

guests ?? you weren’t expecting guests…

the ringing became more INSISTENT.

i’m coming !! CALM DOWN !!” you shouted back, shutting off the stove and headed for the door. “what is..!!” your words cut short when you realized who was on your doorstep.

hi, let me in ?? i’m sorry for not answering your texts but let me in before the fans find me ??” hansol pleaded, anxious about being found out. at his pleas, you quickly let him into your home.

well, i wasn’t going to lock you out because of the text…what are you doing here ??” you asked, shutting the door as you followed him into the living room.

i finally got a day off !!  i was so excited i forgot to text you but i also was also preoccupied with getting practice done as quickly as possible so i can get here.” he rambled, “is that food i smell ??” the topic changed so quickly, you didn’t even process what he said until he was gone.

h-huh ?? oh !! yeah, i got hungry so i made food,” you said, joining hansol in the kitchen. “i can throw down another one if you want some.” you offered.

yes, please ??” hansol asked, already rummaging through your pantry for another package. laughing at his response, you took the package from him before turning on the stove and fishing out the cooked noodles and putting it into a bowl so it doesn’t overcook.

another few minutes in front of the stove and the two of you were sitting across from each other and slurping down the noodles. “delicious !! i miss this !!!” he cheered happily, polishing off his servings quickly. “ahh…wonderful. much better than fast food,” he patted his stomach.

frowning, “are they not feeding you ?? who do i have to fight ??” you asked, brows knitted. hansol reached across to poke at your forehead to soothe the wrinkles between your brow. “i’m serious, hansol…

i know you are, calm down. they are feeding me, but your food is definitely much better than fast food,” he explained, trying to placate your anger.

oh…okay but remember, i’m going to fight pledis if they aren’t feeding you or the  group,” you reminded, finishing off your food before collecting the dishes and setting them into the sink ( you can do them later, it’s rare to have hansol to yourself ).

nap ?? tv ??” he asked, obviously troubled by what to choose.

nap, then tv….you look like you haven’t seen sleep in days.” you said, guiding hansol towards the bedroom and he immediately wrapped his arms around you and dropped down onto the bed so he had you close to him.

then together…i miss this so much,” he admitted softly, “so much.” he repeated, shifting so he could pull the covers over the both of you. stifling a yawn, “i’m gonna sleep…for a little then i’ll spend ALL THE TIME with you,” he declared.

you chuckled at his nonsensical babble, reaching to smooth out his hair and shift it out of his face so you can better see his face as you watched the male slowly drift off into dreamland. “aish…i’m just content with looking at you like this so just sleep well and don’t worry about anything else.” you murmured, “you’ve worked hard so let me take care of you, okay ??” you asked ( a soft hum in response, almost as if he can hear you but you were quite sure hansol had already fallen asleep a while ago ).

tucking yourself against him, you felt yourself slowly succumb to sleep ( it was warm and comforting in his arms… ). when you wake up, you’re gonna make him a delicious meal and fill him in on what he’s missed while he was locked in the practice rooms.

today turned out to be a GOOD day after all.

Please don’t give rabbit advice to others unless you have done proper reach. You wouldn’t know the number of people literally entering my ask box this week challenging me with bad/false/unresearched/“I had a rabbit when I was 6…” information on proper care and diet. Honestly I know more than most general vets know about rabbits so…please don’t try that on me again. Skimming an article or seeing a Tumblr post doesn’t count. Verify with multiple
credible sources (HRS and Kanin are my go to resources for a large number of needs) or you could be part of the problem that ends up killing 90% of bunnies in their first year of life.

How to steal my heart:

How to steal my heart:

  • laugh at my corny jokes
  • kiss my forehead
  • be the big spoon to my little spoon
  • kiss my neck
  • let me use you as a pillow
  • feed me the first bite of your food
  • let me offer you some of my food and smear it on your face
  • play with my hair
  • do that thing where you lightly run your nails up and down my back
  • be gentle
  • be rough
  • hold my hand and occasionally give it a peck of a kiss when we’re walking together
  • be there

I crave adventure. Grab the tent, we’re leaving. Where? Well, we’ll see. The wind will carry us.

I want to see mountains, wander through untouched forests, bathe in icy streams, watch the sun set in a sky that fills the horizon. Expanses of empty land, cliffs that give way to the ocean - landscapes so beautiful they make our hearts ache. I’ll tell you stories and you’ll feed me your poetry. Delicious berry wine and crusty bread await, hot earnest food cooked over our campfire. In twilight we’ll dance around the crackling flames in sight of gods and stars and laugh and sing and scream. So wild, so free, just you and me.

Ask Me Anything: All About Cats
  • 1) How many cats do you have?
  • 2) What's your favorite breed?
  • 3) How many cats have you ever had?
  • 4) Do you do volunteer work with cats?
  • 5) Tell me about your oldest cat.
  • 6) Tell me about your youngest cat.
  • 7) Are any of your cats siblings?
  • 8) Do you have a favorite cat, or a cat you're closer with than the others?
  • 9) How did you get your cat(s)?
  • 10) How many cats do you wish you could have?
  • 11) Do any of your cats have disabilities?
  • 12) What are the most unique features on your cats?
  • 13) How do your cats express affection?
  • 14) Do you sleep with your cats at night?
  • 15) What do you feed your cats——cooked food or canned food?
  • 16) Tell me about your cats when they were kittens.
  • 17) If you could have any cat or cats in the world right now, who would you have?
  • 18) Have any of your cats died? Tell me about them.
  • 19) Tell me about your smallest cat.
  • 20) Tell me about your largest cat.
Doubt; Part 2 (Jungkook Highschool!AU)

Originally posted by minpuffs

Part 1  Part 3 Part 4
Summary: You and Jungkook had been best friends ever since high school started, and were inseparable - until she came into the picture. Jungkook is smitten by her; her laugh, her smile, her personality is all he can think about - until he sees you with him.
Characters: Jungkook, Reader, Taehyung, female O/C, and minor appearances from other members.
Genre: Angst&Fluff
Words: 1431 
A/N: this is part two to the “doubt” series! i hope you like it and please tell me what you think!
• you can always send your requests (scenarios, written reactions and ships) here (i’m doing all of them currently!) 
You were looking at the clock, waiting for the slow minutes to pass by. It was almost lunch time and you were looking forward to fulfill your promise to sit with Taehyung today.
Two more minutes…
You were fiddling with your pen and looking at the clock with impatient eyes.
One more minute…
The bell rang and the teacher announced your homework to the class, causing a synchronized groan from the rest of the students. However, you packed up your stuff, and headed off to your lockers, looking around for Jungkook and Soo Yeon. You turned a corner and there you saw them – a little too close together, actually. You continued watching in silence around the corner, as Jungkook shyly leaned forward and gently placed a kiss to her lips, that she reciprocated. Your stomach felt sick – but, you were unsure as to why. This was bound to happen eventually, right? You only wish you weren’t there to witness it all unfold, to watch Jungkook slip out of your life one day at a time. You felt your eyes burning up but, you tilted your head back and tried your best to not cry, no, you refused to cry – you were going to pretend as if you didn’t see anything. You waited for them to pull apart from each other (which seemed like an eternity) and finally made your way towards them.
“Hey,” you said, forcing out a small smile.
“Hi.” They said in unison, and Jungkook coughed a little bit, rubbing the back of his neck, whereas Soo Yeon was red in the face.
“We should start heading to the cafeteria. Taehyung and his friends are probably waiting for us,” you said, looking at Jungkook.
“Oh. Yeah,” is all he said back to you.
You all walked to the cafeteria together, with an uncomfortable silence between the three of you. They chose to ignore it, though it was very present, one could cut through the tension in the air with a knife. It was very apparent to you, or anyone looking, that they’d rather not have you here, that you were the outsider. You took in a deep breath, exhaled, shook your head a little (which caused Jungkook to look at you with his head tilted to the side, chuckling slightly) and opened the cafeteria door, looking for Taehyung. Little did you know, Taehyung was looking for you too. Before you knew it, a tall brown haired male was waving to you, sitting at a table near the middle. You immediately smiled and headed towards him, with Jungkook and Soo Yeon trailing behind you.
“Hi, Y/N! I’m glad you’re here.”
You smiled at him, and after a couple of seconds, realized he was waiting for you to introduce your friends to him.
“Oh! Uh, these are my friends Jungkook and Soo Yeon,” you said sheepishly.
Taehyung smiled and looked at Soo Yeon, extending his hand.
“Nice to meet you, Y/Ns best friend!”
Soo Yeon smiled awkwardly and lightly chuckled, and Jungkook went to shake Taehyungs hand instead.
Actually, I’m Y/Ns best friend.”
Those words stung you a little bit, but you weren’t sure why. You chose to brush it off, looking at Taehyung let out a soft laugh.
“Oh, my bad…” Taehyung said, chuckling awkwardly. He continued to guide you towards his friends, his hand on your shoulder. Jungkook clenched his jaw seeing Taehyung touching you like that, but didn’t say anything. “How could he be so comfortable with skinship already? Didn’t they just meet? Why is he being so friendly? More importantly, why isn’t she saying anything?” He thought.
“These are my friends Jimin, Yoongi, Namjoon, Jin, and Hoseok,” he said, pointing to each male. They were all very friendly and said their hellos, waving to you, Jungkook and Soo Yeon. They were a very attractive group of boys, you had to admit. After a bit, Taehyung sat down and patted the seat he left open beside him, urging you to sit. You smiled softly, opened your lunch, and took your seat. Jungkook and Soo Yeon sat together, opposite of you and Taehyung.


You all chatted for a while, and you were honestly enjoying yourself. It felt good, relieving almost, not to be eating in silence, watching Jungkook and Soo Yeon talk without you. Although they were talking privately and secluding themselves from the rest of the group, somehow, it didn’t bother you nearly as much. Whether it was you getting over it or just temporary relief, you didn’t know, nor did you care; you were having too much fun to worry about them right now.
“Yah, I’m going to go get some milk, Y/N, I’ll be right back!” Taehyung said, getting up and smiling at you.
“Alright,” you replied back, and smiled to yourself. The fact that he said your name specifically made you feel good – it wasn’t like you were getting much attention elsewhere. Unbeknownst to you, you were smiling ear to ear and fiddling your fingers just thinking about it – thinking about him.
“Ah, so, Y/N… do you like Taehyung?” Hoseok asked you abruptly, causing everyone to lean closer to hear your response. Even Jungkook stopped talking to Soo Yeon to hear what you had to say. You were a bit taken aback by the sudden question – you weren’t prepared to say the least, you hadn’t even thought about it.
“Well?” Jimin asked, curiosity shimmering in his eyes.
“I, uh, I…” you started to stutter out, but, Jimin quickly went to sit beside you and whispered “Ssh! He’s coming. Just play along!” You were confused as to what was happening.
“Y/N, do you want me to feed you some of your food?” Jimin said, winking. You stood there wide-eyed, with a blank expression, your face heating up.
“Ah, fine, don’t answer me, I’ll still feed you anyways…” he said, inching the spoon (and himself) closer to you. Jungkook just sat there watching, with his hands clenched into fists – but, decided once again, not to say anything. Suddenly, Taehyung came and put the spoon in his mouth instead, rice spilling everywhere.
“That tastes good, Y/N! Did you make it yourself?” He said, looking annoyed and flicking Jimin on the forehead, then proceeding to sit beside you. Jimin just chuckled lightly and moved back to his original spot, looking satisfied with himself. You were just as confused as ever, and told yourself not to think too much about it.  
“Don’t you think it’s a little too early to be acting like the jealous boyfriend, Tae?” Yoongi asked, chuckling slightly and sending a wink towards the both of you. You both looked down and laughed slightly, your face hotter than ever before. Taehyung ignored Yoongi, coughing a little bit and continued to set down two strawberry milks in front of you, urging you to choose one.
“Here, I got these for us. Which one do you want?”
You smiled so big, from ear to ear, causing Taehyung to smile to himself at how adorable you were.
“Hmmm, I’m not sure.” You said.
“It’s not that hard! Just pick from either my left hand or right hand, easy.”
After some careful thought, you picked the left one – (this was the first time you were going to have strawberry milk, even though they were both virtually the same, it mattered a lot to you, for some reason).
“Thank you, a lot.” You said softly, smiling up at him before taking a sip of your strawberry flavored drink.
“It’s good, isn’t it?” He asked.
“It’s amazing! I’ve actually never had strawberry milk before, you know.”
“Well, I’m glad I could be here to enjoy it with you,” he whispered. You giggled and continued sipping on the drink.
“You guys are so gross together, you know,” Hoseok teased. You only stuck your tongue out at him.
“You’re just jealous!” Taehyung said, putting his arm around you jokingly. You stiffened a little bit, but, began to soften up when Taehyung looked at you and gave you a small smile.
Jungkook bit down on his bottom lip, hard.
“They aren’t even together,” he said harshly, looking at Hoseok. Everyone fell silent – this was the first time Jungkook or Soo Yeon said something that was to the whole group, and not their own private conversation. Jungkook had absolutely no clue why he was so angry, why he wanted to stop you from talking to Taehyung, or any of these guys ever again. Maybe he was just being protective? He just wanted to protect you from being hurt, he thought. Or maybe it was something else.

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Little Shop Of Horrors quotes.

  • “Someone show me a way to get out of here.”
  • “Someone tell lady luck that I’m stuck here.”
  • “Is that new eye makeup?”
  • “I’m telling you, this boy is no good.”
  • “If I can talk, and I can move, who’s to say I can’t do anything I want?”
  • “Does it have to be human? Does it have to be mine?”
  • “It’s true, I chopped him up! But I didn’t kill him!”
  • “So I got a black eye, and my arms in a cast.”
  • “It’s clear you suffer from low-self image.”
  • “I get off on the pain I inflict.”
  • “It’s your professionalism that I respect.”
  • “When he’s gone the world will be yours
  • "Feed me.”
  • “The guy sure looks like plant food to me.”
  • “This is between me and the vegetable.”
  • “You eat blood, how am I supposed to keep on feeding you, kill people?”

Hi! Can I request for a scenario where Lee Hi and you are best friends but she’s in love with Hanbin, who is in love with you. However, the one you like is actually Bobby haha. Hopefully this isn’t too complicated for you! (Love your scenarios by the way!)

It was confirmed since yesterday that Hanbin as broken up with his girlfriend. Who knew who it was, apparently he liked someone else so he broke up with her. No one understood why, Miya was beautiful, nice and smart. Everyone adored her for her generosity and help.

“Ah… I hope I’m the one Hanbin likes… I mean, he always comes to talk to us, right? He’s so charming and pretty and… Perfect…” Your best friend mumbles during science class.

“He is pretty but not perfect. I mean, Miya is already perfect, who else did he see that was better than her?” You wrote down on a paper and pass it to her.

You saw her make a stank face, showing that she was judging you intensely inside like you didn’t see him as perfect as she saw him. She replied to your comment and you chuckled at it.

“It’s obviously not going to be me then, smh :^(”

After class, you walked walked to the rooftop of the school, where you eat with Lee Hi. As you sat down and opened your bag, you see Hanbin and Bobby walk to you guys. You felt your heartbeat fast as you saw Bobby smile at you.

“Can we eat here?” Bobby smirked at you.

“Yes!” You shouted. “I mean, yes, sure, sit down.”

He laughs and sits next to you, Hanbin was in front of you, next to Bobby and Lee Hi. You glanced over at Lee Hi that was smiling, you knew she was going crazy inside. You felt nervous around Bobby, so no matter what you wanted to hold, it would drop, like your chopsticks.

“Do you need help?” Bobby laughs, holding your chopsticks.

“N-no, it’s alright, I can do this…”

“Let me help you.” He says, taking your chopsticks. “Here. Open up!~”

You open your mouth and feel the taste of rice and ham on your tongue. You kept blushing each time he fed you, which felt kind of awkward since Hanbin kept looking at you two surprised and Lee Hi would laugh at your face.

“You’re not even eating your food! You’re just feeding me!” You whined, looking at his bowl.

“Oh yeah, feed me then!”

You felt a wave of heat take over your body. You started to imagine you two dating and the crazy cute things you could be doing together. You shook your head.

“Nah, you can do that on your own.” You smiled at him.

He faked a angry expression and started to eat his food. You turned to Hanbin and smiled at him, he smiled back with less ease.

“So, Hanbin… Who is she? The girl you like now?” You asked easily.

Lee Hi hit your arm and let out a little ‘hey!’. He looked at you and smiled.

“She’s really pretty and adorable. She’s cute and has flaws, unlike Miya. Miya is cute but she’s flawless, which is kind of sad. I don’t know, I really love my crush and I hope she feels the same way for me. Maybe she will, in fantasies. But her heart only flutters when she’s around her crush, she doesn’t seem to really like me. At least, I know we’re really friendly together, but she prefers another guy, better than me.” He sighs.

“How can you be so sure? Maybe she likes you.” You reassured him.

“I don’t think so… I mean, she’s too much, perfect for me.”

“Isn’t Miya perfect?” Bobby interrupts.

“Yeah, isn’t she?” You agreed.

“Miya is too perfect, I don’t want someone too perfect.” Hanbin says.

Your friend and you raise an eyebrow, confused of what he actually wanted. So he wants a perfect girl but not too perfect? What’s the difference? How do you even know what’s the difference?

“What’s the difference between a perfect and a too perfect girl?” You questioned him.

“I don’t know, you can just feel it when you talk to her.” Hanbin says.

It was quite confusing and even know you wanted to know what he meant, you didn’t bother to ask again. After classes and walking back home with Lee Hi like usually, you felt something hard hit your back. You look around and see HanBin.

“What are you doing here?” You asked, looking at the houses.

“I live here now.” He says, pointing at the house next to yours.

“Really? I live right there! Woah, we’re so close!” You laughed.

“You live here? We’re neighbours then! I hope you’re not noisy or else we’re going to move away again.” He jokes, taking his keys out of his bag.

You entered your house with Lee Hi while Hanbin continues to walk until he gets to his door. You got to your room and opened the curtains, seeing Hanbin’s window right in front of yours. You laughed and waved at him, he did the same.

“You’re so lucky to have Hanbin near your house, I’m jealous.” Lee Hi says with a pout.

“Ah, you can come over whenever you want then! And we can talk with him by windows!” You looked at him drawing things on his window with his finger and breath.

Near the evening, after Lee Hi went back home, you started to talk with HanBin about pretty much everything. School, family, friends and all. You never actually talked about love, it wasn’t something you wanted to talk about with your crush’s friend.

Weeks passed by quite fast, making things easy for you to ask for help with your homework and talk to someone if you were sad and you didn’t want anyone in your room. You knew that you could rely on Hanbin, you felt comfortable with him near you, even if you weren’t in the same room.

“______!” Lee Hi called your name before class started.


“I decided that, today, I will confess to Hanbin.” She said, proudly.

“Really? When? How?”

“At lunch time. Since you’re going to be there and him too, I’m going to ask you to take Bobby away from us so we can talk. Got it?” She planned.

“Sounds fine to me.” You felt excited to get some time with your crush.

Finally lunch time, you waited for the boys at your usual place. You looked at Lee Hi and she nodded, meaning it was time for you to take Bobby to the other side so he couldn’t hear them.

“Bobby, can I ask you something?” You said, getting up.

“Sure, what is it?”

“Can we go talk somewhere else?” You said, looking at Lee Hi.

You saw Hanbin with a worried expression. He was maybe scared to not have Bobby with him. You walked over to another corner of the roof and sat at the edge with him.

“What did you want to ask me?”

“I just did, I asked you if we could talk somewhere else.”

“Oh… And what do you want to talk about?”

You smile nervously. You knew you wouldn’t confess to him right now, it would be an awful timing since if he refused you and Hanbin refused her, you wouldn’t know how to comfort each other since you two would both be too upset to encourage yourselves.

“Did you understand the math exam? I thought it was kind of confusing.” You started.

“It was pretty easy. What didn’t you understand?”

“The number 3,8,9,13 and 17.”

“Yeah, those were pretty though. Well, first you were supposed to…”

He explained each number and how you were supposed to do it. You were happy to hear him tell you long sentences.

“Do you need anymore help for other exams? I can help you if you want.”

“Oh, it’s fine. I think I’ll need help some other time.”

“I think you didn’t really understand what I said, right? Since I can’t really demonstrate you the whole thing. I’ll show you in class when I’ll have a paper and pencil.”

You nod and hear steps running towards you two. Hanbin was there, looking lost and upset at himself.

“______… Lee Hi needs you right now…” He says, trying to catch his breath.

You run back to your eating area and see her crying. You pat her back and hug her, her tears were ruining your hair and shirt. She kept sobbing and sniffing. You knew she got rejected.

“Are you okay now?” You asked, in the girl’s bathroom after she refreshed herself.

“I’m still hurt, honestly… I think it’s normal, I mean, I’m not perfect, right?” She says, with an uneasy smile.

“You’re not, no one is. Miya is perfect, but maybe she has a flaw, who knows what it is. So she’s not 100% perfect.”

She smiles and hugs you. “Thanks for comforting me.”

You pat her back and get back to class before the bell rings. Weirdly, you didn’t get any chances to talk to Hanbin, you knew he was probably trying to avoid you since he was upset or scared you would do something to him.

Later that night, you open your curtains at exactly 7 o’ clock and wait for him to open his. They weren’t even open, they were well shut. You open your window and sit on the edge, trying to tap on his window. You reach for the handle of the window and grab it with difficulty. You were about to fall since the knob went down and opened the window. You pushed yourself from the window to your bed and smile.

“Ninja skills.” You whisper happily.

You scream Hanbin’s name several times until he opens the curtains.


“Why didn’t you open the curtains at 7 o’ clock? I thought we were having our everyday meeting.”

“Sorry, I have to go out tonight.”

You nod. “Alright. See you tomorrow then!”

You close your curtains and go to the bathroom to shower. You woke up easily with the sun shining through your white curtains and got up to get ready for school. You got there several minutes later. You saw Hanbin leaning on the wall of the gate of the school. He lifts his head and sees you walk to him. He grabs his bag quickly and run in the crowd of students.

“What’s wrong with him?” You looked at him leave.

You got to your locker and found a green paper in it. You unfold it.

Meet me at the garden at 3:40 after classes

You turn the paper over and over again. There was no signature of anyone. You kept it in your pocket and got to your class. You didn’t talk to Lee Hi about it since she was probably still in her sad state. You got back to your locker after the first class.


You look closely at the paper. Did you open in the wrong way or is it the letter 'i’? Maybe it was a line? You kept that one too and went to the science lab. You left your things on the table and went to get your lab coat. You came back and opened your pencil case to get a pencil. A yellow paper appeared. You unfold it to see what was written.


Why would someone write the word 'love’ in a yellow paper and not a pink one? It made you quite angry since yellow didn’t match with that word. You put it back into your pencil case. You were confused and upset at whoever sent you weird messages. Was the person in your class? You look around and spot each person that was looking at you. Pretty much everyone was.

“Miss _______? Are you listening?” Your teacher asked.

“Oh, yes. I’m sorry.” You bowed.

You were quite distracted from your colourful papers, but still worked because Lee Hi was still too sad to help you. You went to class directly since you already had your things for History. You opened your History book and found another paper.


You were shocked and gave a little smile at it. Someone confessed to you, but who was it? You looked around, the class was already full with your classmates. You looked at each corner of the room. You couldn’t see anyone that was looking at you.

You waited patiently for the end of the day. At lunch time, you ate with Lee Hi since you Hanbin and Bobby didn’t come. Luckily, Lee Hi got a chance to get herself together and forget about him a bit. She seemed more relaxed. Classes finally ended, the moment you’ve been waiting for.

“By the way, I’ll have to stay after school.” You told her.

“Alright, I’ll be going home then. Bye!” She waved.

You got to the school garden and looked around. No one was there. You walked to the swings that were hung to the tree branches and went to the one that was surrounded by flowers. It wasn’t your first time in the garden, you just didn’t go there often so you kinda forgot what it looked like. You approached the seat and found an envelope.


Your lips were trembling, confused, lost, hurt. So your very close friend confessed to you. You have feelings for his friend. Your best friend had feelings for him. You were confused because of the situation, lost because you didn’t understand why the world was spinning around you and hurt because you knew you would lose one of your friends if you refused or accepted him.

You knew you had to refuse since you didn’t have feelings for him. But then again, how would it be if you confessed to Bobby? He’d be more likely to refuse, right? Because he probably doesn’t see you that way and also because he’s Hanbin’s best friend.

You felt arms going around your waist and hug you tightly. You felt his breathe tickle your ear, his head resting on your shoulder.

“H-Hanbin…” You murmur.

“Yes?…” He answers softly.

You grab his hands gently and take them off nicely. You turn around and look at him. You grab the papers out and give them to him.

“…………. _______…”

“I’m sorry…” You whisper.

“I knew you wouldn’t accept me since your friend confessed to me, also because you like Bobby, I’m sure of it. I just really had to get the feelings out of my heart. Thank you for coming.” He smiles gently.

He leaves the garden fast enough and leaves you alone. You stood there and looked at the glass door swing open and close. You were alone in the garden.

You sat on the swing and slowly moved back and forth. You looked down at the grass while swinging until two hands grabbed yours, you looked directly at where the hands were from.

He smiles at you and walks in front of you to face you completely. He cups your cheeks in his hands and kisses you.

“Bobby…” You say his name for once, without stuttering.

“I know you’re not in the greatest mood right now.” He kisses you again. “I love you too.”

“I never told you I loved you.” You blushed, looking above you.

“I know you do.” He smirks.

You got back to school at morning like usually. You felt your heart beat at a different speed. It was a happy-sad speed. Happy to be Bobby’s girlfriend, sad to reject Hanbin. You knew that things would be hard now since you’re dating the person that confessed to you’s friend, but at least 2 out of 4 was happy. While Lee Hi and Hanbin were healing from their broken heart, you spent some time with your boyfriend at different places. It made you happy to be with him and have time for yourselves.

“________?” Lee Hi’s voice says.

You turn around and smile at her. “Yeah?”

“I’m really jealous! Tell me how I can become perfect!” She says, hitting your arm.

“Ah! I’m not perfect! You should ask Miya!” You said, pointing at the pretty black haired girl.

“But we’re not close…” She gives an excuse.

“Well don’t ask me because I don’t know how to be perfect.” You laughed.

“Ah, don’t be so selfish and tell me your secrets!!” She followed you to class.

honestly i didn’t know if the ending should have been that Bobby liked Hanbin’s ex or Bobby liked you but yeah since I decided to go with Bobby likes you too lol