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Dear @hamabee: You’re the dancing queen, young and sweet, only seventeen. Happy (belated) birthday! You are one of the most nicest, sweetest and amazing person I have ever met in my life, and I want to tell you how lucky I’m of calling your friend. Thank you so much for giving me your friendship, and for being there for me all the time, our facetime talks are absolutely the best, thank you so much for listening to me. I know you had a wonderful day yesterday, and here is a little present to keep celebrating. Feliz Cumpleaños, you huge nerd. (Big shout to @somethingmorecreative1 for being the best beta ever.)

In all honesty, she had no idea when she started to develop feelings for her roommate. Percy had moved in almost a year ago, and to be honest, she wasn’t fond of the idea, at first. She didn’t feel comfortable living with a boy (a boy she only knew as the Too Talkative Coffee Barista) but they had a spare bedroom, and she and Piper needed help with the rent so Percy became their roommate.

Honestly, it was Piper’s fault. She was chatty when Annabeth was serious, and while Annabeth only ordered her coffee and walked away, Piper usually started a conversation with him. That’s how she learned he went to Ithaca, just like Piper. He was majoring in marine biology, he was the cousin of Piper’s boyfriend and, most importantly, that he was looking to move out of the dorms.

“He’s perfect,” Piper had said that night. They were taking a break from studying for finals, and they were relaxing on the couch watching some lame TV show about pirates.

“He’s a boy.”

“Jason says Percy is trustworthy, and he is his favorite cousin.”

“He is still a stranger, Pipes, a male stranger who you want to live with us.”

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Random Hugh Apiston Headcannons

- Has freckles but you can only see them if you really focus on him.

- Actually covered in freckles on his shoulders but you can barely make them out.

- His eyes are a really deep hazel color.

- Has a faint dimple on the left side of his cheek.

- Has a bee named Fee because of Fiona.

- Is actually quite smart math wise. 

- He likes to sing but the only person to ever hear him is Fiona.

- Really likes making people laugh, and will do anything to cheer someone up.


- Really loves football (Merican’ soccer)

- Modern!Hugh REALLY likes sweaters, Horace made him one once and he actually cried. 

- Sometimes talks to his bees, straight up talks to them. Gives them voices and everything.

- This boy, THIS BOY. Honestly, music nerd. Modern Hugh is definitely a band kid, no doubt. Tall saxophone boy.

- mod ruby

Church of the Poison Mind (Trixya) Ch. 4 - Dahlia


The flashback this week is a little heavy, but the rest is just all fluff!! I thought we needed a fluffy little break!! All the fluff!! Happy reading!!

Thank you so so so so much to all of the fucking angels who supported me and my writing!! To anyone who read and supported, thank you so fucking much. Also to Lale and Matilda, idk where I’d be without my bby dog lesbians <3 Lale the literal stepmom to my fic who had to listen to me whine for 8 years before I posted this, and cried with me over fluff!! Thank you thank you thank you. <3

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Allaah knows best if this picture is based on a true account, however, what it depicts is true, Allaah helps those who not only help themselves but help others too.

Muslims are on the verge of losing the sense of community spirit and the family like relationships that were once established are beginning to disintegrate. It’s time to take our understanding back to the sahabah and look at how they established brotherhood and how they maintained ties, for verily they were as though they shared one heart and if one part of the body hurt they all felt it. 

You never know, if you ease the affair for your brother or sister, Allaah may take you out of the difficulty that you might be facing. Let us readjust our intentions (fee-si-bee-lillah) let us hold tight to the rope of Allaah and be not divided amongst ourselves.  

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hi lassies. who would be a doll and make a prompt in which claire comforts baby bree wrapping her around jamie kilt? it is a claire tatic to calm down bree baby every time she doesnt know what else to do about it. tia

Èirigh na Grèine

Brianna bounced on her mother’s hip while eagerly sucking her thumb. A garbled “Da!” could be heard around her small thumb as the pair gazed out the second story window.

“Yes my darling, your Da is outside.” Claire said smiling, and leaning over, kissed the top of her daughter’s bright red head. The color a brighter shade of her father’s, but the curly texture was that of her mother’s.

“Da! Want Da! Go to Da!” Brianna chanted, emphasizing ‘Da’ with a bounce. Claire laughed at the enthusiasm of her daughter.

“Alright, love. Let’s bring your father a treat? Shall we?” Claire was met with even more enthusiastic bounces followed by small chubby arms whacking her in the face as the small child squealed in delight.

Gathering a discarded plaid from the settee by the hearth, Claire wound it around herself and Brianna before setting off to the kitchens for a treat of sweets and whiskey for Jamie.

“Mrs. Crook?” Claire called out, searching for a basket to carry.

Popping up from behind the counter, the old, kindly woman responded. “Yes Mistress?”

“Have you seen my gathering basket? I could have sworn I left it by the door.” Claire said at the same time Brianna squealed with a laugh.“Crooky! Sweets! Bee wants sweets!”

“Haha, you do, do you little Mistress? Weel I dinna ken if yer Mam would like it if I gave ye sweets.” Mrs. Crook cooed, bending over to tickle the underneath of Brianna’s chin. “As for yer basket, Mistress, I believe Mistress Murray took it out with wee Jamie to gather more potatoes from the drying shed. Can I help ye wi’ the gathering?”

“Oh! No, thank you Mrs. Crook. I wanted to take Jamie a basket of treats. I suppose this flask of whiskey and whatever will fit in my pockets will do.” Claire smiled, hoisting Brianna up higher as she shoved a linen wrapped tart into her pocket.

“Ach! Dinna do that Mistress! Ye’ll ruin yer garb for sure. Here, take this.” Mrs. Cook pulled out a sling of fabric, gently placing it over Claire’s head so that it fell to the opposite side of where Brianna was seated.

“This will work for a wee treat. Dinna fill his belly too much, I’m making venison pie for supper.”

Smiling, Claire grabbed Mrs. Crook’s weathered hand, “Thankyou, Mrs. Crook.”

“Ye are welcome Mistress. Now get going, yer ween looks like she’s about to burst from excitement.” She laughed, steering Claire out of the kitchen and towards the fields.

“Bee see Da! Bee see Da!! Mam see Da?” Bree bounced excitedly.

“Yes, Bree, Mama sees Da.” Claire laughed tightening the plaid around them.

Brianna huffed and pushed at the plaid. “Bee no want blankie. Bee want fee!”

“Oft!” Claire exclaimed as Brianna’s small foot made purchase with her stomach. “Careful love. You have to have the blanket around you, it’s too cold not to. When we get to your father, then you can be free long enough to jump into his arms.”

“Bee be fee!” She squealed.

As they drew closer to Jamie, Bree began bouncing harder making it difficult for Claire to keep her grip on the wiggling girl.

“DA! DA! DA! DA! DA! DA!”

Jamie’s head whipped to the side, a smile spreading across his face. He tossed the pitchfork to the ground and quickly made his way to the two people who made up his entire world. Leaning down he gave Claire a heated kiss while wrapping his arms tightly around her and their daughter.

“Da! Bee want fee wi’ Da!” The impatient little girl cried as she struggled to wrap her arms around her father.

Jamie laughed and plucked Bree out of her mother’s arms, settling her on his own hip. Bree’s eyes went wide as her small curls blew in the wind. “Cold! Bee cold! Bee want blankie!”

“I told you, it was too cold to be without the blanket.” Claire chastised.

Bree wiggled in her father’s arms, burying her face deep into his neck while reaching out with one hand to her mother, longing for the warmth of the plaid she took advantage of moments before.

Jamie chuckled as he pulled up the bottom overflow of his kilt, tucking it around his daughter’s chin.

“Da.” He felt her sigh and relax into him, content to be there. Her small hand reached up, tangling itself into his hair, anchoring herself further into her father’s embrace.

“We brought you a treat.” Claire said, pulling the wrapped pastries from the sling as well as the flask of whiskey.

Jamie’s eyes crinkled in a smile. “Thank ye, Sassenach.” He said reaching his free hand out grab the—now open—flask.

Together they ate the pastries Mrs. Crook had made, keeping up a light banter of conversation until Bree became limp on her father’s chest. Soft snores came from the child while Jamie and Claire snuggled under a single plaid, basking in the joy of their perfect little family.


Black-capped Chickadee @ High Park, Toronto (January 2016).

Black-capped chickadees are well known for their distinctive calls which sound like “chick-a-dee-dee-dee.” This is not the only sound they make, however, as adults can produce 16 different calls. Young chickadees can produce 3 types of calls which are used for begging for food or if they are in distress. Males use a two-note “fee-bee” call to establish territory and attract mates. Chickadees also make an angry “gargle” call when intruders enter their territory.

This is one of the easier vowels to explain. It’s ㅣ. It’s long and tall like a tree. Don’t you agree? In Korea they use the letter I as it’s English equivalent. However, the sound it makes is more like the double E in the words bee and fee. See. So easy.

This vowel is just one vertical trunk. There are no branches coming off it. No matter which consonant it’s paired with, this letter always sounds like our double e.

So let’s look at some words that start with the letter ㅣ:

이 (ee) = tooth
이모 (ee-moh) = aunt
이름 (ee-reum) = name
이마 (ee-mah) = forehead

Don’t forget ㅣ looks like a tall tree. ;-)


hey guys, it’s nearly 2015 so i wanted to thank all the people who have made my 2014 on tumblr really fun and worth it. it started out as being a good year and then turned to shit but now i’m at a point in my life where i’m really happy. my grades are good, my friends are good and i’m learning to put myself first and to love myself ya know. i kinda felt down on tumblr a lot, it didn’t (doesn’t) feel like the same place it used to be but i’m hoping 2015 will change that. i wanted to thank you all for your constant support and your kindness and love. i hope you all have a safe holiday and a wonderful new year! i love you all and  let’s make 2015 our golden year. 

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I’m not very good with words, but how is Christmas time I wanted to do this and also because a while ago I hit my first thousand. It’s the first follow forever I do, so I don’t know what to say. I just wanted to thank you all for making the most wonderful stuff and wish to all of you a happy holiday season.

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