MMA fighter Matt Hamill noticed a car speeding down the wrong side of the highway and turned his car around, gave chase and safely forced the car to a grassy area. He then punched out a window to stop the car, potentially saving the child passenger and the inebriated mother’s lives. source

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If you haven’t seen the latest episode of Critical Role, go do that now. Don’t go any further. Hit the back button, find the right page, and watch it before checking out this week’s gallery. You have been warned. Every picture in this gallery is hand-picked by the Critical Role cast. How does one…

“The Damned” Quotes/Jokes/References

Check out what “The Damned” brought us:


  • “Black Laughs Matter”

This post will be updated with more Quotes/Jokes tomorrow!


  • The episode’s title, “The Damned” is referring to how the characters who quit Twitter are viewed as cursed, ghosts, etc. In traditional Christian belief, to be “damned” is to be “condemned by God to suffer eternal punishment in hell”.
  • The cops investigate Cartman’s “Twitter suicide” as really being a “Twitter homicide” as actual cops would investigate if a suspicious suicide is really a homicide.
  • Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are still in a dead heat race with Clinton currently having a 3-point average lead in national polls.
  • Trump did minor preparations for the first presidential debate, while Clinton did major preparations including mock debates.
  • The old farmer is based on the farmer from the film Pet Sematary and this is his fifth appearance on the show.
  • The Member Berries continue to represent and satirize nostalgia. Randy discovering that there are so many of them and the Member Berries arguing over to “member’” the ‘80s or the ‘90s, shows that people have nostalgia for different time periods. Randy mentions that “other forces” could be at work, so this storyline will likely continue.
  • The myth of the supernatural-being called a “troll,” originated in Scandinavian folklore. The “troll doll” was created by a Danish woodcutter. This is why the Danish characters say they have experience dealing with trolls.
  • Next week is the first break week, the next new episode will air on October 12. Get some rest!

I Learned Something Today (interpretations of the episode’s messages):

  • People who quit or don’t use social media are viewed as social outcasts even if they are living perfectly normal lives [Cartman quitting Twitter and joining Heidi at the park].
  • When you troll on the Internet, you can’t control how seriously your target takes your attack so it could lead to terrible unintended consequences [Gerald’s trolling unintentionally causing the Danish Olympian to kill herself].
  • Trolling on the Internet gives you the comfort of anonymity, but if your real identity is discovered then you may not be proud of your actions being publicly associated with your real name [Gerald freaking out over his real identity being discovered].
  • Donald Trump is not prepared to be President of the United States, but his campaign speaks to the public who wants a non-politician in office, which explains his popularity. Trump is making shocking statements in an attempt to throw the election because he does not actually want to be President due to the job’s massive responsibilities [Mr. Garrison telling his supporters not to vote for him, which causes his supporters to love him more for speaking from his heart. Also, Randy deciding to support Mr. Garrison due to his honesty].
  • Hillary Clinton is prepared to be President, but her personality and instincts are too manufactured and disconnected from what the public wants, which explains why she is not easily defeating the less experienced candidate in the polls [Hillary Clinton robotically repeating a phrase from her handlers].

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anonymous asked:

Prompt idea: (not really crack? Sorry) Andrew Mineyard is not good at expressing himself but at one point in a foster house that didn't really give a shit what he did he got really good at painting his foster sisters' fingernails and his own. And then we have Neil Josten who has basically no regard for gender roles (example: will let Allison do his makeup and nails, and Renee bleaches and dyed a few curls pastel colors) so I find it an obvious progression that at some point nail painting happens

thank you for this prompt anon m sorry its so late!!

  • alright so andrew has been in a shit ton of foster homes and as far as he can remember none of them were good and he’s damned to remember every little detail of those miserable days forever
  • but even tho none of them were good there were some good things, one of them being a foster sibling he had when he was five
  • rosie was a year older than andrew but it didn’t really matter bc she was the only friend he had. other kids were at least 3 or 4 yrs older so naturally andrew gravitated towards rosie and she loved him too
  • they played together all the time. any time they weren’t supposed to be doing anything aka school work or small chores or whatever they were playing
  • they were best friends

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