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Female golf course employee

So this story takes place when I had been working at the golf course for a few months, so at this point, I was alone at the pro-shop.

This customer comes in and wants to golf. No tee time. Wonderful. So i explain to him our next available tee time is in 40 minutes, but he’s more than welcome to hit balls at the range, grab some food and hang out before his tee time (gotta upsell all the time!)

He thinks its a grand idea. Buys quite a few tokens for the range, tons of beer, some food, and his green fee/cart charges. Racks up a bill over $100, easy.

SO FAR, the transaction is normal. However, this is when it gets weird…

He tosses his wallet on the counter and says “Ok, pay for it.”

I’m just like, “?????” because I’ve literally never seen this happen before.

So I pick up his wallet, start handing it back to him.

“Sir, your total is $100+(i forget the exact amount).”

He replies, “Yeah, i heard you. I gave you my wallet. Pay for it. Money is in there.”

I am totally confused, but I open his wallet anyway. Enough cash to pay, but I see a card.

“Sir, will that be cash or card?”

“Either. Just hurry up!”

I grab the card, because HELL NO, I’M NOT DEALING WITH CASH.

As I am pulling out the card and run it, he leans over the counter and says, “You’re definitely used to getting money out of daddy’s wallet, aren’t you?”

I make a choking/disgusted sound and my face wrinkles up. I finished the transaction without another word, my facial expression displaying the disgust and anger I felt inside.

Like, grown ass men never behave properly.

Female golf course employee

So… we don’t offer rain checks for rain.

My boss says that customers are more than capable of checking the weather BEFORE they get here, so if it rains while they are playing, that’s on them.

Today, we had two walkers come in, rent clubs, pull carts, and pay for their green fees. As they are LITERALLY one foot out the door, they turn back and say “Is it going to rain?”

I reply, “I’m not sure. Last time I checked, the rain isn’t supposed to hit until 8:30ish. But just as a reminder, we don’t offer rain checks for rain!”

OF COURSE, it starts lightly raining about an hour after they tee off, 3 hours before I thought the rain was going to hit.

Lo and behold, they come stomping in, dragging mud and grass in everywhere (we have shoe cleaners outside, under a covered patio, FOR THIS VERY REASON) and start interrogating me about the weather. Yep, me, a girl in Kansas is the only one in the world to manipulate weather. Of course I purposely made it rain on you.

They wanted a rain check.

When I said no, they told me to f*ck off and do my job better.



Author: apocryphal

Summary: Stiles buys Derek a set of cooking spoons. Derek retaliates with lunch.

The war begins.

Info: 20k | Teen and Up

Notes: Basically Derek deserves nice things and Stiles will prove  it to him. And since Derek is pretty stubborn and grumpy, it will take some time, good thing Stiles is stubborn as well. And very persistent. Funny, cute and great! Also papa Stilinski is the best! And Scott! - K.

Sneak Peek:

He’s pacing the driveway by the time Derek texts back with, Protective headgear on the road is always necessary, Stiles. Helmets reduce accident fatalities by 40%

Stiles flails in the driveway, nearly sends his phone flying across the yard, and fires back with, THAT’S IT.  PREPARE FOR WAR, ASSHOLE. 

“Dude! Nice helmet!” Scott says, when he finally deigns to show up.

“Do not,” Stiles hisses, poking a vengeful finger in his direction.

Scott blinks. “Uh. Okay. Awful helmet.”

“Yes,” Stiles agrees, jamming it onto his head with a scowl. “Yes, it is.”


Monopoly at the Stilinski house is a rare but awesome thing.

“So in exchange for Indiana Avenue,” Stiles says, pointing to the property card in question, “you give me $80 now, and for the next six turns, I pay no parking fees on your orange or red properties, and half the fee of your green properties, unless you should place more than two houses on any of them, and then I pay seventy-five percent. And our previous deal regarding the B&O and Short Line Railroads remains in effect.”

“Unless you go to jail,” Dad says.

“Unless I go to jail,” Stiles agrees.

Dad studies the board for a long moment, and then nods. “Sounds fair.”

  • clark: so what emoji do you see?
  • me: i don't know how it is called in english...a mermaid fork???
  • clark: ...
  • clark: it's a trident, babe
  • me: whatever

my grandma always tells this story when there’s golf on and when i woke up, there was golf on, so im gonna tell it

basically a pretty well-off friend of hers is still a kinda stingy weirdo and like okay sure the whole “how do they get rich” “well they keep their money” idea lmao but like, this dude got invited on an all-expenses paid trip to play golf at fucking St. Andrews, so like, basically THE golf course the Final Fantasy XVIII of golf courses it is Putter Heaven 

so this trip has almost everything already paid for, the dude’s going just to go, but he finds out that St. Andrews is a public course, so you have to pay a fee to play it. and with this, he opts out of the whole goddamn trip.

mind you, greens fees are par for the fucking course when it comes to public courses, and it isn’t as if these are thousands of dollars. £175 is the highest fee for any of the seven courses at any time of year, and that’s for the Old Course. The Old Course is called that because it was established in 1552 and is effectively where the sport was codified. Given that one actually golfs in the same fashion as a professional while playing the Old Course, one is effectively playing against almost a century and a half of the greatest golfers all at once, on a course that itself is over 450 years old. I have a great deal of critique for the ways in which golf codifies certain colonial notions of space through the reterritorializing means, ones in which it effectively turns spaces into lackluster replicas of places like St. Andrews and how in places such as Korea we see US Military occupation realized in the structure of the golf course, but the way in which it originates in St. Andrews, the way in which St. Andrews expresses what golf can be at its best, expresses a potential for the game that is difficult to capture otherwise is quite incredible.

dude just straight up says no. he has the money for it, he can afford it, dude’s good for cash. but nah. not havin’ it.

same dude, I think, who once went golfing with my dad and made a snide comment about how much my dad tipped the caddys. my dad and one of my uncles caddied as youngsters because hey, they could walk to the course and their family was broke as shit so helping some rich dudes spoil a good walk was reliable, but meagre, income. rich people tip like shit but rich people playing fucking golf? unfathomably bad tippers. like, insultingly bad. so, being the sort who Made American Dreams Happen, my dad can pay forward a little bit because he knows how much a big tip can mean to any caddy, let alone one who may be in circumstances like his. seeing my dad tip the caddys the dude goes “woah, you must be loaded to tip like that.” and of course, calmly but with a firmness undeniable, my dad responds “you never were a caddy, were you?”

anyway fuck golf and fuck golfers it aint even a sport 

Why Right Now Is a Great Time To Travel

By Tim Leffel

There are times in life when the stars align—the weather promises gentle sun on your shoulders, the menu looks deliciously ambitious and your proverbial pockets feel a bit fuller, so you can enjoy without a second thought. When it comes to travel, that moment is now—especially if you live in the U.S. and are looking to go abroad.

Experience Europe

The euro is trading at its lowest level against the dollar since 2002 , and many currency experts expect it to drop further before it rises again. That means travelers can enjoy a little more of the quintessential experiences they don’t want to miss—an admission ticket to the Louvre in Paris, for example, has dropped from $23 to $18 in the space of three years—and a typical “prato do dia” multi-course afternoon meal with wine in Lisbon has dipped into the single digits in dollar terms. . (Even at the very best spots in the city, your tab will be closer to Middle America norms than Swiss ones.) Metro tickets, inter-Europe airline flights, greens fees at the best golf destinations in the world and anything else priced in euros is nearly 25% less  than it was just three years ago.

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