feed me monster

b4 i go to bed quick things on a monster/supernatural au for rwby

  • demigods pyrrha and nora. everyone is signing petitions to make them full gods bc what the fuck are they blind.
  • telepathic ren who can link up everyone’s minds. most of that leads to two or more people bursting into laughter for no reason bc yang saw a mom do a little dance in the grocery store for her kid and immediately thought “helen loves to boogie woogie”
  • weiss is a sorcerer, but less powerful than her mother and nicholas bc sadly her dad exists and has no powers, but she more than makes up with it with her intellect and alchemy skills. too bad all the others want to play Potion Roulette so they can shrink jaune and pyrrha for being Tall Bastards and turn ren’s hair full on bubblegum pink
  • space heater yang. cold?? yang’ll either warm you up or set herself on fire to scare the shit out of you. except one time a kid saw it and started crying and she didn’t stop apologizing for approx. 7 years
  • werewolf jaune who transforms when he’s scared rather than when he’s angry. he doesnt trust himself and puts on oven mitts during haunted houses and horror films bc he doesn’t go crazy or anything it’s just his hands get a little claw-y and he’s very animated.
  • sun’s also a demigod with the power to see through anything. solves disputes by being an actual human lie detector. but mostly he just sneaks around and gets ppl stuff when he knows they’re sad. there’s a 50/50 chance it was stolen but… it’s sun he’s tryna be nice
  • vampire blake who sleeps a lot. anywhere. immortality is not stopping blake from taking naps r u for fuckign real. also drinks blood alternatives when she can and the vegan jokes have all been used to the point of unfuniness
  • also one time she threatened to eat someone and the way she deadpanned it scared the shit out of everyone
  • inaccuracies in movies. sometimes they’ll spend an entire night watching werewolf movies and vampire movies and basically any sort of thing like that and just roast it to hell.

romancing hancock in fallout 4 has spoiled me for all future videogame LI’s simply because now I wont be happy with anything less weird than a freaking ghoul

the next mass effect is going to have to have like, a talking mailbox, or a creature made entirely out of sponge or something istg


25 days of Klaroline - Day 11: Tropes


I can see through you, we are the same

It’s perfectly strange, you ran in my veins

How can I keep you inside my lungs

I breathe what is yours

You breathe what is mine

“Wolves without teeth” by Of Monsters and Men