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Blushing Amber in denial and f(x)’s reaction  ~( ̄ε ̄;)

trainee days au. based on this interview. While going on a snack run, a stranger flirts with Krystal. Amber comes to the rescue to be Krystal’s pretend lover, not realizing that to pretend is the absolute last thing Krystal wants.

The streets are dark when Krystal peeks through the curtains of the practice room, with only the sparse amounts of streetlamps illuminating patches of the sidewalk. Behind her, the rest of her group members are sprawled all over the floor in a chain of limbs and bodies. Sulli, face first on the ground, with Victoria using her back as a pillow. And then Luna is using Victoria’s calf as her headrest. Finally, Amber is resting her legs against the swell of Luna’s hip, her hat forgotten beside her.

“Whose turn is it to run to the store tonight?” Sulli asks, turning her head to rest her cheek against the cool floor. “I went last time with Luna unnie, that much I remember.”

“Amber’s, I think.” Victoria says with a yawn. “And Soojung, you’re going with her to protect her, right?”

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“Here’s a list of all the proposed ideas I’ve seen on both tumblr and FB (as of the time zee intern claimed someone almost got it right).

- radioactive catfish
- liquid cat
- Water Lifealope
- Big Blue Goo Fiend
- alien
- boatman
- water cat
- water Lifealope
- ANNET water cat
- salmon
- Snippy’s own mug
- organic life form that can only feed on polluted water
- Amber manifesting from the future (my idea)
- another Snippy descendant
- Lifealope’s plants turn into a single living being (my other idea)
- new animal character
- something that breathes underwater thanks to ANNET, the Biomatrix, or Captain’s magic
- broken piece of ANNET acting as a pet
- Lifealope’s plants controlling machines and cleaning water

As we know, only one of those guesses is right. It was also said everyone else was going in the same (wrong) direction. Maybe we can reduce the list to likely candidates.”



Shoutout to whoever made this!!! Can Cody be next?