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Mummy’s Here

You’d been friends with the amazing Newt Scamander for a while now. You had always had a passion for magical creatures, even back in your days at Hogwarts. Spotting your interest for the subject, Newt asked you to accompany him. You felt privileged to be able to work with the skilled magizoologist, studying and caring for the many creatures he kept in his suitcase. Watching and copying his work was far better than learning the skills from a dusty school book.
Though you were both initially like coworkers, it had grown into a caring friendship. You each had a great admiration for the other and you both worked really well together.

Working in the suitcase, you pick up a bag of feed for some of the creatures. You’d had some new arrivals and were excited to see them. Feeding the creatures was one of your favourite jobs to do, even though there was a lot to get through. It always seemed to make your bond between you and them even stronger. 
You gently started to pet the top of Frank’s head as you threw feed around his enclosure. Frank the gorgeous Thunderbird always astonished you with his graceful movements and glistening feathers. You knew that you weren’t supposed to have favourites but you couldn’t help it. Though he enjoyed your touch, Frank did seem slightly agitated. You looked around his pen. “I wonder where Newt is? He usually visits you around this time, doesn’t he boy?” you say to him. 

You wander through the various enclosures, occasionally calling out “Newt” as you walked. You stopped inside the newest pen. In the middle of it was a nest made of plant stems with a similar look to thick green bamboo. Inside we’re four baby Occamys, a creature that resembled a cross between a bird and a snake. They were only a couple of days old and what you were the most excited to see today. 

As they spotted your movement, the babies burst in to life. They began moving to the front of the nest squawking loudly. Each of them fighting for your attention, they must be hungry. You begin to hear hurried footsteps in the distance, pacing towards you. 
“All right I’m coming. Mummy’s here.” it was Newt. You raised an inquisitive eyebrow because of the way he said ‘Mummy’. Newt was a tall man with wavey reddish brown coloured hair. He was dressed smartly in a shirt, waistcoat and dark trousers. "So this is where you have been hiding.“ you say to him. He jumped slightly in surprise as he snapped out of focusing on the Occamys. 

”(Y/N)“ he said smiling as he walked up to you. 
“I’ve fed and watered everyone except for these little guys. I wanted to ask you what they should eat as they are so young.” you enquire. The Occamys continue to screech, they must know when food is being spoken about. "Shh. Mummy is talking.“ Newt said in an authoritative voice, making you giggle. Seeing your reaction he starts to chuckle. "Well in the wild, their parents would regurgitate food for them. So I have made a paste which gives them everything they need to stay healthy.” he says, tapping his pocket. 

You gaze at the young Occamys, captivated by the beauty of their opalescent feathers. Newt watches you as you look entranced by the small creatures infront of you. 
“W-would you like to hold one?” Newt asks whilst staring at you.
“Yes please!” you reply, excitedly jumping up and down with a huge smile on your face. Your reaction made Newt laugh. Picking up the one that looks most eager, he gently hands it to you. You cradle it in your hand. "Hi there. Well aren’t you a sweetie.“ you say, tickling the Occamy’s chin. Newt watches you, his eyes sparkling and a big smile across his face. Enjoying seeing how you share the same joy he feels when learning about and working with creatures.
As you pet the baby’s head it starts to shut its eyes and fall asleep. With great care you place it back in the nest. 

Newt’s eyes dart to the floor. ”(Y/N), I was wondering if perhaps you-“ His words were cut off as a low rumble of thunder made you both jump. 
"That reminds me. Frank seemed a bit agitated this morning. I think he missed you because you didn’t visit him.” you say. “He wouldn’t hold a grudge, would he?" 
"That depends. Well… actually I don’t know. I haven’t upset him before.” he admitted.  
Suddenly a flash of lightening illuminates the sky, closely followed by a loud crack of thunder. Your hands grab onto one of Newt’s arms in panic. He looked at you as he tried to put on a brave face despite of his fear. You both sensed that this wasn’t Frank just messing around, it was far more serious. 

Your eyes fell upon the Occamy nest. “We should get them out of danger. Just incase things get out if control.” you suggest. Newt opened his mouth to protest and defend Frank but he knew deep down that you were right. You both grabbed each end of the nest and lifted it.
“Keep your eyes on Mummy.” said Newt, making you smile. You carried it through the various enclosures towards the working shed.

The nest was quite heavy and very awkward to carry. As you walked the sound of thunder was getting louder and the flashes of lightening more frequent. You both placed the nest inside the shed, it surprised you that there was enough room because of the amount of objects in there. You were both panting slightly. “Poor Frank.” You said looking out of the window, watching the silhouette of the thunderbird in the distance. Opening the door you step outside, Newt follows you in confusion. 
“(Y/N) maybe this is not the best idea. I’ve never seen him like this.” Newt protested. You hated seeing a creature in distress, so perhaps there could be a way to comfort him. “Frank” you yelled. 

Suddenly Frank began to swoop towards you, eyes burning and electric emanating from his body. Quickly grabbing your sleeve, Newt dragged you into the shed as Frank almost reached you, his claws outstretched. Newt pressed up against you near a corner of the room, determined that his body could shield you from all harm. He started to blush as he realised how close he now was to you. 

“Thank you” you say,  your voice slightly shaken because of the shock. Glancing over at the Occamys you playfully add “Mummy.” Newt’s face flushed a deeper shade of red at the word, his pupils dilated slightly. You had meant for it to be a joke but something had clicked inside of him, changing his overall presence. “Th-that was close” he said trying to shrug it off and change the subject. However, his reaction to this simple word had sparked your curiosity. It was a word that he used to describe himself frequently but it seemed to give a different reaction when you said it. 

“It sure was. Mummy.” you say, slightly giggling. Yet again Newt almost flinched. You looked at his face with great interest. There was a fire in his eyes that burned with intensity. He swallowed hard, as if he was unable to control this sudden and unexpected urge any longer. You stared into each other’s eyes. Newt raised his eyebrows, silently egging you on as if to say ‘say it one more time. I dare you.’ A smile crept across your face as a playful smirk spread across his. "I’m sorry… Mummy.“ you whispered, biting your bottom lip in anticipation. 

He threw his hands onto the wall, pinning you against it. The quick action had made you jump. His eyes burning into yours the entire time and that playful smirk glued onto his face. It was like his whole demeanor had completely changed. He had a power and dominance that you never expected him to have. 

He stared into your eyes, hesitating for a second before suddenly pressing his lips against yours in a passionate kiss. His fingers entangled in your hair and your hands touched on the back of his neck. Unable to resist, he deepened the kiss. As his lips lefts yours you looked at him. His face was one of slight shock and complete satisfaction. It looked like he didn’t quite believe what he had just done but it was something that he had been thinking about for a while. One of your hands gently stroked his cheek whilst he took the other in his, pressing a light kiss onto it. When he had let go of your hand you grabbed onto his collar, pulling his lips onto yours once more. 

I Still Exist

Requests: Omg your stories are awesome! I was wondering if I could suggest a newt x reader with the song “Where Do We Go” or “Shatter Me” by Lindsey Stirling? Where the reader feels kinda neglected and depressed for quite some time and newt fails to notice because he is in a lot harsher mood and snaps a lot as a result of working on his book? And one day she goes “missing” and worries newt? Lots of angst pls!(Idk it sounded a lot better in my head)You can come up with the rest. Thanks!       AND      hi !! i really love your stories, and i was wondering if i could request an v angsty one where newt is under a lot of stress and snaps at reader? ❤️❤️

Word Count: 2,701

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to one in

The workshop smells about how you’d expected when you crawl into the case. A burning mixture evaporates somewhere nearby, partly covering up the odors of the various feed bags for the creatures and the plate of raw meat rotting on the table. You shake your head, disgusted, and slip past the shed. Scanning the field, hand over your eyes to block out the blinding sun, you spot Newt next to a murtlap. He’s on his knees saying something to the snarling creature. You swallow down the heart breaking in your chest. He’s exchanging more words with that beast than he has with you in the past month.

“Newt. Newt!” You shout, crossing through tall grasses and kicking stones out of your way. For God’s sake, “Newt!”

He twists enough to ensure it’s you before turning his back on you. “One minute, love.”

Hands on your hips, you wait as he chatters with the beast. It’s not that you’re against his research, it’s that he’s trying to cram chapters worth of new material into the book. You’d supported his idea when he first told you a month and a half ago. Now, though, you’re not sure you would’ve been so encouraging had you known he would spend every waking minute in the case without you.

“I don’t have all day, Newt. I have to get to the bakery with Queenie before it closes.”

He shakes his head, facing you. “I’m busy, love. Can’t it wait?”

You can feel the tension in his voice, strengthened, no doubt, by the bags under his eyes. “I just need to know if you’d prefer apple or peach pie for dessert.”

He mumbles something that sounds like ‘that’s it?’ but when you question him, he simply says, “I said it’s your choice. I’m sure you’ll make the right one.”

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
3 252
warning : smut
summary : Kai and Reader are best friends. After the transition Kai finds himself wanting to bite her , feed on her and … (lets just say the deleted scene got to me in a way and this story is the result.)
* gif by wood-x-chris

keep reading after the cut 😈 _________________________

It wasnt the first time Kai had shown up at Y/N’s place at midnight hours. It was their thing , or one of them at least. None of them knew that this night was going to change everything between them. Ever since Kai had turned into a vampire it became clear he had a thing for the real thing - no blood bags but feeding directly from someone. He liked how the warm blood dripped down his throat. Problem was Kai wanted one person’s specific blood - his best friends’ Y/N’s. Only her blood was able to wake up every fiber in his body. The young heretic didn’t know why that was and at first he had been worried to ask her , afraid she might push him away and he’d lose their friendship. After one accident with Damon , when the vampire tried to kill him again , Kai had shown up at Y/N’s place and she had been the one to offer to open up a vein for him. Later on Kai had told her how he cant stop thinking about her , biting her and being around her and she had agreed to help him , hiding a secret of her own.

It was one of those hot summer nights and Y/N laid in bed with a book in her hands. Reading was her escape from reality and every spare moment she had she took as an opportunity to do just that. Her life wasn’t ordinary , not in the traditional sense of the word anyways. Most of her friends were supernaturals and she was one of the few humans left in the group. Her best friend was a vampire witch hybrid. Though he was more than a friend to her - he was the missing piece in her life she never even knew was missing until he showed up.
Y/N flipped another page of her book when a gust of wind blew through her window and with a muffled thud someone’s feet landed on the floorboards. Her heart skipped at bit when she looked up from her book and saw Kai standing there looking hotter than ever. He was wearing jeans , a white shirt and his favorite dark blue / black jacket.
“Hey.” said Kai grinning motioning towards the window. “Why do you keep your window open so widely at night ? Don’t you know it’s dangerous ? Someone might sneak into your room.”
Y/N laughed , putting her book away moving a little on her bed to make space for him.”It might be , but not with you around.”
“Your friends would say the opposite.” replied Kai , kicking his shoes off climbing onto the bed next to her. “I am a dangerous sociopath , remember ? Even more so now that I am a heretic.”
“The only thing I find dangerous about you is how I could never get enough of your constant talking.” she laughed.
“You don’t find it annoying ?” he asked amused. “Most people would literally put a sock in my mouth to keep me from talking you know. Damon tried once.”
“Not at all. I love the sound of your voice.” she laughed. ”Are you hungry?”
Kai smiled at her , his hands behind his head. “Always am , sweetheart. Being a vampire is so weird. I can hear things from miles away and thats awesome except when I have to listen to your friends bicker. They do that a lot by the way.“
“Yeah , things are a little on edge lately.” she sighed tossing herself onto the pillow next to him. Kai turned to his side , his fingertips touching the skin on her neck feeling her blood flowing , pulsating in her veins.
“May I?”
“How many times do I have to tell you Kai ?” she said smiling moving her hair to the side. “You don’t have to ask.”
“Yeah but its nicer when I do.” he said rolling on top of her , his knee between her legs. Y/N smiled as Kai gripped her wrists holding them on either side of her head , purple black veins flickering under his eyes. The sight of Kai’s vampirism always did things to her - send butterflies to her stomach and shock waves *down there*. He smirked devilishly and sank his teeth into her neck.
The feeling of having a vampire feed on someone’s blood is hard to explain. Its a rush , pleasure and the good kind of pain at the same time. Of all three when Kai was feeding on her , Y/N felt the pleasure most of all. That night as every other night Kai had fed on her she felt the waves vibrate through her body , concentrating mostly on her heat. It was impossible to avoid the feeling. Her crush on him had grown into strong feelings and having him this close and personal did things to her nothing and no one else could.
A low moan escaped her lips as Kai drained an artery , slowly pulling away from her feeling Y/N slide down a little and grind her crotch against his knee. He wiped away his mouth looking at her with a surprise and curiousity in his eyes.
“S-Sorry.” she muttered. “I dont know why I did that…”
Kai was starring at her , only then realising the feeling he always got while feeding on her went both ways. He had thought it was one sided , a side effect of his vampirism or something but maybe he had been wrong. Y/N’s eyes met his , noticing a different kind of glow in them. He smiled nervously , brushing his fingers against her cheek for a moment before his lips touched hers , kissing her gently for a second but long enough to make her head spin even more than before.
Y/N’s heart beat faster than ever and she had trouble remembering how to breath, blink or function for that matter. Kai gazed into her eyes , trying to figure out her reaction. He could hear her heart racing after the kiss but had no idea what that reaction meant. Her heart always raced like that when he was around.
“Kiss me again” she whispered and his lips crashed against hers again ,demanding and hungry for more. He leaned towards her pressing his crotch against hers as their lips felt like they were glued together. Y/N moaned into he kiss feeling Kai’s hand slide between their bodies towards her heat. Kai pushed his way into her panties , rubbing her clit slowly with his fingers. He wanted her , not just her blood but her , all of her. He wanted to kiss every square inch of her body and make her his again and again.

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You Like That Don’t You, Love?

Request: “Can you please do a Newt Scamander smut where either you catch him masturbating or he catches you and its kind of goofy sex. Also can the reader be his assistant who’s a thunderbird? If you can”

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 2514

Warnings: SmUT! Like the most detailed smut I have ever written in my LIFE.


Originally posted by relationshipaims

You and Newt leaned against a wall as you both stood eating a quick lunch, observing all the bustling creatures as you took your well-deserved break. You both had your vision trained on a small black thing, that was currently looking into its pouch with pride.

“How much do you want to bet that my lost necklace is in there?” You asked your companion, taking a bite from your sandwich.

“I don’t want to bet because I know it’s in there. We’ll get it back when he’s asleep.” Newt replied simply.

He looked to his side, lapping up your beauty with his eyes. He only now became aware of the way your arm was slightly grazing his whenever you’d bring your food up to your mouth, sending a pulse that would awaken the butterflies in his stomach. You turned your head, catching him in his stare, and he quickly looked back to the Niffler, a pink hue painted across his face.

“Look, think the bloody little rascal forgot something.” Newt pointed with a wide smile as the both of you had been idly watching the Niffler go about its business.

The creature was scurrying back to its treasure pile, unaware that it was dropping some valuable items from its pouch as it speedily ran into its burrow.

“Looks like break time is over.” You sighed, chucking the rest of your sandwich into your mouth. “I’ll help our little friend out, you go get the feed organised.”

Newt chuckled at your muffled sentence, watching you give him a chubby-cheeked grin and then swallowed your food, heading over to the trail of coins and jewels. He walked over to the side of his shed, where there were dozens of labelled boxes containing bags of feed for all the different species.

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my friends watched some of miraculous ladybug for the first time. all they knew going into it is what i’ve said and a video that explained the love square

stuff that’s not in quotes is me, anything in quotes is one of my friends

(note: some pretty lowkey nsfw stuff because of who they are as people)

stormy weather

  • “its been 30 seconds you biG BABY”
  • “that’s [tikki] a small child"
  • “i have no idea what’s going on” oh my god just let it happen
  • “of course they always make the blonde girl the bitch” [we were on stormy weather and hadn’t met chloe]
  • “he’s cute”
  • transforming “oh jeez. of course there’s a transformation”
  • “look at that beautiful boy” [adrien]
  • “why does he have to have cat ears”
    “because he DOES”
  • chat comes onscreen “i love him”
  • “i love [chat]. i love him so much. i love. i love him so much”
  • “miraculous ladybug is my favorite anime”
  • “chat is my favorite”
  • “so they can figure [stormy weather] out, but they can’t figure out each other??!?!?!”
  • “this is a good episode of pokemon”
  • “that photographer needs to chill”

(evillustrator, lady wifi, the bubbler, and mr pigeon under the cut because this is So Long)

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Fic: Tastes Like Pure Joy

*Throws fic at everyone and runs and hides.* This is my first attempt at a vampire story of any sort and I hope you guys enjoy it. Written for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-thon prompt - “taste.” @felicityollies and I decided there needs to be more Olicity vampire stories, so here you go! You can read it on Ao3 or below. 

Tastes Like Pure Joy

Oliver tried not to stare at Felicity’s mouth when she licked at the ice cream dripping down the side of her cone.

“What does it taste like?” Oliver, having been a vampire for centuries, did not know the joys of modern human food.

“Cold. And sweet. And happiness, if you can use an emotion do describe food,” Felicity explained.

“I can,” Oliver growled a little. And he knew the moment she realized she was the food he was talking about because her face blushed to the most beautiful shade of red. Oh, how he would miss that blush.

Felicity and Oliver had been dating for almost a year, and when he asked her to marry him, she had finally convinced him to turn her as well. Forever, she said, meant truly forever.

Usually on their dates, they didn’t eat because they did not consume the same diet, but since this was her final week as a human she was indulging in all her favorite foods. And the last item on her list was mint-chocolate chip ice cream.

“What do I taste like?” Felicity asked him shyly.

Other than the occasional nip during lovemaking, Oliver had only fed on her once – the night they had met. He closed his eyes to dwell in the memories of our first encounter. Felicity must have noticed his smile.

“That was a good day, wasn’t it?”

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What’s in France

Request: Hello! I have a request, how about reader is in love with newt, but she thinks newt loves leta(when they were in hogwarts)(and newt had been distant) which is why she lost contact with him after he got expelled. Angst!! They meet years later and turns out newt realised he loved reader when he lost her. Pls a happy ending! Im sorry if its too detailed, I’m just really excited about this one. Love u!

Word Count: 2,665

Pairing: Newt x reader

Requested by Anonymous

Requests are currently open! Feel free to send one in

Newt twists in his bed, kicking the sheets from his chest and running a hand over his face. The moonlight streaks illuminate the small clock hanging crooked on the room’s wall. 2:53. Groaning, he flips onto his stomach, coming face to face with a picture of you breaking into a shy smile.

The familiar tears prick his eyes as he watches it happen over and over, falling back asleep and into a restless dream of you smiling.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come? It’ll be fun. Come on, we can go to The Three Broomsticks and split a glass of butterbeer like we used to.”

“I have too much studying to do.”

You groan and fall onto the couch next to your friend. “Newt, we haven’t had time to hang out in ages.” You deepen your voice to sound like his. “It’s always ‘I’m studying’ or ‘I have to write notes.’ Why don’t you take one break to go with me?”

Newt tears his eyes from the book in front of him, smile forming on his lips. “I’m busy. I need to pass this next potions exam. We’ll go next month, I promise.”

“Newt.” You whine, drawing out his name until he raises his eyebrows at you in false annoyance.

“Fine. You win.”

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Love bite

A super short imagine, but I had the idea and wanted to write it.

Originally posted by hardyness

It had been a fairly peaceful morning, You were busy feeding the bowtruckles, when you heard a sharp intake of breath from Newt, where he was crouched by the nifflers burrow. Peeping your head around the tree, that the tiny leaf like creatures called home, you found him covering the side of his neck, as he tried to continue on with his work.

Smiling slightly, as he struggled. you took the bag of feed from him, finishing off his task, ‘did you sleep funny, sweetheart?’ you asked, gesturing to his neck. “no, just an insect bite, I think love, it’s alright.’ With a look of realisation, you removed his hand, and tilted his head slightly, so you could get a proper look at the injury.

You shot him a cheeky smile “yes, it looks like someone’s given you a little love bite, dear, you must taste nice.’ Newt chuckled as you dabbed an antiseptic ointment on the tiny wound, rolling his eyes at your fussing.

Once you were satisfied with your work, you placed a chaste kiss to newt’s jaw, before scurrying back to the bowtruckles. Shoutng a cheeky ‘i’ll even you up later


Have a great day and be safe

Kino as a boyfriend. [Pentagon]

// *SCREAMS* !! // Kino would be the sweetest, most perfect boyfriend.

  • This kid is pure and sweet. Energetic and loving.
  • Your relationship will be one that everyone else envies.
  • He would only have eyes for you.
  • He would want every moment spent with you to be memorable and fun.
  • He would be your best friend.
  • He would have no problem with public displays of affection.
  • In fact, he’d yearn for it.
  • He would want everyone to see how proud he was to have a best friend and lover like you.
  • He would give you tons of hugs and sweet kisses in public.
  • He would hold your hand or have his arm around you.
  • He would need to know that you are always there with him, and the he is there with you.
  • In private, the kisses would carry more feeling, but still be just as sweet.
  • He would be a cuddler.
  • He would use his aegyo to get whatever he wanted, and how could you resist?
  • He would be a tease. *blush*
  • There would never be a dull moment with him.
  • He would want to try something new and exciting.
  • He, of course, would have such a sweet side.
  • He would just hold you and stroke your hair.
  • Or he would pull you off the couch and dance with you to some slow music.
  • He would want to take you everywhere with him.
  • He would introduce you to everyone, including his family and other members.
  • If he couldn’t be there to walk you or help you, he would trust his members to help you.
  • He would trust you, and his hyungs, to behave.
  • He would always compliment you and call you pet names.
  • Your dates would be fun.
  • He would take you to an amusement park or the zoo. Some place that the two of you could run around together and feel free.
  • He would be a sweetheart though.
  • He would offer to carry your bag or feed you a bit of his food.
  • He would always make sure that you are happy and help you through any tough times.
  • He would listen to your every concern and try his best to make you smile again.
  • He would really be your best friend and your bond would be unbreakable.
  • People would look on you two and would instantly be able to tell how good your relationship is.

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are you being admitted to a locked hospital? here are some tips!

1. take all your privacy and stuff it into a garbage bag. feed it to a shredder. 

2. pre-choose a funeral outfit you like best. it is likely that you will have a handful of dead friends within a year that you bonded with over infected wrists.

3. practice looking away. you will need to do this each time someone is taken down and injected with thorazine into their backside. if it’s going to be you, practice acting like it never happened in front of others. see how many apologies you can fit into your mouth at once, and how many “for what?”’s you can spit back out.

4. bring a good book. you’ll need something inanimate to keep you company. it gets lonely walking the halls at night, asking for a gun in someone else’s voice and not remembering it 30 minutes later. it gets lonely hearing that the voice was yours, 17 years before. bring a good book.

5. stop for a minute and see what it’s like to sleep on the floor. make sure you’re on your best behavior, and you don’t break any rules. otherwise, you could find yourself sleeping on the floor in front of the front desk. better yet, you could be sleeping on the floor of the cushion wall hallway. 

6. quickly go outside and put all the warmth and air into a paper cup–jars aren’t allowed, no matter how ideal for this. when you get up to the floor, open up the cup for all the times you are prohibited from feeling the sun on your skin.