feed me hoes

my thoughts on the new video

* i like dan’s shirt
* tinkering discourse, phil’s comment “would you like to tinker in my toolbox” if this is 2017 i never want it to end
* “let’s get tinking” why does dan say the word let’s like an australian?
* they talked about christmas next year ok so we know theyre not stopping the sims series anytime soon lmao
* phil winked? i thought he “couldn’t” wink? all men do is lie im telling you
* phil laughing at dan voicing dab and saying “mum youre shit feed me hoe”. quality!
* 4:45-4:55 talking about couple showers and couple toilets.. does this mean they dont shower together- im. fukc,,
* TALKING ABOUT PHIL BEING HANGRY all these jumpcuts?? wtf?
* talking ab the smelly computer dan starting to say “my computer” but correcting himself. “my-OUR computer phil continues to call it dan’s computer? idk.
* phil making jokes about geoffery and dil “hey i woke up smelling the scent of you dil and i can’t get it out of my head” he’s really gotten rid of that heteronormative mindset im proud
* when asking the old lady to leave, phil verbally mirrors dan twice in a row. dan says “sorryyy” phil repeats it in the same tone, then dan says “ayyy” and phil repeats it in the same tone. hm. just something i noticed
* phil describes pooping level 10, when dan corrects him he gets all flustered it’s cute aw
* “phil’s still on pooping level 4, he’s a bad housemate”.. housemate. lmao what
* the way dan looks at phil when dab has a nightmare i
* right before phil says i think i only wet the bed once…etc.?? there was a jump cut and dan was rolling his eyes um. calm down pls
* when phil says he feels like he should say hi to one of the coworkers and dan says nO but does it anyway? i feel like i should have so much to say but nothing is coming to mind
* the way dan looks at phil after he starts singing “the future is here”
* i spy with my little eye a heart eyes howell at the jumpcut around 13:50
* deppy arguing over whether or not to sell the toilet or replace their old one and then dan just sells it anyway.. phil’s face.. he was lowkey mad.. me too bud. philphobia is real
* when phil said “i ffffff….rickin love it.”
,,you can do it honey i believe in you
*when dan said “punch me god” and then
phil punched dan.. and dan said? “you’re not god your punches are worth nothing” ?? shut the fuck up fatty
* phil just kind of leaned closer and closer to dan throughout the video im surprised he wasnt on his lap by the end

Some quotes from Dan Howell:

“Feed me hoe”
“I’ll touch you where I please”
“Guess we have to cut our feet in half now”
“Shit fucking wank fuck”
“I bought a self aware hamster”
“How much crack do I have to be seen sniffing out of who’s ass to stop being featured in teen magazines” “That was the most erotic math based experience I’ve ever had” “Yes sphinx daddy let’s go, straight down the gullet”