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Hello I hope its not to much trouble but could you do #70 on the Au list with rap monster. Please and thank you

70. When your soulmate dyes their hair, your eyes change to that color

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Your chin was propped up in your palm, your math teacher droning on and on about quadrilaterals. You rolled your eyes; when would you ever need this kind of stuff in real life. Finally, the clocked ticked down into the last few seconds of class, and once 2:45 hit, you grabbed your things and bolted, even though the professor was still talking. Perks of college, you thought to yourself.

You made your way into the dining hall close to the building where your class was: just a short walk away down the sidewalk. You found a small window table on the second floor; the whole building was crammed with students taking a late lunch break after the last class of the day.

“Hi, friend.” You glanced up from your laptop, smiling as your best friend sat down opposite from you. “How was math?”

“Don’t even ask,” you groaned, shutting your laptop and picking a stalk of celery off of her plate of veggies. She rolled her eyes and pushed it closer to the middle of the table. “Are your eyes lighter?”

Y/F/N glanced up at you, her giant chocolate brown orbs crinkling with a smile. Usually, the color of her eyes were almost as dark as her pupils: something she constantly complained about. Today, however, they were streaked through with gold.

“Chris got highlights,” she smiled sheepishly down at her plate, knocking a cherry tomato around with her forefinger.

“So it’s official, then?” you asked, popping a cucumber into your mouth. “I’m happy for you.”

And you were, it was the truth. Y/F/N and her boyfriend, Chris, had been dating since high school, and the two were basically inseparable. And now, it really was official: Chris was her soulmate.

“It’s just, it’s a great feeling, you know? Like, I’ve always been in love with him. But now I just know he’s the person I’m supposed to be with. I’m the happiest girl in the world.” Y/F/N said, giggling. “You’ll find your guy, or girl. I just know it.”

You rolled your eyes, peering down at the veggie plate. “I don’t know. It’s just hard; there’s so many people in the world.”

“Well, there can’t be very many people in the world with that color hair,” Y/F/N laughed. Your face scrunched up in confusion.

“What do you mean?”

“Your eyes. They changed yesterday morning. I thought you knew.” Y/F/N grabbed a compact mirror from her bag. She handed it over to you, and you flipped it up quickly, excited. Sure enough, your eyes had turned during class. Instead of the normal golden blonde they’d been for quite some time, they were a startling mint green: a color that would have been nice on someone’s head, specifically your soulmate, but just made your eyes look eerie.

“Wow,” you breathed, your fingertips ghosting over the skin of your under eyelid. After a moment, Y/F/N grabbed onto the compact mirror and closed it.

“That’s not important right now, because BTS dropped their new music video a while back, and we still haven’t watched it together. They’re almost due for another comeback!” You rolled your eyes at her as she grabbed your laptop, opening the music video and pressing play. The familiar BigHit chimed, and you engrossed yourself in watching the music video. When it was over, out of the corner of your eye, you caught a post displaying their new promotional pictures for Forever Young. Curious, you clicked them, and your heart stopped.

The colors were bright, the scenery was gorgeous. But what caught your eye was the members’ hair, or at least, one specifically. Namjoon had dyed his hair for this photoshoot. He’d dyed it a bright mint green, a color that looked startlingly good on his head. And it was the same exact color that had made your eyes look so eerie all day long.

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b4 i go to bed quick things on a monster/supernatural au for rwby

  • demigods pyrrha and nora. everyone is signing petitions to make them full gods bc what the fuck are they blind.
  • telepathic ren who can link up everyone’s minds. most of that leads to two or more people bursting into laughter for no reason bc yang saw a mom do a little dance in the grocery store for her kid and immediately thought “helen loves to boogie woogie”
  • weiss is a sorcerer, but less powerful than her mother and nicholas bc sadly her dad exists and has no powers, but she more than makes up with it with her intellect and alchemy skills. too bad all the others want to play Potion Roulette so they can shrink jaune and pyrrha for being Tall Bastards and turn ren’s hair full on bubblegum pink
  • space heater yang. cold?? yang’ll either warm you up or set herself on fire to scare the shit out of you. except one time a kid saw it and started crying and she didn’t stop apologizing for approx. 7 years
  • werewolf jaune who transforms when he’s scared rather than when he’s angry. he doesnt trust himself and puts on oven mitts during haunted houses and horror films bc he doesn’t go crazy or anything it’s just his hands get a little claw-y and he’s very animated.
  • sun’s also a demigod with the power to see through anything. solves disputes by being an actual human lie detector. but mostly he just sneaks around and gets ppl stuff when he knows they’re sad. there’s a 50/50 chance it was stolen but… it’s sun he’s tryna be nice
  • vampire blake who sleeps a lot. anywhere. immortality is not stopping blake from taking naps r u for fuckign real. also drinks blood alternatives when she can and the vegan jokes have all been used to the point of unfuniness
  • also one time she threatened to eat someone and the way she deadpanned it scared the shit out of everyone
  • inaccuracies in movies. sometimes they’ll spend an entire night watching werewolf movies and vampire movies and basically any sort of thing like that and just roast it to hell.

romancing hancock in fallout 4 has spoiled me for all future videogame LI’s simply because now I wont be happy with anything less weird than a freaking ghoul

the next mass effect is going to have to have like, a talking mailbox, or a creature made entirely out of sponge or something istg

Request: In The Right Place

Request: OMG ACHE WAS SO GOOD there should be a sequel whenever you’re able to ☺️

Word Count: 1,387

Read Part One, Ache, Here!

Thank you so much, I hope you like it!<33

“Listen, Y/N,” Your dad says for what must be the billionth time, “You can back out if you want. We won’t judge you.”

You roll your eyes, straining against the seatbelt to lean forward, looking at the two men in the front seats, “Listen, dad,” You mock his tone, “I’m not going to back out. I want to do this.”

You left your home to travel with your father and uncle nearly a month ago. Tonight is the first time they’re letting you hunt – after extensive training and studying, they’ve finally deemed you worthy of the real thing. Dean sighs.

“You know the rules?”

“Do what I’m told, stick to the plan, don’t go off on my own, don’t annoy the monsters any more then I have to, don’t defy you, if I’m told to go back to the car I’d better get my ass back here or you’ll feed me to the monster. Got it.” You list off without hesitating, prompting a laugh from Sam.

“You’ve got her trained.”

“Tell me about it.” You reply, leaning back. You watch out the window as the darkness rushes past you.

There’s a group of djinn terrorising this town – they’re holed up in a warehouse just outside of town and have started taking people on a daily basis. You’re all well equipped – lamb blood and silver knifes on all sides. When you roll up just outside of the warehouse, the three of you climb out of the car.

“Don’t run off.” Dean whispers as you stare at the door in anticipation, “We’re going first.”

You’re not necessarily happy about it, but you nod. There’s a long moment when the two guys stare at you, waiting to see if you’re going to run off anyway. It’s then that you realise this is a test. They’re waiting for you to defy them, so you steadfastly decide that you won’t.

“Let’s go.” Sam says, and you all jog up towards the warehouse. You find the side entrance and, flattening yourselves against the wall, file into the old building. It’s strangely quiet, and you hold your breath. Dean points to one side, and Sam nods. He then points to you, then himself, and over to the other side.

You creep around one side with Dean, while Sam splits off to the other. You follow your dad as he squints into the darkness, just waiting to see something – or someone – and pounce. It’s strangely empty, however, and the silence is strangely disconcerting.

You’re about halfway back around to meeting Sam when you hear a soft whine. You freeze, grabbing Dean’s arm. You point to your ear, and Dean shakes his head, apparently not having heard. You’re sure you heard it, though, and you stay still – the next sound is a creak, then a scream.

A child’s scream.

Your eyes widen and you abandon the sneaking method. The damn warehouse is empty anyway and you’ll be damned if you’re going to stand by while a kid is being hurt.

“Y/N!” Dean hisses. You’re running for the ladder when your foot skims over something metal – a stark contrast to the concrete you were running on before. There’s a trapdoor underfoot, and you drop to your knees to find the handle.

“Y/N, what the hell-”

“Look!” You whisper, motioning to the door. Dean frowns, before whistling sharply. Sam appears after a moment, looking at the pair of you.

“Not bad.” He mouths, bending down. Excruciatingly slowly, you lift the lid – you’re met with a dim glow, and you ready the knife. There’s a thump as Dean hits the floor – then Sam, and then you.

Instantly, you’re hit with a foul odour – presumably, the smell of people who’ve been comatose for weeks on end. You look around – one, two, three, four men are standing, their distinctive blue markings beginning to glow. You clutch the knife in your hand just a little bit tighter and, on Dean’s nod, dart forward. They underestimate you – big mistake – and one of them goes down instantly at your hand. You don’t make time to go for another kill, though, but instead run through towards thr group of victims.

Some are breathing, some aren’t. But after a moment, you catch sight of her.

Still in her pink pinafore, her two blonde braids lay matted on her chest. You cry out, instantly going to her – you don’t think she can be more than six. You cut her down – she’s conked out, but breathing steadily. You could cry with sympathy for the poor child. She’s small – you can cradle her in one arm, resting her head on your shoulder – as you get to work pulling needles from other victims’ necks.

“Y/N?” Dean yells when everything is quiet. You look over at him – his face is illuminated in the soft lamplight and you give him a wave.

“Over here. Come give me a hand.” You say, cutting someone else down and helping them on their way to the ground. By Dean’s face, however, you can tell he’s mad. It takes a moment for you to realise why.

The plan. You weren’t meant to run off at all – never mind twice.

You can’t find it in yourself to cry.

You get all of the victims onto the surface and call an ambulance before high-tailing out of there. There’s a tense silence in the car, and you find yourself becoming anxious.

“Do I need to say it?” Dean asks, turning the radio off. You shrug.


“Then why did you do it?” He demands. You shrug again.

“I did what I thought was right.”

“By putting yourself at risk?”


“You turned your back on the enemy. There were three of them still alive right then, Y/N, and one of them was headed straight for you. You agreed to the rules.” He says, gradually becoming more angry.

“Before I knew there was a kid involved!” You shoot back, folding your arms.

“There are going to be kids involved, Y/N. What happens when you can’t save them because you’re dead?” He snaps.

“What happens when I wait to save them and don’t manage to?”


“To me, this is about the victims. To make sure that no-one has to go through what I did, or you did. Not about killing as many monsters as possible.” You slide out of the car as it comes to a stop, and Dean is about to grab a hold of you. You swerve away from him, “Maybe my head isn’t in the right place. Maybe I’m not fit to be a hunter. Think what you damn well want, dad, but the fact is that I did the right thing back there. That little girl is going to survive. Another five minutes? Maybe not. Her mom is going to get her back and that feels good. I helped someone. So maybe that isn’t the right thing to want, but it’s damn well what I want.” You finish, your cheeks flushed with anger. You stand by the motel door, and wait for Sam to get the key out. He doesn’t, though, and you frown.

“Y/N…” Dean pauses, before a smile spreads over his face, “I’m proud of you.”


“Your head is in the right place, and so is your heart.” He says quietly, “I probably overreacted there, but the fact that you went off on your first hunt and made a decision like that proves to me – to us – that you are fit to be a hunter. You just… can’t be so reckless.”

You’re about to protest, but you stop yourself, and nod.

“Thanks.” You say quietly, leaning against the wall. Dean steps forward.

“C'mere, kid.” He says, holding his arms out. You step into his embrace and he holds you tightly for a moment, before whispering into your ear, “Your mom would be so proud of you.”

You smile up at him, “You, too.”

“I like to think so. Come on, let’s go get some sleep. We have a long drive tomorrow.”a


25 days of Klaroline - Day 11: Tropes


I can see through you, we are the same

It’s perfectly strange, you ran in my veins

How can I keep you inside my lungs

I breathe what is yours

You breathe what is mine

“Wolves without teeth” by Of Monsters and Men

Look at you, with people feeding you songs and fanart. Thought I’d contribute and give you something else from the same artist that drew the fox pic. This one is Older!Ellie.

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honey please - for glamourized gang life and being the bad bitch you were always meant to be

i. gold gang shystie ii. pour it up rihanna iii. clique kanye west, jay-z & big sean iv. ultra-post modernism saints row bad girls (monolith remix) m.i.a. vi. muse o.c.a.d. vii. chabos wissen wer der babo ist haftbefehl viii. boss ass bitch nicki minaj ix. honeys in the place saints row x. high olexesh xi. one click headshot (original mix) feed me xii. monster kanye west feat. jay-z, bon iver, rick ross & nicki minaj xiii. i’m legit nicki minaj feat. ciara xiv. saints row: the third saints row                  [ L I S T E N ]